‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Glass-Throwing, Guzzling Sugar & Gas Station Food

"Hey-- it beats eating 7-11 corndogs at 6 in the morning!"
“Hey– it beats eating 7-11 corndogs at 6 in the morning!”

The Ashley has good news and bad news for y’all! The good news was that the seventh season of Teen Mom 2 premiered on Monday night!

The bad news is…we now have to face the fact that we’ve been watching this horrific show for seven seasons now. Do you know how long that is? Over here on The Roundup, The Ashley doesn’t like to break things down in years. Instead, she prefers to think of it in terms of how many engagements Jenelle has had and/or how many different hair colors Chelsea has sported over the course of the series. Any way you put it– we’ve been watching this crap for way too long.

"Didn't you hear?! We're back!"
“Didn’t you hear?! We’re back!”

Anyway, Season 7 kicks off with a refresher course on all the ridiculous happenings from Season 6. Jenelle screamed at our Babs (as per usual), she got engaged to her soulmate (as per usual), and then everything went to crap and someone ended up in handcuffs (as per usual). Leah found out that Corey wanted to take her twins away and that Jeremy wanted to get as far from her as legally possible. She handled all of this ex-husband drama by (not) taking happy pills and falling asleep on babies.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is still paying for the poor decision she made at 16 to let Adam boink her sans condom. After years of generally terrorizing the state of South Dakota, Adam decided he wanted to be a parent to Aubree. Kail got in a lot of fights with Javi, as well as her ex, Rappin’ Jo.

Now that we’re all caught up on the gals, it’s time to start Season 7!

We begin with Jenelle. Within literally 30 seconds, we learn that Jenelle has, yet again, gotten in trouble with the law. (You can always count on them to cram all of Jenelle’s most-recent legal offenses into the first 30 seconds of her voiceover in a new season. Soon they will have to hire that fast-talking guy from the Micro Machines commercials to read the voiceover, though. He’ll be the only one that can manage to get all of her offenses in under 30 seconds!)

Anyway, as usual with Jenelle, “things got out of control” when ol’ Nathan brought his new soulmate over to Jenelle’s house. We don’t know what Jenelle did (yet), but somehow it managed to end with a mugshot and assault charge.

Available in portrait or wallet sizes...
Available in portrait or wallet sizes…

Thankfully, MTV treats us to Jenelle’s latest mug, which is suitable for framing if you ask The Ashley! Babs must be showing all her Wal-Mart coworkers Jenelle’s mugshot, and telling them stories of what her “bitch of a daughta” is up to now!

Jenelle has been quite busy, though, in between the assaulting and whatnot. She graduated from medical assisting school, moved closer to Casa de Babs, and is still fighting with Nathan over who gets Kaiser, (the baby, not the healthcare plan).

I swear they found the only MTV intern with a Southern accent and made her pretend to be Jenelle's new friend...
I swear they found the only MTV intern with a Southern accent and made her pretend to be Jenelle’s new friend…

In honor of the new season, Jenelle’s secured a new degenerate friend named Jaime. She’s a pretty girl and, though she has unfortunate taste in clothes, appears to be somewhat normal. (By Jenelle’s friend standards, that means that she has all of her teeth and has no visible ankle monitoring system.)

Jenelle tells Jaime that she was charged with assault after she attempted to spray water on Nathan’s new girlfriend but accidentally let go of the glass (“somehow”) and the glass hit the girl on the head. Jenelle can’t even keep a straight face as she explains this story to her friend. Nathan happens to call at the exact moment that Jenelle is talking about him! (Isn’t that just a knock-ya-in-the-head-with-a-glass coincidence!?)

"Must you be so dramastic?!"
“Must you be so dramastic?!”

Nathan is upset because he thinks that Jenelle is withholding Kaiser from him, simply because Nathan is dating Glass Girl. This is, of course, exactly what Jenelle told her friend she was doing just seconds before Nathan called.

Jenelle screams at Nathan when he says that he would have to put Kaiser in daycare while he is at school. Um…didn’t Jenelle just tell us that Kaiser is currently being babysat by her friend, even though Jenelle is just sitting out in her backyard and talking to her random friend? Why isn’t Kaiser with her?

Nate brings up that Jenelle is destined to become a lowdown felon. Jenelle, of course, ain’t having none of that!

“First of all,” she says, “it’s a misdemeanor!”

She hangs up the phone all “dramastically” and huffs off.

Glad to see that the "Wisconsin Grandpa" T-shirt will be rejoining us for Season 7!
Glad to see that the “Wisconsin Grandpa” T-shirt will be rejoining us for Season 7!

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Aubree are living happily with Cole. Aubree has just turned six and is about to start kindergarten. Chelsea tries to help Aubree pick something out to wear for her first day. Since no one appears to be taking heavy narcotics or throwing glasses over at Chelsea’s cabin, we move right along to Leah‘s segment.

Leah’s fresh from the ‘hab, and is apparently all cured of her various, um, ailments. While her relationship with ex-husband #2, Jeremy, is cordial, Leah’s not getting along with ex-husband #1, Corey. That dern Corey Tyler is still insistin’ on gettin’ full custody of the twinseses, which makes Leah angry.

Leah doesn’t have time to worry about that today, however. She’s been tasked with getting her girls to school by 7:15. It’s 6:24 and Addie is still sleeping in a heap in the living room, and Ali is rummaging through the fridge, DSL (Desperately Seeking Lunchable).

