The Top 5 ‘Teen Mom’ Franchise Christmas Moments

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

Note: This post first ran at Christmas 2015, but has been updated each year through 2020. 

Merry Christmas to all faithful Rounduper readers! It’s time to hang up the stockings and fry up some doughboys! The Ashley is all about holiday cheer and has decided to give her Roundupers a yuletide gift.

While we’ve seen our share of holidays celebrated on Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2, Christmas has always been the holiday in which the most hi-jinks ensue. From crappy Claus costumes, to prison cell jingle bells, the casts of these shows always give us plenty of Christmas capers to watch!

Although it was hard to narrow it down to just five, The Ashley presents her top ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ Christmas moments!

5. Christmas Shopping with Butch (Teen Mom)

Fresh off his latest stint in prison, Butch decides get into the holiday spirit by heading down to the Target with Tyler to do a little Christmas shopping. Tyler is busy purchasing gifts to send to Carly, and Butch is feeling a bit left out, so he decides to get into the act and buy Carly a gift too. He’s racking his brain, scratching his salt-n-peppa mullet, trying to find the perfect gift to send Carly. After deciding on a present, he spits out a classic Butch line, telling Tyler, “At least she can say her grandfather got something for her one year.”

4. Gary & Amber’s New Boyfriend Have a Pre-Christmas Catfight (Teen Mom)

Way back in 2010, Amber’s new boyfriend, Clinton, isn’t happy when Gary sends Amber roses right before Christmas. When Gary calls Amber to make sure the flowers arrived safely, Clinton grabs the phone and he and Gary threaten mutual ass-kicking and whatnot. Later, Amber calls Gary, only to find out that he is decorating his Christmas tree without her. This infuriates her (even though she doesn’t even live there) and she has her cousin shuttle her over there to join in on the merriment, all while berating Gary. Fa la la la la la la la la! 

3. Amber Pouts in a Reindeer Onesie (Teen Mom OG)

Amber gave us another classic Christmas moment during Season 6B, when she peppered her daughter Leah with questions about the ornament that Leah was making in art class at school. When Amber found out Leah was giving her ornament to Gary instead of her, she began to pout and try to guilt Leah into giving the ornament to her. Eventually she burst into tears over it. She did all this while dressed in a Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer onesie, naturally.

2. Corey Claus Wraps His Gifts (Teen Mom 2) 

During Season 1, Corey decides to give his twin daughters the best Christmas ever by dressing up like Santa. Instead, he gives them both a full diaper after he literally scares the crap out of them with the costume! In addition, Corey Claus decides to give us all a lesson in gift wrapping by demonstrating how instead of using Christmas paper and scotch tape, he just goes on down to the cellar and fetches a big roll of duct tape and simply just rolls it around the gift.

1. Jenelle Gives Kieffer the Best Gift Ever: Jail Bail (Teen Mom 2) 

“”Kieffa in jail? That’s the best gift eva!”

During the second season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Jenelle is having quite the merry Christmas—opening presents and exchanging Uggs (and screaming insults) with Babs, until she realizes that her homeless boyfriend Kieffer is stuck celebrating the holidays behind bars. Santa must have missed that item on her Christmas list, because by Christmas Day, she still hasn’t been able to spring Kieffer from the clink.

Jenelle is frantic to find someone that is over 21 to bail out her Crusty Claus boyfriend, but all of her friends refuse to help her out.  Finally she finds some guy (who must have been hitting the eggnog pretty hard to agree to this scheme) to go sign for Kieffer to be released.

(Photos: MTV)

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        1. Borderline personality isn’t mental illness. It’s a personality disorder invented in the 70’s to describe whiny, aggressive, and temper tantrum people so that the state could bill insurance to keep people hospitalized when they didn’t actually need to be there. The pseudo diagnosis is based on BEHAVIOR aKa choices.

        2. ??? I’m laughing so hard at the Farrah speak. Thank you I needed that and thank God you have the sense you realize it ?

      1. She uses her mental illness as an excuse for her behavior, which is gross and a slap jn the face of many with mental illnesses. Last I heard, people with BPD didn’t have violent tendencies.

        1. Last you heard? Okay, Doctor. You may want to read up. BPD is kinda all about the inability to mentally and emotionally regulate pretty much anything. Violence is a direct result of that. It’s like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum. I counsel people who have BPD.

    1. I’m so pissed that Amazon is getting rid of the MTV Hits package off of Prime. That’s where I watched all my old school MTV classics for a couple bucks a month. Had recently done a TM2 series rewatch. It’s crazy how nhch drama the show used to have!!

    1. Personally I like to re watch all the teen mom and 16 and pregnant episodes. Always love to watch the drama.

      Thank you the Ashley for good articles on your site. I go to it multiple times a day.

      I wish you all who reads this site a merry christmas and to be safe while traveling.
      Merry Christmas

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. I watched the behind the camera show last night and am not sure I can take another round of girls stuck in their teens mentally. Amber, Maci and Farrah are like frozen in time with no growth on the horizon. It is really sad and I don’t know how they will get people to play Farrah’s friend anymore?

  2. I remember the episode with Jenelle.That was very embarrassing.

    The Ashley’s thank you for all your updates last year and i love to read them all.
    I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very good and healty 2016!

    Greatings from The Netherlands.

    1. I didn’t know the Netherlands decided to have another 2016 instead of 2017? I just bought a new week planner for 2017, waste of money then!

        1. Wow, little hostile there! It was a joke for the people who read it this year. I know this was posted earlier, I read the other comments. I hope Santa gave you a stress ball to squeeze when you’re feeling upset again instead of taking it out on random netizens. Nobody likes a troll.

          1. There are emojis and other internet symbols or letterings to let us know you are kidding – what you posted just came across as a bit snarky, even though you didn’t mean it that way. I’m not trying to chastise you here, I just wanted to mention the way it read to a reader…peace to you this holiday season.

          1. I don’t use a lot of emojis, I’m more old fashioned I guess. It’s true things sound different without the context of the speaker and I’ll admit it was a lame joke (saved my better sense of humor for my family) but still I don’t think it comes across as hostile. And if you do, just say so instead of reacting hostile, because then you’re doing just the same as what annoyed you in the first place. And all because of a misunderstanding in tone. Oh well, as long as people (now) know I didn’t mean to be nasty I’ll just forget the whole thing even happened.

  3. That was a great list!!

    P.S. Ashley, I think you need your own app, I am pretty addicted to your site, and it would be easier on my cell for you to have one! hehe

    1. Hope you all got green hoodies and your streets and dinner tabkes were not filled with upper cuts. Merry/Happy Christmas/holiday you celebrate. ❤

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