Leah Messer Says She Feels “Betrayed” By MTV, Says ‘Teen Mom 2’ Premiere was “Twisted for the Benefit of a Network”

"Y'all is makin' me look bad!"
“Y’all is makin’ me look bad!”

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer has been getting ridiculed online after Monday’s Season 7 premiere episode showed her making many questionable parenting decisions— and she’s not happy about it!

The reality star took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to scold MTV, as well as the editors behind the show, for “twisting” her story to make her look bad. As The Ashley previously reported, Leah was shown doing a variety of things on the episode that got viewers fired up— from allowing her daughter Addie to eat sugar packets, to denying her twins breakfast and lunch, to texting while driving. According to Leah, however, the footage was heavily edited.

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching,” Leah wrote in a series of tweets. “It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough.”

Leah, who is known for her infamous social media rants, continued to scold the network.

“I wanted to bring awareness and HELP others and if MTV couldn’t share that then I will do it on my own the way God wants me to!” she wrote. “As hard as it was to go through I know there’s reasoning why I went through it. And it hurts to feel betrayed by the ones I thought I could trust with my story. It goes to show you how “The Entertainment World” really is and I guess everyone will see where I really am starting episode 4… I hope to continue to share my story but I REFUSE to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a network!”

Unfortunately for Leah, there’s not much she can do about the episodes that are set to air. She can, however, refuse to do Season 8. (As The Ashley previously told you, though, it is still up in the air if there will be a Season 8.)

"I'll bet that dern Corey Tyler was behind all of this!"
“I’ll bet that dern Corey Tyler was behind all of this!”

Anyway, in her rant, Leah admitted that she “hit rock bottom” but did not say if that was during the same time that the footage from Episode 1 was filmed.

“I was willing to air it all because if just one person watched and reached out for help even when they feel so alone that’s all I cared about because I could never imagine anyone feeling the pain, hurt, depression and anxiety  that I was suffering from. It would break my heart!” Leah wrote. “When others that is suffering could already be reaching out for help… It just breaks my heart! It’s not okay but I know that I am now in such an amazing place and I love you all!”

Last fall, Leah went to an Arizona rehab facility to treat what she says was severe depression and anxiety.

This is not the first time that Leah has claimed MTV edited her ‘Teen Mom 2’ segments to make her look bad. In September 2015, she ranted on Twitter that MTV had set up a fake conversation between Leah’s two ex-husbands, Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms, and edited the infamous scene where Leah seems to pass out while holding her infant niece.

Anyway, to read The Ashley’s recap of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ episode in question, click here!

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  1. i’d also just love to point out one more thing: the difference between one who matures and one who does not is so apparent in leah and chelsea. chelsea used to get on my nerves with her immaturity some too. she was always late, always laying out of classes or work. she was young and having a hard time getting up and it took her alot longer to get her ged and esthetician license because of it. but u know what? she grew up. (she always managed to parent beyond her years and keep aubree warm and fed)but she got older and became wiser and now she goes to bed early and has her shit planned. leah has not grown up one bit. maybe it’s the drugs, or maybe it’s that delta dawn raised her kids this way and leah thinks this is how people live. in any case, it’s crazy to look at the difference between them. people want to say chelsea had one kid, well, yes, she did. yet another mature decision on her part. leah knew exactly how hard it’d be to have another baby and how much jeremy worked and she made the choice anyway. i don’t want to hear that bs.

  2. Leah’s lies don’t bother me as much as the people who actually believe in them.Her FB fanpage is full with delusional people, who keep calling Leah “A great mother” and blame it all on Corey and Miranda. I guess Corey and Miranda ate all the bread Leah had and forgot to tell her, and I am pretty sure it was them texting her this early in the morning, just to make her look bad on camera. Poor Leah Dawn it must be exhausting acting like a victim 24/7

    1. Corey & Miranda spoil those kids by feeding them, then when they go home to Leahs those spoiled kids expect to eat.
      Leah is very busy & shouldnt be expected to go food shopping, plus how else can she afford her Mary Kay if she is wasting her money on food?