That moment when you realize that you're not gonna be eating any bologna cubes come noon...
That moment when you realize that you’re not gonna be eating any bologna cubes come noon…

To Ali’s dismay, she realizes “they” (who is most certainly not Leah and her secret live-in boytoy, T.R. Dues, of course) have forgotten to purchase her any processed meat packages for her lunch box.

Leah is staggering around the house, trying to corral kids into her Trashmobile so she can get them to school so that dern Corey Tyler don’t yell at her for making them girls late. Leah looks like she’s been awake since Season 6 ended. Seriously….whoa. Most women aren’t camera-ready at 6:30 in the morning, but Leah is a special kind of, um, tired in this scene.

Aleeah is also sleeping in the living room and is reluctant to get up. Since she’s Lunchable-less, Ali is hoping to at least be able make a sandwich for her lunch, but Leah squashes that dream when she tells her daughter that she is also out of bread. Where’s a can of raviolis when you need it!?

aleeah simmsAleeah is trying to figure out a way to get herself some damn lunch that day, so she suggests that Leah stop at a gas station so they can get some sort of food for their lunch.

You know things are bad when your kid is begging you to buy her some gas station food.

"If y'alls is that hungry, just chew on your carseat until we get to school!"
“If y’alls is that hungry, just chew on your carseat until we get to school!”

It’s now 6:40 and Leah is just loading the kids into the car. Again, Aleeah begs for some gas station rations, but her request is denied. Ain’t nobody got time for no gas station food, Aleeah! Come on!

Leah and her crew hit the streets of West Virginia. She’s basically driving with one eye open and is texting as she drives.

"I done run outta my Mary Kay."
“I done run outta my Mary Kay.”

Who the hell is she texting at 6:45 in the morning? Perhaps she’s texting the gas station attendant and asking him to throw two Lunchables into her car as they drive by?

Aleeah is pissed off that she has not been fed. She demands that her mother take her home. Aleeah isn’t holding back– she then chides her mother for worrying about everything but picking them up and feeding them. Leah looks unfazed (and kind of unaware of who the short person who’s screaming at her actually is).

“I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat!” Aleeah wails. “You never get us up for breakfast. Daddy and Miranda does!”

The mention of her arch nemesis’ name, Miranda, snaps Leah back into reality. She tells her daughter that she isn’t “Daddy and Miranda” so don’t be coming at her with ridiculous requests like being fed or whatnot.

Do we even need to see Kail‘s segment at this point? Or any other ‘Teen Mom 2’ segment ever? Nothing will ever top that scene…

"How can I compete with what you just saw?"
“How can I compete with what you just saw?”

Kail tells us that she’s still in college and that she’s getting along with Jo much better now that she’s not all up in his pockets. Kail and Javi are getting along too, but probably only because they rarely talk throughout the week.

"Hang out with your ex and his pregnant girlfriend? Yeah...I'm gonna pass."
“Hang out with your ex and his pregnant girlfriend? Yeah…I’m gonna pass.”

Kail tells Javi that she is planning to take family photos with the kids and, because he’s still in the family, she’d like him to be there. Jo and his sperminated girlfriend Vee will also be attending the photo shoot festivities. Javi doesn’t want to hear anything about Jo, but Kail encourages him to try to get along with Jo.

Ho-hum. Can we please get back to kids begging for Chevron chili cheese dogs please? That’s much more exciting (albeit disturbing)…

Anyone else think that Chevron or some other gas company really missed an opportunity here? They should have bought an ad that aired right after Leah’s scene.

“Chevron: Our food is beg-ya-momma good!”

Anyway, it’s morning at Chelsea’s house and Aubree has to go to school. Things at Chelsea’s cabin are very different from what we saw of Leah’s morning routine.

"Get up or I'll bring you to Leah's house tomorrow morning!"
“Get up or I’ll bring you to Leah’s house tomorrow morning!”

Chelsea’s trusty pal Other Chelsey (whom we can only assume has been living in the garage since Cole moved in), is there to help get Aubree ready for school. They get Aubree out of bed and fix her a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

She’s brushed, groomed and dressed for school and out the door with enough time to pose for pictures. They pile into Chelsea’s car and barrel through the cornfields, as Chelsea tells her daughter how proud of her she is.

Later, Chelsea tells Other Chelsey that Adam actually showed up to see Aubree go to school. He asked to talk about visitation, but Chelsea is hesitant to make any changes in Aubree’s life.

"Wanna know how much I can bench press?"
“Wanna know how much I can bench press?”

Speaking of Adam, we next get to check in on him. He’s still hanging out with his trusty pal Justin, who looks like the creepy dude on the “Neighborhood Watch” signs. Adam is now certified to teach people to pump iron. Perhaps he can teach his pal how to speak English? Seriously, Justin just mutters an assortment of sounds when he’s supposed to speak.

Can't they at least hose him off before they put him on camera?
Can’t they at least hose him off before they put him on camera?

Adam says that he’s hoping that Chelsea will let Aubree come over his house more, and that he doesn’t understand why she won’t allow Aubree to stay the night at his place.

Um…probably because you have creepy looking people like him at your place, Adam!

We go back to North Carolina where Jenelle is Facetiming her lawyer, Amy. The lawyer assures Jenelle that, while she was trainwrecky enough to rack up a misdemeanor charge, she wasn’t quite trashy enough to get herself a felony charge as Nathan implied.

"I hope my cell hasn't changed much since the last time I was there!"
“I hope my cell hasn’t changed much since the last time I was there!”

“I would have to beat her in order to get a felony?” Jenelle asks. (Better luck next time!)

