Mother of ‘Married at First Sight’ Star Ashley Doherty: My Daughter’s Getting Death Threats!

"She's not that bad, guys! Honest!"
“She’s not that bad, guys! Honest!”

The third season of Married at First Sight is in full swing, and each week, the three couples are taking more steps toward being a regular married couple. For couple Ashley Doherty and David Norton, however, the chemistry is clearly not there (yet?) Fans of the show have commented on social media that Ashley is “cold” and “mean” toward her new husband, and, according to Ashley’s mother Mary, fans have not stopped at vicious remarks. In fact, she now claims that some fans have actually threatened Ashley’s life!

Last week, Mary took to her Twitter to account to ask those associated with the show to help Ashley.

“Someone better start protecting my daughter it’s one thing to bully on social media but death threats are serious,” Mary tweeted last week.

Mary and her husband Marc (Ashley’s stepdad) have both been defending Ashley on their social media accounts since the season began airing in December. While Ashley has come off a bit aloof and uninterested in her husband or the marriage, her parents insist that she has been edited to appear a way she is not. (She has been called a gold digger by fans who say she only married David for the money she would receive for doing the show.)

"Haven't you guys seen 'She's Just Not That Into You?'"
“Haven’t you guys seen ‘She’s Just Not That Into You?'”

In a recent Facebook post, Ashley’s stepdad explained that his daughter is actually a very caring individual, and very different from the person we are seeing onscreen.

“I totally get that the opinions come with the territory ..good or bad. However I have to comment on 2 topics that have gotten under my skin,” Marc wrote. “This [comment that] Ashley is not compassionate or how can she be a nurse nonsense and this insinuation she is a gold digger… News Flash – Ashley has a Masters degree in social work. She worked for a state agency for years in the foster care program. Was well respected not only by her employer but by all of the families for which she counseled. She decided to go into nursing and is back in school full time and to support herself (let me say this again for the gold digger advocates) she supports HERSELF working 60 hours a week. Does not take money from anyone…”

He went on to further shoot down the theory that Ashley only cares about money.

“She was not raised that way and it is evident as she has had many opportunities to date guys who make lots of money… This is not what she cares about,” Marc wrote.

Even Ashley’s new husband, David, stepped in on Twitter to defend her.

“Despite what may be said [Ashley] took this leap of faith [for] the same reason that I did,” David tweeted. “Trust me she is not interested in money and or anything material, she’s as real and genuine as they come.”

Ashley isn’t the only ‘Married at First Sight’ star to receive death threats, of course. Season 2’s Jessica Castro claims to have had threats made against her and her family. However, instead of those death threats coming from the show’s fans, they actually (allegedly) came from her made-for-TV husband Ryan DeNino! The two are currently battling it out in court over the claims.

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  1. You were clearly a B. I would have killed for a man like David. You will probably be alone the rest of your life.

  2. How do you know they are actors and that they get $100,000 for not talking? Aren't you just assuming everything about this show? says:

    Everyone else has pretty much said it all about Ashley. I just hope David can go on with his life and meet a wonderful girl who will return his affections. The fact that Ashley’s mother had to go online and ask the show to “protect her daughter” says it all. She’s a spoiled,30 year-old girl who doesn’t even know what a good relationship involves. I’m so glad that David spoke up when she blamed everything on the supposed date he had, when it was a purely innocent thing, and she KNEW that. Even when he wanted a simple fist bump with her, she said, “What are we doing here?” I mean…..I always felt so angry when I watched her, and wanted to slap her silly. She will never have a meaningful relationship if she stays the way she is. I’m disappointed that the experts didn’t recognize this in her, but at the same time, I think they mentioned that he could bring out her feelings. Only problem is – she is devoid of feelings.

  3. Ashley knew what she was signing up for. She never seem to engage. I realize not being attracted to someone at first but this experiment was about much more. As a grown up we want to find love for whats inside not just the outside. I think the experts should be upset with her apathetic ambivalent character. It’s called immaturity.

