‘Married at First Sight’ Mess! Season 2’s Jessica Castro May Sue A&E, Ryan DeNino’s Lawyer Quits

"Thanks again, A&E!"
“Thanks again, A&E!”

What started as a happy-go-lucky adventure to find love has resulted in a legal nightmare for Married at First Sight Season 2 star Jessica Castro— and A&E!

As The Ashley told you earlier this week, Jessica is currently involved in a legal trial against her soon-to-be ex-husband, Ryan De Nino. She is suing Ryan, whom she married in December 2014, for harassment, menacing and stalking. In June, she took out a protective order against Ryan after he allegedly made death threats against her and her family while mic’d up at the ‘MAFS’ Season 2 reunion.

In Touch Weekly has discovered that Jessica is not the only one to accuse Ryan of violent behavior. According to the magazine, the divorce lawyer hired for Ryan by the show’s producers actually quit in October, due to Ryan becoming what she described in an email as “violent” and “furious.”

"Whoa...glad I didn't get matched with him!"
“Whoa…glad I didn’t get matched with him!”

The magazine obtained an email that paralegal Soraya Balbin sent to the show’s producer, Jason Watters, and others this fall. In the email, the lawyer wrote that Ryan threw a “tantrum” when she met with him to discuss his divorce from Jessica.

“[He] became even more violent, and two of my attorneys had to … check on my safety,” Soraya wrote in the email, adding that when she eventually kicked Ryan out of her office, “He got even more defensive and furious. I have never been talked to the way he talked to me.”

As The Ashley told you previously, Jessica’s lawyer, celebrity legal eagle Marc Rapaport, is currently battling A&E to get the unaired footage from Season 2 released. The network is trying to use a shield law usually reserved for journalists to keep the unedited footage from going public.

Jessica’s lawyer told In Touch Weekly that Jessica is considering suing A&E, as well as Kinetic Content, the production company behind the show. He stated that the network and production company should be held accountable for allowing someone like Ryan to slip through the show’s supposed “rigid” screening process.

“We are considering potential claims against the production company and network,” Marc Rapaport told In Touch. “We believe that in the quest for ratings, our client’s emotional well-being and physical safety were jeopardized.”

Unfortunately for Jessica, she is still legally married to Ryan, who has not made any public statements in regard to the lawsuit against him. The couple is in the process of getting a divorce, however.

Jessica took to Twitter after the In Touch article was published to talk about the case.

“I’m mentally over that ‘relationship’ however I’m glad the truth is coming to light,” she tweeted on Thursday. “Absolutely the toughest part is having to relive it over and over. It’s exhausting to my spirit at times.”

The Ashley will keep you posted as the legal drama unfolds!

(Photos: A&E)


  1. I knew Ryan would end up that way. You could just tell by his attitude. He was such a jerk and I did not understand why Jessica wanted to marry him.

  2. Or she cold try MOVING ON! It’s over, it didn’t work out, no one got hurt. She made a decision to try a social experiment to marry a stranger and it didn’t work out. It’s not about condoning what he said but she thinks suing everyone she can does what? I think it gets her some $…it won’t help heal her. Everyone is looking for compensation these days instead of learning and growing.

    1. So, if you actually read the article, you’ll see that her first course of action was to get a restraining order against the guy. As usual, those never work, so her next course of action was then to sue him for harrassment and stalking.

      It sounds like she is trying to MOVE ON! And true, no one got hurt….yet! But he sounds like a pyscho with a ridiculous anger problem who won’t leave her, and apparently her family, alone.

      I’m positive that suing A&E was suggested by the lawyer because I’m sure the guy by himself has no money, and lawyers want their money.

  3. How much say in the vetting process do the ‘experts’ really have? or are they just a bunch of frauds who play experts on TV? It’s 4 of them, how could they have missed all the red flags on their so called extensive background analysis–you could probably do a ‘eeny meeny miny moe’ on the general population and find a better match.

    Any behind-the-scenes on season 3?

    1. Are you referring to Jessica? So she should just slink away into the night after the the threats he has made? He needs to be called out on this behavior. And the producers of the show need to be held somewhat accountable for all this.A simple background check would have revealed his aliases and past restraining orders etc. It took people on the Internet who were watching to unearth this stuff almost immediately, so why didnt the “experts” know it? No sir, if I was her I wouldnt just cower and let it go. Nope.

    2. Doesn’t sound like this bear is actually sleeping though. Sounds like it’s wide awake and roaring as loud as it can.

      And by the way, that’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. “It can’t really be true or else she shouldn’t be taking action to protect herself, she should be running and hiding and letting the guy continue to stalk and harass her.” Sure hope you’ve never served on a jury, I’d hate to think people are using that kind of stupid logic to decide cases like this.

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