Still, the lawyer tells Jenelle that she is currently facing 30 days in jail. (The fact that Jenelle doesn’t even bat an eyelash when this is mentioned is quite telling.) Jenelle is a little worried, though, because she’s “in the medical field” and she wants to be able to get a job.

That joke just kind of writes itself, doesn’t it?

Later, Jenelle meets up with her pal, Tori to talk about all of Jenelle’s assorted custody fights. Jenelle says that she can’t fight for custody of Jace until she gets this darn violent assault charge dropped.

Stethoscope or handcuffs...a choice that all medical professionals face at some point in their career....
Stethoscope or handcuffs…a choice that all medical professionals face at some point in their career….

“It scars me for life, dude!” Jenelle wails. “If I have this charge, I’m never going to get a job in the medical field, dude!”

Maybe if Jenelle’s dream of being a brain surgeon or whatever doesn’t work out, she can get a job at the gas station in Leah’s town, slinging Lunchables?

Jenelle brings up the fact that this charge will pop up when her potential employers do a background check on her. For some reason she seems to forget that she’s been documenting her trainwreck life on a stupid MTV reality show for about six years and has been shown getting HIGH! HIGH!, arrested and doing other assorted hoodlum things on camera.

Tori doesn’t seem to understand what all the fuss is about.

“There are felons out there that have jobs, Jenelle!” she tells her pal.

Hey, as we all know “being a felon ain’t illegal!” You’ll be OK, Jenelle!

Hopefully Vee doesn't give "birff" right there at the patio table...
Hopefully Vee doesn’t give “birff” right there at the patio table…

In Delaware, Jo and Vee are preparing to take to take Isaac to Kail’s photoshoot. Before they leave, however, Vee reveals that Isaac is dying for her to “give birfff” already. She’s very pregnant with Jo’s second child.

They all arrive at the photo shoot, except Javi, who decided not to attend. Afterward, they all decide to go get something to eat, so Kail calls Javi to invite him along. Javi says he’s too tired to go, but he wants Kail to drive Lincoln home. Javi starts to get all fired up so Kail hangs up on him. As you do.

In West Virginia, the twins are at school while Leah and her cousin Chasity head to have some lunch. Leah’s youngest daughter, Addie, is zonked out after all of the mornings’ antics.

Leah tells her cousin that getting the twins to school is hard for her because she has to get up at 5 a.m. and sometimes she’s “so sleepy” that she can’t stay awake while she’s driving.

This was legit how Chasity looked as Leah talked about how crazy it is for the girls to expect breakfast and lunch.
This was legit how Chasity looked as Leah talked about how crazy it is for the girls to expect breakfast and lunch.

Leah explains to her cousin that Aleeah was being whiny, asking for breakfast and lunch, and stating that Corey and Miranda actually make them breakfast in the morning.

"Who needs Lunchables?!"
“Who needs Lunchables?!”

Meanwhile, Addie has woken up and is pawing through the sugar packets on the table. She shoves a few in her mom’s face and Leah opens them for her and Addie starts guzzling SUGAR packets like they were candy. It’s then that we notice that Addie’s mouth is already blue around the edges, likely from some other type of pop/gummy/liquid candy object.

Chasity is just sitting there with her mouth open, trying to decide if it’s worth forfeiting her MTV-paid-for meal to call out her cousin.

"I don't know why they was still hungry. I just fed 'em yesterday!"
“I don’t know why they was still hungry. I just fed ’em yesterday!”

So, let’s review: we have girls begging for gas station food and downing sugar packets. Just another day in the life of Leah, y’all!

Later, Leah prepares to take Ali to a doctor’s appointment in Ohio. Corey and Miranda will also be attending the appointment, which makes Leah nervous.

The whole gang arrives at the hospital for the appointment, and Ali’s wheelchair is brought in. Things are very cold between Corey and Miranda and Leah, but everyone keeps their cool during the appointment. Ali’s doctor delivers some heartbreaking news about Ali’s condition. He recommends that Ali start using her wheelchair once it’s been fixed, and tells Leah and Corey that Ali’s condition will continue to get worse once she turns seven.

"I'm clearly a dramastically different person!"
“I’m clearly a dramastically different person!”

In South Carolina, we get to check in with Nathan and his new girlfriend Jessica. Nathan is actually wearing a shirt with sleeves and, although the shirt is purposely two sizes too small in order to show off his muscles, at least we’ve made progress since last season’s cut-up Superman tank.

Jessica looks like someone you would have met at an Avril Lavigne concert circa 2004.

"He was a sk8 boy...I said see you later boy..."
“He was a sk8 boy…I said see you later boy…”

Nathan is making it seems like his life has changed a lot since he ended things with Jenelle. He’s talking about trigonometry and tricep curls and whatnot, and it’s painfully obvious that both he and Jessica are doing their best to show how “stable” they are. Nathan’s “Joe College” routine is kind of ridiculous but, hey, at least he’s not throwing glassware at people I guess.

That face you make when you have to take care of BOTH your kids in the SAME day!
That face you make when you have to take care of BOTH your kids in the SAME day!

Back at Jenelle’s Kaiser is sick, so Jenelle is freaking out about what to do. Babs is on her way to pick up Jace, who looks like he’s counting the minutes until his grandma arrives. Jenelle decides that Kaiser needs to go to the doctor, and Tori takes over care of the screaming baby while Jenelle yells at Jace for spilling “drink” on her leather couch.

A few minutes later, we see her: Barbara has arrived!

