Leah Messer Defends Her Parenting After Fans Blast Her Over ‘Teen Mom 2’ Premiere

Leah MesserThe seventh season of Teen Mom 2 premiered on Monday night, and the first episode had the Internet all fired up! While all four of the moms took some heat for their actions in Episode 1, it was Leah Messer who got the bulk share of the online criticism. After the episode aired, Leah took to Twitter to try to defend her questionable parenting choices.

Most of the nay-saying stemmed from one scene in which Leah was shown driving her three children to school. Already running late, Leah piles the girls into her car without giving them breakfast or anything for their lunch boxes. At one point, Leah’s daughter Aleeah tells her mother that, “I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat.”

“The Internet” was outraged over the scene, but Leah assured her followers that the kids did not starve.

“Noo Grace was being a drama queen that morning,” Leah tweeted. “They eat as soon as they get to school.”

Leah did not indicate, however, when exactly the twins were able to eat breakfast at school, since they were shown arriving just before the bell rang.

Leah also took some heat for being shown texting and driving during the same scene. When a follower reminded her that it’s illegal to text and drive in Leah’s home state of West Virginia, Leah tweeted a response.

“I don’t always text and drive, but your entitled to assume whatever you like,” she wrote.


One of the most eye-popping scenes during the episode showed Leah going to lunch with a friend. Her youngest daughter, Addie, came along and, during the course of the meal, Leah was seen opening Sweet ‘n’ Low packets for Addie to guzzle. While this particular scene had fans on Twitter outraged, Leah shrugged off the hate.

“She was sneaking it while I was filming and MTV caught her. Lol,” Leah tweeted of Addie.

Leah later told a fan that she has a hard time dealing with fans who question her parenting choices.

“It does hurt my feelings tho,” Leah wrote. “My girls scream to be with me because I AM a GREAT MOM!”

The Ashley will be doing a full recap of the premiere episode of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7, so stay tuned!

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    1. Hun, are you watching the same show as the rest of us, or are you just a family member, trying to protect her reputation?

    2. No, they weren’t on time, actually. At least, not on time if they were supposed to eat breakfast there, which is what Leah said they do.
      Her getting her kids to school on time, is a rarity, as in…it’s happened less than a handful of times. Her girls are almost always late when she takes them.

    3. If school starts at 7:15 and it takes 45 minutes to get there, then no, Leah did not get there on time, leaving her house at 6:42. Not in the real world of concrete math facts, anyway.

    4. She lost custody primarily because the girls were never on time to school…………iscriviti that you Liar leah?

  1. I would love to know what Coreysaid about that episode.
    Watching his little girls cry because they are cold & hungry.

    If she let’s the little 1 eat sugar straight out of the package (where did she learn that?) Imagine what the other girls eato. Especiallysince they begged her to stop.at the gas station for food.

    1. I remember thinking Corey was being dramatic a while back complaining that Gracie made herself toast, but the morning in this premiere was something else. Toast in a toaster is something many people learn at about 5 or 6, but Corey was really put off by it. He probably lost his mind hearing his daughter say she was cold and hungry.

      1. He was probably put off by it because she taught herself out of neglect because leah can’t get her shit together to make them a decent meal not learning to make herself toast guided by a loving mother how to be independant.

  2. Leah is ridiculously immature and so so soooooo self-centered. It kills me to see the way her dummy-dumbass behavior impacts those poor little girlses. She interprets C-Man’s attempt to gain custody as a stab at her and some sort of insult to her as a person. She is absolutely incapable of looking at the situation from any remotely rational view. Even if she wasn’t an emotionally unstable, irresponsible, filthy, pill popping-trashcan living with her “secret” boyfriend of the month- even then, The Simms house would be a better place for the girlses during the week. It’s theirs. They own it…so they likely wont be hopping to some new place in 15 minutes…plus, it’s much closer to the school.

    As far as I can tell (from here, because these people are actually total strangers to me…which is easy to forget sometimes),
    C-Biscuit is seeking custody BECAUSE IT’S IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE GIRLSES. Period. I’m certain that he could find much better and less costly ways to fuck with Leah, if that was his intent. The fact that she’s unable to recognize that is glaring proof of her mentality.

