‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B Reunion Part 2 Recap: Crying & Lying with Catelynn and Amber

This picture sums up this Reunion perfectly...
This picture sums up this Reunion perfectly…

This is it: The Ashley‘s final recap of this season of Teen Mom OG. As we close another chapter in the Tale of ‘Teen Mom,’ let’s take a moment to mourn those that we’ve lost along the way. This season, we had to bid farewell to several things, including, but not limited to Debra‘s “grown-up” wardrobe and, of course, Butch‘s mullet. (May it rest in peace.)

Anyway, The Ashley already recapped the first part of the Season 5B Reunion special. (You can read that recap here.) On Part 2, we will get to hear from Amber (and her mooch-in-shining-armor, Matt), as well as Catelynn and Tyler. And, as usual, good ol’ Dr. Drew will be back to serve as the show’s less-than-satisfying host.

"Has anyone seen my tacklebox?"
“Has anyone seen my tacklebox?”

Part 2 kicks off with Dr. Drew sitting down with Cate and Ty on the Couch ‘o’ Fun. For some reason, Tyler has chosen to wear some sort of fishing vest for the occasion, but everyone is pretending not to notice.

We watch clips of Cate and Ty’s wedding, and Dr. Drew brings up how “cool” it is to see all of the folks from ‘Teen Mom’ at the wedding. Catelynn and Tyler are talking about how much fun the wedding was, and how awesome it was to have almost everyone there.

dr drew
“I guess my invite was lost in the mail, eh, guys?”

Meanwhile, Dr. Drew seems to be well aware that he didn’t get invited to take part in the wedding festivities.

Next, we talk about Catelynn’s depression, which is always a fun subject. Tyler talks about all of the activities he wanted Cate to take part in to help battle her depression.

“We need to do something…like running…or jogging…or…” he says. (Kind of a sledgehammer of a hint there, Ty. We get it, you want your wife to exercise.)

To keep things nice and light and fun, Tyler next talks about how he tried to hang himself in the backyard when he was a kid. He goes into specific detail about how he was just hanging from a tree, struggling to get down.

All jokes aside…why are we talking about this on MTV? This is a very serious topic that should be discussed in the privacy of a therapist’s office. It shouldn’t be laid out there like a gossip buffet for Dr. Drew to feast on. If nothing else, this should be made into some sort of “Very Special Episode.”

"Let's get this party started! I've got my dial-up all ready to go, Doc!"
“Let’s get this party started! I’ve got my dial-up all ready to go, Doc!”

Luckily, things are about to get a lot better because…they’re bringing out Butch! Unfortunately, Butch is still too fresh out of the clink to actually fly to New York to attend the taping. However, thanks to a tech-inclined production assistant, we are able to watch as Butch is literally beamed in via Skype.

Why the hell wasn’t Butch being beamed into every reunion show? The Ashley certainly isn’t the only one who would have liked to have seen jailbird Butch swing his mullet via satellite during the previous reunion shows. They could have worked that in right between Maci bitching and Amber screaming, “I’m DONE!” What a missed opportunity!

"After this, I'm gonna hope on AOL Instant Messenger and find me some honeys!"
“After this, I’m gonna hope on AOL Instant Messenger and find me some honeys!”

Butch looks really excited to be using “the technology” to join the fun. He’s smiling ear to ear as the camera brings him into focus. (He has that same look on his face as those people who stand behind a newscaster and wave to the camera all awkwardly.)

Dr. Drew asks Butch how he feels about hearing Tyler talk about hanging from a tree. (UM?!) Butch states that he had no clue that Tyler had attempted suicide, and he feels bad that he gave his son the same trashcan childhood that he had. Butch gets teary-eyed when he talks about how great Tyler is, and soon Tyler and his mother, Kim, are all sobbing too.

“Whatever road got him here, hats off to you Butch,” Drew says.

Really? The Ashley loves her some Butch, but…let’s not be patting him on the back for having anything to do with raising a decent son. Come on, Drew.

When your dad starts talking about splitting heads in jail...
When your dad starts talking about splitting heads in jail…

Butch talks more about the “swagger” he got in “the joint.” Soon, he’s talking about how hard it is to get dope when you’re “outta the joint.” Dr. Drew starts to look sweaty as Butch launches into a cuss-word-filled tirade about people getting their heads busted up in prison over the “her-o-annnn.”