Now that's how you kick off a season!
Now that’s how you kick off a season!

“Oh hi Juh-nelle!”

We got it in, right on the buzzer! Thanks for making my day, Babs.

As soon as Barb asks how Kaiser is doing, Jenelle completely loses her crap. She starts screaming at her mother for no apparent reason. When Barb brings up Jenelle’s upcoming court date(s), Jenelle explodes again.

"I'm leaving and taking my red drink with me!"
“I’m leaving and taking my red drink with me!”

Babs starts to cry.

“Ya always hurt my feelings!” Barb yells. “Ya always want to be mean to me!”

Barb escapes with Jace, who seems happy to be out of Jenelle’s House of Chaos.

Until next week….

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  1. CPS seriously wtf are you?

    Poor triple A needs you!
    As does Kaiser.

    Corey should be the sole carer of the twins
    Jeremy abs his mom Should have custody of little miss sweet n low

    And Nathan’s mom should have little Kai

  2. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But seeing how little Addie immediately chowed down on those sugar packets like they were an average, everyday meal — speaks volumes.

    For me, it’s clearly NOT the first time this poor kid has done this. And along with the other Cheeto, Lunchable, and canned ravioli and blue sugar water GARBAGE we’ve seen Leah serve those kids instead of healthier, more nourishing foods, it’s at a point now where it’s beyond nauseating as well as dangerous.
    What sane person allows a toddler to pour sugar down their throat like that? What a damn shame.

    1. I thought the same thing! Like she didn’t chew on it first to open it she immediately handed it to her mom. She knew exactly how to eat it without making a mess too lol

  3. My observations
    1. Nathan’s girlfriend looks like the love child of Kayla from 16 and pregnant and Carla from mob wives
    2. Jenelle is incredibly selfish and even though she claims she is raising Kaiser all this time she doesn’t seem to really get parenting. He’s fighting sleep no he’s sick. He got up at 6 am. Yea and for a sick kid that’s late. When tori is the voice of reason you should cry.
    3. Leah is a complete martyr. I wake up at 5. No you don’t or you could give your kids cereal, brush their hair, or pack a lunch able. At least give them a can of ravioli so them girlses ain’t hungry all day
    4. Javi sucks big time
    5. I love Babz

  4. The Ashley- I have a question.. why did they cut the scenes with her smoking? It’s reality TV and that was really happening so I’m just curious as to why that was cut. Thanks:)

    1. She probably wouldn’t sign on to do the show again unless they edited it out…just like she wouldn’t let them mention her cheating on Jeremy, OR her new boyfriend.

    2. She probably wouldn’t sign on to do the show again unless they edited it out…just like she wouldn’t let them mention her cheating on Jeremy, OR her new boyfriend.

    3. MTV left a few moments in. There is an excellent screenshot on the teen mom2 subreddit showing her clearly holding a cigarette with the window halfway down and her eyes half shut during the part Grace was dropping the dimes on her.

  5. My mom is in a wheelchair, while waiting for ins we purchased one at walgreens for maybe $150? And yes I have to wheel her. Maybe leah is so god Damn lazy she doesn’t want to push poor little ali? If I can push my 200 lb mom leah should have no issue pushing her. Makes me sick

    Ps. Javier is the worst

  6. Ironic how things have changed from my perspective… Kail used to be my least favorite; litigious, short-fused, withdrawn & always fearful of something… she has matured quite a lot, is wiser in her relationships with others and seems the most balanced to me. Leah has gone from what I thought was a sweet girl to completely chaotic & unwilling to see what is obviously apparent to everyone else. Jenelle is meaner & even more delusional than ever, psychotic even to a certain degree. Chelsea seems the same to me, well, maybe a little more sure of herself.

    1. I used to think that Chelsea was so stupid and immature, but I’m really impressed with how much she’s grown up. I used to be really impressed with Leah, but things have gone way downhill in that department.

  7. It’s pretty dumb that MTV editted out T.R. Dues. Anyone who has seen the tabloids knows they were together before her “single mom” speech during the reunion taping. Pretty sick of her being able to play it off and lie for the camera. MTV covers up all her BS problems. Ridiculous.

    1. To be fair to MTV, if TR didn’t sign consent forms for them to film, they can’t do anything about it. From my perspective, Ali’s “THEY didn’t….” was MTV’s way of nodding to his existence without getting themselves into trouble.

  8. “For some reason she seems to forget that she’s been documenting her trainwreck life on a stupid MTV reality show for about six years and has been shown getting HIGH! HIGH!, arrested and doing other assorted hoodlum things on camera.”

    LOL. Absolutely perfect.

  9. The Ashley…I can no longer read these at work. I was snorting I was laughing so hard! Thank you for making my day 🙂 this was hilarious to read.

  10. Leahs segments give me nightmares! What happened to her! In season 4 she was a good mom! Even if she wasn’t the best significant other with her cheating and what not she was always put together and the kids came first, she worked and had goals/went to school. And now she doesn’t deserve more than maybe supervised visits (And not supervised by HER family because they let her drive them around and hold a baby while shes passing out high)

    I was rooting for her and now it’s like she’s too far gone. She has so much money she could own her own home the kids could have nice clothes and be dressed properly and well fed and despite this theyre cold and starving and we all sit back and watch helplessly as she blows it all on drugs (even her kids money!!). I’m rooting for corey and miranda so bad.

    1. Wait, what show have you been watching where Leah was a “good mom” and working? She’s always been a trainwreck and crazy since I’ve been watching this show.

