Farrah Abraham’s Father Scolds ‘Teen Mom’ Girls, Says He Financially Supported Them

"'Member that money, girls?"
“‘Member that money, girls?”

UPDATE (Jan 6, 2016): Michael Abraham has responded to The Ashley’s story via an interview with Real Mr. Housewife. In the interview, Michael denied making the statement, despite the fact that The Ashley has a screenshot of the Facebook conversation that clearly shows him making the statement (even though he did spell ‘financially’ wrong, as you do.)

“We all cried together. We all shared our lives together,” he told Real Mr. Housewife. “I still pray for them. I never said we financially supported them. I think my words are being misconstrued.However, it should be noted that without Farrah and my family, there wouldn’t have been a show last year, as the ratings would not have been there without us.”

When asked if it was true that Michael did support her financially at some point, she replied, “Absolutely not.”


The battle between Farrah Abraham and her Teen Mom co-stars rages on– and now Farrah’s father, Michael Abraham, is adding more fuel to the fire by making some interesting claims about his daughter’s co-stars.

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah has been at war with Amber PortwoodCatelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout ever since she saw a Snapchat video in which Catelynn calls Farrah a “f**king hoebag” and a “bitch.” Farrah flew into a rage on social media, and the girls traded jabs.

On December 18, Michael posted a video of the Snapchat in question, along with the caption, “Hateful people …. Yes the perfect ones …. Really are…. Shame on you!” (The Ashley just caught wind of these comments; otherwise they would have been posted sooner.)

In the comments section of the post, Michael made some interesting claims about the girls of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ telling fans that he had financially supported some of them over the years. 

“The issue is this– they publicly called my daughter a ‘Ho’ or ‘Whore’ publicly,” Michael wrote. “Understand these are people Farrah and our family have supported both emotionally and in some cases [financially] (yes the teen moms).”

He did not specify which girls he helped out financially, or if he meant that Farrah participating on ‘Teen Mom’ gave the other girls the opportunity to earn money. (If he did give one or some of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls money, let’s hope he reveals who!)


Michael went on to defend his daughter, as well as her infamous “Backdoor” adult film and other choices, some of which he admitted were not “morally perfect” decisions.

“If she was a prostitute or was charged with any crime Sophia would have been taken away from her long ago,” Michael wrote. “That never had happened. Fact Farrah sold the rights to one adult video (she did not make two and that company made two out of it against her wishes). And for her adult toy line … This or the video are not illegal. No one is morally perfect here. And we never started any of these arguments. It’s the press, the TV blogs, the [foolish] haters, and some TV networks.”

Michael admitted that Farrah’s decision to put her, um, backdoor and other parts on display in an adult movie was a mistake.

“Farrah has publicly said that video was a mistake and publicly apologized,” Michael wrote. “It’s like someone that had a drug problem that overcame that mistake and stopped… But then family and friends keep calling them a druggy … After they stopped … That’s cruel and what people are doing to Farrah regarding her mistake is cruel and not called for.”

Catelynn Lowell recently stated that she didn’t think there was any hope of her and Farrah mending their (yet again) broken relationship.

“I think she likes the drama too much [to call a truce],” Catelynn told WetPaint. “People are saying that I started it in that video but no, she would say little things in her podcasts and stuff…

“The thing with Farrah is I don’t really care, we don’t have to be friends or anything, we don’t even talk at all,” Catelynn added. “But I can be civil and be an adult…But she’s just mean sometimes, honestly.”

MTV: Get these people on The Jerry Springer Show ASAP!

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)

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  1. Question: what happened to Debra’s and Michael’s money?! From what I remember on 16 & pregnant and the first seasons of Teen Mom they had plenty of many of their own. The family home didn’t look cheap and Debra also owned a house across the street where Farrah and Sophia lived for a while. How come now Michael has to live with his ‘bitch-of-a-daughta’ and Debra has to beg her for money for face-lift? Those people had good money but are now financially depending on Farrah.

    The Ashley?

  2. Something I always thought about was remember in Farrah’s 16 & Pregnant episode Derek is made out to be this controlling guy who won’t leave her alone, and then in later Teen Mom seasons she goes on about how they were engaged and he was the love of her life? Is it just me or does it sound an awful lot like she’s using this tragedy to win favours with the audience? Like it’s very easy to rewrite history when the other person isn’t around to give their side of things. Because she certainly wasn’t calling him the “love of her life” when she was pregnant with Sophia.

