Watch the Epic Fight Between ‘Little Women: LA’ Stars Terra Jole & Christy Gibel

Cowboy catfight!
Cowboy catfight!

‘Member back a few weeks ago when The Ashley reported on a physical fight that went down between two cast members of Little Women: LA? Show star Christy McGinity Gibel spent days in the hospital after the brawl, recovering from head injuries that she claims were caused by her castmate, Terra Jole.

After the brawl went down, a rep from Lifetime refused to comment on the situation. Today, however, the network released footage that was filmed on that fateful night. The clip begins with Terra and Christy (dressed in cowboy gear, naturally) screaming at each other.

Christy denies talking trash on Terra, and Terra accuses Christy of lying.

“Once a liar, always a f**king liar!” Terra screams. “Everything that comes out of your mouth is a f**king lie!”

Christy then turns it around and accuses Terra of being the liar.

“You lied about my drinking, you bitch!” Christy, who has been sober for years, screams. Terra then promptly throws a drink in Christy’s face.

That starts the ‘Little Women’ brawl. Soon, drinks, tables and glassware are flying everywhere, and the rest of the cast is scrambling to get away from the water glass warzone. (At the 22-second mark you can see a glass hit Christy in the head.)

“We have been friends forever and you are such a witch!” Christy screams as she leaves the scene.

“Bye, wet cowboy!” Terra screams back. (As you do.)

The people in the background barely notice the little cowboys heaving glassware at each other...
The people in the background barely notice the little cowboys heaving glassware at each other…

Christy is later shown crying in the corner, stating that Terra hit her in the head with a glass. She would later go on to file assault with a deadly weapon charges against Terra.

Was the scene staged? It’s hard to tell; however, Terra and some of the other cast members appear to be smiling at various times during the fight. Also, no one in the background seems to be wondering why the hell these women are throwing stuff at each other. However, Christy really did file charges against Terra, so who knows?

Either way– it makes for damn good entertainment.

The new season of ‘Little Women: LA’ premieres tonight on Lifetime! A rep for the network confirmed to The Ashley that the cowboy catfight will not be part of tonight’s episode, however. Watch the clip of the fight below:


  1. Seriously this whole show is a joke. I know I will sound evil when I say this but they act like they are all respected and they are the shit. Wake up call you are not the only thing that is making you famous is the fact that you are a little person. No one will or will ever respect you as a person like they all think. This show isn’t being done out of respect it is being done becasue of the fact that you are a little person you all look like a circus freak show. Thats all it will ever be. You are making little people look really stupid. The little couple I think is a better representation of little people. This show the people on it think that they are picked becasue of who they are as people think again. You all look like tater thots.

  2. Omg Christy needs to put on her big girl panties. Concussion really, I think she’s suffering from hurt feelings. In no way was Tara right for hitting her with a cup, but I think someone might be milking the situation ? Smh

    1. I agree seriously adult time please and why in God’s name do they have to scream at each other? Also if you watch the scene Chrity actually hits Terra first and then the glass or plastic cup hit Christy’ s hat. Obviously Christy has the issue of wanting to be the center of attention and all these girls getting pregnant. I mean then of her and Todd in the kitchen when she does the fake crying about Elana having twins and Todd is actually happy for Elana and Preston. I believe Todd is over the drama queens crocodiles tears. When it comes to all the difficulty getting pregnant losing twin girls etc. but move on please and I believe Todd is there already.

  3. As a local to this FAMILY ORIENTATED, SUPER CONSERVATIVE NEIGHBORHOOD that this bar is located in, there’s NO WAY that patrons and staff would have even let the shouting match happen let alone any glass throwing without police being involved. People in this city call law enforcement if you’ve been sitting at bus bench for too long because to them it’s suspicious activity. Cameras or not, people would’ve stared and gotten involved if this was legit. As far as Christys side of this- perhaps the glass wasn’t supposed to hit her in the first place but too many melodramatics came into play causing her to be the casualty. If that’s the case, production should be held just as responsible as Terra for this event.

  4. Plus.
    She threw cups, as well! Stupid women acting worse than children. That was just embarrassing.

  5. Dome shot. Do you think they feel real stupid in all that cowboy gear? The shit they do for money, they look like trained monkeys to me.

  6. If that was GLASS glass wouldn’t we have heard it shatter once it hit the ground after hitting her? You never hear any glass beak, like all the cups are plastic.

  7. That seemed totally staged. I think that it was scripted because everyone was smiling, but I think it went to the left, Christy got her feelings hurt because she was embarrassed that she missed hitting Terra with a glass….but a CONCUSSION?! She’s functioning and flipping out just fine after sustaining a concussion and life threatening injuries that kept her in the hospital for days…Maybe I watch too much football and have seen men get knocked out by actual hits…but yea. I’m not buying it. That glass grazed her cowboy hat. Terra is still very wrong for assaulting her, but Christy is completely over exaggerating.

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