  11. John Moschitta Jr., The Micro Machines Man, is just great. Good call, @The Ashley. Good call.

    Let us never forget that he also brought life to one of the most influential and beloved television characters in HISTORY…

    That’s right, you guys, of course I’m referring to Mr. Testaverde! Saved By The Bell wouldn’t have been the cinematic masterpiece that it was without Bayside’s favorite teacher.

    Mr. Testaverde- part man, part leopard, part God. 100% magic.


  12. Chasity scares me.

    He only spilled like 3 drops of “drink”…save the game controller!!

    That wheelchair is never going to work again.

  13. Chasity scares me.

    He only spilled like 3 drops of “drink”…save the game controller!!

    That wheelchair is never going to work again.

  14. Leah’s Instagram is currently hilarious. She’s got a time-stamped snapchat photo of the drive to school to document how together and on time they are this morning (the picture was taken while driving……..) and another picture of Addie’s breakfast with a description of the healthy foods included. She is Jenelle 2.0 with all this photographic evidence of “good” parenting

  15. This is all getting old. I think the whole leah situation was more “Gracie” is what they call her being a drama queen and the “you’re the worst Mommy ever” tantrum. Every kids has them. I read that Corey is mad becasue Gracie knows how to make toast. Seriously she is 6. I think he is just finding reasons to get what he wants. I think if Miranda wasn’t in the picture things would be different. I think Miranda wants her little perfect family and Leah in the picture is preventing that.

    I am not surprised that she is hiding the boyfriend. I hate to say it but that area is redneck country and I am sure a lot of people are frowning upon it.

    1. Seriously? Leah is a stay at home mom with no job. She can at least get off her ass and feed her children. Tons of young children are ‘drama queens’ in the morning, but not feeding your kids is abuse. I can’t believe you are actually defending that.

    2. The toast thing happened like a year and a half ago when the girls were 4 years old. Children that young shouldn’t be making their own breakfast, let alone using an electronic kitchen appliance that is a fire hazard.

    3. Hang on, seriously? Leah, is that you? Hey there. If the C-word and Miranda just wanted to screw with Leah (you), I’m 100% sure they’d find a cheaper and easier way. The motive behind filing for custody of TWO KINDERGARTEN aged children isn’t revenge. Seriously. That’s ridiculous.Taking on a mountain of legal fees, the stress of a custody case, the strain on the co-parenting relationship (and I’m sure their own marriage as well), and the massive responsibility of caring for two little girls full-time (especially with a new teeny premature infant in the home) sound like the least effective revenge plot ever. EVER. It’s impossible to legitimately view that situation as some sort of overblown drama caused by a vindictive ex husband and his controlling bitch of a wife if you just take a step back and look at the picture rationally.

      Leah talks so much about working on herself and trying to be the best parent she can be for her girlses. That’s a noble goal, but saying it out loud doesn’t make it happen. They’re just words until she puts them into action. Being the best parent she could be would start with making those girlses and their well-being her actual first priority- even when the best situation for them isn’t the one that makes her the happiest. She acts like she’d never see the kids again if they stayed with C-Biscuit during the week and she cries that those girlses need their mama… It’s not like C-train getting more time with the kids will also mean that she’ll be executed or something. It’s not like she has a job to worry about. I don’t see why she couldn’t pick them up from school and have a little mother-daughter hang time in the afternoons. All she’d have to do is, you know, do it.

      Ugh. There’s only drama because she’s making it dramatic.

      1. OK first of all y’all need to chill the Fuck out. I didn’t once say that I was defending her at all. All I am saying is you know how MTV is and how they blow the simplest things out of proportion. Everyone has had something similar if you have kids. Maybe your kid fell and bumped their head and someone questioned abuse when it was just and honest misunderstanding. So everyone chill out you are so quick to call her a bad mother over 30 seconds of airtime but none of you ever had a situation where simple “you didn’t see the whole story” was blow completely out of proportion? So he who has done no sin may cast the first stone. I am not saying she is mother of the year at all. Ok and Miranda is always has a scowl on her face whenever Leah is present. She always has this Jealous look to her.

        1. I’m not saying that parenting is easy and I don’t think anyone expects Leah (or anybody else- every) to be a shining beacon of parenting perfection 24/7. I also know that we’re never getting the whole story from MTV. My issue is with Leah’s incredibly immature and self-centered viewpoint. It just isn’t a logical conclusion that C-Bag would be investing time/money/energy into gaining more custody just because Miranda wants some image of a perfect family or because he wants to get back at his ex or whatever. Leah seems to feel like they’re ‘doing this to her’ or something, but in reality they’re doing what they feel is right for two little girls. I haven’t seen any evidence that Leah is able or willing to look at the reality of this situation. All I have heard is how “having her babies taken away from her” will impact her. I don’t doubt her love for those kids and I’m certain that not having them in her home every single day will hurt, but being a good parent isn’t always doing what makes you feel the best. Life is always messy. It’s complicated and occasionally there are situations that just suck. Doing what’s right- what’s best for everyone is really hard sometimes. Feeling good about a choice and feeling good aren’t always the same thing. Until she can see this from another angle- until she is able to understand that it’s not something being done to her, but rather something being done for the kids, she’ll be angry and defensive and paranoid. That’s like a storm in your heart and in your head. That’s when you start making irrational, bad decisions.

          I don’t want that for her and I really don’t want that for those little girls.