Well, that’s a nice picture for the kiddies. Thanks, MTV!

Dr. Drew tries to bring the conversation back around to better things, like, Tyler’s suicide attempt, but Butch AIN’T.DONE.TALKING.YET.

“Everyone can kiss my ass if they don’t like what I say or do!” a fired-up Butch tells the Doctor.

“If I get stuck, and I need some advice…I’m calling Dr. Drew!” Butch announces. Meanwhile Dr. Drew looks like he’s about to soil himself at the thought of someone giving Butch his phone number.

Dr. Drew finally realizes he needs to wrap this thing up, so he thanks Butch for his time.

“I did a good thing when I made Tyler, didn’t I?” Butch cackles.

Ew. The thought of a Butch sperm swimming along will haunt my nightmares tonight.

I think we should let Kim host the Reunions. She asks real questions, unlike a certain dance-around-the-question Doctor...
I think we should let Kim host the Reunions. She asks real questions, unlike a certain dance-around-the-question Doctor…

Since we still have a few minutes to kill in this segment, they wheel out the Ladies Who Have Loved Butch, aka Kim and Catelynn’s mom April. Both ladies are looking spiffy. (The Ashley is not saying this in a sarcastic tone either; both Kim and April have really stepped up their appearances since they began filming ‘Teen Mom.’ Who could forget Kim’s old poodle perm or April’s…well…whole look from 2009-2014.)

Anyway, the moms discuss how different Butch is these days. Well, Kim does, but April has nothing to contribute, because she is technically not allowed to be in the same spot as the Butchanator, due to the non-contact order the courts have placed on them.

"I cannot tell a lie...I miss Butch's musky mullet scent!"
“I cannot tell a lie…I miss Butch’s musky mullet scent!”

April says that she’s not thrilled that she can’t be around Butch. (While she states that it’s because the arrangement makes it hard on Cate and Ty, we all know that, down deep, April misses Butch’s sweet scent of man musk and bad decisions.)

Next, we jump over to the issue of Catelynn’s post-partum depression. Since it’s basically just a bunch of tears and stuff, let’s just skip right along to Amber‘s segment so we can watch Dr. Drew grill Matt about his litter ‘o’ kids.

We start the segment off with Amber on the couch. (So…basically it’s just like every other ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode). After watching some clips from the season (including one of Matt’s epic threat of going “medieval” on Gary), Amber tells Dr. Drew that she and Gary have come to an agreement on having joint custody.

When you know the Doctor is gonna ask about all the kids your fiance abandoned all over the country...
When you know the Doctor is gonna ask about all the kids your fiance abandoned all over the country…

Dr. Drew can barely contain himself as he brings up the topic of Matt. Amber says that at the time Gary presented the papers that said Matt had seven kids, she knew about five. (Um…then why did ya say that he had two, Amb?)

She says that she was A-Ok with Matt having abandoned five youngins, but she got upset at the thought that he had two secret kids floating around the U.S.

"Hold up...so you're telling me that none of this crap throws up a red flag to you?"
“Hold up…so you’re telling me that none of this crap throws up a red flag to you?”

Drew looks totally confused and you can tell he’s totally holding his tongue and trying not to call Amber out for sounding completely ridiculous. He asks her to clarify just exactly how many kids Matt has these days. Amber blows the question off, so Drew brings it back to Amber’s custody battle with Gary. They wheel out Gary to talk about the big fight.

"Do I need to bring up the whole Clinton saga, circa 2010?"
“Do I need to bring up the whole Clinton saga, circa 2010?”

Amber says that Gary brought up the whole Matt kid situation to make her life seem unstable to help him win the custody war. Gary basically says that Amber has a history of dating bad dudes (who could forget Chris, the criminal that Amber met in a Wal-Mart parking lot years ago?) so he was looking out for her and their daughter.

Dr. Drew tries to keep things positive by praising Amber for not knocking Gary through the set wall for making that “Chris” comment. Gary admits that he still doesn’t completely trust Amber. (The audience members laughed at this but– come on! She physically assaulted him multiple times. If the situation were reversed, no one would think it was funny that Amber was leery of Gary after multiple assaults.)