  4. I’m not an “Ashley hater”, nor am I here to bash her.

    HOWEVER. When you sign up for something like this, you not only agree to embrace this life altering process, but you choose to put yourself in a very public spotlight, and with that comes an array of both positive and negative feedback. This applies to anyone on the show.

    Ashley made up her mind on her walk down the isle. You saw it on her face, and we’ve all watched her icy-cold approach to this journey. She has treated David like he has cooties for the entire 6 weeks. “Trying” is not something that was apparent in any capacity – David saw/felt it, as did the entire viewing audience.

    In her final decision, she made the comment that it was a “very difficult decision”. Whatever. She know – he knew – WE ALL KNEW what she was going to decide. She never gave him a chance. She was shut down from the start and she seemed to constantly be looking for things to surface so she could have something to argue to him about, and ultimate be “justified” in her decision. When in all reality, she never tried to open herself romantically.

    There is a reason why this process takes so long from start to finish. Over 20,000 apply, only 6 couples get matched. These professionals are not amateurs, pulling names out of hats. There are rigorous tests, interviews, visits that go into very carefully making matches. The professionals don’t take this lightly, they have a LOT of experience, education and history in making very respectful matches.

    The second Ashley opened the door and saw David for the first time, everything she had gone through to get there…….and everything the professionals did to get her there was all thrown out the window. She never pushed herself to really be open to the possibility of a connection. She didn’t take the homework assignments seriously, she didn’t take David seriously, and she treated the entire 6 weeks like nothing but a countdown to the finish-line.

    I’m all about giving people chances, respecting different approaches, thoughts, feelings, etc. But she was extremely cold-hearted from the start, which completely disrespected this process.

    I feel so sorry for David. He’s an incredible guy – very good looking, kind hearted, funny, and accepting. He deserves someone who can really see him for who he is and love him for who he is. He was beyond devoted to her and the process, and deserved to have someone who was equally invested.

    I hope next season, the professionals will really take the time to weed out anyone who is that dead-set on looks and “types”, and really focus on someone who is much more open minded, outgoing and excited for the process. She took someone else’s chance at love, and she took David’s marriage away from him. So sad.

    1. Yes it definitively was very sad and terribly dificult to watch David give his all to this process and Ashley giving nothing back in return except for heartache and grief. I too hope the experts make sure to find out from these women like Ashley exactly how much emphasis they put on appearances. Although David was very handsome both inside and out, therefore I could not understand for the life of me how little miss Ashley could stand there and say she was not attracted to him. Has she taken a good look at herself? She should have been very thankful and greatful that someone as good looking as David would even give her a second look. I feel sorry for the poor man that ever gets involved with this Ashley she is so unworthy of any man’s love. She truly did David a favor. There are too many wonderful girls out there that would give him what he deserves, and I truly hope he finds a beautiful girl both inside and out.

      1. I think that the producers may have placed David and Ashley together knowing they wouldn’t work out but simply for the fact that their relationship would bring more attention to the show. They couldn’t have matched 3 perfect couples, that would be boring.

    2. She was a cold witch from the start. She looked for any excuse to treat him like dirt beneath her feet. Obviously she thinks she’s “all that and more”. When you scrape off the layers and lbs of makeup, she’s your average female. She doesn’t do anything for me with it on but clearly others have told her she’s something better. She’s a frozen ice cube and David deserved so much more. Don’t protect her David. She doesn’t appreciate it.

  5. Ashley should of never been on the show. She never wanted David and never worked towards anything with him.

    She has turned me off the next season and this show. I hope they never have another b**tch like her on the show. To stand there and blame everything on David for one indecent is wrong.

    Not saying if David was right or wrong with the text message, but she was never tried in any way shape or form to work towards him.

    The social media thing just gave her the excuse she was looking for to blame everything on him. She never tried from day one and used this as an excuse.

