New Statement: Anna Duggar Discusses Visiting Disgraced Husband Josh in Rehab

"I'm happy."
“I’m happy…really…so happy.”

By Holly

Anna Duggar is standing by her man! During last month’s Jill and Jessa: Counting On mini-series, Anna pledged to work things out with her cheating, p**n-addicted husband, Josh Duggar, and it seems as if she’s making good on that pledge. Earlier this week, Anna decided to make an official statement on the family website to let fans know the latest status on her marriage.

“Many have asked how I’m doing. So many have asked that it’s actually humbling and touching,” Anna wrote. “2015 was the most difficult year of my life. Yet, amazingly, I’ve found in my own life crisis God has drawn nearer to me…and my faith has been more precious to me than ever before.

Anna admitted that the rumors of her visiting Josh in rehab were true. She did not, however, address the rumor that’s been going around that she is currently pregnant with Josh’s fifth child.

"The ladies love me!"
“The ladies love me!”

“Just recently I visited Josh,” Anna wrote. “It was an important step on a long difficult road. I want to thank all of you for your prayers and messages of hope. I can never express how your kindness and prayers have brought encouragement when I needed it most-outpacing the grief and discouragement at every turn.

“I trust that God will continue to show his love and tenderness toward us and bring beauty from ashes-somehow-as only he can do. Please continue to pray for me, Josh, and our children.”

Josh, meanwhile, is still in a legal battle with stripper Danica Dillon. The dancer said Josh met her at the club and invited her back to his hotel for an encore. Danica has stated in court documents that she met up with Josh two times for sex, and on both occasions he was extremely violent with her.

She recently spoke with Hustler about her experience under the sheets with Josh.

“[He] walked in and instantly was like, ‘Get undressed. Get on your knees,’” Danica told the men’s magazine. “There was no intimacy, nothing. He grabbed my head and pulled me on to him.”

Danica also claims that during their encounters, Josh spit in her face, called her names and continuously degraded her.

Josh has stated that he has never even met Danica.

Anna has not yet spoken out on Danica’s claims, or the impending legal case against Josh. It looks like Anna is going to need all the prayers she can get.

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20 Responses

  1. I hate to ask, but is degraced the correct word here? Ashley’s articles are usually well written and researched, the possible incorrect word made me cringe a bit though 🙁

  2. Danica is making up stories. Anna knows that. Our prayers go out to Josh and Anna for their future to be happy and blessed. God can and does forgive any sins when people are prepared to ask for forgiveness and feel remorse over their actions or thoughts. All the Duggars know forgiveness is just a prayer away, always. All will be well and everything has a purpose, even if its not readily apparent at the moment.

    1. Gd will NEVER forgive the sins that Josh committed against his sisters and cousin. The fact that you, or anyone, thinks Josh should be around children, is absolutely disgusting. You can’t pray away rape and molestation, the feelings that it can cause, the damage that it does, or the fact that it happened. The Duggars tried that, and Josh continued to perform these heinous CRIMES for years. It wasn’t a one time “curious kid” incident, it was YEARS long. Anna can pray all she wants for God to help her heal her heart, I’m quite certain he will, but that doesn’t change what Josh did, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s not actually sorry, and it doesn’t change the fact that her prayers can’t change his sins. If God forgave absolutely everyone, for everything they’ve ever done, as long as they “pray” that they are sorry…it is not a God I want to know, or believe in.

      1. God can forgive any sin no matter how great. Jesus paid the ultimate price so that mankind’s transgressions could be made white as snow if they accept him as their Saviour and open their hearts to him. God forgives. The Holy Scriptures have given us this good news, Cas, that God so loved the world. His word is the Truth.

        1. While I firmly believe that God can (and does) forgive any and all sins, I think Cas (great name btw) raises a good point. You, Sally even said it yourself; the sinner has to feel remorse for their actions. I haven’t seen anything to show me he regrets what he has done. Seeking treatment doesn’t show me anything considering he sought treatment for his actions as a teen as well. Also, he has proclaimed his regret but that doesn’t mean he actually feels it. He claimed to regret his choices as a teen (molesting minors), while carrying out numerous affairs and allegedly physically abusing at least one woman. (Note: I say allegedly because he disputes these claims, not because I doubt there validity.) Because of this, I can’t believe he regrets his more recent sexually deviant behavior.

          1. Kasey, there are many reasons for suicide, all of them forgiveable, although it should be avoided if possible, of course.

  3. He’ll never truly change. He’s an addict and it will always be in the back of his mind. Oh, Josh will be good for a while but he will resort back to his old ways. Leopards dont change their spots.

    1. People do change. Check out Paul in the Holy Bible. If we couldn’t change that would mean that we do not have free will. But we do. We have free will! It’s a gift from God to all mankind, given when he created us in his image. Without free will life would be meaningless. Sins are washed away though forgiveness when we choose to open our hearts to Jesus. Color patterns on a species of feline in Africa has no relation to the subject of people’s ability to change. Think about it….none. If you are in disagreement, kindly explain.

  4. I grew up independent fundamental Baptist,unfortunately. I have true insight and experience into how these people think. There truly is NOTHING that he could that would make her leave him. Women are not raised to be independent in this cult. It is driven into your head from an extremely young age that men are in charge. You are expected to be meek,submissive,and sexually available at all times. I attended a school that uses the same educational materials the Duggar & Keller family uses. They instructed us that godly women were meant to be polished cornerstones. I know girls in real life in situations like hers. No education,controlling husband and multiple children by their mid 20s. Anna has no idea whatsoever how to make it on her own in the real world. It pisses me off that people see this show and find it inspiring. Bullshit. It’s crippling. It took me forever to learn how to make my own life decisions and see myself as anything but a glorified baby maker.

    1. How did you break away? I feel some of the Duggars eventually will, but it’s so hard for an outsider to imagine how those dominos could eventually fall when their life is so insulated. Genuinely curious if you have the time to respond!

  5. I’m not shocked at all that she decided to stay. I don’t think there is anything on this planet that he could do to her that would make her leave. She would just continue to be like this is who God wants me to be with and this is all apart of Gods plan. UGH!

    1. It’s not easy. You have to have some inner yearning or curiosity for life on the ‘outside’. I slowly rebelled and got pregnant my senior year,kicked out of school when it became obvious. Most of my ‘Christian’ friends and their families stopped talking to me,despite knowing me all my life. My parents kicked me out when I refused to let Christian relatives adopt the baby. My boyfriend,baby,and I got a small apartment that his parents set us up with. Being in a completely new environment where I didn’t have people telling me what to think,do and say was overwhelming but empowering. My now mother in law tutored me,and paid for my GED test.I took classes at the community college and spent time with normal people that had real life goals. With their help and support I was able to realize how much worth I had. I started seeing a female therapist to work through the situation. It truly is a whacked out and delusional world the Duggars and their counterparts live in.

      1. Jill,
        I’m in my 50’s and a mom I just want to say, you should be so proud of yourself for having the strength and empowerment to get away from that life style!

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