"Just trying to clarify here... do you or do you not like her highlighted hair, Gary?"
“Just trying to clarify here… do you or do you not like her highlighted hair, Gary?”

Drew asks Gary to say something positive about Amber, and he chooses to commend her for highlighting her hair.

Jesus God (Leah), I love Gary.

Dr. Drew can’t keep himself from laughing. He knows how ridiculous 1) this show is and 2) he is for still being part of it. Gary then clarifies that he does not, in fact, like the hair highlights. He wants to be sure that everyone knows that.

It’s time for Matt to make his way out to the stage. (His pockets are undoubtedly stuffed with free craft services snacks, of course.)

"Who cares how many kids I have out there! After they turn five, they basically take care of themselves, right?"
“Who cares how many kids I have out there! After they turn five, they basically take care of themselves, right?”

Matt immediately proclaims that Gary is full of crap. Drew brings up the fact that everyone in Amber’s life seems to be worried about the Hunk ‘o’ Mooch that Amber calls her fiance, but Matt says that worry is unfounded.

Next we talk about his twoseven…five? kids. Matt says he didn’t tell Amber the truth about them because he was ashamed of that part of his life.

Aww, Matt! Be sure to write that in your kids’ baby books! That’s something they’ll want to cherish!

“Those were really painful memories for me so I kind of pushed them aside,” Matt says.

Memories were pushed aside, as were the children, of course…

He explains that he didn’t abandon his kids. Rather, they were “raised by families…wonderful families.”

Well that’s all and good, Matty but…they’re supposed to be raised BY YOU! The fact that they were lucky enough to find a man willing to take care of them when their trashcan dad would not does not make up for your spreading your sperm and splitting on them. Geez.

My face...the entire time I'm watching this segment...
My face…the entire time I’m watching this segment…

Drew is still trying to figure out how many kids we’re actually talking about. Matt confirms that there are five kids total, and that Amber can rest assured that there are no extra kids of his floating around. (Um…except for this one, of course….and the two others whose moms are suing Matt for back child support, of course…)

“When you talk about things popping up, I can tell you what that is,” Matt says.

Um…yeah, me too. Your penis….every five years or so, making illegitimate kids!

Matt admits that he was awful for years to all of the women that he boned and banished. He states that he left “wreckage” behind him. (Isn’t that kind of like calling your kids “wreckage,” Matt?)

Next, Matt explains how those other two kids got tied to him. He states that “somehow” his name got attached to something on a computer and he got sucked into it. He assures that it’s been cleared up. (This was filmed in January but, as of today, Matt’s name is still on those “extra” two kids’ custody cases. In fact, he has a hearing for it later this month so…)

To up the drama even more, Dr. Drew brings out Gary and his wife Kristina. This is Kristina’s first time making “The Couch,” and she looks very nervous. Gary explains to Matt that he was just looking out for Leah and Amber when he presented the whole seven kids thing. Matt tells Gary that he’s “cleaned up” some of the stuff.

“We’re dealing with your whole life of trash,” Gary says.

This may end in a court case, guys...
This may end in a court case, guys…

Amber then shoots Gary one of her trademark “kick ya down the stairs” looks, and Dr. Drew starts to get really uncomfortable.

Amber tells Gary that Matt is only being calm and nice to him because he’s trying to be a bigger man than Gary.

Just gonna let that one slide right on by…way too easy…

“The reason I am being quiet is because I adore Leah,” Matt says.

“Do you adore your own kids, though?” Gary shoots back. “How can I respect someone who’s not there for his kids.”

When you win the reunion and you know it...
When you win the reunion and you know it…

GARY FOR THE WIN! Who knew the Gar-Bear was full of so many zingers!

Amber and Matt laugh off Gary’s statement but…he’s totally right. Their reluctance to respond is kind of telling…

Amber simply states that Matt’s kids are now in their twenties. So….apparently after you turn 20 you don’t need a father figure in your life? Interesting….

Look at Drew...he's loving this crap!
Look at Drew…he’s loving this crap!

Drew actually sits in between Matt and Gary, as he seems to be worried that there will be some sort of physical altercation between them. (No one wants this to turn into yet another Very Special Episode.)