    1. Agreed. They definitely weren’t engaged. In the 16 and Pregnant episode she doesn’t even want to tell him about the baby and she is trying to get his number blocked on her phone.

    2. After reading her book I think she is delusional and from the way she described her relationship with him maybe a stalker but we will never know his side of the story

  3. I’m certainly no fan of Farrah, she’s a terrible mom and should not be raising a child.

    But at least she’s honest with people. The rest of these girls are two faced and just talk crap behind backs.

    This news also wouldn’t surprise me at all. None of the girls have done much to actually start working to support themselves (hence why they’re doing TM again).

  4. Can someone fill me in on the sister? I could see why she wants no relationship with Farrah, but what about her parents?

    1. I would be intrigued to hear what her sister has to say about it all. A few years ago on twitter Ashley said that she had no relationship with her mother, and, that her life was better for it, but as i said, that was a few years ago. On 16 & Preganat, and the initial series of Teen Mom, Deborah came across and relatively normal, in that she wanted to help Farrah as much as possible to finish school so that she could make a life for her and her daughter. Yes she could be annoying, and, domineering, but she spoke her mind and seemed to be her own person. Forward to now, her and her ex husband have become different people, pandering to Farrah, never criticizing her foul behaviour, defending her dreadful behaviour to the hilt

  5. “…or was charged with any crime…”

    I guess that DUI charge of hers doesn’t count in the Land of Delusion

  6. I would love to know if Farrah’s parents really did serve a prison sentence for abusing her. If so, how come that Social Services allowed her parents to continue to have her and her sister living under the same roof, and, also, they are allowed to look after Sophia. Dont Social Services investigate these situations. We do not know much about Michael and Deborah, although Deborah, claims to be a successful business person, and, of course, owns a lot of property. It would be interesting to hear Ashley’s opinion on it all.

    1. @Lisa No, they did not serve any prison time. Debra went to jail for a domestic abuse incident involving Farrah in early 2010. She took a plea deal and did not serve any time. This incident was shown during Teen Mom Season 1. -The Ashley

  7. Did she really admit she was wrong for doing the porno?
    And her sex toy line?
    Doesn’t she still go to those promotional events?

    I do recall her saying/denying that she is a porn star.
    If you SELL a sex tape or profit off a sex tape…your a porn star

  8. And, to go with the “we don’t dislike Farrah because of her porno, its because of her attitude towards everything and everyone ( which I totally agree with)”…

    She, and her family, are huge LIARS, hypocrite’s, and not one of the them is honest enough to take responsibility for their own actions, and the consequences that become of them.

    Bottom line…they are all nuts!

  9. Simply the only reason he defends her is because he is riding her gravy train… I could almost lay money that when (or if) she ever cut them off that a “tell all” book would be sure to follow.. She is just a MEAN person period!

  10. Farrah does not want ppl talking to her this way but it is ok for her to this to ppl. I think not. She has gone through nanny’s because she does not talk but yells. no man wants her except to screw her n they can all say they did her. that’s it. she treat them like a kid not a boyfriend. heck her own parents are called by 1 st names. RUDE BITCH. get rid of her n let her live in her own little world. she has no one. her child acts like a brat like her. she will have no one also. she see’s mom doing it n thinks it is ok. so why not. SAD LITTLE WORLD. brat n bully is what i see. GROW UP, WOULD SAY GET HELP BUT U DID N IT DIDN’T HELP.

  11. I feel as though all of the girls have been to nice to her. She continuely makes snark comments against the girls and they usually just ignore it. At a certain point, enough is enough. I would have knocked her on ass already, just sayin.

  12. Michael is just trying to protect his daughter, no one should fault him for that. He and I are friends on facebook, and he really does just want what’s best for her. None of the other girls are perfect, someone of them are really bad losers, so none of them have room to talk!

    1. If he wanted what was best for her he would provide some tough love and not be oblivious to how hateful she is or how she appears to be. His excusing her despicable actions only shows Sophia that she too can do no wrong. He must be benefitting somehow by her notoriety because most normal, sane people would have cut her off long ago. If they are sticking around for Sophia’s sake and not teaching her how to behave in a civilized world, they are just allowing Farrah II to emerge.