      1. Guys, she feeds them. Didn’t you see Addie eating her lunch, she gets as many sugar packets as she wants!

    2. This times 100000. I am a stepmother and my husbands ex wife is high conflict. Family court and custody battles have been such a drain on our marriage. We have had countless arguments, cried countless nights and have paid thousands of collars that could go towards our child together for lawyers bills.

      Corey and Miranda didn’t file for more custody just to “get back at Leah” or whatever it is Leah’s fans believe. its sad that people will easily fall for Leah’s song and dance routine instead of encouraging her to take responsibility for her own actions. Leah is who she is because she has been enabled her entire life.

  3. Along with MTV, Leah probably thinks her castmate, Chelsea Houska made her look bad too, by serving her own daughter Aubree a cereal breakfast before her first day of school — whether Aubree would be served breakfast again at school or not.

    And to make her look even worse, Chelsea drove Aubree to school with her eyes WIDE OPEN, instead of half closed and drug impaired. Chelsea also provided further safety to Aubree by dressing her warmly, not stinking up the car with harmful cigarette smoke, and certainly not texting while driving her child to school — or anywhere else.

    Damn, those insensitive moms who don’t pop pills and place total and complete value upon their kids’ lives… right Leah? #soberup #takecareofthosegirls

    1. And Aubree brushed her teeth and had her hair brushed and put in a ponytail. Also Chelsea told Aubree she loved her over and over again and encouraged Aubree’s excitement for the day. A great departure from Leah…

    2. Yeah but Chelsea had other Chelsea there to help her getting ONE child to school, cause Cole had to work.

      An overwhelmed mom with her eyes half closed might be a more fair depiction of what becoming a parent from too many kids, too soon, with too many different guys looks like some mornings.
      However, when you felt the need to make them, you will need take your responsibility. Those kids never asked to be brought into this world. So quit whining, start parenting.

      1. I can understand what you’re saying, that’s why when my two kids were that age, not having another “Chelsea” myself to help — I prepared oatmeal in crock pots, put sliced fruit toppings in the fridge, laid out clothing, and did everything else I could the night before.

        This way, at 5:30 AM every morning, I woke up, showered, then got them up, washed, dressed properly, and ready for the day before I went to work. Again, without anyone else to help me, but with a determined committment as a mom to the children that *I* chose to bring into this world. Also knowing that it wasn’t the school’s responsibility to feed my kids — it was mine and mine alone.

        By the way, as a longtime viewer of Teen Mom2, when it comes to Chelsea, I have seen her get Aubree up, fed, and ready for pre-school — all on her very own.

        1. I completely agree with you! I’m sorry but she isn’t alone. If she thinks her live in boyfriend is so awful she needs to hide him that’s a problem but don’t pull the I get up at 5 am martyr act. If you did you could put down two bowls, put in some cereal and pour some milk. It’s actually quicker to do it than type it. It takes less time to pour cereal than grabbing your cigarettes and lighter. She brought all of this on herself. She easily could have put them in a closer school where she could leave ten minutes before school to get them there. She choose to put her kids in school 45 minutes away and that’s insane for anyone to think they could do. It has nothing to do with being super super organized because I certainly am not but I also know my limits. I know the mornings I can get up and make a nice breakfast and a fancy fun lunch and I know the morning where it’s cereal and a quick lunch packed.

      2. The fact that Chelsea HAD to have someone else there to help her get her one daughter ready for school because Cole had to work is hilarious. And seriously, you know if MTV wasn’t there filming, no friend would be waking up at that time in the morning to help get someone else’s kid ready for school.

        1. I don’t think this necessarily the case. The other Chelsea lived with them for quite a while while Aubrey was young. First day of school is a big day and it’s possible that she wanted to be there. For my bestie and her kids I woke up at the ass crack of dawn to go to over and help and ride with them for the first day.

        2. Oh jeez, Chelsea has previously been shown on MTV while getting her child ready alone and took her to school by herself.

