Catelynn Lowell Talks ‘Teen Mom’ Stalkers, Reveals Plans for More Babies

"Ask me stuff!"
“Ask me stuff!”

Doing Facebook Q&A sessions with fans seems to be all the rage for the stars of the Teen Mom franchise. Maci BookoutChelsea Houska and Kail Lowry have all answered their fans’ questions via Facebook sessions recently, and yesterday, Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell finally got a turn to do her own Q&A sesh!

Catelynn took over the official ‘Teen Mom’ Facebook page to answer questions about her relationship with husband Tyler Baltierra, their daughter Novalee, and the upcoming new season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

As always, The Ashley has pulled out all of “the good stuff” from the Q&A session for y’all to feast on…

On how Novalee got her name:

Catelynn revealed that Novalee’s name was not actually inspired by Natalie Portman’s character in the film “Where The Heart Is,” which was what many fans originally thought.

“We always liked the name Nova and when she was born we thought she needed something else,” Catelynn wrote. “My mom’s middle name is Lee so that’s how we came up with Novalee!”

On her family’s relationship with daughter Carly:

Catelynn said that she and Tyler have a great relationship with Carly, the daughter they placed for adoption six years ago.

“My relationship with Carly is very good and very open,” Catelynn wrote. “We see each other once a year and text/email often.”

She added that she would be supportive of Carly and Nova developing a close relationship as they get older.

“I feel like I want them to relate and be sisters and be close but it’s really up to them when they get older,” she wrote.

On creepy ‘Teen Mom’ fans:

“We actually get noticed a lot,” Catelynn responded when asked if she and Tyler are ever recognized by ‘Teen Mom’ fans. She added that some fans have gotten creepy when interacting with her.

“I had a girl who used body wraps and she wanted me to use them and practically stalked me!” Catelynn wrote. “It was really weird…”

On having more children:

Catelynn revealed that she and Tyler plan to have at least one more child.

“If the next one is boy, I’m done!” she wrote. “If it’s not than we’ll probably try for a 3rd but I’m done after that.”

On her future plans:

In addition to having more kids, Catelynn’s future plans also include getting a real job outside of filming for MTV.

“I am planning to go back to school and would like to be a social worker and/or a 2nd or 3rd grade teacher,” she told a fan.

She also plans to do more speaking engagements about adoption.

“I feel like others can benefit by hearing my story so it actually helps me!” she wrote.

On regretting her past decisions:

Catelynn told a fan that she doesn’t have any regrets in terms of what she’s done in the past.

“I wouldn’t redo anything I did,” she said. “People ask me that all the time but I have no regrets.”

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    1. My great-grandmother always said when she got pregnant – she prayed for girls. She had 7.
      When I became pregnant with her only great-great grandson, the only one she would see in her lifetime… she said she was disappointed he wasn’t a girl. I always tell that story, my family thinks it’s hilarious

    2. Don’t agree. It isn’t wrong. It’s natural. If you chose to get pregnant (or if it’s unexpected, keep the baby), you know the odds are 50/50, you wouldn’t try for that baby or keep that baby if you weren’t okay with it being either gender. Doesn’t mean you can’t have preferences or hopes. Personally, I’d like all daughters. I’m very close with my mom and sister, and we have a lot of females in our family. I’ve always been a girl’s girl and just connected stronger with females, I’ve never had many guy friends or many strong male relationships (aside from boyfriends/dating, and my dad, though I am closer with my mom). But a potential son would be just as wanted and loved by me. People have many different reasons. Caitlyn and Tyler would like to balance out their family with a boy, and have at least one of each. Nothing strange about that.

    3. And another thing, I doubt this is the case here, but I just would like to add – it isn’t totally unusual for women who have history of childhood abuse (especially sexual abuse) by a man to strongly desire a particular gender – most commonly daughters, for a handful of reasons, including deep-seated fears/anxieties about raising a male. Though sometimes her anxieties might revolve around fears that she may not be able to protect a daughter from experiencing similar abuse, and in those cases she may desire a son.

      it is also not unusual for some women who have had poor, neglectful and/or abusive relationships with their own mothers to strongly desire a particular gender – a son to avoid a similar experience/clash with a daughter of her own, or a daughter because she (the mom) wants to experience a positive mother/daughter- relationship (in a different position obviously) and wants to be able to be the mom her own mom wasn’t, and give her potential daughter what she(the mom) didn’t have in her relationship with her own mother.

      Of course not all women/moms with these particular experiences/backgrounds feel this way, but some do. It’s not always what you might consider a “selfish” reason.

  1. her and tyler need to wise up. the show has one or two seasons left. and after that their prolife speaking engagements will dry up. they’ll be in their early 30s with a few kids and no careers or job skills.

  2. Just throwing this out there for everyone who is saying Catelynn and Tyler should’ve gone to school/university/college or whatever before having another child, I went to school then university, then got a job, then had my 2 children, and am now a stay at home mum, and you know what… I wish I’d have just skipped all that stuff and had my children sooner so that I’d have had more time with them (if that makes sense) yes uni was good but I love being a mother more… So what I’m trying to say I guess is that not everyone has to do things in a certain way, or order, or at all!
    And if Catelynn or Tyler read this, sorry for commenting on your life as it really isn’t my business but I just feel like not everyone understands that for some people having children is the most important and fulfilling thing they can possibly do, not education etc. I’m sure I will go back to work one day when my children are older, because I have to, I’m hoping to have one more child first though, because motherhood is the best thing I’ll ever do!! 🙂

    1. Personally, I think all women should obtain an education and/or skills under their belt for marriage, starting a family and becoming a sahm. I am also a sahm and I also have a Masters Degree. My degree is allowing me to start my own business in the next few years and if something were to happen to my husband, I have a means to support myself and my children.