Matt assure the doctor that he’s not going to fight anyone. (Who can blame him? All those free Goldfish cracker packs he’s stuffed into his pockets would get damaged!)

“We have a lot more in common than you think,” Matt tells Gary. (At that comment, Gary looks like he wants to heave up his entire lunch.)

To end this Reunion, they bring out all four ‘OG’ girls to chat. Drew basically Maci and Farrah if they still want to rip the fake boobs off the other’s chests, and Maci says no. Farrah, of course, gives a very “Farrah” answer about “people” being negative. She says that she and Amber do get along, except for that time where all the other ‘OG’ girls toasted to what a hoe Farrah was, on Snapchat.

These people are literally arguing about Snapchat...and we're watching them do it...sigh.
These people are literally arguing about Snapchat…and we’re watching them do it…sigh.

They, of course, show the video and Farrah gives that trademark vacant “Farrah anger” stare. Farrah says she’s mad that the girls were making fun of her, despite having said that they had moved on from hating her. Catelynn brings up that Farrah was recently bagging on them in a podcast.

“Was I?” Farrah says. “Look at what you do.”

Ladies, ladies, please. It’s clear you hate each other. And that you express that hate in white trash ways. Can we just stop this whole argument now?

“I don’t even go out of my way to engage in this conversation,” Farrah tells Catelynn. “Goodbye.”

In the words of Matt, Catelynn looks like she's "about to go medieval" on Farrah's, um, backdoor...
In the words of Matt, Catelynn looks like she’s “about to go medieval” on Farrah’s, um, backdoor…

Um…you’re still sitting next to her, Farrah. Awkward….

Drew then brings up out of nowhere that he and Farrah were not invited to Catelynn’s wedding.

“Thanks for not inviting us,” he tells her.


Cate apologizes for calling Farrah a hoebag, and both girls reveal that they wish they had a better relationship. Farrah is actually making a lot of sense, which is creepy. She is making mature points and being really honest for once.

Because this show isn’t just about drama and the extravagant lives these girls get to live, Dr. Drew has to ask them about birth control. Farrah and Catelynn confirm that they are on IUDs, while Amber says she’s on the Depo shot. Maci says that she, too, is on the Depo shot.

Well, that and she’s pregnant, of course…

So long 'Teen Mom OG' Season 5B!
So long ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 5B!

The episode ends with all of the ‘OG’ kids, parents, girlfriends and family members coming out.

That’s it for this season of ‘Teen Mom OG!’ The Ashley will be recapping the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ so stay tuned!

To read The Ashley’s recaps of this season’s episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ click here!

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  1. Kim was looking fabulous! Not just with her outfit, but her hair color was gorgeous. Debra, take note. *That* is how you dress your age and look great doing it!

  2. Farrah really confuses me when she speaks. She doesn’t use proper English. For example, “I don’t even go out of my way to engage in this conversation”, does not make sense.

    1. So glad you said that. I was thinking I missed the mark. At least we are without her baby talking for a few months. OH WAIT. Her baby talking is just being replaced with Chelsea’s in teen moms 2.

    2. I think Farrah “learned how to spoke english” from Zoolander movies. I recall a scene where Derek says to Winona Ryder “Look, I gotta go pee, but I’d really like to continue talking about this conversation when I come back.”

  3. matt NOT a man, not worthy of capitalizing his name. matt “Who cares how many kids I have out there! After they turn five, they basically take care of themselves, right?”. That right there explains you. Ohhh it’s good thing you left town. Beating a 6wk preg woman to a pulp when she told you about baby, hiding in bathtub when family comes looking for you.. Yup, big guy. Don’t know how many kids you have? Do you EVEN know names? Clearly you do NOT give a crap whether they want to meet you, or their half-siblings. Ever think all of these children may need medical help someday, yet do not have a clue who/what you are, where to get that genetic information? Oh wait, MTV Awards on tv, silly us! Are you even human? From my experience, no, you are Satan on earth. mb “i have no shame, i love them, they have great lives, i reconnected with them, they have no regrets/animosity.” Pathetic, narcissistic, LIAR and worse. YOU HAVE NEVER ATTEMPTED TO CONTACT. What the HELL would you know about their lives, their mothers/fathers, their feelings, emotions, thoughts?? NOTHING. Truly hope you burn in hell.