  13. And this is exactly why Farrah is the way she is. It’s because of her enabler parents. I stopped feeling bad for Debbie and Michael when Debbie started asking for some liquid face lift money and when Michael started excusing Farrah’s outbursts. Your daughter’s not a nice person Michael. Bottom line. No shes not a murderer but home girl has got some screws loose up there. Sophia seriously doesn’t have a chance with those 3 dumbasses as role models.

  14. Farrah is not an angel, but the way Catelynn and the rest of the girls carry on an act innocent is appalling. What purpose was served in calling her names on Snapchat. She knew exactly what she was doing. It would gain traction. You are supposed to be grown, happy, married, and living your dreams. Why give Farrah the time of day.

    As for Farrah, it’s evidently clear she is broken. I kinda feel sorry for her. There’s so much anger in her. She needs REAL therapy, and not TV therapy. I think that whole house was a toxic waste. I no longer watch the show, just read the recaps. Is her sister still around?

    All this drama is MTV’s way of saying a new season is approaching.

      1. Which is a mental illness. It’s clear to anyone who read a paragraph in a psych book she’s not mentally well. That’s why I feel sorry for her. She needs help, but people want to see her train wreck more.

        1. She needs to want help first. According to her she likes who she is. My experience in real life is you can’t help someone who isn’t willing to help th selves all the way around.

      2. She does have many traits of a borderline personality, but personality disorders are confusing and complex, it is common for many people to have traits from the disorder without meeting the criteria to have a diagnosis of the disorder. I think Farrah has Narcissistic personality disorder, if you’re interested feel free to look it up. She definitely has traits of Borderline and I wouldn’t rule out have it too, but I think she definitely has Narcissistic

    1. see, i don’t think catelynn really IS happy. i think she Thought she’d be happy if she just got tyler to marry her and had a baby. now she’s realizing it’s not the be all to end all she thought it was. it’s actually kind of monotonous when you’re young. she stirred up drama and argues on twitter with farrah because she’s just as bored as farrah is, despite her endless claims of how busy she is. don’t get me wrong, i like catelynn, i just don’t think she’s as sweet or happy as people think. same for maci. amber, i just hope she’s able to stay sober. it is hard when you do so much towards it but things don’t seem to change, at least not quickly enough.

    2. I agree that is was dumb to film and post that comment. To me it gives Farrah the power to retaliate. In my opinion it’s not worth dealing with the Farrah aftermath just to post a dumb video. Although I agree with the comments Caitlynn made.

  15. This is exactly why I don’t feel sorry for him or Debra when Farrah treats them like s**t. They enable her. And to be honest, I DON’T CARE THAT SHE MADE A FRICKIN’ PORN! It’s the fact that she is so disrespectful and mean. Do they really think that Amber, Catelynn, Maci and the REST OF THE PUBLIC have a problem with Farrah for no reason?????? This family is so crazy.

    1. my thoughts exactly! When Debbie is crying and wants sympathy from Farrah, I don’t even feel bad anymore when Farrah flips out. It’s kinda like Debbie…this is the self righteous bitch you and Michael created. Deal with it. And I really don’t think the girls would have a problem with Farrah’s not so “morally perfect” decisions if she were actually nice to everyone else and didn’t think she was Gods gift to this planet.

      1. Yep, totally agree. I doubt anyone would care about her tape or toys, maybe enough for it to be gossiped about for a while… but if she were genuinely a nice person, they’d probably be defending her. Instead, she is, as Catelynn put it, just plain mean.

    2. according to Farrah, Debra and michael, the only reason people don’t like Farrah or insult her is because they are so jealous of how perfect Farrah is.

  16. Last night i saw a rerun(in the Netherlands on MTV) of TM OG when Farrah was 16-17 years old,and she was even horrible likeshe is today.

    And yes Michael you’re SO right your daugther is a SAINT like she was always before…..;-)(LOL)

    1. Farrah has gotten worse over the years. It’s no wonder she has no real friends, even her own sister can’t stand her.

  17. Serious question: Does Farrah have fans anymore other than her porn fans? Anyone who has listened to her speak and the way she treats people can’t be a fan right?!? Watching the behind the scenes special told me a couple of things:
    1. Farrah is batshit crazy!
    2. She has no friends and her parents only use her for her money!
    3. Sophia is a brat, but what chance does she have…she has a terrible role model in a mother!
    4. Her crew can’t stand her…I can’t blame them. I think being around her for 30 seconds would make me want to slap the shit out of her!

