Police Documents Reveal ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier Was Accused of Sexual Assault in 2014

amber and matt teen momYet another skeleton has fallen out of Matt Baier‘s closet!

This morning, Radar Online broke the story that Matt, who is currently engaged to Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood, was once accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend, who later filed a protective order against him. According to the court documents obtained by Radar, the alleged incident between Matt and his ex (who The Ashley is simply going to call “The Ex” for privacy reasons), went down on Christmas Eve 2013, less than a year before Matt started dating Amber!

In May 2014, The Ex filed an Abuse Prevention Order against Matt. In the report, she stated that she and Matt were (or had been) in some sort of relationship prior to the incident. She also described what allegedly happened that night in December 2013.

“I went to Matt Baier’s residence to have dinner and a date,” The Ex wrote in the affidavit. “He started touching me inappropriately in a sexual manner. Afterward, he sexually assaulted me. I am in fear of him and how he will react to these allegations, and am requesting a restraining order.”

While not much else is known about the incident, we do know from the police report that Matt had no firearms or ammo in his home at the time of the alleged assault, at least to The Ex’s knowledge. The Ex did, however, check the boxes that indicated that she felt Matt caused her “physical harm” and caused her to “engage in sexual relations by force, threat or duress.”

A protective order was issued in May 2014 (just a few months before he began to date Amber!) that required Matt to stay at least 100 yards away from The Ex and her workplace and home, and to not have any contact with her.

"Um....anything ELSE I should know about, Matt?!"
“Um….anything ELSE I should know about, Matt?!”

“There is substantial likelihood of immediate danger of abuse,” the judge wrote, according to Radar.

Radar reports that The Ex eventually dropped the case against Matt “because she was afraid he would retaliate if she didn’t.” The site also states that Matt denied the incident ever took place, and that The Ex and Matt eventually ended up working together without incident. Matt was never taken to court or convicted of any crime in relation to this incident. By November 2014, Matt was engaged to Amber.

Tragically, The Ex ended up committing suicide on November 3, 2014. The Ashley has located her obituary, which asks that in lieu of flowers, mourners make donations to one of several abuse survivor organizations, one of which was the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). Her mother has been vocal since her daughter’s death in regard to suicide prevention and dealing with mental illness.

Radar spoke to The Ex’s mother, who stated that Matt told her daughter“all kinds of lies” during their relationship.

“She did some research on him, and found out a lot of what he told her wasn’t true,” The Ex’s mother stated, adding that the alleged sexual assault was the final straw. “She left, and filed a restraining order to protect herself.”

Amber and Matt have yet to respond to this latest claim. It is not known if Amber knew about this incident before Radar broke the story this morning.

Amber has been very vocal on social media in defense of her man. When The Ashley broke the story that Matt currently has seven child support cases filed against him (and that he is even a grandpa!), Amber became very upset and denied it on Twitter. (There is now a case open for an eighth child as well.) Just last week, Amber got into a bitter Twitter brawl with Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans after Jenelle insulted Matt.

The Ashley will update this story if more information becomes available. To read an interview The Ashley did with a former associate of Matt’s, click here!

(Photos: MTV)


81 Responses

  1. Remember the Walmart guy!!!

    On what he told her was “the best day of his life” (um…creepy?) he called out to her and they made a date. Well, she made a date, because on the show he asked her “where are you taking me for our date?” That’s awesome.

    Anyway, during the episode, we learn that Wal-Mart Chris isn’t just a mooching loser, he’s also an ex-con with some very serious (and scary) charges.

    Yes, readers that’s right, Wal-Mart Chris (real name Chris Hossman) was sent to “work release” (a.k.a jail where you get to go to work) for…..drum roll please….child molesting!!!!!! CHILD MOLESTING!!! CHILD MOLESTING!!!

    Here he is, registered on the Indiana’s Offender Watch website. (Handsome devil, ain’t he?)

    What the hell is he, at 27 years old, doing dating an 18-year-old? (Wait, is AM-BO even 18 yet?) And WTF is Amber doing, as the mother of a 1-year-old baby girl, dating a registered child molester?!

