EXCLUSIVE! The Truth About ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood’s Fiance Matt Baier: 7 Kids, Ex-Wives & Grandkids!

"Oh yeah, I forgot about all those kids."
“Oh yeah, I forgot about all those kids.”

Gary Shirley dropped a bombshell in the trailer for the upcoming season of Teen Mom OG when he accused Amber Portwood’s fiancé, Matt Baier, of being the father of seven kids! Amber seemed to be really upset by Gary’s accusation, and was shown screaming at him that she knows her man.

Of course, The Ashley had to investigate to find out if Matt really does have a litter of children like Gary said in the trailer.

The Ashley can now exclusively confirm that the news appears to be true! Matt does, in fact, have child support cases filed against him for at least seven children!

Matt, who is 44, moved to Indiana last year to be with Amber, and now his child support cases are following him.  A county court clerk confirmed to The Ashley that Matt currently has seven reciprocal child support cases against him in the state of Indiana, filed by five different women in several states!

“A reciprocal support case means that another state is asking [the state of Indiana] to enforce a support case that was filed in another state,” the court clerk confirmed. “A court order was issued in another state after [paternity] had been established, and that state is now asking [the state of Indiana] to help enforce the case, now that the [father] lives in Indiana.”

"Dr. Drew's totally gonna ask about the whole seven kid thing, huh?"
“Dr. Drew’s totally gonna ask about the whole seven kid thing, huh?”

Matt has acknowledged that he has two children living in the state of Massachusetts—a daughter and a son, ages 18 and 13, respectively. Matt has said that he wasn’t a good father to those kids in the past, due to his drug use. However, he has stated that he now has a great relationship with the kids and their mother, and Amber even follows Matt’s daughter on Twitter.

From what The Ashley can gather from the child support cases filed against Matt, he allegedly has three other daughters and two other sons that he has not publicly acknowledged—even though several of these kids carry Matt’s last name! They range in age from five years old to 25! (It is not known if Matt has any sort of relationship with the other five kids.)

The Ashley will not be posting the kids’ names, as many of them are now adults and she does not want to disrupt their lives.

Child #1 is the 18-year-old daughter that Matt has acknowledged. She lives in Massachusetts.

Child #2 is the 13-year-old son that Matt has acknowledged. He lives in Massachusetts.

Child #3 is a 19-year-old daughter who is a college student in North Dakota.

Child #4 is a 25-year-old son living in South Dakota. He appears to have been in some trouble with the law in recent years.

Child #5 is a five-year-old son living in Massachusetts.

Child #6 is a 22-year-old daughter living in Minnesota. She’s currently pregnant and the mother of a young son.

Child #7 is a 23-year-old daughter living in Minnesota. (Her sister is Child #6.) She is currently married with one child.

Yes, kids, that means that Matt is actually technically a grandfather!

The Ashley was contacted earlier this year by a person who claims that Matt also has an eight-year-old daughter. That daughter is not one of the seven kids listed on these pending court cases, so The Ashley cannot confirm this case.

Although all but two of the children are now over 18, the cases are still open, and several of them appear to have been active since the 1990s.

In October of this year, all seven support cases were moved to the state of Indiana. There were several attempts to serve Matt at the house he shares with Amber throughout October and November, but they were unsuccessful.

On December 8, 2015,  a hearing was set to enforce or modify all of the child support cases. The next day, a motion to vacate the hearings was granted.

During her investigation, The Ashley also found what looks like two divorce records for Matt. Wife Sarah (mother of Child #4) filed for divorce from Matt in 1992 in the state of North Dakota. She continued to try to get child support after the divorce, even filing several cases against Matt in the late 1990s. In 2011, a bench warrant was issued for Matt in North Dakota for failing to pay child support for his son. According to the North Dakota Child Support Lien Registry, by 2012, Matt owed over $47,000 in child support. (It’s not know if he has since paid, though.)

"He's still my man!"
“He’s still my man!”

Those cases followed Matt to his next destination, Minnesota. Once in Minnesota, it appears (via online court records) that Matt allegedly met and married another woman. Their marriage appears to have been dissolved in 1998 and did not produce any children.

