Troubled “16 and Pregnant Star Valerie Fairman is Back Behind Bars

Valerie is once again in jail.
Valerie is once again in jail.

It looks like 16 and Pregnant star Valerie Fairman will be spending Christmas behind bars.

The Ashley can confirm that Valerie, who starred on the second season of the hit MTV reality show, is currently sitting in a Pennsylvania jail. According to court records, she’s been in jail since December 15 for what appears to be a parole violation.

It’s been a tough year for Valerie, who, back in 2010 documented the birth of her daughter Nevaeh on ’16 and Pregnant.’ Back in February, Val was arrested for prostitution in Delaware. That was was just one of the crimes Valerie’s been charged with in the last few years. (Click here to read all about her legal problems.)

She was on parole for her 2012 crimes when she was arrested in February for prostitution. This violated her parole, so she was sent back to jail on March 4, 2015. She was released on March 31 on parole. As The Ashley exclusively told you back in April, Valerie got multiple offers from adult entertainment companies that wanted her to do a p*rno. (She declined.)

From what The Ashley can gather, Valerie has been very delinquent on paying back the over $6,000 in legal fees and restitution for her original crimes. This may be the reason she landed back behind bars on December 15, but The Ashley cannot confirm that fact. It is not known how long she will be in jail, but online records indicated that she is being held until her next court date.

A recent photo of Valerie and her daughter...
A recent photo of Valerie and her daughter…

Valerie’s life before her recent arrest (seemed) to be getting better. She hadn’t been in any additional trouble with the law (that The Ashley could find record of, anyway) and she was spending time with her now-six-year-old daughter.

Her Instagram account, which obviously went silent right before Valerie was returned to legal custody, showed photos of Valerie having breakfast with Nevaeh and Valerie’s parents (who currently have custody of the girl).

Valerie has been dating a local DJ named Bosi for a while now. In September, it was reported that Valerie was pregnant with Bosi’s baby, but those reports appear to be false, as she does not appear to be currently pregnant.

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.

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20 Responses

  1. Hers was always an episode that stuck with me. So sad to see how things turned out. I always wished they had included her in Teen Mom 2

    1. its really sad for her being away from her precious little daughter I fell so bad for her and her family and her

  2. Such a sad situation- Valerie is gorgeous and has the support of a nice loving couple that adopted her and yet she blows it to do drugs and prostitute herself. She has the opportunity to have it all and doesn’t take advantage of it. I never understood why people would choose to live a scummy life when they don’t have to.

    1. well addiction is a disease so it’s not really a choice. she probably has issues that stem from before her adoption that she never learned to properly deal with. no one WANTS to be a heroin addict.

      1. Addiction may be a disease, but before someone can be addicted to something, they have to CHOOSE to try it for the first time. And then they ususally have to CHOOSE to try it a few more times before they become uncontrollably addicted to it.

        1. If only it were that simple. I don’t know Valerie’s situation before she was adopted besides the fact she was a foster child. She very likely had a traumatic childhood (hence the reason she was removed from her bio parents). That can cause major psychological damage for life, and her decisions and run ins with the law seem to reflect that.

          The number of people who try drugs (at least once) is astronomical. Most people do not become addicted, and do not to continue using regularly. Those who do develop addictions and choose to use repeatedly are generally using them for numbing purposes…there’s something bigger at play. No one chooses to become addicted to drugs. I know it’s very easy to oversimplify it and view it as a choice if you have no walked that road.

          1. I’m not oversimplifying anything. Who gives a shit if the number of people that try drugs at least once is huge, it is still their choice to try them. I agree that no one wants or chooses to be a drug addict, but everyone DOES choose to try the drug for the first time at some point. And I understand that she may not have been taught how to make good decisions in her life because of her circumstances, but it was still her choice to use them at some point. I know several people that grew up in some shitty circumstances. One, despite it all, was able to make good choices in her life. But two others are currently in jail because they didn’t. Nonetheless, it was all due to their own life choices, nothing else.

    2. I was gonna say the same thing… I remembered her episode from so many years ago, because I was expecting her adoptive parents to be awful. I understood that a girl looking for a loving family would want to get pregnant, etc., but they were so understanding!! I’m sure she’s got issues stemming from adoption.. who wouldn’t? But I wish she chose a better path, she had more opportunity than most in her situation…

    1. No, they were fine. They were like an elderly couple that adopted Valerie. Valerie was actually kind of mean to them on the episode.

  3. This girl seems like she’s a lost cause. It’s surprising that she still hasn’t hit rock bottom. But still good luck to her and hopefully she gets her shit together for the sake of her daughter.

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