    In my opinion, you are totally wrong Ashley and what you did to David is unacceptable. You will be judged in the end, hope you have an acceptable answer for at the end when it truly counts.

  6. Maybe she should have the done the right thing. When she saw him she should have said no but nope a pay check was more important. I have zero respect for her, she was disrespectful, rude and flat out lied that she did all the homework. Plus you go into this show knowing that what you want might not be what you get right down to looks if she was that shallow she had no business doing this. Then to go thru with it why for a check, so someone could pay your bills while you stopped working during the show? Sorry not sorry she shouldn’t have done the show should have said no at the alter

    1. I absolutely agree with you. She could have stopped it right at the ceremony. But wanted the $$ instead. For being 30 yrs old, she sure is immature. Can you say Daddy’s girl? Or worse. Dave is such a nice guy and he definitely deserves better than that. NO ONE should have to crawl and beg to have someone love them.

  7. Yall need to leave ashley alone she isnt all that bad some people are slower than others her n david i think will work fine as long as they dont let the public ruim it for them same with sam n niel as far as vanessa n tres i thunk its a vacation hankey pankey thing nothing more

    1. Though I agree that it takes some people longer to warm up, Ashley made NO effort to be open to the process. There was No need for her to be so rude to such a caring man. Funny how she started out attractive but ended up as one of the ugliest people out there. She was a waste of time for the show and more importantly, David. David deserves so much better and will eventually find a caring woman. Ashley deserves the same treatment she gives, self-absorbed and cold-hearted.

  8. I am so annoyed by David saying he wants Ashley back!
    Why? You never had her because she is the coldest, most heartless person I have ever seen! She won’t even
    kiss you! Cut her loose and find someone with a pulse
    please! I can’t stand to watch Ashley one more minute!

    1. She did kiss him, but it was edited off the show. She’s cuddled with him and they’ve been very close, but the show is edited to portray her in a different light.

          1. Ice queen was rolling deep in booze to loosen up a little. I bet his manhood would have gotten freezer burn if he hit that. When her make up is off she clearly has a mustache. I can only guess what her arse looks like

  9. From week one, no day one Ashley has had a flat affect. A medical term for someone who has no facial expression and displays no emotional change even when it is their emotion. She has not had a single conversation with him. Sorry, but I suspect an underlying issue with her psychologically. And for her lack of response to David, I suspect that old boyfriend got in touch the night before the wedding. And it was over before it started. Feel bad for David.

    1. Because she has so much botox she can’t show any real emotion. I think she is a cold hearted human being who never should have been allowed on the show

  10. Ashley has the personality of a rock. Pisses me off to even watch her. How she got selected is a mystery. Please, let’s just get this season over!

    1. That guy is a player. You don’t nknow what it’s Luke to live with ugly behind David. If he got sex from her he wouldn’t care if they stayed married or not

  11. I agree death threats are unacceptable. HOWEVER…Ashley was NEVER in this. She feeds the camera and poor David a small glimmer of hope here and there, then is her cold frigid closed up shell of a person. Who does this kind of “experiment” and won’t even kiss on the cheek. Hug. Anything. Throw this guy a bone. Her mind was made up the second she saw him. I don’t blame David for attempting to contact others for some advice. At this point I wouldn’t blame him if he was looking for a Bootie call. I don’t see him as that guy, but I would understand!!! He needs to leave her, and now.

  12. This girl is full of BULL… she acts like her shiz don’t stank. I don’t like women like this at all. She’s trying to cop out of the relationship saying she cannot trust him blah blah blah. Her personality sucks I have not seen her do one nice thoughtful thing for David. When he has done many. Get a life girl. You are far from perfect and being self absorbed and closed minded will get you no where in life. And she needs to get a personality she’s so BORING!