  4. Farrah’s behavior just cemented it for me that she can turn it on and off and she has it on so much b/c she thinks it’s making her famous.

  5. It was so annoying to watch Catelynn constantly interrupt Tyler and Butch and tell their stories for them. Like stfu and let them talk, damn.

  6. Amber is the biggest idiot on this show. How can she trust someone that abandoned his kids, but will take care hers. That makes NO SENSE. It is SO OBVIOUS that he is using her for fame. This girl is so desperate…you can’t tell her anything because she’ll just get up and leave. That’s why Drew doesn’t really dig deep, or call Matt out on his blatant lies. She’s hard headed and doesn’t want to listen to anyone except Matt. It’s disturbing. I hope she’s ready for the world of emotional and psychological damage she’s about to be dealing with after he leaves her and exposes her.

  7. Wait, wait. Maci said she was on Depo? I thought she also said she found out she was pregnant again when she went to get birth control.. Can this girl keep any of her stories straight?

    1. I’ve had a few friends who were on the Depo shot and found out they were pregnant when they went back to get their next shot. I don’t know if that is Maci’s case, but I’ve seen it happen, so it isn’t too far fetched.

      1. Except the depo shot is every 3 months, and Maci says she didn’t find out about the pregnancy until she was 5 months.

        1. Birth control shots don’t have to be every 3 months, I’ve had friends who worked with their doctors to get different dosages that were right for them. For example, I had two friends who got low doses so they got a shot every month. I had another friend who got her shots every six months. When I went to choose my birth control my doctor talked to me about possible shot schedules before I chose the good old pill. Maybe the standard is every 3 months, but from first hand experience and knowing friends who did different I don’t think it’s a step-fast rule, considering every body is different and maybe every 3 months just doesn’t work for some women.

          1. Idk what the hell kind of birth control shots you’re talking about but it is absolutely NOT DEPO AT ALL. If you don’t get your depo every single 10-12 weeks you have to restart it. It causes EXTREMELY SERIOUS side effects to an unborn fetus. If you are later than 12 weeks getting the shot, any responsible Doctor makes you have a pregnancy test when you come in, then they make you come back 1 week later for ANOTHER pregnancy test before you can restart the shot. There’s no fluctuating the dosage, not by any responsible Doctor.

          2. When I spoke with my doctor about it he said Depo shots are the popular choice for shots, but that there are also other birth control shots available. I tend to be more on the sensitive side to medications, so he suggested the monthly shots at first, and then work my way to larger gaps between shots, and possibly eventually going on Depo shots. Since I didn’t choose that for myself I don’t keep up with all the shot options out there, I’m just speaking about my experiences personally and what I know some of my friends have experienced. I know all my friends, regardless of how many weeks are between their shots, are required to take pregnancy tests before each and every shot. That’s how a few of them found out they were pregnant.

          3. Where do you live? Depo is the only injectable contraceptive available in the USA. We have three choices here in the UK but none are spaced out over as long as 5 months. Maybe if doctors in your country don’t use them properly it explains why “a few” of your friends got pregnant while on the shot as that should be very very rare.

    2. Before she came out with her whole “I didn’t know I was pregnant…AGAIN” pregnancy announcement, she needed to get her story straight. She looks like such an irresponsible idiot. Her first lie has just completely snowballed out of control, and she looks like a psycho that think’s she’s able to fool everyone into believing her lies. She just needs to come out with the truth, and stop with the foolishness.

      1. Awk-Ward…I was on the Depo shot…got pregnant…had no idea I was pregnant. I got a pregnancy test because I was juicing and working out…BUT my waist measurement just got bigger & bigger. My mom didn’t know she was pregnant until she was 6 months, I always thought that story was rediculous. Then a good friend told me her mom didn’t now either…until 6 months! Then there was that whole entire show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant!” Whether the 1st or 10th pregnancy…they can all be different. No doubt, Maci, like me was probably late on getting her shot. Your doctor only requires you to take a pregnancy test when you don’t get your shot on time. I can’t imagine my life if I had gotten that shot on time! Love my twins 🙂