        2. Miranda has fuck all to be jealous of with Leah! Leah looks like a dirty drug addict, who is incapable of looking after those kids, yes parenting is hard going, but even harder when the kids have to parent themselves because their mother is a lazy dirty fucking slob, noting but hillbilly trailer trash, and why mtv hasn’t fucking reported her is beyond me!!!!
          Kaytay your an absolute fucking Asshole for standing by what is obvious to the rest of us Leah messy by name messer is an accident waiting to happen

    4. Gracie’s complaints sound like they’re very regular. The “I don’t trust you” is disturbing…like Leah constantly lets her down. Gracie sounds like she has alot of resentment.

      With Gracie and Addie sleeping in the living room, we’re T.R.’s boys sleeping in their beds?

    5. Biracial relationships (and biracial children) are extremely common here in West Virginia, so local perception has absolutely nothing to do with her relationship not being shown.

      Along those same lines, I’d note that the people of West Virginia are nowhere near as backward as these reality TV idiots (or this blogger) would have people believe. Yes, Leah is trash, but she’d be trash no matter where she lived.

    6. One kaytay
      Your as much of an idiot as your idol Leah

      Yes the bratt can be a drama queen, but the poor kid was cold tired and hungry and your condoning Leah’s obviously lousy parenting !!!!

      Don’t breed and if you have then God help your kids!

      How can people stand by and watch this train wreck unfit mother and do nothing???!

      Corey and Miranda should get sole custody.

      #Team Corey

  16. I hate how jenelle never is around kai but was telling nathan she can’t watch him because he will be in daycare when he could be with her! Ummm but he’s not with you. Is it just me or does nathan seem like the more caring parent? Obviously compared to jenelle it’s not that difficult, but he seems more involved. I remember when kaiser was born, footage showed him as the one to get up with him at night and stuff.

    1. I feel like they were pretty equally yoked. If Nathan really cared, he would take Jenelle to court for custody.

      1. He did. They were supposed to have their time in court last Monday but Jenelle got too drunk on Saturday so it was rescheduled.

  17. I seriously have never hated Jenelle as much as I did in this episode. Who makes their own mother cry like that and then doesn’t even have the common decency to apologize or comfort her? She is a terrible person.

    1. She is a narcissist. She lacks compassion. I remember when she was filling out the police report from when nathan was arrested and she showed zero emotion. That was very telling. It’s just sad the way she treats her mom when she has admitted if it wasn’t for her, the state would have took Jace away from her. But instead, she yells and degrades her. So sad

    2. could be she’s a sociopath, unable to feel empathy. OR she’s still popping pills that can make u numb emotionally. some of the drugs out there just make u where u don’t give a fuck about anything

      1. You too the words right out of my mouth, Kate! I was going to say….total sociopath. She completely lacks empathy and she is always the victim.

  18. Is it just me or has Javi changed a lot? I feel like he’s becoming more controlling and more of an asshole as time goes on. Kail is trying to build a relationship with Joe and Vee, and Javi is just trying to tear that down. It blew my mind that he would say Lincoln has no reason to be at dinner with them if he wasn’t there. UMM HIS MOTHER IS THERE. HIS BROTHER IS THERE. What was that? He was being a little bitch.

    1. I couldnt agree more he seems very controlling about everything. How he would always get mad over little stupid stuff while she is out with friends or made plans with friends. But, also too is he that way or is he that way becasue of stuff Kail did in the past?

      1. I was wondering the same thing, he seems like a completely different person now than he did when they were first dating. What happened? Is the “real Javi” coming out or something?

    2. Javi is a very insecure person that has extreme jealousy issues. That is why he tries to control Kail. He’s threatened by anyone who she’s associated with. He needs to get over this or they will most likely divorce in the future.

    3. Something is going on with Javi…I have NO IDEA what his problem is…remember last season when he didn’t want Kail to go to that concert with her friends, so he made that HUGE scene and wouldn’t watch Isaac. Then he said something along the lines of I’m not going to watch YOUR son…and now he’s like bring me MY son Lincoln, there is no reason for him to be around Jo. Javi needs to grow up. Seriously. Kail is really really really trying to co-parent for the sake of her son and Javi needs to act like an ADULT and accept the fact that Jo, Kail, and Isaac are going to be in each others lives as long as all 3 of them have air in their lungs.

    4. I feel like maybe there’s more to their story because if not then that was just rude for Javi to say he doesn’t want to hear about the co-parenting situation with Jo. If I were Kail, that would really piss me off because that would let me know that he doesn’t love my son like his own (which is what I think you’d want in a stepdad for your kid). I just think something must have happened because last season he was Isaac’s soccer coach and super involved and to say he doesn’t want to hear about the situation with Jo just doesn’t go with that. What happens with Jo affects Isaac and their family. I hate to admit it but there was one reunion special where Jo said he wants Isaac to know he cares about Lincoln because he’s Isaac’s brother; to me that appears to be more mature than Javi is being now. Did Kail cheat on Javi or something or are really just seeing the real Javi? Who knows.

      1. That’s what I was initially thinking…maybe there was some infidelity that went on there between Jo, and Kail…Even though it seems like Kail and Jo don’t have any type of connection anymore other than Isaac…BUT in that same breath, if there were some infidelity that went on, I don’t think V would be on board with hanging out with Kail at all, so I have no idea what Javi’s problem is other than immaturity and a controlling attitude. Perhaps he was acting out because he was going to be deployed soon?

    5. I’m actually proud of Kail for inviting Jo and Vee along for the photo shoot. Props for her. A complete 180 from several seasons ago. THAT’S how you co–parent!

