Adam Lind Exposes Chelsea Houska’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Salary During Instagram Rant

"So basically, we're both making gobs of cash for doing this show..."
“So basically, we’re both making gobs of cash for doing this show…”

The Teen Mom 2 stars are certainly keeping their producers on their toes this week!

Adam Lind is the latest of the show’s cast member to go on a social media rant this week. (A few days ago, Jenelle Evans and Kail Lowry got into a spat after Kail joked about Jenelle’s “medical issues.” Jenelle responded by posting Kail’s phone number, as you do.)

Anyway, Adam went postal on his Instagram account last night, lashing out at the show that made him rich and famous, as well as his ex, Chelsea Houska. During his rant, Adam decided to let ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans in on how much he and Chelsea make for appearing on the show. He also announced that he is quitting the show following the taping of the Season 7 Reunion.

The Ashley has commented on which of Adam’s claims are actually true. Her comments are based on information she has gotten from her show sources.

Adam claims that Chelsea made $250,000 for filming Season 6.

TRUE. The Ashley can confirm, via her sources with knowledge of the cast’s contracts, that Adam is telling the truth here. All four of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ girls made about $250,000 for doing this season. (Their paychecks go up every season.)

“Last year was 250k for lil princess,” Adam wrote in an Instagram comment regarding Chelsea’s salary. “Chelsea’s contract will be up to 300k plus for new seasons.”

Adam says that his salary as a father on the show is close to what Chelsea makes.


As one of the “original” dads on the show, Adam does, indeed, make about what Chelsea is making for doing ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The girls make more money than the dads, however, and always have.

“Mine is close,” Adam wrote of his show salary, adding that he won’t be signing on for Season 8. “It’s not worth the money anymore. I just want away from this fake ass s**t and drama.

“They already have been offering me more money…and also they are also wanting to do another show just for the fathers [as The Ashley told you recently]. It don’t matter the amount of money anymore. I’m so much better than being bribed by money. I wasn’t raised to be greedy and sucked into this evil world.”

(While this is all well and good to say, keep in mind that Adam has been cashing those giant MTV paychecks for years.)

Season 8 is up in the air right now, by the way. At least one of the girls is totally over filming the show, and MTV is looking at all of its options, such as doing the show without her, or finding a replacement, or finding four new girls.

Adam says that Aubree has made over $50,000 from her appearances on MTV.


All of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ kids are paid separately from their parents. Babies that were born after the show began, but appear regularly on the show (such as Kail’s son Lincoln or Leah’s daughter Addie) are also paid. (The Ashley is not sure about Adam’s daughter Paislee, however, or kids born to the dads.)

“Aubree is up to 50k plus [from the show] right now…that only Chelsea can get at,” Adam wrote.

Chelsea’s father, Randy Houska, later commented about this on Twitter.

“Hard to address this much stupid,” Randy tweeted of Adam’s rant about money. “Aub’s money is in an account that only can be used for her. For college.”

Adam claims that Chelsea keeps trying to get more child support.

TRUE, according to tweets later posted by Randy.

“Chelsea won’t respond or cooperate without a lawyer,” Adam wrote. “And she’s also trying for more child support. She feels $975 a month is necessary. Guess her lil pig, 6 dogs, new Jeep and house just isn’t enough and needs more extra money. Court it is.”

Randy later tweeted the specifics of what Adam pays each money in child support for Aubree.

“Child support isn’t set by Chelsea, it is set by income,” Randy wrote. “[Adam’s] been paying $170/mo for 6 years, same as an unemployed dad…Someone paying lowest allowable child support for 6 years and making ‘big bucks’ complaining about having to man up and pay? [Adam] invested more in a Corvette in one month than he has paid in child support for his entire child’s life.”

Adam responded on Saturday (via Instagram) claiming that he has invested a lot of time and money into getting custody of Aubree.

Interestingly, Adam’s other baby-momma, Taylor Halbur, found Randy’s statement amusing. In fact, she retweeted what Randy wrote about Adam investing more money into his Corvette than his kids, and told Randy that his statement was “glorious.”