From what The Ashley hears, Amber was very angry that Gary chose to bring up Matt’s plethora of children while cameras were rolling. She felt that it should have been mentioned off-camera. However, it does not appear that she’s naive to Matt’s past.

According to an on-set source, the topic of Matt’s children was brought up at the ‘Teen Mom OG’ after show taping this past weekend. Amber implied that she was standing by her man, regardless of how many children he may have. However, the source said that Amber seemed to want Matt to make things right with the court cases.

“She claims she has been looking into all of it,” the source, who was in the audience at the taping, told The Ashley. “She said she is in love with the man she knows now and that’s all that matters.”

The Ashley will update this story when she has more info.

UPDATE: A fan sent Amber a link to this story and she stated that “You would have to be ignorant to believe that honestly…he’s a great catch, thanks.”

Of course, court documents don’t lie. The support filings all have Amber’s current home address listed as Matt’s place of residence, so unless there’s another Matt Baier living at her address with the same birthday as her fiance, then these cases are all pertinent to the Matt Baier on ‘Teen Mom OG.’ The Ashley stands by her story.

UPDATE #2: After initially denying The Ashley’s story, Amber seemed to acknowledge that The Ashley is, indeed, correct in regard to Matt’s offspring. Late Wednesday night, she posted a rant on Twitter, stating that she’ll stand by her man no matter what.

“For anyone talking crap about this whole situation with Matt..this shit isn’t funny This is real life I have to deal with not entertainment,” she wrote. “I’m not dealing with this negative immature bullshit. I have enough to worry about. I’ll block and be done with it. Love not hate learn it! His past is his past..we all have to deal with it sooner or later.. No reason to judge or put people down..love.

“I don’t care if I found out he had 10 kids. He has to deal with that and his past and I’ll stand by him. But I’m a woman and I hold my own.”

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  1. Ok 1st of all Gary is an asshole!! He knew what he was doing from the get go. He does these things to c what kind of a response he can get out of Amber. But becuz she has a handle on her life now an she see’s what he is doing he doesn’t have that control anymore. Also, the way he played her while she was in jail, then had a girl there with him. But never told Amber til she got out what a duchebag. I feel Gary has this alter ego an thinks women flock to get with him. My opinion about him is he is lazy an needs to go get a job an stop using teen mom to get paid. It’s about teen moms not dads Gary. Stop using that child against Amber u know she is a great mom. How would like it if u wife now (which u only married becuz u wanted full custody of ur daughter) said to u that u can’t see ur child everyday. U don’t love that woman u only married her to show the courts stability. An I feel that he only stayed with that woman cuz he got her pregnant. Y don’t u save her the hassle an let her go do she can be free. These r just my opinions.

  2. Amber I am so proud of u from staying on the right road I know in my heart u or a vary good person so don’t late Matt and you it upset over the bs over your child she is a very cute little girl and u or cute too u too don’t late no one u or not tieding cause you or sorry I can not spell right god bless yoy

  3. Amber is a grown woman. I agree it seems he may be using her but she is aware of the truth now which is her decision to stay with him. We learn from our mistakes so if that is this case then it is a lesson for for her. Gary seems to want her back.

  4. These young girls need encouragement and support, not a baying pack of wolves that want to point out all of life little warts. So what if Matt has 7 kids, most problems can remain in the past and cant be re visited to fix, however, the relationship Matt has or don’t have with his kids is his business not yours, Amber can forgive Matt and so can MY God, leave them alone and let them get on with life. I like Gary, but, what he did was wrong, it should have been done off camera and dealt with in a way that Amber had some involvement with… I love you Amber and Matt and I wish you all the best for your future, don’t listen to the critics follow your hearts xoxoxoxox

  5. Can’t stand Gary. He makes me sick. Amber is a great Mom. Gary just trying to make things look bad for her. He is not in love with the other woman. He still wants Amber! Feel sorry for other woman. Using a child to hold on to the past will not work. BOOBOO will grow up and resent her father when she sees how he treated her Mother. Gary just wants CONTROL!!!!