  13. Poor Ashley she must be use to dating looses. She can’t seem to know she has a good man. It’s funny how her friends can’t go and meet her husband, but when he leaves her only friend shows up to condone her ill will towards him. Her husband can’t figure her out because she doesn’t know herself.

  14. The bottom line is that David could do so much better. I sincerely hope that he does not choose to stay married to her. He does not appear to be a completely unintelligent individual…emotionally or otherwise. I’m sure that it has occurred to him on more than one occasion that after the debacle of the show, women will be lining up to show him that he can actually meet and fall in love with and marry and have a life with someone who is beautiful and intelligent and funny and who actually likes him and actually wants to physically touch him and be intimate with him etcetera etcetera etcetera….

  15. Ashley is a cold hearted *itch! I don’t care what her friend says about the situation, she has not tried at all. She has been closed off emotionless, rude, uncommunicative, non compassionate and has refused to give David a chance whatsoever. I just hope I don’t ever have her as a nurse and feel sorry for anyone who ever does because in my opinion she does not have an ounce of compassion in her.

  16. David….. Get a divorce Ashley is using the other women for drinks as a cop out so she can point something out where she is the victim of the chemistry that she does not have for you. All she wants is a good looking man no quality so she can have a trophy to take care of while he walks all over her. Your in the right about having drinks with friends, she needs to wake up and face reality that’s it’s all get.

  17. Ashley is so awful on this show, seriously of ALL the people they could have chosen, they ended up with a lemon who basically wants nothing to do with actual participation. David has sincerely given it his all, he should have been matched with Vanessa, I think they both actually want to be married. Ashley is just a frigid witch. She’s almost robotic like, is she human?!

  18. LT is clearly off her rocker and probably is a hoe. Moving on Ashley is definitely a bitch and definitely fucking her ex . She clearly has first dick syndrome. I mean seriously who is she texting all the time. This show is total shit. All of the women are clearly insane they want something and stamp around like little bitches until they get it. All of these husbands are totally putting the pussy on a pedestal. This show is sad. If that women is fucking her ex shes fucking some one. Hers the deal she is staging this to happen and the fact a team of “experts” cant tell is bullshit. Yeah David is over nice and defintaely needs to learn to just go about his life and not demand he finds love and gets married he would be fine. Hes a nice guy with decent friends , IMO hes to nice. If his father passing him bothers him so much he needs to seek professional help, he is definitely associating having a family and being a husband to connect with a person who is gone. I am a complete asshole in life but this is clear. Dude your wife is doing her ex and making you look bad on national television, honestly she is an easy lay on a few drinks buy a dude who lifts and ignores her . What you should say in this 21st century is this, i’m glad you furthering your education I support you , no get a fucking Job you don’t get your cake and eat it too. Knock off her banging and texting the ex knock off her being 29 and not having a fucking job. Hit the Jim brother get some counseling for your attachment disorder. Stop tripping I agree with being upset about your wife being a cheater way in siding her ex and acting as if you should support her in every little whim. Dude she set you up to fall and made her ex who left her jealous and is fucking him , wake up David

  19. It’s clearly obvious Ashley is not attracted to David. She’s the type of person that needs to be tantalized. She admitted David is not the type of guy she’s attracted to. He’s not the “bad boy” dangerous type she’s intrigued and ultimately treated badly by. Bearing that in mind, this venue was clearly not a smart choice for her to participate in. Ashley’s level of immaturity should have ruled her out of the so called “experts” pool of candidates for this shallow program.
    To all the haters that think Ashley isn’t all that, you’re. wrong. She is beautiful, but physical beauty is not enough. She wants what she wants and it is not David. . She’s making feable attempt, she does not want to overtly crush his fragile male ego. Is it six weeks yet?This is supposed to be real (yeah, right, it’s TV people, grow up already.).
    As for David, if he maybe dropped 15 lbs and quit being so horn-dog eager to get lucky with a woman who is clearly out of his league. He just wants to show off his hot trophy wife to his douchebag aquaintance friends from work. Grow up and buck up D. Needy, whinny and desperate is such a huge turn off. It’s too late now, he’s already blown it.
    Both Ashley and David are both far too immature with unrealistic expectations to which all the experts failed miserably.
    Just sayin.

