Meet the Teams & Watch a Sneak Peek of ‘Team Ninja Warrior’

Team Alpha-- Evan Dollard, Brent Steffensen & Kacy Catanzaro-- is going to be hard to beat!
Team Alpha– Evan Dollard, Brent Steffensen & Kacy Catanzaro– is going to be hard to beat!

Starting January 19, the best athletes from American Ninja Warrior will be teaming up to face what Esquire Network is calling “the most devious course ever invented!”

As The Ashley told you back in October, Esquire has devised Team Ninja Warrior, a new team version of the popular NBC summer reality show. ‘Team Ninja Warrior’ will feature some of the show’s best (and most popular) athletes, competing with and against each other. Earlier this week, Esquire released a list of the teams, as well as the first sneak peek of the upcoming episodes.

“The new spin-off series will feature the world’s best ninja warrior competitors racing head-to head in teams of three in a newly designed, but equally punishing, dual running course that incorporates speed, superhuman agility, skill and – because the competitor’s paths literally cross as they are racing through the obstacles – a whole new strategy to the game,” the network said in a press release. “For the first time in ninja history, the mother of all obstacle courses is now built for two.”

Ninja face-off!
Ninja face-off!

The show will begin with 24 teams of former athletes (two male, one female). The teams will face off against each other to earn points. The winners of each episode will move on to the Team Ninja Warrior Finals. One team of three will be crowned the winners at the end of the eight-episode season.

So who will see climbing up the Warped Wall and jumping off the Sonic Swing this season? The 24 teams are listed below:

Team Ronin: Flip Rodriguez (Team Captain), JJ Woods & Tiana Webberly

Team Karsonic Boom: Karson Voiles (Team Captain), Brandon Berrett & Beth Higginbotham

Team Think Tank: Noah Kaufman (Team Captain), Matt Wilder & Asya Grechka

Team Wild Bunch: Lance Pekus (Team Captain), Ben Melick & Rose Wetzel

Team Alpha: Brent Steffensen (Team Captain), Evan Dollard & Kacy Catanzaro

Team Stratisfaction: Ryan Stratis (Team Captain), Mike Bernardo & Grace Jones

Team Expendabulls: Kevin Bull (Team Captain), Alan Connealy & Luci Romberg

Team Tre’s Amigoz: Tremayne Dortch (Team Captain), Andy Lowes & Cassandra Dortch

Team Midoryama: Ian Dory (Team Captain), Dan Yager & Meagan Martin

Team Towers Of Power: Brandon Mears (Team Captain), Dan Polizzi & Selena Laniel

Team Golden Hearts: Neil Craver (Team Captain), Grant McCartney & Natalie Duran

Team Nor Cal Ninjas: David Campbell (Team Captain), Sean Noble & Rachel Mulvaney

Team Storm Team Moravsky: Joe Moravsky (Team Captain), Rob Moravsky & Marybeth Wang

Team The Average Jojo’s: Jojo Bynum (Team Captain), James Bogle Jr & Caitlin Shukwit

Team G-Force: Jessie Graff (Team Captain), Nicholas Coolridge & Travis Brewer

Team TNT: Travis Rosen (Team Captain), Adam Arnold & Joyce Shahboz

Team The Real Life Beasts: Drew Drechsel (Team Captain), James Mcgrath & Erica Cook

Team The InvincAbels: Abel Gonzalez (Team Captain), Nathan Jasso & Jeri D’aurelio

Team The Rahn-Aways: Jamie Rahn (Team Captain), Adam Grossman & Courtney Venuti

Team Party Time: Brian Arnold (Team Captain), Jake Murray & Jennifer Tavernier

Team Brittens: Geoff Britten (Team Captain), Dustin McKinney & Jessica Britten

Team Elet-Trikz: Elet Hall (Team Captain), Dillon Gates & Cassie Craig

Team The Iron Grip: Sam Sann (Team Captain), Daniel Gil & Richelle Hepler

Team The Lab Rats: Brian Wilczewski (Team Captain), Chris Wilczewski & Michelle Warnky

‘Team Ninja Warrior’ premieres on January 19 on Esquire. Click here to watch a sneak peek clip!

(Photos: NBC Esquire)

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  1. Where is Isaac Caldiero? Winner of American Ninja Warrior and winning member of Team USA American Ninja? Certainly one of the best (if not the best) in the world.

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