    1. Right?!? I was thinking the same things!
      I find it funny how the crew she’s known for years aren’t allowed to use her restroom cuz she’s a neat freak or germaphobe or whatever, but does unspeakable acts with a PORN STAR who is the furthest thing from clean!
      She is bat S%!* crazy!

  18. Does anybody believe this guy?? I don’t… Other than that fact that this family is sketch, why would people they barely knew (I’m assuming it was before checks started rolling in therefore VERY early in the Teen Mom days) ask him for money, and why would he give ppl there were basically strangers money? Makes no sense, even not taking into account this family lies a lot.

    1. He probably means that by Farrah being on the show, they helped. That, or they bought the girls dinner one night or something. I can’t imagine any of the other girls straight up asking for money, or him just giving it out to them? Who even knows where they get their money from to begin with. He was constantly moving around, and they had all those houses.. very sketch.

      1. You seem to be forgetting that all the Abrahams are ginormous Christians, so of course they were following Jesus by giving away their money to the other teen moms in need. Oy. I’m sorry, I can’t even type this with a straight face. Besides the Abrahams talking a lot about Christianity, God and going to heaven, that seems to be where it stops. Just at talk, because their actions are just about as far as one can get from ANY organized religion in the world.

      1. Yeah, they are all completely certifiable. It was just recently revealed and confirmed that both Michael and Debra physically abused Farrah for years througout her childhood. I was skeptical to believe it at first (because Farrah was the one who said it), but the website she was giving the interview to where she made the claims that they abused her and were both arrested and sent to prison for it when she was a child, confirmed it, saying that they were able to find the arrest reports and court records for both Michael and Debra from the case, so I am inclined to believe it probably did happen.
        Also because, during Farrah’s 16 & Pregnant episode, Deb hauled off and hit a pregnant Farrah in the face while she was driving, on camera. And there was also the incident during one of the first few seasons on Teen Mom, where Debra went psycho and hit her again or threw something at her, and the cops had to taze her when they came to arrest her because she was holding a big kitchen knife and didn’t put it down when instructed to do so by the police. And Deb ended up serving out her community service sentence from that conviction, using her trash claw to pick up garbage off the side of the road; all of which was shown on Teen Mom! Add all that together, and I am inclined to believe that Farrah may actually be telling the truth about them physically abusing her throughout most of her early childhood, and that they ended up serving time for it. It would certainly partially explain why they never hold her accountable for anything and why they put up with her disrespect and emotional abuse now that she is an adult; probably partly out of guilt and an attempt to make up for the past. But they are only doing her more harm by allowing her to behave the way she does, and not having any boundaries with her. The entire family is completely bonkers, and totally sick.

        1. IIRC, Debra answered the door with two knives, not just one. She is lucky that the cops didn’t shoot her for not dropping them. Then in her lawyer’s office she was incredulous that the officers’ reaction to someone answering the door with two knives was to draw their guns and yell at her to drop them. Her reason that she was cooking at the time made no sense (much like Farrah’s reason for driving drunk). They lived in a split entry house. No sane person takes two knives with them down a flight of stairs instead of leaving them on the counter to go answer the door knowing it’s the police. If Farrah’s book is to be believed, Michael was arrested for threatening Derek (sp?) with a knife after catching him in Farrah’s bedroom. That family is not normal.

        2. I know growing up if I had spoken to my parents the way she has I would have needed plastic surgery to fix the damage that would have followed. I was not abused I was taught to respect. I do not in any way think she was abused I think had they maybe disciplined her a little more then she would have more respect and know how to treat people now. I would not have needed braves after talking to my parents the way she does I would have needed false teeth as would my children who are her age now. She wrote in her book how she wanted her mother who worked and paid bills in her own house to move out and leave her and her Sophia in the house and how sorry her mother was for not doing that. Then how she told her mother she would like e in her rental and how nasty and dirty it was during a renovation, well I would have been so grateful that my parents were giving me a place for me and my child I would have atleast been more than happy to clean it up. I never thought my parents owed me anything. In fact it was I who owed them for all the sacral ices they made

        3. I think the really fucked up thing is the dramatic change in their relationship – when she was in high school, pregnant, and basically at their mercy, they were domineering and controlling. It’s very clear they were probably always that way, with the excuse that they were ‘being good Christians,’ when she was financially dependent on them, they tried to make all her decisions for her, (or at least heavily pressure her) remember when they tried to convince her to give Sophia to them to raise?
          Now, the tables have turned, and due to exploiting her awful personality, she is well off financially and doesn’t need them, in fact they need her – to see their grandchild and plastic surgery money. So you can see how the dynamic has changed, now they are blubbering idiots begging to be allowed in her life, submissive like abused dogs….and she is a tyrant, having learned that if people depend on you it’s ok to treat them like second class citizens.

