‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Update: Is She Still Dating T.R. Dues?

"We're still together, y'all!"
“We’re still together, y’all!”

Leah Messer has tried her best to keep her relationship with T.R. Dues on the downlow, but it appears that the Teen Mom 2‘s rebound romance is getting quite serious.

Over six months after their romance began, things are still going strong between T.R. and Leah. In fact, a source tells The Ashley that T.R. and his two young sons are “considered to be part of Leah’s family” at this point.

Leah started dating fitness trainer T.R. back in May, around the same time as her divorce from second husband Jeremy Calvert was finalized. She has never publicly admitted to being in a relationship with T.R., and even flat-out lied during the filming of a Season 6 “Closer Look” segment in July, stating that she was totally single, even though she had been in a relationship with T.R. for several months by that time, and he had accompanied her to Los Angeles to film the Season 6 reunion! 

“I just went through a divorce,” Leah said during the segment, conveniently forgetting that her new boyfriend was in her hotel room at the time of the taping. “Let’s play it smart this time. Let’s not jump into anything.”

It doesn’t appear that Leah has taken her own advice. T.R.’s sons are about the same age as Leah’s children, and are often brought to Messer family events. In fact, they were recently included in a tree-decorating event at Leah’s grandma’s house, along with the other kids in the family.

It is not yet known if T.R. will be introduced on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ or if he will be “forgotten” about again, as he was last season.

While things may be going well with T.R., a recent tweet by Leah made it seem like she may sometimes miss what she had with ex-husband Corey Simms.

“I got the boy and she got the man,” Leah tweeted on November 23.

The quote, which comes from a country song by Jana Kramer, seemed to be aimed at Corey’s current wife, Miranda Simms. Leah tweeted the song lyrics around the time that Corey and Miranda were in the news after they welcomed their baby, Remi, into the world.

Leah’s sentimental tweet didn’t set well with her current boyfriend, T.R., however, judging by his response.

tr dues

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  1. I’m disappointed in the kind of mother Leah is turning out to be. I used to like her…Maybe because, having a disabled child (now an adult) myself, I could relate to the anxiety and concern. I don’t know what she sees in T.R., but that’s between them. My husband would probably never win a beauty contest, either (sorry; I’m a realist), but if you could just see his heart…! I’m married to the sweetest man that ever existed. 🙂 My husband’s kindness and loyalty are all that matters to me about him.

  2. Some people don’t consider “hooking up” being in a relationship. We know Leah isn’t going to go without the ding-a-ling for too long.

  3. I have been waiting anxiously for the ‘Leah is pregnant ‘ news ( c’mon you know it’s coming!!!!!) she seems to think that having babies will keep a man…..

  4. Whatever happen on working on yourself and being a better mother. Most of the girls are so in rush to date and then move them in. What about taking timeout. This can’t be good for young children. My mother did this to me always a new boyfriend . That I went to the library just to escape. She just got divorced.I just lost all respect for her and Jenalle.

    1. It’s disgusting. There is nothing wrong with moving on and finding a new man but just take your time and be selective for God’s sake. The only girl that hasn’t jumped from guy to guy is Chelsea. They all move way to quickly with their boyfriends and most end up burning themselves in the end.

  5. TR is either super dumb or an opportunist(and I’m going with both) to be romantically involved with Leah. Girl is a serial cheater and a compulsive liar, and this dumbass TR has signed up for this shit. Anyone who willingly signs up for her baggage is a complete idiot.

    1. For real! This skag has been married two times already (probably going to be three real soon) and I haven’t even had a date in 4 years…. which coincidentally is exactly how old my son is, Lol! (Actually, it’s not a coincidence at all, I just choose to spend 100% of my time and energy focussing on my child). It’s still f*cked up, though, that I’m sitting at home watching AHS and True Blood reruns alone every weekend after my little boy goes to sleep.

  6. hmm tree decorating @ grandma’s. I’m assuming this is Grandma Sandy?? I bet a family event with that group is like a real life trashtastic version of CLUE. GM Sandy obviously gets dibs on the lead pipe.

      1. I think they’re both attractive. Not “supermodel” or anything, but I wouldn’t be horrified to find either the one of them in my bed.

        TR is singularly U.G.L.Y.!

  7. I wonder how her southern family feels about her racetrading. Keep your legs shut, and the birth control pills poppin..

    1. That’s a very ignorant and stereotypical comment. I’m a white southern girl and I’ve dated a black man. My family had no problem with it. It’s 2015, not 1955.

    2. Why should it matter what his race is?? I would much rather my daughter date a man that treats her well and is good to her vs. date a man that puts his hands on her.. whether he is black/white/whatever.

      1. I agree, race does not matter. However it is interesting how Leah was initially interested in the carhartt-wearing grass-chewing southern cowboy in flannel and did a complete 180.

    3. Everyone is missing the point of this joke. Even if you were born and raised in the South and you don’t personally associate with these attitude do not mean that they don’t exist. Generation Y is where this started to be accepted and the norm and if you live in the backwoods like I do, you’d be floored at what “good Christians” say to me on a regular basis at the store I work at. Small towns, small minds. Remember Jeremy’s tweet about T.R. And Leah’s relationship? “The next one is gonna come out an oreo.” So while racism is finally dying in this country, don’t think that they’re aren’t adults who have absolutely no excuse for their ignorance. Kail is another example of this in this series.

      1. What? His tweet was about a drink he was having, and the tweet was posted before she was in a relationship with T.R.

      2. Love your name, @Bricks! Do you read Patrick Varone’s recaps on “I’m Bringing Blogging Back” too? 😉

  8. Of course she would lie. She lies about everything and she’s good at it. I have read other comments about Leah on other sites a lot of people actually buy into her bulls*it. I think the Ashley is the only site that has people with common sense and reason. Leah is just one of those girls (like Jenelle) that finds in impossible to be single. It’s pathetic and sad. To make it worse, Leah’s kids will have to live with every Tom, Dick and Harry in their lives without any stability at all. It’s just another reason why it’s a good thing Corey has custody. Hopefully it stays that way.

  9. Even though to me omitting info is the same as lying, I guess Leah can say she didn’t actually lie on the Reunion show. I don’t believe she ever really said she wasn’t dating anyone, but she certainly led us all to believe that with her response to the question. Personally I still view it as lying.

    1. oh she did, ashley quoted exactly what she said, i just got divorced, let’s be smart and not rush into anything, totally single. that’s what she said. bald faced, no shit LIE. everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie, it’s pathetic.

      1. I can’t believe that Leah, being such a great mom would actually lie about anything. She is just so perfect, and if she did lie it’s not her fault, she has narcolepsy, you know.

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