  2. Matt is Ambien’s new drug of choice. It’s apparent that she is slowly spiralling out of control and will end up right back where she was when she was sent to jail. If she really loves Leah like she claims she does, she would do the right thing and leave this pervert in order to protect her daughter. I’m not sure if Gary or Kristina ever read the comments on this page, but if they do, I sure hope they take these comments to heart and keep Leah away from Amber as long as Matt is in her life!

  3. Has the S.O. Registry for every state been checked for this creep? Between this and the fact that there is a significant gap where there was no knowledge of this cons location as well as an affinity to be a grifter, he very well could be on somewhere. Look overseas too, you never know…

  4. At this point, I really hope Gary will at least look out for Leah’s safety. As long as Matt is in that house, Leah has no business being over there

  5. Please, please, please tell me MTV is filming all of this right now. If she is going to dump him, it will be epic and I want to see it.

  6. This is very scary and sad. Really hope that Amber gets it through her thick skull that Matt is a sick sociopath. I found the obituary and Facebook page of the poor soul that lost her life after his abuse. Hopefully, he has decency enough to feel guilt. Judy Predator Patrol is trying to help Amber see the truth even. What makes me the most sick about this situation, is Amber’s ignorant denial. There are bad people out there, yes. Do we allow them to continue living with us and being around our child once they are exposed? A normal person, no. Amber is to blame for what happens from here on out. She has been warned, yet continues to lash out at people who actually give a shit about her and Leah.

  7. If she won’t leave him, she’ll get what she gets. However, Gary needs to take Leah and keep her as far away from this dude as possible.

  8. I’d like to see him put to the lie detector test on the Steve Wilkos Show. He would probably be one of the biggest “FAILS” they have ever had.

    1. Let’s do the entire Teen Mom franchise while we’re at it. Let all the skeletons fall out of MTV’s closet!

  9. Just like the one scene, if this was to hit the show, I want you to leave my house and not come back ever? Really? Like MTV did that n not gary, his house fr? Haha, he doesn’t have a pot to piss in if it wasn’t for amber dumb ass, and I bet she was dumb enough to put his name on the houses they r flipping, what a fool if she did

  10. Maby she is already pregnant?She always ware loose clothing…i hopen not,but i noticed it when i watched at the show last week.

    1. I hope you’re wrong. The last thing either of them need is to bring another child into their jacked up world…smh

      1. I was gonna saw I’ve seen her drinking wine so she’s not pregnant… but, apparently in the TM world being pregnant isn’t reason enough to quit drinking

  11. On a serious note, Something is bothering me….

    Is his game THAT good?
    or are there THAT many gullible women out there?

    He sees someone on tv (smart enough to start at the bottom like the guest on Oprah) knows he’s going to be evicted so he talks his game, moves in with her but gets too comfortable, gets caught in a lie or knocks her up & is on to the next victim.

    1. You said it right when you called them victims. He clearly preys on emotionally fragile women. This woman killed herself. That is not emotionally stable. Amber was a teen mother, and in jail, also an addict. That is not emotionally stable. He knows how to choose his victims well. This is really, really awful.

  12. I have a sick feeling that I know how this will end. Eventually even Amber will have to wake up to the truth but by then it will be too late. This perv/con man will sue MTV and her personally for “slander” or some such BS. He will threaten to go public with accusations of Amber’s and MTV”s dirty laundry. MTV will throw a couple 100 k’s at him to go away and he will be on to his next bloodsucking con. This is a truly evil man.

  13. And I bet you THIS won’t even make Amber leave because this was part of Matt’s “past” and he has changed. He’s just going to manipulate her and say that it never happened, and Amber is going to believe him, even though there is COURT DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE. When all of these terrible things are coming out about your man, they’re probably true! It’s like week after week after a week there is new damning evidence against this guy Amber needs to get her head outta her butt, put her pride to the side and out of this “relationship”. This man is a pretty awful human being, that preys on the weak. I dunno how many more signs the universe can throw at her letting her know that he’s a scumbag!

    1. Why would Amber leave him?
      He is such a sweet guy.
      This was his past
      When he invited himself to live with Amber it was just a coincidence that he was being evicted.
      He always liked Amber, he was just warming up when he tried to get with Farrah & Jenelle 1st.