    In Leahland (I believe it’s located in Delta Dawn County), giving the C-Word even partial custody would
    A) be admitting some kind of wrongdoing on her part because it’s all about her- not what’s better for the girlses.
    B) allowing the bully to win (because this is a fight between the adults about the adults)
    C) ruin her ability to play martyr. Allowing the C-Train more time with the girlses would alleviate a ton of pressure and responsibility. She wouldn’t be able to play the put upon, struggling single mom. She couldn’t complain. And if her load is lightened and she still just sucks horribly? What then?

    Leah, it works if you work it. I know you heard that at “therapy.” You can’t “expect a miracle” when you don’t do the footwork. juuuuuuust sayin’.


  3. I love when people try to justify being a a piece of s**t parent she didn’t sneak the sweet and loving u see in the scene Leah or her friend opened it and handed it to her why does MTV pit her on TV it horrible

  4. Agree to ALL of this from the sugar packets to the no jackets on those girls! Also did anyone notice how when Gracie said “daddy and Miranda make us breakfast” Leah’s response was delayed? It absolutely seems like she was somewhat strung out. I wouldn’t be surprised if by mid-April at the latest you see an article about Leah losing permanent custody of the girls and in handcuffs. Also why are the girls in the living room? Even if they all fell asleep there why didn’t Leah pick the girls up and put them in bed? For the sake of the girls Correy and Jeremy should have full custody with supervised visitation only granted to her. That or her, Adam, and Jennelle should just sign papers relieving them of parental rights so they can all run off and do what they want.

    1. Someone else said that she’s at her bf’s house and his kids have the bedrooms I guess?

    2. I think the delay was more her biting her tongue because she remembered about the camera’s. I have a feeling her response wouldn’t have been so nice if the camera’s hadn’t been rolling.

    3. Oh! If you look on her Twitter since yesterday she’s posting lots to try and make it seem like she’s a good mom suddenly. I can honestly only think that if she were the great mom she claims to be then she wouldn’t need to be all over social media trying to prove it and actually taking care of her kids.

  5. Now, I’m not saying that she’s an awesome parent, but I think people need to back off on some things. My elementary school offered kids breakfast, and many kids showed up for this every day. There is nothing wrong with eating breakfast at school! Also, just because you don’t pack your kids a lunch and have them have school’s lunch doesn’t make you a bad parent! I had school lunch all the time! She’s essentially a single mom when her girls aren’t with Corey, and she has to drive 45 minutes to their school, as the location only conveniences Corey, and she has to get up a toddler along with her twins. She definitely makes some mistakes, but come on. Saying she’s a terrible parent based on the fact she makes her kids eat the school lunch? That’s kind of ridiculous…

        1. Exactly.. A little while ago she put a pic on IG with the caption ‘filming is so exhausting, so happy to get a pedicure’ or something like that. Bitch PLEASE! You don’t work, your house is a mess and you complain about MTV filming you which you get nicely paid for too.

    1. I don’t know for sure and I can’t remember where I read this- so don’t flip shit and kill me if I’m way wrong-

      buuuuuut, I did read somewhere that the girls attend a school 45 minutes away from Leah because that is the school in their district with the best accessibility accommodations for Ali. It just happens to be closer to the C-Man.
      Evidently Leah semi recently relocated herself and her brood to the home that’s so far from the school.

    2. There is nothing at all wrong with eating breakfast at school…IF she got them there in time to be able to! She never gets them there with enough time to eat breakfast at school. They are either always late, or late to get to breakfast, at least when Leah takes them in.
      There’s also nothing wrong with a school lunch, but that’s also assuming the girls GET school lunch. According to Leah, she normally packs their lunch.
      Leah makes enough money in a year to not qualify for free meals at school. In fact, she exceeds the financial limit.
      There is no excuse for her to not feed her children. The fact that she “has no money” is, if even true, attributed to her ridiculous spending habits, NOT actual bills.