        1. It’s real super easy to say you’re “on the depo” but it doesn’t count unless you take it RELIGIOUSLY every 10-12 weeks. You “WERE on” the depo shot if it’s been 12 weeks and 4 days since your last shot. I schedule for OBGYN offices and if you miss your depo even by a day, you must come back and take 1 urine pregnancy test, wait a week if it’s negative and then take a blood pregnancy test the next week before restarting the depo. Maybe Maci HAD BEEN on the depo, but she had stopped well over 5 months ago. You can’t say you’re “on the pill” if you haven’t taken it for 2 months. The shot is NO different. I understand if you don’t take your bc like you’re supposed to, and get pregnant, but you’re never getting pregnant if you get your depo shot every 11 weeks, it’s just not happening. Just like no one who takes the birth control pill every single day at the same exact time is getting pregnant.

        2. My whole thing is, it was clear on that reunion show that she had a baby bump. For her to sit there with her belly sticking out as far as it was, and saying that she didn’t know she was pregnant is a crock of crap.

    3. And can I just say by Maci saying she was on birth control shows you that SHE DID KNOW SHE COULD GET PREGNANT!! She needs to stop with the lies

  8. It is really important that teen suicide and attempted suicide is mentioned. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for the age group this show targets.

    1. Agreed. But Dr. Drew acted less like a mental health professional (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, after years of listening to him and Adam Carolla putting callers on hold to try to figure out how bra sizes work I have difficulty taking him seriously. And for the last time, the number is the ribcage measuremenf, the letter is the actual cup size. Put up a post-it or something, jeez.) and more like a junior high girl wanting *all* the details of the time her bff spent in the laundry room with that cute guy from social studies when they got paired in ‘seven minutes in heaven’.

    2. I don’t think anyone has a problem with talking about it so much as how it was brought up. Like it was hot goss or dirty laundry to air. The place to talk about the time you tried to hang yourself isn’t the recap show of a show about teenage parenthood in my opinion.

  9. I could do without Butch & Tyler. Butch doesn’t need to be proud of Tyler because Tyler is a horrible person, and regarding his supposed suicide attempt, he just LOVED talking about it. I call BS.

    1. Tramatic events during childhood take years and years to process before a person can fully understand them. I believe he’s finally reached that point in his life where he’s comfortable talking about it openly, and good for him for that. You must be pretty lucky to have never been directly effected by any mental illness in your life, otherwise I don’t think you’d be making judgmental comments about someone whose attempted suicide.

      1. Having had a very traumatic childhood, been hospitalized due to my parents’ negligence, 20 years of therapy, several suicide attempts, I feel I have a pretty good idea when someone is talking shit.

  10. I wish the girls would just call Farrah out. Just be honest about why they don’t get along, rather than fight via social networking and pretend to be cool in front of the cameras. Same with jenelle and TM2. Curious to see if they even address the jenelle/kailyn issue, or if MTV just scripts apologies!

  11. I like Amber’s highlights. What do you think? 😉

    Really hate how they joke about what happened to Gary. No. It’s a big deal. It’s called domestic abuse and it’s real, and the way Amber’s been acting I don’t have a hard time believing that she would do it again.

    If there’s an upside to that, maybe it means she’s hit Matt a few times.

    1. It’s scary to think of her having that bad of a temper and a kid! I’m glad Leah is older now at least. I have a 2 kids and I’ve had to put them in the crib to cry for a few minutes while I relaxed a bit. Someone with a temper like Ambers could put dangerous to children!

    2. When Gary had hit Amber and pushed her down a stairs, MTV would not have had any other option, they would not have hired him again.
      Now it’s okay all of a sudden?

      I still don’t like Gary, I believe they both admitted violence was going both ways in their relationship back then. However, nobody, never, ever, deserves to be beaten and pushed down a stairs. Man or woman, child or adult, Amber or Gary, nobody.

      1. Really? I like Gary. He really did try hard through all the seasons to keep his relationship together. He was one of the very few dads who wanted to father thier child. I marathon watched every ep…Amber didn’t try to hard to keep Gary from taking her child. He had to know she was doing drugs and never aired her dirty laundry on TV (a la Cory & Leah). I believe even now he truly cares for Amber. I for one would lobby for Amber pushing creepy ass Matt down the stairs. I actually do believe some people deserve to have their ass whipped!