  6. I wish Amber the best of luck in accepting this news .I’m so proud of her recovery. I hope she realizes how truly strong inside she really is and not let this or anything in the future break her. She’s beautiful and I love watching the show .Life has tough ups n downs but I think she’ll be just fine and if she truly loves Matt, well ,love conquers all .Be happy Amber .You’re a great person .So proud of your work on the halfway house.

    1. Love does not conquer all. You need to have trust first and foremost. This guy has already cheated on her and does not work and was not honest with her about his kids. He bought a one way ticket before he even met her and moved right in. If she marries this guy all hisdrbt becomes hers. And another thing. She is NOT sober. If she wants a recovery house she should have a sponsor go to meetings and practice the twelve steps. Where the centerpiece is. Honesty

  7. Amber needs to focus on her daughter if she would put as much effort into Leah as she does Matt’s creepy old using ass! She would have dull custody of Leah! It’s said she is picking a cheating old nasty looking I have 7 plus kids creep over her own daughter! She’s gonna end up broke left alone without her daughter back on drugs at the rate she’s going it so sad! Plus she said if he has that many kids she’s done and he she is defending him and saying I would stand by him if he had 10 kids! Well I’m sure you about to find out he does! Good luck not going broke paying his child support! And it makes me sick seeing him help with Leah but not his own children ! He’s a piece of shit dirt bag who deserves to be in jail!!

    1. I would hope the money he’s making by being on the show would go towards paying the back child support for the alleged kids.

  8. I know the 8 year old girl not confirmed and she his daughter so you can make that 8 kids. He is a con artist after money hope Amber does not get prego by him and all I can say is prenup we all make our on mistakes but there are a lot of red flags here. I have heard from his ex that he is abusive, a con man and then disappeared. Her brother would look for him on line every once in a while and then one day there he was as Ambers boyfriend on Teen Mom. She didn’t want her family or daughter dragged into anything so she stayed quiet but I wish Amber the best because I really like her and I hope she knows that she is beautiful and smart and could do so much better. Don’t settle for this looser.

    1. If Kelli Nunn’s daughter is claimed to be the 8th then he has 9 because I know the other little girl! He must have even more from women like my friend who do not want to come foward this guy is a looser!

  9. I don’t know its her life but seems like she’s trying a little hard to keep things going with him hope everything works out for her. Just from watching him it does look like he’s done too many drugs or something doesn’t look like he has a conscience at all- he seems like he has just skated by in life honestly

  10. He lied. She said if he lied or she found out somethung big about him, he was out. Now she isn’t staying true to herself. He is manipulative for sure!

    1. Soo True amber sounds like a Total Most Contradicting Ignorant Woman..wth is she showing Leah?!?!..”it’s okay honey if yr BF(of over 1year) lies to u& once u find out truth u jus act as though Alls Well”….Great Motherly Example your being for Leah #WTG?

      1. Well she definitely has a thing for manipulating guys, seeing as gary uses her anger, past and full custody to first have his mother change her mind and let him stay at her house, which she only allowed after Gary made Amber lose it. That provided him with the: “Oh mum, I have the poor baby with me” argument that made his mom change his mind to house him longer than originally intended. Then he keeps telling Amber that he is ok with her requests to take Leah here and there, and when the appointment comes he makes comments like: are u sure u can handle this-knowing this makes her angry, cancels the appointment and tells Leah, Kristina and his mom that Amber changed her mind or is too aggressive. WTF?? He even denied her going into zoo park or whatever until Leah didn´t wanna go to Amber´s because “they dont do anything together and Mum is always in bed”. Sure she is so depressive with Leah´s attitude that comes from Gary´s refusals, she sure is in bed and fights with the need to take drugs and forget about it for a little while. This Matt seems to be just like Gary, I hope she gets it soon. But, in this case he wouldnt use a child they may have in the future against her and have no reason to take it away. Makes him better than Mister “I use my child to my advantage, tell in front of the child that I wish the mother just vanishes because she messes up the happy life of us” and then tell his mother how leah doesnt want to go to Amber. I hope his mom sees this show one day, just like Leah. And all of Matts kids. These two guys are the last ppl on this planet to make a rolemodel, even less than Ryan…

  11. very slick dude. Gets this young chick believing his bs like several before her, marries her, she becomes liable for his past debt, she pays it all off, he skates off like it never happened. Should be ashamed of himself, but with all these broken relationships behind him, don’t think he even has a conscience. Obviously Gary loves her or he wouldn’t still be looking out for her welfare. Sad. I hope he finds someone worthy of his heart.