      Her kids deserve better, plain and simple. I’d say, and do say, the same thing about any parent that cannot properly take care of his or her kid(s).
      Some people just suck at parenting, and not all of them suck because they are abusive. Yes there are worse people in the world, but that doesn’t justify every other crappy parent.
      I’ve been the mom that helps to make sure certain kids get fed at school, or get food to take home for the weekend, or get clothes/coats/winter gear/backpacks/supplies/funding for field trips, etc…before. Granted, it was not only *me*, but rather a group of us moms..but I sure as hell don’t have any more than most of those other families. Sometimes, it was pure shitty circumstances for these kids and their families. Many times, it was just shitty parents.
      Fed a couple of them earlier tonight, actually(and my kids don’t even attend these schools anymore). Thankfully, those kiddos are going to a new place, with more structure and family members that will love and care for them, tomorrow.

    3. When exactly did the twins eat breakfast at school, since they were shown arriving just before the bell rang on that first day?

    4. She earns enough of mtv, to get help to clean her rancid house, she could buy groceries while the girls are at school and she is to lazy and strung out to do this, stop enabling her behaviour

    5. No one is saying it’s wrong to have breakfast or lunch at school, people are pissed because they arrived at school as the bell rang ( so there would be no time to eat breakfast, as they got there to late for that) plus she didn’t make lunch boxes ( she earns to much to qualify for free lunches) that’s why we’re pissed off, you utter tool

  6. this girl is her own worst enemy. reminds me of that pink song, don’t let me get me. i was looking at reruns last week and saw the part where she met jeremy. literally on their first date, he explained all about his job and leah goes, wow, it’d be hard to have a family like that. so she had plenty of advance warning what life with jeremy would be like, and he told her he worked hard to get there and wouldn’t quit it. i guess she thought her magic vag would change his mind. she had her hands full with twins and chose to have another child. she’s been a mom for how long now? and she still hasn’t gotten then into a bedtime routine, which makes it hard for any of them to get up. over and over, same problem. she doesn’t bother laying out clothes or tossing a box of cereal bars in the car, so she has to listen to whining kids for 45 minutes. oh, the 45 min drive. her stepdad tried to tell her that moving that far from him and corey and all their families was a bad idea. she did it anyway (word is cuz she was driving there all the time for her pills) and now they all suffer for it. even if they were giving breakfast at school, what about the cold part? her kids are constantly sick, probably from shit like short sleeves at the ass crack of dawn in wv winter. does it herself. addie didn’t sneak shit, she opened it and handed it to her. so, whereas she may have been able to go home and take naps, now she’ll have a toddler to peel off the ceiling. corey offered 50/50 custody, said you’re having a hard time getting them to school on time, let me help during the week. nope, says leah. well, she actually seemed to consider it til her nosy cunt mother butted in. who is the source of all this anyway. i have no doubt delta dawn was the exact same type of parent. leah must not understand exactly how a camera works yet lol. we’ve seen your kids drink sodas many times, we saw u nod out (she actually said that whole part with the baby never happened, trick photography ya’ll!)we saw u hand addie the packet, and the reason we saw it is because u were dumb enough to do it on camera. yet again, doing it to yourself. she CAN’T put up a good front for us, she doesn’t know how to act! after she’s clean, she needs classes in parenting, nutrition, house cleaning, time management, how the beds should have sheets on them and kids should get this much of each food so often etc etc. she really has no idea, but a good parent would recognize their mom didn’t quite do it right, so they need to research and figure out what to do. lord knows she has access to the internet. i truly hope corey saw some extreme and genuine changes and that’s why he let her have 50/50. no doubt the girls miss her, she lets them do whatever they want. but she’s their mom, a mom can be nothing close to perfect and their kids will still long for them, or a version of them. and still people defend her. must be her fellow slacker moms

    1. honestly to me it looked like she was biting a hole into them and sucking out the sugar…which isn’t good because she was probably ingesting the paper when she was making the hole lol

    2. there is a screen capture on twitter that shows leah at least handing them directly to her…I thought for sure I had seen her open one of them and pass it to Addie…

        1. Ah…I don’t know how it linked anything. I didn’t put in any sort of link, I just put in the word screen capture. So yes, definitely don’t click that!