          My mother took care of me and my sisters on her own and she worked too. She got things organized and ready the day before and woke up early to take care of us. Me and my sisters are all very close in age too.

          Is it hard and trying at times? Heck yes it is. Taking care of your own kids is no the hardest thing you will do. I have one of my own and it’s tough.

          Leah has no desire to take care of those children and it shows.

        3. I think it was more just to see her get ready. I know when my kids are getting ready for something I text my girlfriends pictures of them. First day of school included. If they lived with me I am sure they would be there watching. It’s not about needing the help but this is someone who lived with her and is part of her daily life.

    3. Excellent hashtags but should be #takecareofthosegirlses….lol we all know Leah doesn’t know thats it’s girls and not girlses.

    4. Chelsea had text whilst driving and with the child in the car, S do the kardashians! My pet hate is texting whilst driving

  4. It didn’t look like the girls got their teeth brushed or faces washed either. We know they never have their hair brushed!

  5. Did they edit her not putting coats on the girls? Did they edit her smoking in the car while the girls were in the car? Liar leah is just like farrah an eternal victim who blames everyone else for her bad parenting, bad attitude to life and being a bitch.

  6. Leah honey you need to own up to your actions stop blaming Cory Miranda Jeremy MTV even if they did edit scene why isn’t it your never being a parent not looking after them the 3 days a week you get them Fri Sat sun 1 day you take them to school an you couldn’t even be prepared for that.. You make your self look bad.. I’m so ecstatic that Cory got them girls primary care.. Leah I used to love you you had a goal a dream an it wasn’t showing your girls all you gotta do is get prego hope the guys can take care of you or you end up on tv like they’re mother.. Leah is up they’re with Farrah really can’t stand this disgusting excuse for a mother.. All you Leah followers need a slap in the fucking face why you keep defending these actions.. #Growthefuckupantakecareofyourkidsgetajobyoulazyhomewreckinwhorestopbeingsoselfinvovled……

  7. How van they edited it to make her look bad. Yeah they take hours and hours of footages and cut out certain parts but it was her own actions. She really needs to think before she says and does stuff. Shes making herself look bad!!
    I do like Leah and I think she has 3 beautiful girls, o also understand that she has a lot of issues but she really needs to step up for those babies.

  8. Sooooooo…. MTV made poor Gracie say those disturbing comments? Sooooooo MTV opened several packs of sugar for poor IGNORED addie to feast on? She should thank god MTV did not air the drug use (my family member is on oxy so I know the signs!) . They did not show her affair (oh wait affairs). Those poor kids.

    1. I know! I’m so sick of these people whining about Mtv and making them look like the bad guys when most of them would be living off the government or working 40 hours a week at Target if it wasn’t for this show. It pisses me off. Yeah, Mtv edits the show but it’s in their frickin’ contract! They aren’t oblivious to this. If they don’t like it then don’t sign the damn contract and go get a real job.

  9. Also, she needs to thank mtv. Remember last season, they never even addressed her cheated on jeremy? Don’t bite the hand that feeds ya…

      1. Did you notice how Ali said “THEY didn’t by me any lunchables, lunchables, lunchables” She must have been talking about her mom and TR!

    1. Yep, and they didn’t force her to reveal the dude she started living with a month after Jeremy left her ass. They could’ve made her look a lot worse but they didn’t.

  10. Wow.I believe leah is beyond help until she takes responsibility for her actions. She blames everyone around her. It’s corey, it’s jeremy, it’s mtv…..no leah, it’s you. You can post lies all you want, no one with half a brain believes you!

    1. @Jessica. It never ceases to amaze me how these half-brained people even manage to get online to defend the actions of this poor excuse of a parent.
      I’m so glad MTV appears to have stopped giving her the good girl edit.

      1. @Claire it makes me wonder what Leah did to piss MTV off. ? anyway I noticed some alcohol in Leah’s fridge correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it bad to drink alcohol while taking “anxiety and depression ” medication?!!!!!!! ???????? (of course MTV could have put that in there to make leah look bad) ?