    1. Agreed except on one point: Gary looks out for her welfare as far as it concerns the possibility of loosing what little money Amber has that he can claim to settle the child support balance. This guy makes her angry and depressive and then revels in conversations that pity him to have to deal with Amber…

  12. When he marry her his debts will then be hers. See if she going wanna stand by her man way then they try to come an get her money..

    1. No entirely true. She may have the option to file Injured or Innocent Spouse (if her State of residency qualifies) which will protect her from being liable for his debt. That being since the original debt (e.g. birth of children owed child support) occurred prior to the marriage.

      1. If he was married so many times, wouldn´t the woman he is married to be responsible for the ex he had before? So the first claims from the second, second from third, which would leave amber with claims of his last marriage. Because it cant be that she is made responsible while the others don´t have to settle any depts as well. Wouldnt make any sense. Sry for my bad english, I hope what I intended to say carried through though.

        1. In Illinois, similar family law as Indiana, only Matt is responsible for his child support not his wife. BUT and this is a big BUT, any assets that they co-mingle, bank accounts, taxes they file jointly, will be taken for child support. Also, at some point he will be jailed and the bond paid to get him out will be taken towards his child support. So, if she wants to keep him out of jail, protect their mutual assets, she will have to pay his child support.

  13. I don”t care what anyone has to say about this. Matt has been great for Amber! Gary is a pig in so many ways. He was and is still always looking for ways to upset Amber and hurt her. If Matt can help Amber to grow a thick skin and protect her from Gary then I think it’s great. Amber went out with other guys that didn’t fit the bill. I wish them all the best and anything is better than Gary!

    1. I really need to keep ur mouth shut dont talk shit just because u think u know them because u see whats going on u dont its all a set up

      1. Just like Gary… better a grampa than an ass that pushes her on edge until she is ready to kill herself over all the pain, and then is celebrated by his stupid relatives as her heroic saviour… honestly, with such a dumb mother he couldnt have turned out any better, she just falls for his lies and manipulation too easily…

    2. allowing someone to sleep all day give up on the 12 steps of recovery is not whats best for Amber. Instead of hooking up with the first guy who showed her any attention. She should have learned to stand on her own two feet. Joined an AA group and meet friends there get a job. And if she wanted 50/50 custody why move 50 miles away from Gary which eould make Leah get up an hour earlier just to make it to school?

    3. Gary wasn’t/isn’t that bad of a guy. He did his part of taking care of their child while she was busy doing drugs and beating on him. I think he handled himself well. I dont think anyone of them should say anything around Leah about each other but he does have the right to do a research on the new man that is around his daughter all the time. These are things Amber needed to be told.

  14. Look here not all of you are perfect or near that you should be ashamed of your self talking about people like that people learn..so lets grow up and learn people grow up and move on…all that matters is if he will indeed be in there life so leave them the heck alone ..

    1. You are missing the point entirely. Yes we all make mistakes, which is Human,and most but not all of us learn from these mistakes and grow. Having seven or eight children and abandoning all of them takes a certain type of horrible individual. So it is fairly safe to say this guy is a terrible person, complete fraud and as others have mentioned completely lacking a conscience. I feel terrible for Amber. I have only recently followed the show and l think she is an inspiration to people who have struggled with addiction, Matt very obviously lied and manipulated his way into her life and she will handle it in her own time and privately.

      1. As someone who is in recovery. I feel Amber is not an inspiration at all. She is not practicing the twelve steps and proclaims herself “sober”even though she is drinking. Instead of going to work. She continually focuses on Gary and allows any little thing to let her become depressed. She dedperately needs a sponsor as i fear this is going to put her over the edge. Maybe she is holding onto Matt because he knows too much. But denial is something addicts are very used to as well

  15. I don’t think Amber is a loser. Lots of women prefer older men. They seem to get along really good. They both have a past and that’s THEIR business. Amber has been to hell and back and yes by her own hand but she has got it together and is making a life for herself. And BTW, she doesn’t need Matt,she chose him. End of story. Love u Amber!