          1. I rewatched that scene today and you can definitely (you have to look for it) see what looks like her tearing something open and handing it offscreen. It’s at the very bottom of the frame, like they accidentally left it in, but it’s there. And the baby had at LEAST two packets, the first one we see her eating is brown (like sugar in the raw) while the second one is the famous pink sweet n low

  7. I don’t think that she is so much a bad parent she is just clueless about parenting. She has no idea what she is doing.
    The whole breakfest thing is in one case a little girl being a drama queen yes but she should of maybe had some snacks in the car with them. Probably the reason why Gracie was cranky is becasue she was so tired becasue she probably didnt get them to bed in time.
    The living 45 min away is not uncommon in those rual areas. I grew up in a rual area and a lot of my friends lived 45 min outside of town and were still in the same school district. So where she lives I am sure a lot of the kids going to that school live about that far if not farther from the school. Corry lives about that far away from the school too.

    The whole sugar packet thing doesn’t surprise me one bit. There was a story when the twins were babies she would dump cheese puffs on the floor and the twins would crawl around and would vaccum them up with their mouths. So she needs a little refesher on parenting. That kids need a schedule and not just shoving things in their mouth to shut them up.

    1. Also too why doesn’t she arrange for a school bus to pick them up thats how ALL of my friends that lived out of town got to school.

      1. If Cory lives in a different district, ad my children do from their father, bus transportation is not available

      2. It was stated that they were going to a school closer to Corey so they are probably registered in his district so they would not have busing!

  8. I cringe to think that this is the best clip of her morning ritual that MTV had on film, so they were forced to show us this. As Leah gets the victim and poor mom edit, I can only imagine what they have filmed and couldn’t even come close to making presentable for the TV audience.

    It honestly sickens me that people are defending this piece of trash.

    1. Connie, you must be taking some of the same pills Leah does….I think you fell asleep on your keyboard there.

    1. HOLY CRAP- you’re right! I totally missed that. MTV has the full episode on their website- I just went back and watched the car scene and it’s clear as day- cigarette in hand, window cracked. THAT’S why Gracie was crying she was cold- because Leah had the window open smoking. Any last drop of respect I had for her went out the window faster than her cigarette ash after seeing that. Can you imagine the kids walking into school, reeking of cigs? Ali with her life threatening health issues. A 2 year old–all inhaling her DISGUSTING second hand smoke. I hope Corey’s aware of this.

  9. Wow, their school starts early! Elementary schools where I live start between 830-9.

    Leah will never honestly own up to be shortcomings. Much like Jenelle. I wish mtv would protect and advocate for the kids more, instead of the moms.

    1. See I’m kind of starting to wonder if school started at 7:15 or if breakfast started at 7:15. Because that’s incredibly early for youngins to start school. Elementary starts at 9:00 in my area, high schools don’t even start until 8:00… But of course breakfast starts around forty five minutes to an hour beforehand.

      1. The elementary school where my mom works starts at 7:20. They start serving breakfast at 6:30. It’s in a very rural area in the South, and they blame it on the long commutes most parents have “to town” for work after dropping off the kids.

    1. A lunchable is a little pre made box type thing with little sections for things like “cheese”, crakers, ham slices, ect. They were really popular when I was in Elementary school because you could just grab them before leaving and you have a nice lunch. They’re kinda known for being low quality (kind of like Kraft singles) but kids don’t seem to mind. If you want, I bet there are pics on google that will explain it better than I can, though.

  10. I want to know why no one cares that she is smoking while the kids are in the car. That’s why Gracie complained about being cold. Ugh!