  11. If you don’t like then quit oh that right you need the money since you don’t work. Not like your two ex husband’s. You have the support from family friends and still you complain. And yes I was also a teen mom but survived didn’t bitch about it. You made this so live it. And you clearly are not happy with yourself. If you don’t want people expressing about the way you parent then don’t be on the show anymore. This turned around from helping young girls and teen pregnant to just another reality show I predict that when this does go off the air they will be struggling for cash.

    1. I was never a teen mom so I cannot speak for that, but I do indentify with how incredibly frustrating it is for Leah to make excuses. When I got laid off I spiraled into horrible depression. My work was my life and suddenly I became a stay at home mom and frankly I felt like I sucked at it. It was a flood of emotions- I felt worthless because my entire life I equated my self worth to my work. There were times I just would lay in bed while my daughter played on the floor. But you know what I STILL managed to do? Make her a PB&J sandwich and cut her up an apple for lunch. Throw chicken into the oven and peas into the microwave for dinner. Get HER dressed every morning while I stayed in my pajamas. Attend to HER needs. And I found that the more I scheduled my life around HER the better I felt and coped.

      Granted, I Don’t have three kids. However It just frustrates me to see Leah make excuse after excuse when she needs to mother up and do what needs to
      Get done.

      1. This times a million. When you have children, they become your number one priority no matter what. No matter what’s going on in your life, no matter how you’re feeling, those little people depend on you and you can’t let them down.

        Here’s what I don’t get about Leah. She makes about 10 times more per year than I do, and she also gets chill support. She has more than enough money to buy some real food, and more than enough time to cook it. I mean, I’m sure it’s challenging finding time to cook and clean when she has Addie all day, but my mom had to do it with two kids under the age of four and she managed. And is it really that hard to make lunch for your kids? Sandwich, bag of grapes, fruit snacks, juice box. It takes 10 minutes tips and you can do it before you go to bed so the next day those lunches will be ready to go and you won’t have to worry about it.

        I should mention that I do not have children, mainly because I’m not ready to put a tiny person’s needs before my own. But even now, if I were to suddenly find myself in a situation where children were in my care, you would never hear them complain about not getting breakfast, or being denied basic care. I’m the first to admit that I’d probably be a terrible mom, but at least my kids would get fed. If I were having issues getting them to school on time, I’d woman up and get up earlier,even though I’m not a morning person at all.

        Oh, and kids or not, I definitely would not text and drive. Homie don’t play with that.

        1. This is not at all making excuses for Leah, it’s just an honest response to something you said. Depression can make the simplest tasks seem unbearable or impossible. I know because I go through it. And I screw up in a lot of ways in life: my house is a mess, I don’t play with my dog enough, I procrastinate on my work and have to run on the motivation of the last minute. But I choose not to bring kids into it! I used to want kids, and now I know if I can’t provide my dog with the best life possible, I sure as hell shouldn’t have any kids.

          I don’t know now whether it would make a difference on my ability to get things done if I had actual human children, although I must say I lived with a man for over a year and functioned comparably well for his kids, who lived with us full time. But I know exactly what’s causing that because I screwed up and did it myself – not going to the grocery store so having to half-ass a school lunch, having dinner ready too late (although like 9 PM not midnight!), drying school clothes at the last minute in the morning, making them go play so I could listen to my radio show and feel like I had time to myself (I guess you could say “ignoring them” when they wanted to hang out with me). It’s depression, and I was pretty deeply depressed at the time. I think Leah knows she’s fucking up and can’t bear to face it out of shame. I get it because I’m ashamed I wasn’t better to those kids, as much as I loved them and wanted to be stable and take care of them. She really, really needs to be honest with herself and TRULY resolve her depression by admitting her fuckups, APOLOGIZING TO HER CHILDREN and not trying to convince anyone with words, just make a change and convince us with her actions. Shit, she has money, she can pay someone to come help her clean her house, even get damn food delivered if it’s such a chore to go get it. I know their money isn’t infinite but still, she has the means to bite the bullet and FUNCTION if not thrive as a stay-at-home DIY mom.