    1. I don’t understand why they didn’t yet! If something happens to Amber, it’ll be their fault too…

      1. Unfortunately, this story gives them no reason to. This case never went to court and so he was never convicted of anything. He could just say that she had a mental illness and made the whole story up, which is why the case was dropped.

        However, with all of these stories and accusations in Matt’s past, you would think that at some point Amber would start to see that there is clearly something not right about this guy. But she won’t see it. She is so desperate to have someone love her that she will ignore it all, or make a bunch of excuses and still marry the dude.

        1. exactly!! I don’t know what else the universe can throw in her face to show her that he’s awful, but she is so adamant on proving to the world that he has changed, and that he is this great “catch”. She loves saying that his past is in the past, but this happened a few months before he weaseled his way onto her couch…he didn’t change over night! He’s the same con artist he has always been, and sorry Amber but you’re not the one to change him!

          1. No it’s definitely true that she seems to be blind to everything she does and says. I think that when the cameras aren’t there, he just starts manipulating her and making her depend on him with everything that now she just believes everything he says and she probably thinks that without him she’s nothing. It’s such an abusive relationship and i’m scared she’s a prisoner in it… I don’t even like Amber, but I wish this upon no one.

          2. I think the same.. How far past does the past have to be for it to not “COUNT” anymore? My dad was an alcoholic until I was 9, and my sister was 19. He NEVER looks us in our faces and says, “Well, that doesn’t count, when I wasn’t there for you, or when I was cheating on your moms with each other for fun, or when I didn’t kiss your knees when they were scraped, or escort you to your car for your first prom..” No, he says, “I am so sorry. I love you, I always have, and I have made mistakes. Please forgive me.” And we do. Because he owns it. Because he loves us. Because he is THERE FOR US NOW. This was less than a YEAR before meeting Amber that this woman killed herself!! WAKE UP AMBER!! He is a CREEPO!

  14. Gary clearly needs to take this last skeleton from Matt Baier’s closet to court regarding his daughter’s own safety. I say this, because viewers who have watched this show from its inception will remember that Amber has a definite history with this kind of thing when it comes to the men she dates.

    Years ago (before Amber went to jail) longtime viewers will remember how she hooked up with some guy she met at Walmart — and allowed this guy she knew practically ZERO about to change Leah’s diapers while she sat on the couch in her apartment.

    For Amber, this latest bombshell about Matt is probably just another effing lie made up by haters who don’t want her to be happy. But I think Leah’s protection from a possible “rapist” is far more important than Amber’s blithering nonsense about a man who’s soaking her for everything he can — before he dumps her a*s.

    You will never be happy with this dude, Amber. He’ll never hang around long enough for that.

      1. Walmart guy

        On what he told her was “the best day of his life” (um…creepy?) he called out to her and they made a date. Well, she made a date, because on the show he asked her “where are you taking me for our date?” That’s awesome.

        Anyway, during the episode, we learn that Wal-Mart Chris isn’t just a mooching loser, he’s also an ex-con with some very serious (and scary) charges.

        Yes, readers that’s right, Wal-Mart Chris (real name Chris Hossman) was sent to “work release” (a.k.a jail where you get to go to work) for…..drum roll please….child molesting!!!!!! CHILD MOLESTING!!! CHILD MOLESTING!!!

        Here he is, registered on the Indiana’s Offender Watch website. (Handsome devil, ain’t he?)

        What the hell is he, at 27 years old, doing dating an 18-year-old? (Wait, is AM-BO even 18 yet?) And WTF is Amber doing, as the mother of a 1-year-old baby girl, dating a registered child molester?!

    1. I so SO badly wanted to be supportive of Amber, and believe she had learned something while being locked up, but the fact that she continues to stay with a man with such a shady past, and lets him around her daughter just goes to show she’s got a much longer road ahead of her than I thought she would at this point. I think Gary can be an a$$hole, and he can manipulate situations and push Amber’s buttons. But at the end of the day, someone needs to think solely of Leah, and the statistic is scary, like children are 30% more likely to be sexually abused if a non-related male figure is in the home. So the fact that this man’s track record is already so bad Amber should be running. But since she won’t its time for Gary to be saying no way to Leah being in that home.

