‘Kendra On Top’ Season 5 is Going to be Crazy! Watch the First Trailer

"Hey, it's not easy to come up with storylines to fill five seasons! Gimme a break!"
“Hey, it’s not easy to come up with storylines to fill five seasons! Gimme a break!”

By Holly

Although the fifth season of Kendra On Top won’t premiere until April 1, WEtv is giving us a sneak peek of the new season. The first trailer for the season is out and it’s dramatic–and confusing!

The trailer makes it seem like Kendra and her husband, Hank Baskett, are no longer together. Kendra is shown partying with several men who are hitting on her, and proclaiming that she’s making big changes in her life.

“I’m making up grades in my life,” Kendra is heard saying. “Out with the old, in with the new…I’m not the type that should be married.”

However, Kendra herself confirmed to The Ashley last month on the red carpet of the OK! Magazine Pre-Oscars Party that she and Hank are doing better than ever.


The trailer also hints that Kendra is no longer getting along with her BFF, Jessica Hall. In the trailer, Jessica says that Kendra never calls her anymore, and when Kendra blows Jessica off, Jessica tells her, “Fine hang out with Jade everyone else.”

However, The Ashley can confirm that Kendra and Jessica showed up to the same OK! Magazine party together in late February and partied together like BFFs all night. (They must really be fishing for storylines this season. It’s no surprise; Kendra could only ride the “my husband cheated on me with a transsexual model” storyline for so long.)

One thing that hasn’t changed in Kendra’s life is her feud with her mother, [Party] Patti Wilkinson. We learn from the trailer that Kendra’s mother is still threatening to write a tell-all book about her, and Kendra is bitter about it.

“She took my tears off of my face and sold them,” Kendra says of Patti.

It seems that Kendra will also continue to feud with her former Girls Next Door co-star, Holly Madison. Kendra’s manager is claiming that someone reached out to him about a “Girls Next Door” reunion. While Kendra doesn’t say if she’s planning to attend the reunion, we are keeping our fingers crossed! Maybe we will finally get to see Kendra confront Hollyin person, instead of just talking about her!

While the trailer makes it seem like this season is going to be very explosive, it doesn’t exactly match what Kendra recently told The Ashley.

“This new season a lot is changing,” Kendra told The Ashley in late February. “I am fully healed from all the drama that me and Hank went through. I don’t think about it anymore, I’m healed and there is no going back. You won’t hear us go back again this season.”

We will see it all go down when ‘Kendra On Top’ Season 5 premieres on April 1 on WEtv!

Watch the trailer below:


  1. She’s bringing on Jayde Nicole? wow she’s really gotta be desperate…I couldn’t stand Jayde on the hills…she was so obnoxious. Kendra is too old to be acting like this…its too late to be acting like you’re 21 again Kendra…you’re a 30 year old mom now

  2. I can’t understand how this show keep getting re-newed. Aside for the K’s …she is the most fake, inauthentic, worst actor on Reality TV.

  3. What impetus do we as an audience have to watch if she isn’t being authentic? I’m sure she’s not “completely over the drama.” They did a piss-poor job of confronting the issues on Marriage Bootcamp, and she did a piss-poor job of holding Hank accountable.

  4. There’s not a lot of nice things that can be said about Kendra. But I’ll just leave the one nice thing I can say about her: she really does look more gorgeous than I’ve seen her in a long time. Everything else I’ll zip up…..lol.

    1. Kendra is just grasping at straws to keep her show on tv. She’s made up some b.s about Holly just to keep her name in the headlines. Without that she wouldn’t have a show…she needs to thank Holly. Don’t get me wrong…she use to be my favorite on the show but now that I have seen her true colors I no longer watch her show. The way she treats her mother was enough for me. And that businesses with Hank going both ways…that was it for me. Her marriage is a joke and so is her show. I hope her and Hank get canned!

  5. her show is completely scripted. Her husband doesn’t work, and this show is her only income. She’s boring, no one cares about her, it’s also a sham marriage both Kendra and the husband are both gay!

  6. boring…cant stand Kendra and all her whining and her gay husband…stay together..break up…nobody cares

  7. she’s ridiculous. she’s got two gorgeous kids who barely know her. she said hank gets lil hank off to school and he or the maid picks him up and it’s often at bedtime when she sees him. i’m all for moms having time to themselves but that is way too much. the baby won’t even go near her if hank’s around. she really needs to grow up.

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