  20. the unattractive oeraon in this relationship iais ashley..she ahould count her blessings to have such a handsome kind and loyal gentleman as her husband.

    1. Are you kidding me? Ashley is NOT out of David’s League..not pretty inside or out and to tout her beauty is a stretch (big nose, weird forehead). Looks aside, she is a user. The only time she was nice to David was when she rented her a nice house and foot the bill. It is obvious she did not go on the show to find a soulmate and David was right when he said she was “waiting for the clock to wind down.” It is heartbreaking to see the way she treats David. David, run for your life, you deserve better than this shallow gold digger!

  21. Ashley is a sad sack! She has the personality of a snail. She had no friends at the 4th of July gathering because she has no friends?

    1. Run David,run. Get out of this pathetic situation before it sucks your soul. Ashley nor any other person is worth this type of dysfunction relationship.

  22. I have wondered if perhaps David came on a little too strong, or should I say, it was a borderline attempt at rape.
    David complained the dog was interfering with all his “moves.” On camera he threw her on to the bed. He’s three times her size. With the camera crew present, she wasn’t scared, but alone with him? The dog doesn’t like him, any of you ever wonder why? And we saw Dr Cilona tell him he had to stop pressuring her to have sex.
    I think she’s terrified.

    1. She is a grown woman who knew exactly what she was getting into and is obviously able to say no. How pathetic you use the word rape in this circumstance. How pathetic that there are people like you who make that word insignificant and feel that you are justified by calling it “borderline rape”. What an oxymoron.

      1. Well said Heather. The one time David even gets close to her someone says rape. Really? I thought it was cute when he threw her on the bed. He is a fun playful man. David could throw me down like that anytime. The difference is that I would lock out the cock block pup for a few and let him finish the job!!!!

    2. Seriously? Are you on meds? Because if you’re not then you should be if you think this guy physically assaulted her in any way. Firstly, if she knew there was no getting past her own superficiality, then she should’ve never said “I do.” Second, she never even made a genuine attempt to take advantage of the situation once she made the commitment. And furthermore, the fact that she could barely scrounge up two friends to join her at that pathetic excuse for a bachelorette party says a lot about who she is as a person. Its no wonder those same two friends didnt bother to show up to this latest party. Ashley definitely needs to get over herself because she’s not that cute, and not that interesting.

    3. You have never been raped if you can honestly say that. I will say that if she had been raped before, that would scare her. Please don’t throw that word around lightly. It’s a slap to everyone who had been there.

  23. Oddly enough though, it’s David I read as a gold digger. Embezzlement charges from a former employer? He started a new job right around time of the taping and that’s how he got the house. They only had to do a short term rental and by going big it made himself look and feel like a bigger man. Yes Ash comes off wrong but we do not know what is going on behind the scenes. Maybe he smells bad. Or has horrid breath. I know I wouldn’t be attracted to someone with hygiene issues no matter how nice he was. So stop assuming until you get the facts from the horses mouth. 99 percent of people walk away from someone who is flirting or hitting on them when they aren’t attracted so it’s not a crime if she isn’t. Yes she could try harder but I’m just saying there are obviously bigger issues than we see each week. #TeamAshley

    1. I’m not exactly #TeamAshley but I agree with you, he may have hygiene issues. Which, for me, is a deal breaker…no matter how “wonderful” the guy is!

  24. Hey, Come on! Ease up on Ashley. People like who they like!! You can’t bash her cuz she is not attracted to David. I think that he is cute as a button, and just a nice guy all around as I’m sure lots of other women think. He won’t have any problems finding a woman to love him for the man he is.