      I think it’s incredibly stupid for young women fresh out of high school to run to a man and rely on that person for support. Life throws curveballs and it’s important for women to know and learn independence.

  3. I feel like majority of these girls say that they want to finish school because it sounds good…I don’t think many of them have any real intentions on doing so…they’ve got those MTV checks coming in right now so I don’t think there’s any real motivation. All of them say they want to go to school but only a few have actually gone through with it.

    1. And social work and teaching are two very different things. So.. it really sounds like she has no idea what she wants. How would she go back to school and have one or TWO more children? I still have to finish school, but I want to have kids first. Maybe she meant that… but she, along with all the rest of the girls, seem to wishy-washy about it. And it’s not like college is necessary for everyone, it’s not something you HAVE to do to be considered a good person, so I don’t know why they keep insisting they want to go to college when all indications are that they don’t.

  4. she’s happy just doing the show and speaking engagements here and there. she’ll never admit she just doesn’t want to go to school and/or work. i thought when the show ended the first time she and ty both would go full time but damn if either one of them did! there’s not excuse for that other then you have money and don’t want to. if they have millions in the bank earning interest, that’s fine. hard to say since their salaries aren’t like an actors’ and they make money on magazine interviews etc too. takes a lot for three people to be set, more if they have more kids though

    1. I totally agree. I honestly don’t think she has any intention of going back to school. From what I can remember she didn’t even like school. Didn’t she fail a grade or couldn’t graduate with her class or something because of bad grades? and didn’t Tyler almost flunk too? They’re definitely content with living for the now and not the future. I don’t think they realize those MTV checks and interview money are gonna one day stop forever.

      1. They both struggled in school. And that totally does not make them bad people. 4 year college isn’t for everyone. But I feel that the least they can do is get certifications in order to be set down the road, in something that they enjoy doing.

        1. you’re absolutely right. In no way are they bad people, and college for sure isn’t for everyone, I just don’t get why she wont admit that it’s not for her, and instead continues to insinuate that she’s going to go to school when she more than likely isn’t. It just seems like they’re saying they’re going to get back in school just to get people off their backs about it. They’ve been given a great opportunity with them being on a successful show, but they don’t seem to be doing anything to prepare for when that fame and success is over. School isn’t the ONLY way, but it seems like they don’t have any other ventures going on either, and the money they’re making now is only temporary. Plus they’re talking about bringing more kids into the world…it’s a little scary…You’re right they should try and get certified in something….just try and do something that will benefit their futures and the future of their kids….but hey, maybe they do know what they’re doing and won’t become a statistic.

        2. totally agreed. school isnt for everyone. but those people go into trades and bust their butts to work hard and provide for their families. these two dont even have work experience to put on a resume

          1. Wow you gals are being a bit rough on Tyler and Catelyn.not that I disagree with your comments, I just feel MTV bears alot of responsibiliy as to how these young people are parenting and living.Janelle is a complete f@*@ing trainwreck cant raise one child so lets have another.Chelsea spends her time bashing her childs father, constantly referencing his past transgressions as though we forgot it all from the previous wk.The worst part? Now that she has a new boyfriend her little girl has a “new dad” All of this while forgetting the close relationship she has with her own dad.Just how selfish and disturbed do you have to be to tell your child that Cole is gonna be a good daddy to you and pressure your child to rebuke the only daddy shes ever known and loved.Then you have another teen mom poppin out babies like their pop tarts recklessly spending money all while carrying on in a zombie like state (high on prescription narcotics) of course in full blown denial I truly wish the best for Leah, but I believe her life and decisions would have been drastically different if it weren’t for MTV throwing large amounts of money at her.You’re right, very soon the mtv moneytrain will be leaving for good.what a mess it leaves in its wake.The young people who watch the show figure you will be rewarded with fame and wealth should you find yourself pregnant before you learn to drive.Whats most unsettling is the price these children of the teen moms will be forced to pay . All this so MTV could have a hit show…Sad .. even though it may appear that Tyler or Catelyn have no intention of continuing their education, compared to the rest of the bunch I expect they will fare better than the rest and possibly better than some who are college educated.Out of everyone, The two of them are still together.That says alot! They’ve succeeded in breaking a cycle that both came from and now will not only raise their daughter with an abundance of love but afford her a strong sense of stability instead of a whole lot of unnecessary childhood scarring.

          2. @Witchepoohshelly I think Leah would’ve turned out the same either way. She would have less money but she would still get a ton of child support to blow on drugs.

            I think Cate and Ty’s relationship is dysfunctional. He treats her very badly and she appears to be such a sweet person. Nova would be better off with two parents separate and apart than to see her dad degrade her mom.

  5. I would have more respect for her if she had focused on an education before popping a child out and receiving income from teen mom 2. She’s been talking about social work for years. If she had followed through, she would be finished with her bachelor’s.

  6. I just really wished she finished college before having her 2nd baby. I’m not saying she can’t by any means, but, they just made it harder. It doesn’t make sense to me… Now, we will hear, “When she starts school…” etc… I think she’ll end up having another baby before she goes back to school, too. And that will be another excuse to postpone… Babies are wonderful, but, FINISH SCHOOL FIRST! Is hard to do with a baby to provide for. When they say babies come first, they really do! smh. I don’t know. Merry Christmas!

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