  12. #1 – I agree with The Ashley about how it was a little inappropriate talking a lot about Tyler’s suicide attempt. That is a very disturbing and serious topic that I don’t think should’ve been discussed in that setting. It’s Tyler’s choice to discuss it or not but I just think they brought it up because Dr. Drew likes to focus on the negative things rather than the positive.

    #2 – It’s actually gotten to a point where I despise Matt more than Farrah. I know, didn’t think it was possible, did ya? He seriously is the most disgusting piece of shit I’ve ever seen. For him to use his past alleged drug addiction as a justification for abandoning his children is a total cop out and the most pathetic excuse I’ve ever heard. You chose drugs over you kids, not because you wanted to do them a favor! If he had just said, “Yeah, I was a terrible person that chose drugs over being a father,” I actually would have more respect for him. Being a drug addict doesn’t make it ok to ditch your kids, Matt. Even paying child support doesn’t make it ok to ditch your kids…oh, wait…you didn’t pay child support, you worthless bastard!

    #3 – When Gary came out to talk to Matt, did you guys see Matt’s body language? He had his arms spread out with a cocky “I don’t give a shit” look on his face? I seriously wanted to go Amber-mode on his ass and punch and kick him down a set of stairs.

    #4 – When Dr. Drew was talking to all the girls at the end and asking about the video, why the hell did they show that video but not show all the other shit that Farrah has said?! Wtf?! I can’t believe after everything Farrah has done, they make Catelynn look like that bad guy?! She’s the one that ended up apologizing and Farrah of course didn’t take any responsibility. Dr. Drew couldn’t even say, “You know Farrah, may be Catelynn said what she said because it’s her frustrated reaction to all of your social media bullying.” But no! I’m so over this stupid show!

    1. Honestly, I wish one of the girls (Catelynn) would quit pretending they want to make nice and just OWN the fact that they think Farrah sucks. (But then MTV would try to drag out the drama like they did with Maci and Farrah.)

      1. I know! It made me so mad when Catelynn apologized. She didn’t owe her an apology at all! I think it’s safe to say Catelynn and Maci will never like Farrah but they want to be civil with her because they have to work with her which I understand. It just makes me mad that Dr. Drew calls out these other girls for what they say to Farrah but he won’t call Farrah out. I just don’t get that at all.

        1. For some reason, no one wants to confront Farrah…even though she might possibly be the worst person ever.

          1. I think it’s because she’s beyond calling out. She argued with Dr Phil that she wasn’t driving while under the influence because she was pulled over when the ticket was given. Why even try to deal with that logic…or ugly cry face??

          2. @Spencer Lol. I know. She doesn’t live in reality so it’s impossible for her to ever admit when she’s wrong but to this day Dr. Phil is really the only one that has put that bitch in her place and I absolutely love that man for doing that.

          3. I feel like confronting Farrah is kinda like talking to a balloon. She probably has this stupid look on her face that makes you want to slap the shit outta her…so the girls, and everyone else, just leaves it alone because they know there is no getting through to someone like that….I mean just recently Farrah said that she has surpassed Kim Kardashian as far as fame and money….the girl is completely delusional.

    2. doubtful that he was ever a drug addict. Matt is a predator and a liar. He made up that story to have something in common with Amber, I’m calling BS on his drug addict past story, he was a selfish deadbeat then now and always. His youngest daughter is the same age as Leah. She’s the youngest one that is known. He probably has a few that are younger. He’s the worst kind of loser/monster POS that Amber could be with. She is the bigger loser though, because she is with him, says everything about her!

    3. I down voted you and absolutely did not mean to! I 100% agree!! Matt is like “oh being an addict means that I never had to own up to my problems and I won’t now!” Saying your kids were better off without you because you were so drug-addled and terrible is a horrible way of saying that you don’t have the guts and heart to be their father now, didn’t then, and won’t ever in the future. He’s a slimy pathetic disgust-o creep!

  13. “Amber shoots Gary one of her trademark ‘kick ya down the stairs’ looks.”


    ” “I don’t even go out of my way to engage in this conversation.” Farrah tells Catelynn “Goodbye.” Um you’re still sitting next to her , Farrah. Awkward…” Had me cracking up!! When I was watching, I literally spit out my drink. The way she said “goodbye” and turned away , and Catelynn ‘s split second look of confusion and disbelief had me cracking up. Also, did anyone else notice the way they were kind of throwing Kail under the bus about the snapchat video, when talking about the way it was ‘edited’?