    1. I didn’t notice it even the second watch through. It’s funny what they try to hide and what they decide to show.

  11. Leah continues to put herself in these situations. Corey is/was a good guy and took care of her and the girls well. Jeremy might have been kind of an asshat but he still provided for her and her kids. Extremely well. I still cannot for the life of me comprehend how they got into so much debt that they had to sell their house. He makes over 200k+ a year, she had mtv money and child support, and they still had debt?! She cheats on every husband she has! Then she can’t understand why they leave her! I have three kids, it’s called packing lunches the night before, setting outfits out the night before, and actually going to bed at a decent hour! She makes excuses for the most ridiculous crap! How hard is it to make your children breakfast?! My kids school does serve breakfast, they still eat something at home. It’s part of being a parent and FEEDING YOUR KIDS! I just can’t..

    1. Most kids her girls age are early risers. They get up around 6 or so…it just tells you how late they are actually staying up at night and what kind of schedule they really don’t have.

  12. She’s lying because my breakdown would go: Leah and the girls up by 5:10/515 latest. I’m giving ridiculous leaway for getting a jump on the day as a mom of 3. Girls dressed and washed by 535. Breakfast being made by 550 (6 if it’s legit warm cooked food, again leaway). 6-630 eating and ready to leave by 635. 45 min and you are school early. I can’t imagine traffic at that hour so there u have it. Leahs a liar about 5 am wake up. She clearly doesn’t sleep at a good time but that’s her choice. Living like a college kid baby sitting some random kids for the first time ever in life. Not at all like a mother who would know this and have it down like that

  13. I don’t even think getting up at five sounds that unreasonable. almosr all of my friends and I get up between 5-6 to get up for work …

    1. When I work first shift, I have to get to work by 7 AM and I have a 45 minute drive. I wake up after 6.haha I can’t handle getting up any earlier, no matter the time I go to sleep. Hell, I even have time to put a full face of makeup on.

      1. I think it all depends on how much time you need. For some people (I’m assuming like yourself) you don’t need much time because you’re speedy. I’m a sloth and like to take thirty minutes to do all of my things slowly and while goofing around, but waking up early works for me. I’m guessing Leah is the “I’ll set my alarm for 5am and then actually get up at 6:15. That counts right?”

  14. did anyone else find it weird that she kept talking about a 5 am wake up but still couldn’t make them breakfast? I’ve been guilty of a quick breakfast on a bad sleeping night (let’s face it all kids have them) but all three kids were asleep. She could have opened up a nice can of ravioli and fed those girlses before making them dress themselves basically and sending them to school half asleep. It broke my heart listening to Gracie talking about being hungry and tired. I get all kids complain sometimes but she had some valid arguments lol leah chose to put her kids in school 45 minutes away! At least she fed little Addie some sweet and low packets for energy lol

  15. I wonder if Leah is acting act because as time goes on her daughter will get worse. I don’t know. I just know that her scenes were hard to watch.

  16. and another thing…WHY doesn’t she just pack everything the night before…esp if the girls are asking for lunchables…pre-made food…Clearly they’re not picky….pack their lunch boxes with lunchables the night before, and that same night pack a “breakfast” bag with a pop tart in it…doesn’t have to be toasted….just pop a pop tart in the bag and call it breakfast

    1. It’s sounds like she didn’t have anything in her fridge. No bread, no lunchables and who know what else.

  17. “My girls scream to be with me because I AM a GREAT MOM!”

    Oh, honey, no. That’s not why they’re screaming.

    1. I still just don’t understand why she doesn’t pay someone $12/hr to run her errands and baby-sit the kids. We had au pairs and mother’s helpers my whole childhood. And my SAHM didn’t even have the legitimate stresses of a disabled child and a tv show! Everyone thought she was a supermom, but no, she just fucking paid people to do shit she didn’t want to and spent like 50% of my childhood getting drunk by the pool (not in a 90210 way).

      1. My parents always had hired help as well. I have a lot of resentment toward my mom at times for not doing things herself. However, I suppose they did make sure SOMEONE was taking care of the kids. We were all healthy/typical children too. Our housekeeper always had breakfast prepped and ready, along with packed lunches and a hot dinner. My family was nowhere near as wealthy as Leah is either. My parents had busy careers and arranged for household needs to be met. We all know how much Leah is making, how much of Jeremy’s money she is blowing. Too bad no one in her everyday life except Corey and his family will call her out for not even meeting her kids basic needs.