    1. I found Ashley to be manipulative and mean. How about the time the counselor asked them to list 3 nice things about one another, and she could think of NONE? That was just ridiculous and mean-spirited. David was kind, hard-working, generous, thoughtful,….. And she couldn’t think of ONE nice thing to say? Manipulative. She wouldn’t hug him, but she was hugging total strangers at the cook out? Again, manipulative. She never smiles, never laughs, seemed to have zero friends of her own– sad. Then she clearly used his texting incident to justify divorcing him.

  25. I personally think Ashley appeared on the show for her own selfish reasons. David seems to be a great man,that is passionate about finding a wife. “Experts” really failed but in any relationship both parties have to give a?. I don’t blame David for reaching out to another woman ✌?️Ashley!

  26. Tres father told Vanessa in one episode that he will do anything to help the marriage and to call him anytime. Yet, Tres father took him out and they stayed late and Tres drank and got drunk. They had not even been married three weeks. Vanessa’s feelings were hurt and when she attempted to communicate her concern he told her that he doesnt want to think that he cant have fun, that he doesnt believe the marriage will last if he didnt feel he could have fun. Apparently Tres equates having fun is with his father and dranking and getting drunk. Vanessa is too passive and this marriage is not going to work. Another mis match by the EXPERTS.

  27. First Ashley isn’t even that attractive..What is that big stain in between her eyes…2nd, she is a cold heartless biotch! She looks at David like he is dripping with disease and is completely self centered.

    If you want to go on tv, you will be judged. If you come off has a biotch, people will call you on it. David seems wonderful and is definitely more attractive and down to earth than Ashley. He should get a re-do since this show stuck him with a worthless lemon!

    1. You know, I think the so called “EXPERTS” are to blame. It is fairly evident that neither of the three couples are compatible. Ashley was in a 7 year relationship one year before being cast on the show. Come ON! Seven years? She is damaged. I feel sorry for poor David, he seems to be a good person and totally mis matched with Ashley.

      1. I agree with Darcie. I think Ashley is a beautiful woman. David seems like a nice, caring, kiss ass momma’s boy. Nothing attractive about him at all. It is clear she is out of his league and the “experts” should know more than anyone that people, for the most part do NEED to have an attraction physically. I would not be able to let that man kiss me either…sorry-just being honest

    2. What do you think about Samantha? Boy! she takes the cake. She is twice as rude as Ashley and throws her temper tandrum. She sets Neil up and then accuses him of not speaking up. If I had money in the bank she manages, I’d move it. She is the least attractive of all three wifes in my opinion.

    3. She calls him unattractive?! He’s very cute and he’s sweet. She, on the other hand, has a mustache and is a jerk.

    4. I’m sorry but Ashley is a total bitch. She may supposedly have a Master’s in Social Work, however if that were the case she would be less dimwitted on the whole purpose of this experiment. She has given 0% while David has given 100% & still stands up for her. I’m an RN also & with your lack of compassion & respect for others, I hope you never succeed in the nursing field. David is too good for her.

      1. I am complete agreement with you. I have no idea how she will be a ‘decent’ nurse. I just about lost it when David was mourning the loss of his father on Father’s Day and Ashley’s comment was, “I’ve never lost a parent so I don’t know what to say or do.” something like that. I was screaming!!! How are you ever going to be a nurse??? You’ve never had cancer, (hopefully), but you will have to empathize with a cancer patient. You’ve never been a mother, but you will have to comfort the mother of sick or dying child. And you can’t comfort a person mourning the death of his father…are you even human???

  28. Why should Ashley show affection to someone who will obviously see it as encouragement and he will assume things are progressing and then she will get bashed for “leading him on”. Nurses can work over 40 hours. I know I have in the past. The comment she is working 60 hours may be that she was working to study for school and working 40 hours. Work isn’t always a paid position. Housekeeping is work. David & she are average people, nothing special. Neither should think they are all that because neither would stand out in a crowd. BTW I wouldn’t kiss or hug someone that I wasn’t into. Kudos for her NOT compromising who she is and what she feel. Kudos for him for continuing to try to win her over but not happening.