Adam says he will not appear on any more seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2’ and that he will not allow Aubree and Paislee to appear either.


Obviously, Adam can bail out of the show at any time after completing Season 7, as each cast member contracts only one season out.

“I’m sick of being known as the guy from ‘Teen Mom,'” Adam wrote. “But instead I’m going to be known for bodybuilding and fitness…I will not be filming…I fly out to NYC for Season 7 Reunion Show with their ‘stars’ and after that I’m done…I will be milking out for a free trip to NYC one last time so [my girlfriend] Stasia has the opportunity to see NYC for free. And then I’m out.”

(Adam is actually required to take part in the Season 7 Reunion Show, per his contract.)

Adam stated that he will not be signing consent forms for his daughters to appear on further seasons, either.

“I have to sign a contract for the both my kids to film, which I will not be doing anymore,” Adam wrote.

The Ashley is not sure of Adam’s exact custody situation with his daughters, so she can not confirm or deny this particular claim. However, as far as she knows, Chelsea still has full custody of Aubree, therefore Adam’s signature wouldn’t be required for Aubree to film. He would be required to consent to Paislee being filmed, if he has some sort of legal custody of her.

Adam claims that he’ll get in trouble for posting this stuff.

TRUE…Kind of.

“I’ll probably get a call or long text from the maker of the show saying I’m not [supposed] to release any of this information,” Adam wrote. “But I really don’t give a s**t anymore. F**k MTV, f**k ‘Teen Mom’.”

There’s no doubt in The Ashley’s mind that Adam did get a text or call from one of the higher-ups from the show asking him to remove the post. (It still remains up as of Saturday, though.) Normally, when one of the show’s stars goes off the rails, a producer or even Morgan J. Freeman will contact them and request that they remove the offending post. Revealing salaries is probably the biggest “no no” a cast member can commit, though, so Adam may face a more serious punishment than just a scolding text. (The Ashley is doubtful, however.)

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  1. Hiiee The Ashley!
    So totally spend hours reading ur articles ♡♡
    Just wanted to share..
    Not sure if you proofread (re: minor grammar/spelling mistakes) but if ya re-read out loud, they’re easily detectable 🙂

  2. Your a Real douche your not a father you are a donor of the worst kind from the start we new your were no good thank god chelsea an Aubrey have a real man an father (DADDY) role model then the likes if you she made you that money bum you havent worked a full 40 grs any were you need to let the steroids go an get a life other then living off the come across your a Joke an I also you should have a vasectomy god knows we dont need any little Adams running around for you Chelsea your a class Act keep doing you an your daughter an Thank you to your Parents for raising such a strong independent woman I wish you well an all the best

  3. I think that the entire series has become a joke and that girls will now think they will be rich and famous if they get pregnant. What is the point of this series that has lost a purpose. It is all about ratings and making a bunch of screwed up teens not learning the lesson.

  4. Thanks for the info, Adam. Now please excuse me while I use it to bash you for being a POS dad. 200K per year and 170 per month to support Aubrey? Way to rat on yourself. But wait, that happened five minutes ago, so it must be in the past.

    I personally, think the show could go on spledidly without Chelsea. She’s great and all, but I watch reality TV for the trainwrecks. Chelsea inspires no emotion out of me anymore, except being happy for her. Let her riding off into the sunset with Cole be her happy ending.

    I really would hate to see Leah go, because I love watching her fall from grace. She can only manipulate the cameras so long. Now, if she does leave, she is sure to blow through that drug money quick and change her mind. So there’s a plus. She will just delay the new season.

    Jenelle, she ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. She says it every other week, but we all know better.

    Kail, I think she likes the money well enough. She seems to have adjusted to life in the spotlight well enough. She does have an education and a husband with a real job, so it’s possible she would leave.

    My bet is on Chelsea or Leah. My hope is Chelsea. She can graduate reality TV.

