Farrah Abraham’s Mother Debra Danielson Reveals Truth About Farrah Adoption & Pregnancy Rumors

Luckily, Farrah (and her "anti-Christ attitude") is not pregnant
Luckily, Farrah (and her “anti-Christ attitude”) are not pregnant

Is Farrah Abraham really pregnant? Is she adopting a child? (Gulp!)

These are just a few of the rumors that have been circulating lately about the controversial Teen Mom OG star. The stories, which were actually started by Farrah herself (surprise, surprise) have been keeping Farrah in the news for the last few months.

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah told multiple news sites that she is in the process of adopting a child. Earlier this week, Farrah posted (and then quickly deleted) a screenshot of a text conversation between her and her on-and-off-again boyfriend Simon Saran in which she proclaimed that she was pregnant. She has not spoken out about her possible pregnancy since then, however.

While Farrah’s most likely basking in all of the attention that the pregnancy rumor is getting her, unfortunately, her mother, Debra Danielson, set the record straight about Farrah’s “pregnancy” and adoption plans. In an impromptu Q&A session in an MTV-themed Facebook group earlier this week, Debra answered questions from fans and revealed that the pregnancy rumor is fake– and the story of Farrah adopting a kid is not exactly true either.

“Farrah isn’t pregnant,” Debra responded, clearly unaware that this rumor was started by Farrah herself. “Not sure what the article is. Simon isn’t in the mode for this stage either.”

When a fan asked if it was true that Farrah was in the process of adopting a child, Debra revealed that, while Farrah hopes that it may happen someday, there’s no child coming her way any time soon. (We can all breathe a sigh of relief!)

“This may happen one day,” Debra wrote of Farrah adopting. “We have always supported homeless men, women, and children. Farrah is considering adoption in the future. It takes a lot of time and effort, so I know it is down the road, but very much in her heart.”

During the Q&A session, Debra discussed a variety of topics:

"Whatever...mom! (And Michael!)"
“Whatever…mom! (And Michael!)”

On why she allows Farrah to speak to her so disrespectfully:

“God gives us unconditional love,” Debra told a fan. “I am supposed to love the same way and to lead by example for those around, so we can lead by example for healing. We have all experienced several tragic events and don’t need any more conflict. It does no one any good being ridiculous… It is a daily process when there has been a serious of traumatic events in Farrah’s life and my own.

“I grew up with tough love. Practiced it and know that this is a very different situation,” she continued. “God has taught me that. Therefore, we are taking other measures to heal our family and the trauma that we have all suffered through. Life is so so short. Unconditional love is what God gives us. Who are we to change the order of His universe when He is the creator. I am taking a higher approach now.”

Debra admitted, though, that the nasty things her daughter says to her do hurt.

“It kills me, just like it would kill anyone,” Debra wrote. “We are working through these things. It is complicated and not easy to fix. If it were simple, it would have been fixed by now…People have done some very bad things to my daughter. It has hurt her deeply. We are sticking together as a family and lovingly trying to walk through this to a better life in Christ!

“We are working on it together,” Debra added. “My daughter never used to be like this.”

"You people are all nuts! I'm out of here!"
“You people are all nuts! I’m out of here!”

On why her other daughter, Ashley, no longer appears on ‘Teen Mom’:

“I have one other daughter who is older than Farrah,” Debra told a fan. “She requires me to not make her information public. She prefers behind the scenes life. I respect that.”

The Ashley can report that Debra’s daughter, Ashley, wants nothing to do with Farrah, Debra or Michael. After Farrah essentially blamed her 2013 DUI arrest on Ashley, Ashley stopped communicating with her sister. The only person that Ashley speaks to from her family is her grandmother, whom she lived with throughout much of her childhood.

Ashley recently had a second child and is doing great!

On the effect that the death of Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, has had on Farrah:

Derek’s death in December 2008 has been hard for Farrah to death with, Debra stated.

“It is very difficult for Farrah to accept his death,” Debra wrote. “Despite all of the counseling. No one fully realized the pain and emptiness she feels. It will hurt even worse when Michael and I aren’t there with her every step, breath, & day. We love unconditionally.”

(To read more about Derek and his tragic death, pick up a copy of The Ashley’s 2013 book Teen Mom Confidential, which features a chapter written by Derek’s mother, Stormie Clark.)

On how much she and her family hated their time spent with Dr. Phil:

Farrah, Debra and Michael appeared on a 2013 episode of ‘The Dr. Phil Show’ to discuss Farrah’s DUI and sex tape. According to Debra, things did not go so well.

“It was a horrible experience for our entire family and Farrah!” Debra wrote. “[Dr. Phil] did more damage than any good. Nothing of any value came of it except Dr Phil used us for ratings that he desperately needed.”