    1. in that case,she should be honest about her feelings and leave the show .your comment makes no sense .if she cant hug him because that would lead him on than she should not continue.

  29. I find Ashley to be completely annoying, boring & totally selfish. I agree that the only time she seemed happy was when he agreed on the hosue and offered to pay for it. I couldn’t believe how quickly she put dibs on the master bath for herself. No discussion of his needs or wants. I don’t see any “WE” in anything that she does. I agree with David’s frustration trying to get her to communication or respond to him on any level. She doesn’t seem to be trying at all, but last episode talked about how many compromises she has made. Seriously? I think David has a lot of fantastic qualities and deserves better. I do admire his persistance and dedication to the marriage. He has a great sense of humor and positive attitude. But I think the relationship is completely one-sided. He’s doing it all and I don’t see her bringing anything to the relationship.

  30. I find it unbelievable that Ashley decided to quit her job and take a break from school so that she can focus on her Marriage… that’s a lie… this lady is just going to sit back enjoy that big house that this guy is paying for and take advantage of him more than she already has. why sign up for this show if you were not going to try. I think the show wasted their time on this idiot lady who wants what a man she cant seem to find on her own because she has a “type” then let this great man go sweet heart and I hope the next guy you select yourself leaves you in the DUST and uses you… KARMA

  31. Ashley comes off as fake. She is not trying. I think fromday1 he wasn’t her type and she figured she would just suck it up for 6 weeks so she would get paid. Jamie and Jacyln weren’t attracted to their husbands either but they tried. The only time she has seemed happy was when he got her the house. Everything is about her and her feelings. She was freaking out about him touching her hands. How is she going to be a nurse. Patients are strangers. Death threats are taking it too far but I’m sure karma will come back. What guy is going to wanna date her after this? David can do better. She isn’t that pretty has a bland personality and I doubt she is exciting in bed. David will find much better.

    1. Eh, the hands thing is certainly weird but I get there being different boundaries at work. Hospital: somehow ending up in a waltz-ready position with the 95-year-old man I’m transferring (“I’m afraid you’ll have to lead, dear. My balance is terrible anymore.”)? Measuring volume of vomit to record in chart? Getting loose stool out of every crease of a rather deflated elderly woman? Sure. The rest of my life: You don’t need to be within four feet of me. Why are you hugging me? Can’t. Breathe.

    2. I would take David in a heart beat. I am a nursing student also, I work 20 hours a week ND it is hard to. No way you can work 60.

      1. I’m retired from nursing worked 48-60 hours a week for years. You can do this. Of course I had to take a disability retirement after two rotator cuff tears in my left shoulder and Menisectomies to my right knee, but you can do that until your body falls apart!!

  32. 19. I don’t think Ashley is a gold digger….I think she had in her mind what she wanted as a husband and when David didn’t even come close to that, she shut down. She decided not to invest anymore into the relationship but stuck it out to receive the money in the end. She is poor at communicating her needs or expressing her thoughts and when she does it comes out very cold and negative. She claims that she doesn’t feel comfortable touching him because he is still a stranger. As a nurse she will have patients who are strangers who she will touch them in need and they may want to hug her when she has helped them. That is called human nature and compassion. Even if she is not interested in him, why can’t she at least treat him with kindness, relax and have fun with a new friend. I can’t believe she wasn’t smart enough how she was going to look when the show aired? Hopefully this sad Ashley is all in the editing and in the next few weeks we can see this romance develop…if not Ashley…your loss is American’s next sweet heart, David Norton.

  33. 60 hours or not, who cares if she is a gold digger or mean (I don’t think she’s either). Those are not reasons to threaten someone’s life. Reasons to threaten someone’s life:
    1.) They are threatening yours
    2.) They are threatening your childs.