  5. well, that’s different lol. i thought it was way less and that’s why jo should have a job. i would’ve for sure gone to school, prolly law school too, but no, i wouldn’t have been bagging groceries on the side. that’s plenty to live on and plan for your future. so why was he freaking out? kail was going after that money? so confused…but all of them should be done with college by now and on to grad school or whatever next step it’d be. you don’t want to let too much time elapse between graduating and starting work but i wouldn’t have worked til i was going into my field. now that would be a blessing. and basically none of them did that and they bitch about how broke they are. they don’t pay you enough farrah? well, look at it in perspective: bitching at your mom on camera isn’t nearly as hard as well, you know.

    1. I think for some of them (Kail in perticular comes to mind) talking about money as if they’re broke is part of the whole façade of being regular teen moms struggling, especially in the beginning.

  6. Gimme a break. Adam ain’t going anywhere. He might be done for a season, but as soon as that 200k+ a year stops coming in, he’ll be right back on the show. They’ve been getting paid that for years, and once someone gets accustomed to a certain lifestyle it’s hard to let go of it. Plus It’s also blatantly obvious that he’s jealous of Aubree and Chelsea’s relationship with Cole. Adam doesn’t have that control over Chelsea anymore, so he’s going off on these rants exposing everything that he can. He’s such a joke.

  7. That’s a nice piece of change for allowing a camera crew to set up scenes and conversations for a few months. It would only be really good if any of these people had established careers and were living off the money from their careers. But they are all clearly living off the Teen Mom money, and it’s not clear money, it’s heavily taxed. They drive new cars, have homes, insurance the best of everything, in this day and age, it’s not really enough money for someone that doesn’t save or know limits.

    1. Considering the Jersey Shore Cast were making a million an episode for each one of them. You don’t see most of them working now. They don’t have to, they are set for life if they invested that money!

  8. Really are we that unhappy with uourself. Why not use your mobey bettering you. Instead of bashing your daughter mother. Go to school get a career . Get in the service. You always have had a chance to be a positive role model and father to see her every weekend. But you choose to go off and do other things. This can effect your child later down the road. Get over yourself please.

  9. Everyone saying it’s alot of money should look at what those douchebags from the Jersey Shore received!! They were miljonairs after a couple of years being drunk on tv!! The “mons”should get at least that much!! Adam is such a loser…..glad he won’t come back!! I really hope Chelsea will stay!! Love her and Aubs!

  10. Wow that is a bit more than I had guessed. That makes most of the teen moms look very very dumb. With that kind of money they should all have a stable loving situation. So far only Chelsea and Kail seem to have that. Blows my mind how the other teen moms blew all that money with nothing to show for it. I mean, I like to shop and I’ll be the first to admit, I will pay a lot for quality clothes and furniture and appliances, but damn, I’d have trouble spending that much with nothing to show for it. Then again, I don’t have a drug habit lol

  11. So who isn’t signed on for next season? I know jenelle claimed she wasn’t going to, but she claims a lot. Is it confirmed?

    1. Jenelle is full of it. She threatens to quit all the time when she throws her bitch fits but we all know “saving people’s lives” as a medical assistant won’t provide her with the kind of money she needs to be a suga mama to her loser boyfriends that mooch off of her.

    2. My guess would be Chelsea. She’s not filming her wedding, Cole feels uncomfortable being on camera, and everyone comments on how “boring” her segments are cause she’s the only girl who’s happy and has her shit together.

    3. Jenelle will definitely be filming. My guess would be Chelsea, actually. She’s boring and about to settle down and get married. I would also guess that she has been one of the more financially responsible girls, probably has her house all paid off and she can just pay for other things with her regular job and husband’s job.

      I would say Kail but i honestly think they’re financially in over their heads.

      1. Really? Chelsea? I could see that, but after Adam’s rant and Randy coming to her defense I would say she’s probably staying…My guess is Leah…only because she’s a complete and total hot mess…although she does need the money, she did take the longest to sign on last season, plus with Miranda and Corey being a more stable environment for the girleses, it makes Leah look bad…and we all know how Leah hates to look bad.