    1. If you think Amber has been to hell and back….you ain’t seen nothing yet. An old deadbeat dad with 7 kids and 5 different mothers?? Shame on him and her for defending him. No wonder the kids are so messed up…fathers running away from their responsibilities and kids feeling devalued.

  16. Ok she’s doing good off of drugs and clean true true. Why would you lower yourself to a bastard that can’t take care of his kids!!!!!! Come on now please!!!!!!!

  17. not surprised. On the latest episode (party down) you can clearly see a few track marks and bruises on his arm. The producer points out hisAmber tattoo and they close up on it and it’s very clear! I wonder if that was her way of subtly pointing it out

  18. I don’t think there’s any difference here in any of the other teen moms on the show who have had multiple different relationships (and children) through the course of this show. One good case in point being Jenelle and all her miscarriages, abortion, and second kid all with several diffrent men. If this Matt dude turns out to be using Amber, well then that’s on Amber isnt it – shes an adult that made the decision to be with Matt.

  19. This is just a classic case of no self worth . No healthy minded woman would even consider dating an obvious user like this. I have a friend just like this. Slightly overweight but cute and smart (she is a college graduate) yet she is dating an ex-crackhead (or so he says) with 2 small children by 2 different women who are being raised by their trailer trash grammas. He is badly behind in child support,he is barely employed and rides a bike because he lost his license for multiple DUI’s. He has hardly any teeth and weighs about 100 lbs soaking wet. WHY? Because my friend responds to literally any guy who shows her the least bit of positive attention. Amber is like this- she isnt broke,she isnt stupid but this guy throws a few sweet words her way and she is “in love”. Its so sad.

    1. I agree! Amber needs to concentrate more on her daughter than a grown ass man that is using her. Losers attract losers!

  20. Amber is delusional. It’s true everyone has a past but having that many kids with that many women and not supporting them financially and abandoning them is not exactly something that should be taken lightly. He is a loser.

    1. He’s not only a loser, he’s a reproductive abuser. He has tons of children, probably in order to manipulate whatever woman he is with.. this can go both ways, women get pregnant “on accident” and men get women pregnant “on accident” as well. What a loser though, the least he could do is pay child support. I guess that would mean he’d have to have a job. It’s great that Amber wants him to make it right, guess she’s gonna fund the $50,000 per kid that he owes. Wonder if she can make him make up for an entire life without a father???

  21. Amber is the same angry lost loser she always was, she will never change, I hope he takes her for every penny she has. She has to hit rock bottom again, and really look inside to get the help she needs. Whatever tools she claims she got in prison were not nearly enough obviously!

    1. One would think prion is rock botom. Some people were just never taught/shown how to have functional familial relationships, and they will never learn. They wind up on drugs or in therapy, their kids wind up in the same place, and until someone steps up and breaks the cycle it will continue. You can be given all the tools in the world. Actually dedicating yourself to using them is what’s hard.

    2. Wow I hope you will end up with an passive-aggrassive partner like Gary, that makes you tick out every time he has to gain someting in return, a stay in his mums house after he got the baby, Leah hating amber for being never there, not go out (which is all in Gary´s hands, HE is the one deciding when and what they are allowed to do together.)and lying in bed (I would get depressive over that treatments, too, honestly)

  22. I don’t know about the laws in Indiana, but here in California I’m pretty sure a spouse inherits that old child support debt. So, Amber’s wages (if she has any) may eventually be garnished to pay that old debt.

    1. Indiana is different, my husband owes back support on one child and all I have to do is file “injured spouse” on our tax returns (state and federal) and the child support division can’t touch m tax return. They can’t even touch my paychecks throughout the year, his bills that are in his name is his responsibility per Indiana law.

      1. I wonder why u got so many thumbs down? Thank you for your proven information that may not be in favour compared to the guessings of the person you answered. I love informations, guessings are just serving trends and favours but wont give you any certainty…

  23. Can you imagine being one of Matt’s kids and seeing your Dad on Teen Mom with a girl who is around your age? The whole situation is so bizarre for everyone involved.