    6. He absolutely was being a little bitch. Is it awkward being around your wife’s ex and his pregnant girlfriend? Of course it is, but he’s a grown man and he should be able to deal with it like an adult. When you date (or marry) somebody with kids, you’re accepting the fact that the mother or father of your partner’s child will always be in their life in some way, shape or form. If they can get along and respect each other and co-parent effectively,that’s freaking spectacular. Not to mention that Jo and Vee are, for better or worse, Isaac’s family.

    7. Also, when Kail was telling him that she was happy that Jo and Vee admitted they could be doing more for Isaac, Javi’s response was “I don’t care”. She was expressing how she was feeling and his response was that he doesn’t care…? He should care about what his wife has to say and how she is feeling. This isn’t the “Javi Show”.

  19. Addie(rall) was throwing those sugar packets back like they were pixie sticks. She was taking them straight to the head…SMH..Leah is a disaster…just when you think it can’t get any worse it does. You would think she would get her act together after watching the previous seasons. And can we just talk about how ridiculous Javi was? I dunno what his problem is…he needs to stop being difficult and address whatever issue he has with Jo because as long as Javi is married to Kail, Jo will ALWAYS be in the picture. And I also think Jenelle’s behavior is a little sick when it comes to her kids…it’s like she uses them for control against Barb and Nathan.

    1. Funny how Leah tried to LIE (as usual) & say Addis got in the sugar while she wasn’t looking. Even though it shows Leah opening the sugar & handing it to her.

      And what mother doesn’t have wipes in her bag (no room with all that Mary Kay)
      Wipe the poor kids face off for God sake
      Before we leave the house & before we get out of the car I wipe down my son, who wants their kids going into a store or BEING SEEN ON TV with a dirty face?

      1. I don’t think leah knows how to tell the truth at this point. She said the girls don’t drink soda either! It’s like, common man, we sit this first hand. It’s not trick editing, it’s her being a bad mom! The truth is coming out ya all!!

  20. Also-Does Kaiser looks exactly like a mini Nathan to anyone else? The whole time he was on screen, it was all I could think about.

    1. he is nathan’s twin for sure, none of jenelle lol. ashley, there was another article, i think on hollywood life, about jenelle and tori getting there asses kicked at a bar in wilmington. it was back when she said she slipped and hurt her chin. supposedly they talked shit to the wrong girls in nc. why wasn’t this everywhere?!

      1. Keeping up with Jenelle’s law breaking is a full time job, I’m sure it’s just too much to keep track of.

    2. he definitely does. Every time I think about it I get images in my head alternating between Kaiser’s baby body with Nathan’s grown man head and Nathan’s ragged tee-shirt clad man body with the tiny head of a crying baby. Sometimes my head is a bad neighborhood.

  21. When the original Teen Mom girls went off…I tuned out of all the shows for a while. With OG back, I figured…hey let me see these TM2 trainwrecks. Wow. The only thing, I wish MTV had withheld some pay. It would be even more enjoyable if Leah was actually living in a space and size place she, not MTV payouts, could afford…add in all that garage clutter + kids sleeping on the couch until they drive to school in a car she got off Craigslist. It’s so hard to watch her and Jenelle driving around in cars normal girls go to college and work to earn. Jenelle…her Mom is a bad as Farrah’s! Why don’t the producers allow these women to step out of their “roles” and tell their rude out of their mind daughters to kiss their a**?! Kail, her and Jo come off as knocking boots behind closed doors again. The whole it’s for Isaac to see them get along doesn’t show all that convincing when watching the two of them. Even his new baby mom, Vee senses there is some attraction still. Jo and Kail could have worked it. That kind of would been cool, u like Cait and Ty who only worked bc they were the only couple not raising their child. No offense to them or y’all that love those two, just being honest! Chelsea is another one…she has this incredibly sweet man in her life but watching her body language she still wants that spray tanned dog having face ex/baby dad to bang. Not sure why ppl have said Cole is slow…. That’s not kind at all. We haven’t seen this guy do anything wrong yet and while not great for reality TV, he does seem to genuinely care for Chelsea. With all this being said…I’m still tuning in on Monday!

    1. I guess MTV would have to do something like all money goes into a college fund for the kids. Money will go to pay for any accredited school or theyou get the cash when they turn 21.
      But then again if you don’t care about feeding your kids why would you care about college, no1 would sign up

  22. Poor Lieah, still struggling so hard with that dern ‘narcolepsy’, a.k.a narcotic induced sleepiness. Norcolepsy is a much better term for it.

  23. Excellent recap!

    Does anyone know how Ali’s wheelchair “got broken” and why it has taken over 3 months for anyone to address this issue, ffs, when the poor thing has been “falling multiple times a day?”

    1. Not sure why it was broken, but I know in the past there was an issue with Corey contacting his health insurance. He is (or was) in denial about Ali’s condition, and 100% thinks she can walk and does not need her wheelchair at all. He has said if she uses her wheelchair, she’ll get lazy and not want to walk anymore, so she doesn’t use it as his house.

      1. Wasn’t that in the middle of last season though? Why on Earth wouldn’t it be fixed at this point? I mean, really, they make 250k+ a year, couldn’t they just fix it themselves if they had to if there was really that much of an issue with insurance?

        1. What blew my mind was that the doctor they saw said something that she would qualify for Make a Wish for a new wheelchair. They don’t need it, they make enough from the show to purchase one!

          1. I think when he was talking about make a wish he was talking about going to Disney or something like that, not a new wheelchair.