  15. Normally I’d be reluctant to take a story like this on its face – after all, yes, false accusations of rape happen. But with Matt’s history? Knowing the way he is? He doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt from me. He is a manipulator and a predator, and now we can add alleged rapist to his rap sheet. And I suspect – though I hope to God I am wrong – that he might be a pedophile. Even if he is not, I promise that he manipulates children the same way that he manipulates adults, which means that he’s emotionally abusive.

    Gary please get your daughter away from them. Please. This is urgent, this can NOT wait.

  16. Well, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I wonder what excuse Amber will have for him now? Is she going to call a deceased woman a liar that isn’t alive to defend herself? She better not.

  17. Either Amber’s family does not read anything online or they are in a place of denial to keep the peace with Amber; it makes no sense unless they have seen a remorseful and changed Matt. We sure haven’t.

      1. They don’t get paid to appear on the show. MTV pays for their dinners/lunches out and their pedicures.

        1. This is definitely Matt speaking, not Amber. Such a disgusting creep and pig you are.

    1. Grey Baker is Matt’s alias… He wrote a book under this name too… He always has a lot to say on articles about the girls, but when it comes to answering for HIS shit, ya get lyrics from a song? Riiiiight… I guess there’s not much you can say when you’re a sexual assaulting, money grubbing, Teen Mom lurking, serial impregnating, baby abandoning, douche like you, huh Matt?!!

  18. If I were famous, or on tv, you can bet that I would be hiring a private investigator to check out any man that I was serious about. Just sayin’. This could have all been avoided.

    1. Indeed! Me too. Moreover, even without a private investigator to dig anything up; I’ll bet there were tons of red flags from the outset – even before the big ones that made online news – whereby if she had any sense and self respect this could have been entirely avoided. What more needs to be associated with this dude for her to drop him?!

        1. Thanks! Though I have to admit I’ve been inspired by many funny/clever names on this site, so I had to think hard to come up with a worthy one too 😉

    2. YES! She needs to hire one RIGHT NOW to avoid anymore surprises, because obviously he’s got an entire cemetery full of skeletons that are just waiting to pop up!

    1. WHEN (I have hope) Amber dumps this sorry a$$hole I will applaud. A standing ovation if the situation calls for it.

  19. OMG, I found her obituary too, and she still has an account on Facebook and Twitter, Ashely is her son that this poor girl (34) left behind was/is Matt’s son, or do you know???

    1. Hope Gary is listening, I’d get a restraining order on matt so he can’t be around any leah. Better safe than sorry. He looks creepy. Never hear anything good about matt (yeck)!!!

    2. I have been researching everywhere since I read this article and cannot find her name anywhere.

  20. This has gone far beyond a few ‘issues in his past’.

    He is clearly downright dangerous, and Amber seriously needs to wake up and face reality.


    1. I think you need to be careful with the term SEX OFFENDER. To my knowledge Matt has not been convicted of a sex crime?

    2. Absolutely!! The look on Leah’s face when she caught sight of Matt (after returning from Disney) said it all for me. And then refusing to stay. I was convinced then that he had done something to her. I don’t care if it sounds judgemental (it is)…Amber is a terrible mother for allowing ANY man around her daughter in the way that she did. Allowing him to move in with them mere hours after meeting. And then allowing him to be alone with her for any period of time. I once met a police officer, who had seen many terrible things involving children, and he looked me in the eye and said to me, “don’t trust ANYONE to be alone with your child. I had nine kids and they were always with either me, or their mother.”
      It may sound extreme but the problem is that it’s normally the people you trust, and would least expect, that end up being the crazies. And they’re really good at what they do, very good at pretending to not be crazy. And you only ever find out about the bad things once they’ve already happened. Damage is already done. I hope people think twice about who they trust with their children. Though there should’ve never been ANY question about Matt as it was clear from the get-go to anyone with a functioning brain that he’s a dangerous predator. I hope Gary does anything and everything in his power to make sure Leah is never, ever around Matt, not even for a second. If Amber does finally take out the trash, I worry about Matt retaliating in some way…blaming and feeling vengeful towards her or Gary for “exposing” him. He was always able to go to a new place where no one knew he was a conman, but now the whole world knows and he must be absolutely boiling with rage. He is utterly terrifying.

