Exclusive Details About ‘Teen Mom’ Star Maci Bookout’s Graduation From College

"Who cares if it took me forever. At least I did it!"
“Who cares if it took me forever. At least I did it!”

Last week, Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout surprised her fans during a Facebook Q & A session when she revealed that she had graduated college since we saw her last on MTV. Maci, who graduated from Ooltewah High School in Tennessee back in 2008, has been taking college courses throughout the entire time she starred on ‘Teen Mom.’ (Her extra-long college career has even provided some fodder for The Ashley‘s ‘Teen Mom’ recaps!)

Anyway, during the Facebook Q & A, Maci didn’t go into specifics about her graduation, except to say that she graduated.

“[It was a] huge obstacle for me for so long, glad to have finished,” Maci said of her schooling.

Since Maci didn’t go into specifics about her college graduation, The Ashley figured she’d fill in the blanks. Back in July, The Ashley did a series of exclusive interviews with Maci, during which she talked more about her college graduation.

“I got my AA [degree] in media technology,” Maci told The Ashley exclusively this summer.

Maci was originally due to graduate from Chattanooga State Community College in December 2013, but she didn’t actually obtain her degree until the spring of 2015.

During her interview with The Ashley, Maci also explained why she changed her major from Creative Writing to Media Technology.

“Before I studied Media Technology, I had started my four-year degree at a two-year school for Creative Writing,” Maci said. “So I’ve been thinking that I don’t want to wait too long where the credits I got for that will no longer be valid. But I also don’t want to go back to school and study something I’m never going to use. It’s all kind of being figured out right now.”

In July Maci told The Ashley that she was not sure if she wanted to continue with school to get a Bachelors degree.

“I want to go back to school at some point,” Maci said. “I’m just not sure if I want to go get a higher degree than I have, or if I wanted to get something totally different. Right now, I’m definitely enjoying not having homework or discussion boards!”

Maci told fans during her Facebook Q & A that she is working as a social media specialist. From what The Ashley can gather, Maci does indeed have a job (and has since last summer), doing social media duties for a loan company. She appears to have her own freelance social media company as well.

Maci’s graduation will likely be discussed on the upcoming sixth season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ To see what else will likely make it on the air next season, click here

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  1. I want to like Maci but….I dislike how she treats other people.

    I remember maybe 2 years ago there was a follow up special about her. She has Bently the majority of the time, and the house they shared with her friends was filled with beer and parties. Ryan’s girlfriend at the time made a comment to him about how it wasn’t an ideal place to raise a child. Ryan being Ryan, shrugged it off.

    I don’t like Farrah anymore than the next person, however I thought it was somewhat hypocritical of
    Her considering just a while ago she was drinking and hosting parties constantly (and obviously not going to school) while her child was in the house and felt the need to play the morality card.

    I also don’t like how she seems to pump Bently for information about Ryan’s house. As a stepmom to a stepchild whose mother plays “100 questions” with her, I guarantee you Bently feels put in the middle.

  2. I feel like this is going to be unpopular, but who knows what’s been going on with her all these years. Maybe I’m giving too much (hypothetical) doubt here, but people get psychological blocks all the time that can lead to easy tasks being delayed. I’m not even calling her mentally ill as much as I’m saying we as a culture don’t give enough passes to anything mentally/emotionally stressful, especially if we can’t see it. Sure, she had more privilege than other teen moms out there, especially with having a TV show. But it’s not the Truman show and we don’t see everything that’s going on. And regardless, I doubt any teen mom’s life is easy, lucky fortune or otherwise. Some people could have finished quicker, but who knows what stuff was holding her back. Everyone’s circumstances are their own as is everyone’s journeys. Trust me, I got chuckles out of the recaps tackling how long it took her to finish. But, when commenters crucify her for that-in non-funny ways- I feel a little bad for her. All I know is people rarely go off the beaten path without something at least on a subconscious level driving them to do so. Soap box rant over. Congrats to her for finishing!

    1. It’s taking me a long time to finish college, so I definitely want to thank you for being compassionate. You never know what’s going on in someone’s heart and head!

      That being said, a huge part of the reason it’s taken me so long is a ton of stress about finances and trying to hold down a FT job and go to school. It burned me out. Some people can hang, others cannot.

      Maci’s only distractions were boyfriends, partying and having a second child. She had plenty of free child care, and could afford day care. She had tons of family support. She had literally no obligations other than filming. She chose to take on other jobs in social media and stuff, which is commendable, but not necessary.

      I guess a lot of the criticism coming from people, is coming from a place like what I have.. totally burned out trying our hardest, and we see someone given such an oppurtinity, who is clearly a hard worker and good person, but totally took advantage of an opportunity she had to get a solid, 4 year degree and not be in debt afterwards.

      Do I think she’s terrible for it? Not at all. But I do wish I had the money and opportunity she had.

      1. I will agree with this. Same goes to Kail. She wants everyone to praise her success of school but yet she has been handed everything to her on a silver platter

      2. I totally agree and I see where you’re coming from too. My only point was just that who knows what else was happening. Money does make things easier, as does a supportive family looking after her kid. But something else behind the scenes could have been brewing, or she didn’t have the psychological tools to buckle down. Congrats on finishing yourself though! It seems like you had a lot on your plate so that’s awesome!

      3. Congrats on graduating! I know how difficult it can be and what a relief it is when you finally finish. This isn’t something I really put out there too much, but I was a teen mom. I got pregnant at 17 and had my daughter a few weeks after turning 18. When I found out I was pregnant, I worked my butt of to graduate high school early. I got my LPN certification before my daughter was born so I could have a job with slightly better pay than minimum wage. I worked full time and went to nursing school year round so I could get my BSN as quickly as possible. The only reason I was able to do that was because of the support I had. I feel damn lucky to have had that support. I know most teen moms don’t. It makes me sad that Maci has never seemed to realize just how lucky she is to have such supportive parents. I don’t think Maci is a bad mom (although living in that party house wasn’t a good environment for Bentley and I’m glad she moved out). It’s just such a shame she didn’t seem to take advantage of or even really appreciate all the support she had. She ended up making things much harder for herself than they needed to be.

  3. If she would’ve kept her legs closed, it would’ve been sooner. Damn slut. Stop popping out your walking abortions and get on birth control.

    1. I think your comment is awesome. I don’t get these TM and TM2 chicks popping out babies left and right. Get on birth control, stay on it, go to college, get a job, whatever! Just wait for the damn babies.

      1. Most teen mothers don’t have the monetary or familial support that she does. The fact that it took her so long with the privilege of those supports is frustrating and should be embarrassing for her. I mean, everyone’s seen the photos of her near constant drunken party antics. Hopefully she’s more responsible now that she has to be a full time parent to Jayde.

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