        1. I had resentment until I became an adult and realized how much time and effort are needed to maintain a household. Paying a qualified person to run errands is so much better than trying to do everything yourself and failing. The important thing is to make sure everything is there and covered, not necessarily doing it with your two hands.

    2. The older they get, the more they will want to stay with Leah, because they can sneak out to parties, sneak boys in and be out of control with her not even knowing. With Corey, they will be expected to follow rules. So, in a way, I can see why they are “wanting to be with Leah” at times.

      She sucks.

      1. Will they even need to sneak them in? She’ll either be too strung out to care or allow it because she wants to know where they are/be the ‘cool’ mom.

  18. Addie was guzzling those sugar packets faster than Maci shot guns beers…just saying….Leah just needs to move her “hind end” closer to the girls school. After seeing that episode I get why it’s a lot and why she’s so tired…getting 3 kids ready by 6 am and then to drive them 45 minutes to school?…this girl rolled out of bed, had the girls get dressed and took them to school almost an hour away. Didn’t brush her hair, her teeth or anything for that matter. Leah makes her life harder than it needs to be and I dunno why….she brings these unnecessary stresses upon herself. From what’s shown, her life doesn’t have to be this hard…keep your legs closed means you keep a husband…move closer to the girls school means you have less tardies and BONUS you can sleep in more…that’ll help out with that narcolepsy…and if you paid attention to Addie for a minute, maybe she wouldn’t get high as hell on sugar and she probably wouldn’t wander away from the house.

    1. And let’s not forget the fact that Corey offered to take the kids every other week to take them to school for her. He was offering to help so it’s not like she has to do it all in her own! She likes to play the victim card when in reality she needs to make better choices for her girls. They are always late to school and Corey is frustrated that she can’t get them there on time. Just accept you can’t do it and accept his help.

  19. Leah needs to get her stuff together . i never had nothing bad to say about. Her in the past but she is going down hill . she doest not get she is out of control and mmaybe the girls would be better with the dad for while .

  20. “It’s scary, because sometimes I’m so sleepy, I can’t stay awake” -Leah, on driving her kids to school in the morning.
    If you are that sleepy, that you can’t stay awake, then you DO NOT need to be driving at all, let alone with 3 children in the car.
    Add to that the texting while driving (not to mention all the other disturbing things we’ve seen from her), and I believe she needs to have those girls permanently removed from her care, and be charged with child endangerment.

    1. I swear I’ve literally had a headache and not driven with my kids just because it was distracting. She looked like she was falling asleep at one point.

    2. Exactly! The texting while driving, especially while she looked like she was falling asleep – that’s the scary part to be. Missing a breakfast or not wearing a jacket won’t kill you – getting in a crash because Mom was texting or fell asleep at the wheel WILL!

  21. They must have ran out of sweet n low packets in the back of her trash filled car. They’re not buckled properly because they need to be able to get loose and scavenge like a bunch of raccoons. Poor girls.

  22. So…they get up at 5am, the school is 45 minutes away and they start school at 7.15. I presume breakfast (which they say they have at school) is at 7.30ish? Two and a half hours AFTER the kids get out of bed? If you can get yourself a cup of coffee within those 2 and a half hours you can feed your kids breakfast! And if you can’t then you should lose custody and not get it back. Liar, sorry Leah, is a barefaced lair. She did not get up at 5 am otherwise wtf was she doing for an hour and 40 minutes before they left the house? Because she sure as hell wasn’t looking after her kids or being a mom!

    1. Actually, I think breakfast would be before school. It is at my kid’s school because it is optional. Most kids can eat at home! Pop tarts in the car, a banana or something! They are so many options that don’t require prep!