    1. Don’t feel too bad. There’s a pretty good chance that he was never involved even a little bit in the lives of the older kids, so they probably don’t even know what he looks like and wouldn’t recognize him anyway.

      1. It must hurt the mothers, though, to see the guy that gave a s*** for his biological kids take care of his girlfriends child. But not paying a cent for anything if I got that right?

        1. Matt wouldn’t be able to identify his adult daughter if she stood in front of him. NEVER saw her, EVER. She has seen him via internet, etc. Knows she is not stooping to his pathetic level, she wrote him off like as a snake who harmed her mother in too many ways to count. Her uncles and grandfather literally ran his sorry ass out of town, never to be seen again. Matt belongs in one place only. Prison. His mom is real piece of work, I’ve talked to her. His father was hard working, honest and admitted being ashamed of his son. RIP Mr. Baier, Sr.

  24. waimin….didn’t Amber go on a twitter rant saying that Matt cheated on her? And she’s got the nerve to say hes a “GREAT CATCH”?? He’s an opportunist creep and shes a vulnerable woman that thinks shes gonna prove everyone wrong when they get married, when in actuality hes gonna fuck her over just like he did the other 5 baby mamas hes got or even worse. If I were Gary I wouldn’t let Leah around Amber and Matt either, clearly Amber doesn’t have the best judge of character.

    1. Maybe she tries so hard to prove everyone wrong because she doesnt want the “I told you”s and “That´s typical Amber, cant hold a stable relationship”s to crush her like a massive wave. And everyone will let her know how she messed up and should have listened before. As if she ever did. Once she is warned and refuses it, she will not accept it true even if proven. To warn such a person is to force this exact situation to arise. Like predicting the future, her behaviour is always of that defending type because she cant admit to have been wrong and blue eyed. And have that fat mistake lecture her with glee like a little girl…

  25. As much as I trust the Ashley as a source I have a very hard time believing that Matt found that many women to sleep with him. I guess maybe Gary needs to give him a few more of his Gary time condoms

    1. There are many women with low self esteem, going through emotional tumoil and wishing for emotional stability in life. Many losers do it like Matt, he is not the only one. Amber is very vulnerable with the whole Gary situation. He makes her feel like good for nothing, just like when he kept on and on until she wanted to commit suicide. She needs someone. But a best friend or mom sometimes cant be that very person needed.

  26. Detective The Ashley is on the case. Sad how blind Amber is. Sad all those children don’t have a father because he’s a selfish drug addled prick and anyone with at least one eye can see that that “catch” should’ve been thrown back.

  27. I wish she would ditch him and focus on herself. Go to school. Find a fulfilling career. Get her confidence back so she knows her worth. These girls don’t realize that even though a lot of them don’t need to work, having a job and contributing to society is about a lot more than a pay check.

    1. thank you. that’s exactly what i thought when i saw caitlynn struggling with depression again. she and several of the other cast members of both shows do. i think it’s because when they’re not filming, amber and cate in particular have nowhere to get up and go, nowhere they have to be. sounds nice, but when you’re young, it gets very old very fast. you have to have a self worth and i fear that amber has been so inactive for so long, including her jail years and the many hours spent on the couch, inertia has set in. same for cate. jenelle and farrah have depression too but are much more narcisisstic and they do look for ways to earn money and, of course, more fame. leah’s is mostly drug induced and kail just had a hard life but she gets out and does things too. it’d be a great help for leah to earn her own money, feel what it’s like Not to depend on anyone. anyway, they could all surely benefit from satisfying work outside the show, even if they think they don’t need the money.

      1. Preach!! You can’t make your whole identity around being “a mom.” Eventually, your kids won’t need you on a daily basis and where are you left then? You need to focus on bettering yourself every once in a while.. even if that means just volunteering in the community a few times a month! They could go help take care of puppies, kittens, the elderly, a local park.. so many things they could do, that a lot of people wish they had the time for more often!

  28. Perhaps he should look into dating Jenelle, she is not the least bit discriminating, and she’s got that felon thing going on too.

  29. But Amber’s wondering why Gary won’t let her share custody of Leah at this point? Why he doesn’t let Leah come over to Amber’s house more often?