    Matt is truly disgusting, he looks like he smells like feet, and deception. Dr Drew annoys me to no end, with the way he was grilling Tyler about his past suicidal tendencies and attempts. Especially when it came to the part about self harm. ‘You were a cutter? You cut? Were you cutting then?’ And the ‘Was that your only suicide attempt? No, there’s no way.” He’s such an ass. Any doctor or person with an ounce of compassion would know better than to basically say “OMG, what?! No way! Gimme the deets!” And basically act scandalized after someone admits to self harm. It embarrasses and shames the person, which is the last thing you wanna do to someone who is or has battled with depression. Also, I got annoyed when the audience laughed when Gary essentially said he was worried how Amber would react. We saw him wail on him how many times? And clearly it was serious for her to be arrested for it, yet everyone, Dr. Drew included, treats it like a joke, so innapropriate . On a final note, Kristina’s hair looked nice, shame she only got to say one sentence though. Love the recaps!

  14. The shade Gary threw ALL OVER Matt was life affirming. Licking his lips, rolling his eyes…it was a delight. I used to loathe Gary but that man deserves all the high fives.

    1. I haven’t watched an episode in years, but I get my updates here… everytime I see pictures of Gary I sincerely hope he starts getting healthy. He seems to be the only decent parent Leah has. Take care of yourself Gary

    1. How could Matt be great? He’s a deadbeat dad, who is still lying about how many kids he has abdobed? Or he lied to smber becuz he is using her? He talks shit about Gary, yet “adores” Leah… He dip shit Gary raised Leah BY HIMSELF.. So he should have nothing but respect and praise that GAry raised such a great child by himself. But Matt dosent “adore” Leah or care about Amber! I want Amber and Matt off the show, I think it’s B’s that deadbeat is getting paid from MTV

  15. im also actually v. shocked cate and ty didnt invite drew to their wedding. they made a producer nova’s god mother for christ sake

    1. I don’t know. I think it would be weirder to toss some sort of guilt invite to the TV ‘doctor’ they sit near twice yearly… I mean, they don’t really know one another. He knows them about as well as we do. They see the actual production crew pretty regularly.

  16. i cant believe maci was able to say depo with a straight face. i think she’s even further along then she’s saying. that baby will come may 1st instead of her supposed may 30th due date.

    1. When you look at Maci sitting on the couch, you can so tell she is preggo. She just doesn’t want to admit that she was knocked up again without a ring. Two…she has basically drank like a fish through her whole pregnancy. These girls are just…wow!

      1. Maci is a friggin joke. I totally agree…she just didn’t want to admit she was pregnant again without a ring. Maci used to be one of my favorites, just because of how great of a kid Bentley is…clearly she is doing something right with raising him. But as of January, I am just completely disgusted with her. She knew she was pregnant, there is NO WAY she didn’t at least suspect she was pregnant, and instead of going out and taking a pregnancy a test she still drank, A LOT. It is very telling that she still hasn’t come out refuting the rumors that she was actually drinking while pregnant, which let’s you know that she was. Maci is a liar, she is selfish, and just shame on her.

        1. Yes!! She was a favorite of mine too! I remember she would rub Bentleys back to put him to sleep and just seemed like such a great mom. And now…..this!!??!?!? Money and fame do change people.

      2. She’s had two f***ing kids bs she didn’t know she was pregnant. And she’s freaking tiny, like 130 maaaybe? it’s extremely obvious to me as an outsider she’s pregnant, and she’s experienceing symptoms I’m sure. Sad she’s put beer over her unborn baby. I think she saw what she wanted to see.

        1. Er-Mah-GAWD! …I was in the exact situation as Maci. Except never pregnant before and pregnant with twins!!!

          Maybe I’m missing something, why do 98% of people think a chic who seems to be a good mom would purposely drink while pg?

  17. Ya know I am endlessly amazed at how intelligent and sane Gary is. He ,by far and away, has become the most mature, intelligent person in this cast of goofballs.

    1. I remember awhile back when Gary was notoriously hated and ‘manipulative towards amber’! It boggled my mind; I feel like Gary is a damn good father.

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