  23. “I don’t trust you. Take me back home. Cause you’re always worrying about everything else besides picking us up and giving us lunch. I’m cold and I don’t have nothing to eat. You never get us up for breakfast.” That really says it all. Lieah can claim Aleeah was just being a drama queen all she wants, but kids don’t say things like that out of nowhere. As a mother, that scene broke my heart and made me want to cry. Another thing I picked up on in the midst of all of it was Ali saying “They didn’t buy me any lunchables.” Who is ‘they’? I’m sure it couldn’t possibly be the boyfriend that Lieah keeps saying doesn’t live with her.

    1. Someone said that was why the girls were sleeping on the couch, because his kids had the bedroom. Totally makes sense. And for a child to point out you don’t have your priorities in check is a shame. That’s not being dramatic. That’s you being a shitty mom. But I totally agree, it broke my heart as well

      1. It’s like Ali making the comment about her hair not being brushed. That sweet little girl is just going to keep inadvertently confirming what we all know is true, but Lieah tries so hard to hide. She is desperately trying to convince people that she is a good mother. She doesn’t understand that a good mother (or father, for that matter) doesn’t have to try to convince people, because their actions show that they are.

    2. That scene broke my heart, too. I’m glad those girls are with Corey and Miranda now. (“Well Corey and Miranda make us breakfast!”)

      1. They aren’t anymore. Leah regained custody and Corey and Leah split the custody more like it was before Corey was given primary…so I think Leah has them M-F and Corey gets them some weekends F-Sunday…

        1. Ugh I must have missed that. Sad she has to win instead of do what’s best for her kiddos. I think at least for now she needs some time to herself to get her s**t together.

          1. from : http://theashleysrealityroundup.com/2016/01/30/exclusive-details-did-teen-mom-2-star-leah-messer-really-regain-custody-of-her-twins/

            Us Weekly posted a story stating that Leah had regained partial custody of the twins. According to the magazine, Leah “will now have the girls on Thursdays through Sundays, and will deliver them to their dad…on Mondays. He’ll have them for the remainder of the week.”

            The Ashley didn’t report on the custody switch right away, as she needed to check with her sources to make sure it was legit.

            The Ashley can now confirm that this is actually true! (Generally, you can trust stories that come out of Us Weekly. The magazine has deals in place with MTV and oftentimes the stuff they post comes directly from the network.)

            The magazine added that the twins will stay at Corey’s place one weekend a month, and that Leah and Corey will “split the bills 50-50.”

    3. That comment from Aleeah broke my heart. Thanks for transcribing it.

      I also noticed Ali using “they” in reference to buying lunchables. You know, this is really becoming a different show now that the kids are old enough to speak their mind.

      Everyone claims that Leah gets the good girl edit – and I’ve seen a lot of that – but you have to wonder why the producers made a conscious decision to air Aleeah’s backseat monologue. What little she said was damning.

  24. The texting and Addie eating the sugar and sweetener packets shocked me the most. When they did the memes on the after-show, at first I was hoping that a shot of Addie would be one of the choices. Then I realized that nothing that would be considered “funny” or appropriate for the show would likely be submitted. Anyway, maybe Leah should drink herself one of them Mountain Dews in the morning to help wake up.

    1. According to Lieah on Twitter: @tatoorxo_ @2charms2arms my children NEVER drink soda and neither do I.

      Guess she’ll have to find something else for her narcolepsy

      1. I could have sworn that I saw one of the kids drinking one on a past season. I’d be happy to be wrong on that!

        1. To tweet that right after an episode aired that clearly showed your kids drinking it is just a whole new level of delusion

      2. Good lord she’ll feed her baby sugar packets but soda is where she draws the line (don’t get me wrong it’s terrible for you but still)?? Hahahhahah

      3. Love your screen name. So true. Dawn has taught Leah to never take responsibility for her own actions. Leah can do no wrong.