In recent months, members of the Teen Mom OG cast have taken over  the show’s official Facebook page to answer their fans’ questions. While Farrah has yet to do an official Facebook page Q&A, check out the ones that her co-stars, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood, recently did by clicking here and here!

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  1. That Farrah is a DIRESPECTFU SLUT THAT WILL REAP WHAT SHE SOWS. The producers need to can that hoe. All they are showing is it is okay to Over the topdisrespect your parents, and is sending a message to young viewers that it is okay to do it. She is just an angry, CRAZY SLUT WHORE TRYING TO MAKE OTHERS MISERABLE. LIKE THE HOE SHE IS.

  2. Farrah will reap what she sows. She is awful and I would NEVER but anything she owns. To her mother, you need to read Romans. Paul talks about how we don’t have to be weak because we are Christians. Sometimes we need to be bold and strong and do that in LOVE and the other times taking the low role is fine. Your granddaughter will learn what she sees from her mother’s horrible disrespect for you. First of all she should be happy you didn’t abort her. She’s healthy and she wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t taken care of her to the best of your ability. There is no perfect parent and she will learn that. She owes you millions of apologies but 1 good apology without including something you did or why she feels you made her react the way she does towards you. She should own up to her mistake and blatantly disrespectful behavior towards you. Respect comes with the title MOTHER. People in the world are so wrong on respect. Respect is not earned. You just do the right thing and be respectful. Because when you have to a meet God he will hold you accountable for your own actions and not why you did the things you did. You meaning any person who does wrong without correcting the wrong done. I hope your daughter Farrah realizes that she only gets 1 mother and she should be ashamed of herself. You are absolutely right when you said the past is the last and let’s focus on the future. Farrah will not go far with life if she continues to dwell and live in the past. Yeah she may have money but her mental is poor. Honor your Mother and Father as you should or your days will be cut short. Think about that Farrah. I’ve had a horrible life but ai realize that FORGIVING WAS FOR ME AND MY HEALING. There is still hope for your family. Best wishes and I hope hearts will be healed and the past will be buried.

    1. Typos/ autocorrect… here goes
      *I meant I will never buy anything she owns.
      *the Past is the past
      *but I realized

      She wouldn’t have the success without the tv show and her child’s father dying.
      Ugghhhh. I really don’t like the show because she’s on it acting so stupid all the time.

  3. She was t even dating Derrick when he died infact she refused to talk to him and hadn’t seen him in months
    She’s using a dead man to excuse her vile behavior, I’m sure If he was still alive he’d be doing all he could to get full custody of that kid, who thanks to Farrah and her moronic mom,that kid is damaged goods and a horrible satanic little POS

  4. lmao dr phil didnt pander to farrah and put her in her place. She continually plays victim. i loved that show lol she got totally what she deserved.

  5. To be fair, Farrah was never the one that said she was in the process of adopting. She always maintained that she was going to someday and then everyone else said she was in the process.

  6. Infact, if I remember correctly, the only reason she contacted his family and let them see Sophia was so they would take a DNA test. She needed proof Derek had died so she could collect social security on Sophia.

  7. I don’t feel any sympathy for Farrah losing Derek. She didn’t want anything to do with him. She wasn’t even going to tell him she was pregnant. She just milks the whole Derek situation.

  8. Question – Can adoption agencies look at the MTV footage to determine that Farrah just may NOT be the best person to adopt?

  9. Reposted question: what happened to Debra’s and Michael’s money?! From what I remember on 16 & pregnant and the first seasons of Teen Mom they had plenty of money of their own. The family home didn’t look cheap and Debra also owned a house across the street where Farrah and Sophia lived for a while. How come now Michael has to live with his ‘bitch-of-a-daughta’ and Debra has to beg her for money for a face-lift? Those people had good money but are now financially depending on Farrah.

    The Ashley?

    1. i don’t remember any specifics, but i know debra got scammed out of some money. she was catfished or something. she wrote a book about it. idk if there’s other reasons why they don’t have much now but i remember that one

  10. @theashley why did Farrah’s sister live with her grandmother for most of her childhood? Please answer! I’m dying to know!

      1. There’s alot of skeletons in this family’s history, isn’t there…so much disfunction. It sounds like Ashley was the lucky one as she lived outside the family unit.

      2. Seems to me, Ashley is the only one in that family that has any sense. I would hate to be Michael or Debra and realize what a colossal failure I was as a parent- having Farrah as a daughter is certainly nothing to be proud of. I say this not because of her “backdoor business”, but rather her lack of any human compassion towards others, her blatant disrespect to her parents, her selfishness as a mother, and her victim mentality. I’m still can’t get over her not allowing the crew (ya know, the people that made her into a semi-somebody) to use her bathroom. I bet her HOA in her fancy neighborhood loves having a porta potty on the driveway.