        1. I was thinking maybe chelsea only bc Cole doesn’t seem to like to film. But leah makes more sense. Besides looking bad, if she is living with that guy then maybe they can’t film adequately. Or millions of others reasons for leah to continue to be a liar and shitty person but never accept responsibility

    4. While I can definitely see Chelsea, I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say Kailyn. She doesn’t really seem to need the money (her husband is deployed and she’s in college/ writing a book ect) I don’t really have any reasoning other than that, but my guess is Kail.

  12. $250k per season for the ‘stars’ of the show? I know ratings keep getting worse but it is still a fairly popular show–looks like MTV is screwing them over. I honestly expected much higher since they are doing 1 season per year. But hey, at least they won’t get pregnant from the MTV screwing, much like Adam nowadays they shoot blanks.

    1. Maybe 250 is just their fixed payment. I heard the girls get payed for ratings too.
      Could it be possible that they receive that fixed payment plus a bonus after the ratings are known?

      They are all just saying they will quit cause new contract hunting season is open again. This happens between every season. They just want more money or better editing to look better.

      When Adam really quits, it’s because he needs to hide things that he doesn’t want to be filmed or because he doesn’t want to pay more child support. He’s so stupid. He thinks he is paying Chelsea but he is paying Aubrey.

      I bet Matt gave the waiter a bigger tip on his first date with Amber while he was broke than Adam tips his daughters every month now, considering his income.

      1. When they say salary, I’m assuming that’s just the baseline. Like I’ll be paid every week at my job, but then I have an additional day to meet with my hr about bonuses. I’m guessing it’s like that.

  13. So in his own words, he makes “close” to the girls on the show, yet he’s complaining about paying a little child support? GTFO you loser. He’s worse than Jenelle and Farrah put together. The things he has said and done show his true colors. He’s lucky he didn’t kill that couple and/or himself drinking and speeding like a moron. I still hate Dr. Drew for telling Randy to thank this POS when Randy does more for Aubree in one WEEK than Adam will ever do for her in his entire life. Grow up and stop lying and twisting things around to try and make Chelsea look bad. You’re not fooling anyone, even your own friends. Just stop, it’s embarrassing.

    1. “I wasn’t raised to be greedy, but I shouldn’t have to contribute financially to the well-being of that mistake. It is MY money for MY cars, MY tattoos, MY steroids, and MY future hair plugs!”

    1. This show is really popular. Mtv will keep throwing them more and more money to keep them on the show, trust me. I will be shocked if Adam really quits. That is too much money to turn down.

    2. No joke. I’ll be the replacement mom hahahah. I’m not a tern but they can compare and contrast us lol

    1. They’re probably all 15 year old dumb girls who are hoping if they Tweet him enough, he’ll notice them. Then they can have a famous boyfriend and be famous on tv. I can’t imagine any normal adult being a fan of his.

  14. Adam is an douche but if I was Chelsea & my kid gets 50K I wouldn’t even bother taking Adam to court. She’s not a single parent (she had Cole) & she’s not struggling for the money. Chelsea knows she does not want to deal with him so why even take to court? Sometimes I think she does this for a storyline. If Adam was my BD I wouldn’t even care if he paid a dollar in child support, I wouldn’t want to be bothered with him period

    1. It doesn’t matter how much Chealsea or Aubrey makes….it’s his responsibility to aid if his child future well being. Even if Chealsea banks it for Aubrey. He has to accountability finically. I can’t believe he only pay 170 while earning 200k.. hat’s absurd.

  15. This dude is pathetic. I can’t believe I actually had high hopes for him after he made that speech at the last reunion that he was a changed man. He might be sober (Idk if he is or not) but his attitude hasn’t changed at all. Wtf does he have to complain about? He’s made so much money doing practically nothing. All he has to do is let an Mtv crew come into his house and ask him questions about Chelsea and Aubree. That must be such a hard life. He obviously is really sick of all the negative comments on social media. You can tell it really bothers him but you know what? Almost every person on any reality show has people online talking crap about them. Get over it, dude. And Randalicious is absolutely right. With all that money he’s made off the show, he’s only been paying $170 a month?! What a joke.