          This is probably one of the most disjointed comments I’ve written, lol. My apologies. 😛

        2. I’m so glad someone else is questioning where in the hell her money goes. My husband makes way less than her and I still grocery shop and cook! It’s like even everyday tasks are impossible for this girl to complete! She stumbles around in a drug induced fog while her kids beg for food. She doesn’t seem to notice or care how distraught they are either.

  12. She is completely full of crap. If anything, MTV is still protecting her by not showing the full extent of things. Go back and watch the scene in the car with the girls again, and you will see they cut away from her every time she is about to smoke her cigarette or flick her ashes out the window. Every time the cigarette comes into view, MTV immediately cuts to a shot of the girls, so if you blink for even a second you would miss it. I didn’t even realize she had a cigarette in her hand the first time I watched the episode.

    1. If she’s so unhappy with MTV then why doesn’t she say NO MORE when it’s time to renew her contract? She lives for the drama at her children’s expense. Just like the ho on Teen Mom OG…Trashy Farrah

      1. They make 250k per season.. She needs the money and desperately too. All of them, with the exception of Chelsea and Farrah perhaps, need the money.

        They get bonuses for every pregnancy (rumour) and every child of theirs gets paid too.

        Sooo.. No wonder Miss Maci is pregnant again.

    2. Yup, not to mention she had a vape on her coffee table at home. a few drops of liquid nicotine on the skin could kill those girls.

      1. Or by swallowing it. E-liquids are generally flavored to be sweet tasting. I could definitely see any of the girls thinking it’s yet another sugary drink to chug. I know a lot of people who were finally able to quit smoking by vaping, but all of them kept their vapes and e-liquids locked up and away from their kids for that very reason

    3. Ugh! She is smoking in the car with them? Really? You know, where I live that is illegal. So is texting and driving. Disgusting, disgraceful behaviour.

      1. Curious, smoking in the car in general, or smoking in the car with kids in it? I smoke, but have never driven with a kid in my car and smoked. I had a friend in high school who vividly recalled his (teen mom) mother flicking ashes out her window, which came in through his open window and were hitting him in the face. Yeah, trashy behavior.

        1. In Ontario, Canada smoking in the car with your children in it is illegal. As it should be, in my opinion. People can still get cancer from second hand smoke.

  13. Leah if you don’t want the world to judge you then just be a good mom and you won’t have to worry about “editing.” Feed your kids (real food, not sugar packets or cheetos), don’t smoke around them, set up a routine with them that includes getting them to bed on time and taking care of them. For the love of God don’t text and drive. Please explain how editing caused you to do that?

    1. Plus, you’re on REALITY TELEVISION. If that doesn’t mean you’ve opened the (back, if you’re Farrah) door to judgment, I don’t know what does.

  14. Mtv edited the cigarette in her hand while in the car with three small kids ( one with health issues)
    Mtv made her eyes look like that
    Mtv made her skip breakfast for the kids.
    Mtv opened those sugar packets for Addie.
    If I were Robbie I would run because mtv is coming for you pretty soon

    1. Exactly! If anything, MTV tried to HIDE the fact that she was smoking in the car with her kids. Every time the cigarette comes into to view, they instantly cut away from her and go to a shot of the girls in the back or a shot of the car from the outside. I didn’t even realize she had a cigarette in that scene the first time I watched the episode, that’s how good MTV edited that scene!

      1. Well, they’re hiding the fact her boyfriend, and his kids, are living in that same house. Plus, her drug use.

        Smoking pales in comparison.

  15. Oh how my heart breaks for our brave little heroine who just wanted to show her struggle in hopes that it would help someone…

    MONKEY! And sorry Leah, there isn’t a film editor on the planet talented enough to make such a good mother look as bad as you are.