  30. This girls self esteem is so low that she’ll date an individual like this because she doesn’t want to be alone. He’s a great catch Amber? Really? 5/7 kids he won’t acknowledge, he’s a granddaddy, Ambers around the same age as some of his kids, and he’s clearly using Amber for money to help with those child support payments and God knows what else. He’s a complete creep! Amber needs some intense therapy and to reevaluate what the definition of a catch is because he ain’t it.

  31. Gary isn’t so bad,he is sometimes a little strange and he is unattractive,but he has a good hart when it comes to Leah and Amber.He don’t want her unhappy.And Amber….oh dear…she is lost.

    1. I agree that Gary is a good Dad but not that he is good to Amber. He leads her on terribly, even in this last season with the flirting and tickling and “never say never”, even though he had another girlfriend. He has been really sleazy and unfair.

      Obviously there is no justification for domestic abuse but I think he did deliberately provoke Amber when they were together. Amber deserved to be arrested and prosecuted for what she did because it was still wrong, but I do think Gary knew what she was like and knew they were on camera and he used her temper to get her into trouble on purpose so that he could get custody.

        1. Celine- that’s exactly what she said, she wasn’t pointing* the finger at Gary at all. Clearly you have a thing for emotionally and verbally abusive guys if you think Gary isn’t at all at fault. I hope you learn to respect yourself one day.

  32. i just remembered that gary said on the show amber doesnt pay him child support. no wonder she doesnt care that matt doesnt pay

    1. She was refused multiple times to see Leah, I would not pay either until I can see the child. If I am not allowed to play a role in my childs life, then noone has to approach me for financial aid. If I am supposed to pay my share, I want my share in time, responsibilities and decisions. If my hubby ever pulls such bs, I would be as pissed. Happily married though 😉 This has nothing to do with Matt, but is a whole other story. She has to take much and cant go against it, watch Kristinas face next time he pulls of his “I provoke her then make her seem violent and irresponsible” show. She doesnt like it very much.
      Not that she should speak up though, as Gary made clear she was a cheating bitch when they first go together. Kristina will go through the same if the split, trust me.

      1. Unfortunately, that’s not the way it works. The courts decide the child support based on both parents income and physical/legal custody percentages.

        I don’t know how this has turned into “bash Gary.” Gary has and always will be there for Leah. He took care of her when her mom turned to drugs. Sure he’s not attractive but he is a good dad. Leah is a smart, independent, loving child and Gary had a BIG part in that.

  33. Yikes! What is he? Johnny Appleseed? Sorry….had to go old school. Ambers brother needs to knock some sense in to her! What type of “father figure” would this guy be to Leaha when he shows no concern for the litter he has? Gary or Matt? Some choice….lol

  34. Now Amber is denying it? lol. He got caught, Amber! Accept it. Nobody’s perfect. We all have baggage but this is pretty bad.

  35. For the love of God, RUN AMBER!! Dont let your pride get in the way of common sense.This guy is going to bring you down in ways you cant even imagine.

  36. This is disgusting….how could any woman, especially a mother, give this so called man the time of day knowing he has kids he won’t even acknowledge and has obviously never supported?? He’ll be the same way if you’re stupid enough to have a kid with him. Ugh….

    1. She isn’t a mother. Just cause she birthed a baby, that means nothing really. She has never put Leah first, she has always put dick, drugs, and anything else she can find before Leah. She is no mother.

  37. He is fucking disgusting. What does that say about someone who fathers SEVEN different kids and only acknowledges TWO of them? Good job, Amber.

  38. but TBH im not really sure amber can do better? shes not sober, not very nice, has domestic violence issues etc etc what other guy would she get?

  39. if you dont want your private business brought up on camera DONT GO ON A REALTY SHOW!!!

    amber- ditch the guy and get sober.


  41. I’m confused. I understand that she didn’t want herself or Matt to look bad on camera and Gary bringing it up may have put her in a weird spot, the clips of her denying it just makes things worse in the long run. Holy cow, though! I hope she really did know and he ins’t as shady as he seems at times. I do root for her and would hate to see another huge speed bump 🙁

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