    1. $250k a season is LIFE CHANGING money, for as you said it, virtually doing nothing. While the child support situation makes him look even worse, he has blown through all his money on defending his terrible decisions(lawyers/court). I’m sure Chelsea opted not to take him to court sooner because she knew he’d go all crazy like this. If he isn’t using, he really needs to lay off the riods & get some counseling before his errectic behavior puts more people in danger

    2. He’s mad because he’s realized how all of the years he acted like a douche and made terrible decisions on camera will affect the way that people will see him for a very long time. Instead of actually humbling himself and showing some remorse for his actions and changing his attitude he has put all his energy into changing and working on his body and getting mad that people still see him as a douche, and blaming Chelsea and threatening to quit the show. Adam this right here is why people still feel that way about you, and also lets us know the horrible way you come off on the show is your real personality, not just because of how MTV edited you on your ‘fake’ show

  16. I knew the girls got paid… but if that’s just for MTV’s show, and not anything outside of it (whatever “jobs” they get, promotional deals, porn tapes, etc) – that’s a CRAZY amount of money. So that’s assuming Tyler & Catlin from OG probably at least make half a million… Excuse me while I figure out how to make $300 last until the first of the month 🙁

  17. Adam is absolute TRASH. He spends less than 3% of his yearly salary on his kid and CHELSEA is spoiled and not taking care of business??????

    Oh Aubrey – I’m so sorry.

  18. How does Adam know Chelsea’s salary? That doesn’t seem like something she would just tell him, though I could be wrong. Maybe she had to for court?

    This is the most interesting to happen to Chelsea in a while. Adam’s rant didn’t come from nowhere. Wonder what set him off?

    1. My guess is Chelsea asking for more child support is what set him off. His entire rant is money driven. And his image. Whenever he does anything, he will be known as that crappy dad from TM2.

      1. What’s the latest on whether or not Adam pays child support? I thought he wasn’t paying it. Also, if what Randy said about his current payment is true, that’s really pathetic. You’re making MTV money and can’t come up with $170 a month for your daughter – really, Adam?

        And yeah, image. Though Adam you should know that even taking out the factors of MTV editing and the fact that Chelsea and Randy could be lying, you still look like a crappy dad. You did that all by yourself.

  19. So the babies DO get a paycheck…but that is not financial incentive to these moronic girls to have more kids?? rightttttt..more kids, more mtv money…sounds like a bonus per baby to me….

    There are no laws in place to protect children financially on reality tv so I completely believe Cory when he said Leah was dipping into kids money..and bet Kaiser’s “paycheck” paid for soulmate Dave’s boat. There should not be payment to minors on reality tv if there are not laws to protect them. Plus the msg to these stupid TM girls is more babies, more money…great pregnancy prevention msg right there.

  20. The Ashley – can you comment on how much Boyfriends and Non-fathers (such as Jeremy when he was married to Leah but not the original father who was Corey) make? So curious sense we KNOW Matt is in it for the $$ and I suspect strongly that Taylor is, too.

    1. On this topic, then it makes it even more questionable how Jeremy HAD to take that out of town job… Leah was making $250k a season, about $50k per each original kid (she had twins), then ANOTHER kid… that wasn’t enough to pay for a trailer? And Corey would have been paying CS on top of that for the twins.

      1. what should he have done then? worked some minimum wage job in Virginia? Or be like most of the others and not work? Good for him, teen mom won’t last forever!

        1. I’m just saying that ballparking $300k a year… I’m not sure they couldn’t have figured out some way to live off of that. I respect him for wanting to work, but if he HAD to work because they were blowing through that much money – that’s more of what I was getting at. And I’m sure $300k is lowballing it because we’re not taking into consideration Corey’s CS & then Jeremy’s pay after the marriage & baby.