          2. He was telling Leah that they needed to pick something soon while Ali could still enjoy it since she would be confined to her wheelchair.

          3. That’s not what the Make a Wish Foundation is about. It is for chikdren with serious illness that are terminal or associated with high morbidity. Ali gets to make a wish, any wish and the foundation tries to make it come true. For example, some kids might choose to try and get to meet a sports hero or go to Disney World. So it’s totally separate from getting the wheelchair fixed.

      2. In all fairness he had contacted the insurance company, but those types of “purchases” can take a really long time to approve. It just depends on your coverage. And calling everyday won’t make them approve it faster.

      3. I know a lot of people think Corey was in denial about Ali’s condition but I really think he was trying to have hope. He should’ve been using the wheelchair more at the beginning. Also I don’t think he shoud have been given such a hard time about it when the insurance was taking so long. It’s like they were blaming him for how long it was taking.

          1. For future reference, you can hit the upvote thumb if you accidentally hit down, and it will make the downvote turn upwards.

        1. I think Corey and Leah were both right. Corey wanted to encourage Ali to walk, build her strength, not rely completely on a wheelchair, etc. while Leah agreed with this but had to explain multiple times that the purpose of the chair at that time was to preserve her energy so that she could do more with what little strength she does have. Unfortunately, as Dr. Xiao explained, due to the fact it is a degenerative and progressive disease, no matter what they do, her muscles are going to deteriorate and that this progresses faster starting around age 7. That was a sad awful appointment. I don’t know how they kept it together. I mean I guess they have to in front of Ali but wow… Maybe because this is such a rare form of muscular dystrophy and she’s the only known child with it, her case will be different and this won’t happen to her. I pray for this.

        2. I think it is a little bit of both. Since she is still able to walk I am sure the insurance company is deeming it “unnecessary” or “a luxury” to fix the chair. Yes, insurance companies use that term even for a child with MS. Also, too parents don’t even want to accept defeat when it comes to a child’s disability. He is probably trying to have hope that she can still walk and he even said it that in his eyes she is “beautiful and perfect”. They both seem to have that attitude that everything is fine now so lets keep things as normal as possible. Which is fine and any parent would do that.

      4. I believe they got a temporary wheelchair until insurance would pay for the pink one she has now. I remember reading last year where it was broken due to the girls playing on it and riding it around instead of it being used for its true purpose. Still you would think either parent would have seen it was fixed given the money they make. Leah has her boyfriend’s two boys who probably like to play on it too.

      5. corey has stated he did call the insurance company it was leah on her drugs making problems where there werent.

    2. I don’t know what’s wrong with the chair, but I know that in many cases, authorization from the insurance company is required before a technician can make repairs or adjustments or order new parts. In order to authorize any repairs/purchases the insurance company needs a certificate of medical necessity from the doc, therapist, technician etc… Typically, the patient is covered by private insurance and Medicaid or just Medicaid. Unfortunately, it can take weeks or even months to get approval from ins. (esp. Medicaid) in order to move forward with repairs or a purchase.

      I’m assuming that’s at least part of the reason for delay.

      Sorry for the long explanation. My dad has been one of those technicians (working mostly with children) for about 40 years. I spent a few years working in the billing department and the lag time frustrated the hell out of me. My heart really does go out to all of those parents (yes, even Leah) that have to just wait and watch their children in need of proper equipment.

    3. It broke down cause Leah allowed the twins to play with it. Don’t know whether that’s still the issue now.

    1. Her garage looks like an audition for “Hoarders”.

      And I am not buying her BS excuse that “she had just moved” and was sorting things. In the garage?!?
      It was disgusting.

      1. I read she said she was about to have a yard sale and has pulled all the stuff! Hmmm perhaps her garage just actually looks like this & could potentially start a fire or house rodents… Nah, no way! Leah is much too clean of a person to let her garage get like that. I mean she only lets her toddler eat suagr packets she opens, fresh.

  24. A work of art Ashley..a g*damn work of art. But you gave Jenelle too much credit..it was Tori Poppins that said Kai needed a doctor, not that person Kai does not know who likes to play hot potato with him.

    1. Yeah that’s right, Kai didn’t need a doctor he wasnt sick he was “fighting his sleep” that’s what she told Barbara when Barbara was crazy enough to suggest he is sick
      That is a professional diagnosis from Jenelle.
      With medical knowledge & experience like that employers won’t care about her Anger issues

      1. And she wants to go into the medical field lol. She can’t even tell if her own child is sick, let alone a ton of patients. For someone who “graduated,” she sure as hell doesn’t know a thing about her major.

      2. What the hell would Barbara know about medical stuff, she just makes sandwiches at Wal-Mart! Jenelle “saves lives” as an unlicensed Medical Assistant “graduate”. I would totally value JEs opinion more!

        Good lord, when whori-Tori is the voice of reason in that household you know they have issues!

  25. I’m surprised no one has brought up the photo of Leah’s garage. Another site posted it and people were digging for her address and saying they were calling CPS.

      1. There’s a photo on the Ashley’s twitter of her garage absolutely filled with what looks like clothes and a bunch of junk in piled up in her garage.

  26. Was it just me or was the audio spliced together in a really weird way? Especially with Leah’s first voice over, it sounded like they were cutting off in the middle of syllables.

    1. As The Ashley pointed out in another article, they were cutting out every scene showing Leah in the car with a cigarette. The scene was highly edited. Maybe that’s why it sounded weird? Idk..definitely not my area of expertise. Lol

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