      1. Gary needs to keep her the F away from Amber. Let amber whine about not seeing her “Boo Boo”. If it was really that important to Amber, she would MAKE IT HAPPEN regardless of whether she was allowed to bring her creepy fiance. He does not need to be present for her to see her daughter. They could even go to a facility meant for things like this, like Chelsea was going to arrange for Adam’s visits. Extreme? Oh well. Have a problem with it, Amber, the solution is simple: ditch the fiance. If you’re not willing to do that for your daughter then maybe you don’t deserve her.

        1. Agreed. Frankly she’d be better off not seeing Amber at all. She is a person of unsound mind. The development and continuation of a relationship with this monster is proof enough.

      2. What you say is so true, and the most serious thing about this – I couldn’t care less how hurt Amber will eventually be, if she wants to risk her heart/money, but Leah shouldn’t have to be at risk. I’m so sick of hearing about desperate lonely women who will bring anyone into their lives, move them in & are grateful if he’s willing to accept her children and want to ‘play’ dad, and so many times these are the men to worry about. But these women care more about having someone in their bed, whatever the cold harsh reality may be, because they don’t have confidence that they can command someone more worthy.

  21. Everyone is concerned, but I don’t think she will leave him, he will burn her first and split at some point but she won’t leave him!

    1. Agreed – we can be certain this won’t last and will end in her heartbreak, and I’m 99% sure it will only end when he wants it to…unless a too-horrific-to-tolerate story surfaces & she finally sees sense, but in that case I’m still not sure she won’t try to rationalise anything to stay with him. It’s like they say ‘throwing good money after bad’; I think she’s too concerned with forcing this to work no matter what the cost.

      1. I don’t think he’ll ever leave her solely due to the circumstances. He’s been exposed at such a national level that he won’t be able to move around as easily as he did prior in his scumbaggery. He is stuck in between the proverbial rock and hard place.

  22. I’m by no means the first person to say this, but Amber needs to get the **** out of there NOW! I’m not a fan of her, but I’m worried for her.

    1. I worry more for Leah. I never liked the fact that Matt had so much alone time with Leah during Amber’s visits. Honestly after reading this I believe even more that Matt could have been drugging Amber to cause her to sleep all day so that he could take care of Leah by himself. Something is seriously wrong with Matt and Amber obviously chooses Matt over Leah so I really hope that Gary steps up and gets Leah away from Matt ASAP!

  23. The guy sounds like a bit of bad news and frankly I have to wonder how smart. Did he not think about all that is revealed on reality TV? Past deeds have a way of catching up with you when you plaster your face on the boob tube. If you have secrets you don’t want revealed stay off of TV!

    1. Agree but a con artist like Matt thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. He probably believes he can talk his way out of anything or manipulate the people around him.

      1. Exactly and he will feed Amber some song and dance about how she was “obviously crazy, I mean she committed suicide” then the story will go “she was in love with him and he didn’t want to be with her so she got pissed and said that for revenge. ” Then it will be followed by “it was obviously not true since she dropped it and they were even friendly and working together. ” Then He’ll probably try to blame Gary somehow. Lol

      2. Yep! He is probably so warped, it’s likely to be a buzz for him to manage to do this with a famous person, totally ignoring the higher risk of him being outed – I bet he thrives on the challenge cos it’s become boring just conning/ruining the lives of normal women. His next challenge will be conning *anyone* after being so well-known for ruining Amber’s life (with all the known child support cases) – and he’ll still think he’s smart enough to give it a try! He’s like a recurring infection that finds a way around the antibiotics haha

      3. He probably believes? Why would he not. There’s been all these stories about him, and yet Amber is still non-stop defending him on every issue. Doesn’t matter who else he can manipulate, as long as he has Amber fooled he’s in the clear.

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