  19. It was no “mistake” that Farrah made those pOrn movies. She knew it would keep her name out there a little longer. She’s a hO just like a prostitute only she got a lot more $$$ for selling herself.

    1. I don’t think it’s fair to demonize sex workers. People hate Farrah because she is a narcissistic, belligerent idiot that acknowledges no wrongdoing on her part and can’t speak without spewing vitriolic, hypocritical, nonsensical lies. Sure, she is a victim, but James Deen did not rape her by selling her out, she is not intelligent and that was a FREAKING PORN FILMED FOR MASS CONSUMPTION. She isn’t sympathetic. The audience is waiting to see her fall.

      1. agreed, people hate Farrah because of her personality and god complex. I’m fairly certain she made the porn because she was expecting to become the next Kim Kardashian, she thought she’d be a sexy pin-up in a well respected way (It was a sex tape not a porn you guys!!) and this was confirmed by the couple of times I’ve heard her say ‘Kim Kardashian did the same, etc.”

  20. My favorite line I wish I could remember: “X months to get engaged is for ugly girls. Not me.” And yet Saran seems to be hanging out with her again.

    1. I think he’s a paid escort. He only seems to be around when they film. No one in their right mind, unless they’re getting paid, would willingly hang out with Farrah!

      1. Just like that guy she paid to be on Couples Therapy with… who then noped out of there real quick!

        I think all her “friends” on the show are paid to be there too.

  21. Well it does kind of help explain why Farrah apparently grew up in la la land and continues to live there regardless of geography. I feel so sorry for little Sophia. Her mom was a pretty girl and now looks like a whoorish Barbie doll baby Sophia will feel disapproval at every turn. Any mom that can wax eyebrows at three isn’t going to send any good messages. Why grandma didn’t respond to being bopped in the head is another story!

    1. I about died laughing while I watched the Being Farrah special. She asked Sophia how she looked after getting ready to go out. Sophia just said “evil” and popped her pacifier back into her mouth.

  22. I bet one of the reasons she hasn’t lost her daughter is because her mom and dad raised her while Farrah ran the roads and being a slur bag.. she is so not liked, don’t know why mtv keeps her around.. she’s so disrespectful to everyone she comes in contact with.. it’s going to be a funny day when she falls flat on her face, cause it’s coming to her.. karma is after her big time..

    1. The ONLY reason Farrah still has custody of Sophia is because Derrick is dead. Both her parents rely on Farrah to support them.

      1. Exactly. If there was even one single person in that entire family who was even remotely sane or normal, I guarantee CPS would have removed Sofia from Farrah’s care long ago and placed her with a family member. But as it stands, they are all just as terrible and mentally ill as Farrah is.

      2. I wonder how much time, if any, Sophia gets to spend with Derek’s dad and step-mom. Although they were only in a few episodes, they seemed like genuinely good people. Sadly, they are the only people who seem like they could show Sophia a sense of normalcy, even if it’s only a very little bit. That poor girl doesn’t stand a chance. Farrah is incapable of putting Sophia first before herself. She thinks nothing of spending more time away from than with a child that has already lost her dad. Something I’ve noticed that has bothered me is that whenever she talks about Derek’s death, it’s always been her talking about losing the love of her life, the only person that has ever truly loved her, etc. She never talks about Sophia losing her dad. She never talks about how awful it is that Sophia never has and never will have the chance to know her dad and spend any time with him.

  23. Farrah twists the truth all the time, she thinks and acts she’s better than everyone else and the world revolves around her. She’s a foulmouth little girl who mistakenly thinks she’s and adult and everybody else need to grow up.
    THAT’s why a lot of people dislike her. Not because of those tapes.

  24. no one hates farrah because of her tape, they hate her because she’s a horrible person. she can’t speak to anyone without degrading them, yelling and looking at them like they’re shit on her shoe. she’d have a whole lot more people defending her if she gave anything TO defend, or any reason to think she’d appreciate it or, (imagine) say a kind word About someone. everything out of her mouth is mean. it’s bad when the only person speaking for you is the father you’ve bashed for years. i’m sure he means helped by being on the show, hell would freeze before farrah helped a costar straight up.

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