          1. I agree it’s ridiculous that a family couldn’t live off of $300k/year (in an area with a relatively low cost of living, no less) but that just shines a light on what Leah must have been spending to make things that way. Yeah, Jeremy was a workaholic and used work to get away from Leah. But I think his workaholism might have been reparable had Leah not gone through money like tissues.

          2. It would have been closer to 400k, I’m guessing. If Leah made 250, and each of the twin girlses made 50 each, (350k total), and then Addy’s money, and Jeremy’s money…

      2. Leah blew through ALL her money on buying stupid crap and all the drugs. Remember when her card got declined trying to buy a washer/dryer? I am hoping for a Corey/Jeremy tell-all book someday.
        Jenelle might be better now with her money, but she blew through the first couple of seasons’ money fast. She told her mother on the show that she had no money left and couldn’t pay her insurance that month.
        Idiots. They land the opportunity of a lifetime, and can’t even hold it together to make a nice, easy life for themselves.

      3. leah was already into the pills by the time they were married. it’s extremely easy to spend 250,000 a year on pain pills. if she’s taking percocet 30 mgs (most likely) she’s paying at leas 25 dollar a pill, and if she has an addiction she’s probably taking 10-15 a day.

        1. I had no idea *A* pill would cost THAT much! But I thought the issue with Leah drug test is she passed it bc she has prescriptions for everything?

          1. there is no way her scripts were sustaining her habit. hair tests just show positive/negative but they dont show how much she was taking.

        2. 10-15 PER DAY??? Wow and I hate taking the two pills that I actually need every morning…

      4. The $50K per kid is what they have apparently made over the whole show, not per year, and the parents are not supposed to have access to the money.

        Leah did say that Ali’s medical expenses were high, and that one single bill had been over $20K, so maybe that explains some of Jeremy’s thinking. The show won’t last forever so he needed a career that could take care of a disabled child into the future.

      5. I think Ali’s medical bills probably played a huge role. No matter how great a person’s health insurance is, medical bills add up very quickly. Also, the job he had may have been the one that offered the best health insurance to begin with. There are so many more expenses that come with raising 3 kids than housing.

        1. Having a medically dependent child, I know how fast bills can pile up, but most insurance companies have a out of pocket max…per year. They also have a lifetime max as well. With all of her health issues, it would not surprise me if Ali makes her lifetime max at some point.

        2. It could have changed, but as of a couple of seasons ago Ali was under Corey’s medical insurance. (Remember, Leah kept harping on him to call about the wheelchair 20 times a week because she doesn’t understand that beyond confirming that they have the requested documentation and that it was properly completed [which *would* be prudent] all that would accomplish would be annoying someone with an already annoying and tedious job? My job at that time involved submitting documentation to insurance companies and I would have twinges of deep empathy for whoever had to undertake the exercise in futility that would be explaining diagnostic codes and chart notes and activities of daily living v functioning in the community to a hysterical Leah.
          “Ugh. It’s ‘dye on the baby’s brain’ lady again. You know, the one who doesn’t hold the policy so we can’t release any info to *anyways*?”
          “Please, PLEASE take it. I’ll do ANYTHING.”
          “Take the next call from the office with the medical assistant who’s all ‘I’m SAVING LIVES’ and threatens to beat you with a drumstick every time we ask her to fax over copies of lab orders?”
          “Line one, you said?”)

          1. The girls are under Corey’s insurance, which pays for most things. The remainder is covered under medicaid, for Ali anyway, because she qualifies for it regardless of her parents’ incomes, due to her medical issues.

      6. Leah (and Jenelle) literally have NOTHING to show for the money they’ve made. They should at least have a house each instead of moving from rentals every 5 seconds.
        Jenelle goes on a lot of vacations but Leah doesn’t even do that.
        It sticks in my craw that these 2 idiots are paid anything at all. They would both be on welfare if it wasn’t for MTV.

        1. Oh yes, would love that. Dr Drew giving a sarcastic look saying “unfortunately Adam and his new girlfriend could not make it to NY. Fortunately, are able to chat to him live now.”
          That would be brilliant.

          When Adam stops filming it will be cause he has to hide an addiction.

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