    Ummm I can’t think of any others.

    1. Yes, I agree. Neither of the people need the added pressure of threats on their lives. The EXPERTS that paired them together are to blame for the mis match.

  34. Yes I am a nurse and have been for almost 10,years. Between school work and clinical there is no way you can work 60hrs. Not even close. So her family should have just left that out because we as nurses and instructors know that is not true. I don’t believe anyone should threaten a person’s life, so I do hope that is gotten under control. But I do believe she should try a little harder with her relationship. And if in the end she knows it is not for her let him go. Don’t waste people’s time because no one owes you anything. I hope how she is portrayed is not true because it is not cute for a good woman to act this way.

  35. she does come off extremely bitchy but death threats? kill a woman for hurting a man you don’t even know? come on people. agree with atominc city, no way she works 60 hours a week, not to mention she said she wasn’t currently employed on the show. so if she doesn’t want people to think that, why say it? then get mad cuz we think it? the other thing people said was that she perked up when she found out her new hubby made $175k but i didn’t see where she perked up, she still treats him like he has leprosy to me. saw another commenter who said she grew up in the same town as ashley and she Was that way and her whole family was stuck up lol. still, no need for death threats ya’ll, sometimes people suck, get over it. (and no, i don’t care if anyone thinks I suck lol)

    1. Honestly, there is slim chance a full-time nursing student is also working 60 hrs a week! Nursing school is HARD! Even the smartest nursing students I know work no more than 20hrs a week! I bet this chick is privileged. Not saying impossible, but not likely.

      1. exactly, she said she worked for however many years and decided to go back to nursing school and that a, she was lucky enough to have parents helping her and b, that she was NOT working while going. never mentioned otherwise. now, if she’s gone back to work in the 6 months-year since it filmed, that’s great but it doesn’t change what the situation was then. kind of a moot point. plus, they’re saying the show pays for the rental together, but the point is, they’re talking about finances as what it would be when the six weeks ends and they take over. i just don’t see how she got such a bad edit, the girl literally says yeah and um to everything. david was like, is that it, really? when the people on the cast are pointing out the same things you’re noticing, it usually means it cuz it was happening lol.

      2. lots of us did this: full time nursing school by day, a 12 hour night shift, get off at 7:30, take a shower, go to school till 3 or so, nap a few hours, repeat.
        I worked weekends, you can get 2 12-hour shifts in over the weekend, that’s 24 hours right there and it’s not even Monday. I had a coworker who did 3-11 on Fridays, then doubles on Saturday and Sunday, 7am to 11pm, that’s 40 right there, every weekend.

    2. They haven’t shown proof of death threats. Seems kinda like a PR stunt. But nobody likes her because she is fake and shallow. This isn’t the first season. She knew what to expect.

  36. This is probably the wrong thing to focus on, but speaking as a nursing student there’s no way she can work 60 hours a week during the school year. At least one day will be a total no-go because of a full-day clinical shift. Our program has had single digit numbers of students ever even work full-time or close (and not fail/drop out) and they all lived near the school that was a block away from the hospital that they were employed by.

    1. Exactly! I’m in nursing school, too. No way can a Nursing student work 60 hrs per week and be passing a full course load.

    2. Wrong. I knew people who did this. I have also known a nurse who worked full time AND did jury duty: she was at the courthouse from 9-5 every day, went to work at 6 pm and stayed till midnight every day for almost a month. And I had a night shift supervisor who worked 11-7 every night and then ran an antique mall from 10-6. Every single day.

      1. We are talking about nursing school AND working, not working as a nurse and doing other things. There is no way she is working 60 hours a week and going through nursing school. Most good programs won’t even allow you to work or they limit the number of hours.

        1. Here n setx i kniw alot of nursing students whom work 40 to 60 hrs go to school full time and are full time mothers and wives

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