  11. From what I read in this interview, it seems like the whole family is in denial about everything that has happened and continues to happen. I don’t think Farrah realizes how much her parents provided to her when she got pregnant.. She often talks about Derrick, but didn’t she mention they weren’t together and he wasn’t ready for a child during their 16 and pregnant episode? I’m not saying she cannot mourn him, but I feel she uses his death a lot to justify actions.

    She should be removed from this show and forced to accept that she is not “The shit”.

    Are Farrah and her sister half siblings?

      1. i believe one section of this Q&A – something happened when Derek died, that stunted Farrah emotionally. she’s still stuck there. whether she loved or hated him, the fact that she kept the knowledge she was having a baby and it was his and then he DIED – her parents egging her on the whole way (especially Debra). sophia will see 16 & pregnant one day and will see how it all came to be and farrah has to live with that. you can see the shift, when you go back and watch her 16 episode – the shift in her attitude. i think she lost total respect for them and began to hate debra. since she has sophia, she knows they aren’t going to cut her out – she has the prize.

        1. bingo! farrah broke up with him, refused to confirm to him that she was pregnant when he heard rumors at school, and it even showed him calling and begging her and she was like, no time for this, bye. she’s said since she hasn’t had anyone look at her like derek did and propose to her (she laughed in his face) and regrets it all. she can blame her mom and hate her for it, but i think inside she hates herself for knowing how bad she had things when he died. farrah went behind her parents back sneaking him into the house and all for a long time, i have a hard time believing it was just debra said no and farrah accepted it. SHE broke it off, she would’ve just ignored her parents if she wanted to, farrah does wth farrah wants. and she needs to move past it. she had an excuse then, she was 16. not solving anything now to continue to treat people like crap and just get worse every day!

          1. I bet if Derek was still alive she would treat him like she treats every person, like trash. That is, if she even associated with him.

        2. Farrah won’t take responsibility of the situation with Derek to Sophia; she will either blame Michael & Debra, or MTV’s “editing”. This is a girl that never takes any responsibility for her actions, and is way too quick to project her issues onto others (i.e. Always calling Debra a @i*#h, yelling at Simon for being rude, calling Michael ignorant, and the list goes on and on and on).

    1. I agree ! Farrah is the most HATED !!! REPLACING BODY PARTS and going on her back or standing up doesn’t make a good person. I guess when it come the porn, they will take anyone who’s willing to say ” oh yes i will do that for $$$.You’re hird .
      Who cares about Debra kids,l don’t care.
      And i would think Derrick just wanted booty.He’s was just a kid ! And why didn’t Farrah put the child up for adoption as no one in her family can ever be a good parent. As as Farrah is a slut.

    2. What I have to wonder is how involved are Derick’s family in Sophia’s life? I think I read somewhere that Farrah does not have a relationship with them and Sophia doesn’t see them – if she wanted Sophia to have a part of Derrick in her life, in my opinion, it would make sense to include his family in it. They could also help provide for Sophia financially.

      1. @Alex– Farrah refuses to let Derek’s mom’s side see Sophia. (Derek’s parents are divorced.) She has a relationship with Derek’s dad’s side. I go into great detail about it in my book! -The Ashley

        1. Thanks The Ashley – Do you know why we do not see this reflected on Teen Mom?

          And for everyone else who is more familiar, could Derick’s parents try for custody?

  12. all I hear is “Christ, God, unconditional love, God, God, Christ”. all I see is aggression, lack of respect, milking Farrah’s money, p0rn and cursing. I don’t think that’s what Christianity is about… pathetic hypocrites.

  13. Yeah, I knew the whole pregnancy and adoption thing was just another desperate act for attention from Farrah. What else is new? When Teen Mom OG ends, she’ll probably pull a Bruce Jenner and announce she’s going to become a man to get her on the cover of Vantiy Fair and changer her name to Diego Abraham.

    And Dr Phil needs ratings? lol. I think if he needed ratings, he’s do a lot more than having Farrah and her crazy parents from Teen Mom on his show lol.

    1. I didn’t see the episode of DR. Phil, but I heard he was trying to hold Farrah accountable. I guess this is why the family says this about him and his show. Apparently Dr. Phil didn’t fall for Farrah’s bull, or kiss her behind as she expected.

      1. Yes, Dr. Phil did hold her accountable. Damn right he did! She tried to make it sound like she did nothing wrong and he put her in her place. He basically told her she was a self-entitled, spoiled brat (in a more respectful way) and I love him for that.

  14. Lol “dr. Phil used us for ratings!!!” Thats GOLD coming from the train wreck that is her ENTIRE family. Good for Ashley for ditching these losers. I hopeFarrah never has another kid. Bio or otherwise. She can’t even take care of Sophia by herself.

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