    Leah must have balls the size of Jurrmy’s truck to think anyone would believe that it was bad editing and not bad mothering.

  16. Lol did anyone see what she posted on ig? A picture with Jenelle and a caption about how much she “loves her” AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA

  17. This girl never takes accountability for anything. It’s so annoying. MTV didn’t edit a phone in your hand while you were driving the girls to school, they didn’t edit what your girls were saying, and they didn’t edit you once again not paying attention to your youngest. You did alllllll that on your own. Own up and just say you’re overwhelmed with 3 young kids and stop fighting your baby daddy for custody. Clearly you need the help.

    1. That’s what I’m screamin’. That “therapy” facility couldn’t have been more than a spa, I swear, because the concepts of accountability and ownership seem completely foreign to this girl.

      This is a television show, so obviously we’re only ever seeing what gets shown to us- if that makes any sense… I don’t doubt that there’s a fair amount of creative editing happening, but like you said, that phone wasn’t airbrushed into the scene. Leah seems totally cool with the editing and “twisting” of the truth when it makes C-money look bad or benefits her in some other way. T.R. “Totally her live-in boyfriend” Dues??? Eh?

      Also, I’d be willing to bet that the paycheck is the reason Leah’s sharing her completely accurate, uplifting story with us. That ol’ cash-ola is quite the motivation. I mean, I can’t think of another way to get paid (and paid well) for not having a job. I made significantly less last time my job was being unemployed and complaining. Just sayin’.

    2. Actually, Leah should be thanking MTV for usually giving her the sympathetic edit. They didn’t address cheating with Robbie via deer cam, T.R., her filthy home, among many other things.

      1. I read “cheating with Robbie via deer cam” to be some wacky sexting scenario where she displayed herself to him via the deer cam 😛

    3. If she ACTUALLY cared about her daughter’s she would have taken Corey up on the 50/50 offer and asked him to take the girls for more time while she got her sh!t together. she should have been thanking Miranda and kissing her @$$ for stepping up and mothering the girls.

      Instead she just plays victim. I guess that’s easier than possessing humility.

  18. So is she saying MTV made it look like she was texting and driving, made it look like she opened sugar packets and gave them to her toddler, made it look like she couldn’t get up and feed her kids before school? I’m sorry but it’s doesn’t matter if all of that didn’t happen and the same time like we saw on the show but it still happened. Those poor girls were starving and from what we saw you didn’t even give them juice. What if they didn’t get to school with enough time to eat breakfast? and about getting up at 5, most people do that regardless if we need to get kids ready for school or not. it’s life and besides taking care of kids you don’t have any other responsibilities. Imagine if she actually had to WORK a normal job and/or go to school?!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Her girls and house would be 100 times worse than it already is!

  19. her lies are just beyond stupid. shows how ignorant she is to think people will believe that they somehow edited that scene with the baby. and her brother tried to back her up so the whole damn family is a bunch of enablers. if she crashed and killed those babies, they’d be the ones bawling their eyes out, wearing t-shirts of the girlses while suing the car maker. trash.

  20. MTV should go back and re-edit all the episodes and include scenes where TR or his kids are in the background 🙂

    1. Yes! Curious about him/her and how THEY treat those girls. There’s more to her story then MTV is airing. He got full custody on more grounds then just them being late for school. Supposedly she got split custody back, but that most likely involved something more she had to comply with that we don’t even know.

  21. oh leah, you sad little bird. this is season seven. you’ve been speaking their fed lines for 7 years now. you’re just mad MTV is finally showing what your life is actually like.

    have fun living off the child support income only, although it is a lot it won’t be enough for a new car and house every year and shopping sprees

  22. “I was willing to air it all because i….” no b*tch you saw dollar signs! Shut up. I seriously can’t stand her. Shes becoming worse than Jenelle.

    1. Oh no kidding. She acts like she’s some courageous advocate for people who have depression and anxiety. You got it exactly right, it’s not nobility or humility, it’s a damn paycheck. EXCELLENT point.

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