    1. But she doesn’t have a boyfriend and she totally isn’t living with him and his kids *wink wink*

  25. This topic has me so fired up!
    1. Leah should not be texting and driving…ever. If she wants to endanger her own life…fine, but her kids don’t have the choice.
    2. Her kids are never buckled properly in their car seats. It is not hard! Ali and Addie should be in a proper 5 point harness. Ali especially with all of her muscle issues and delays. She will need to be in a safer car seat. Most major accidents involve head on collisions and she cannot bother to properly secure her children…especially with the way that she drives…once again, it is their mother’s responsibility to care for them.
    3. There is no way she was up at 5. Those kids have a long drive to school. It is not hard to give them a glass of milk or a small snack…even a bag of fruit loops. It is unrealistic to expect a 5 year old to drive that far with nothing on their stomach…even if they were eating at school….which brings me to…
    4. Breakfast is not served all day long. They serve it until 5 minutes before the first bell rings. If they are getting there right as the cell rings, then they are not getting to eat.
    5. The girls did not seem the least bit surprised about the lack of food. Grace even asked to eat from the gas station…something tells me this happens often.
    6. Her house is a disaster. I am not the best housekeeper,but she is a SAHM. That is her job. If she can’t keep up hire a damn housekeeper.
    7. She did not help those girls get ready…no one brushed their hair or teeth. I might look like a hot mess at drop off, but at least me kids look put together.
    8. I can’t believe all of the people who are defending her parenting…are we watching the same footage…I have no doubt she loves her girls, but she if not fit to take care of them when she cannot take care of herself. There are people who are defending her saying the girls weren’t late and that Corey got them to falsify records. No one in their right mind is going to falsify a document that depends on federal funding to help a teen mom dad win a custody case…seriously…her fan girls are crazy!

    Sorry for the long post…she drives me CRAZY…and all of her CRAPPY excuses. People (her family) need to stop enabling her and she needs to either hire help or take some parenting classes.

    1. A few points
      1. Or the lives of the thousands of other people driving WV roads!
      2. Has she ever responded to car seat comments?
      3. My daughter cant wait to eat at school, and she doesn’t have to wait 2+ hours like these girls! She eats breakfast here, then again at school.
      4. That’s not the case at all schools. At my daughters school the first bell rings at 7:45 and Elementary has breakfast from 8 to 8:25 during first period. Then JH and HS have breakfast from 8:35 to 9, then they go to second period. It may be different because it’s a small school with Pre-K through 12 all on one campus
      Skipping a few
      7. I always look like a hot mess!! Especially sitting at the bus stop at 7:20

      1. I remember my high school closed lunch ten minutes before first class, for what it’s worth

    2. And all her fan girls saying it’s COrey’s fault for enrolling them in the school 45 minutes away. At this point Leah still had full custody so she could have said no. Also, I love how they all seem to forget Leah chose to move them to this new place with the boyfriend who she swears isn’t with her, so she made her own life harder there.

      1. Amen yes she choose to live there! How long has Cory been in that house? And how many times has Leah moved?!?

      2. Yes, thank you! She choose to move 45 minutes away because she prefers the D
        over her girls! Why didn’t she move as close as possible to her girls school???
        She makes 200,000 – 300,000 thousand on these shows every season and she couldn’t find a house closer to the girls school?!
        People need to stop defending this girl and look at the what’s going on. She needs to get her crap together or, have all three girls taken away from her!

    3. The 5 am wake up is what is driving me insane the most! Give the kids a pop tart at least it’s something! The kids were all asleep when she got up. She could have easily made a quick bowl of cereal for each of them.

    4. Don’t apologize I 100% agree with you! All of that happened in the what first five minutes of the show!? I like that she is still trying to perpetuate the narcolepsy story, making sure to mention how tired she is.

      I was wondering the same thing about the food breakdown… If she was getting them up at 5 (although I doubt it) 2 and a half hours is a long time to go without eating. And it was obvious this wasn’t just a bad day, we all have days that start off on the wrong foot… But it was pretty clear that this is a typical morning. I know she probably would have gotten a lot of flack had she given the kids dry cereal or a pop tart or something… But seriously nothing!? It’s not like “they make a mess in the car if you give them food” because we all know the condition of Leah’s car… A few Cheerios would have made no difference. Your child is HUNGRY, I would be crazy cranky/dramatic too. How much easier would her mornings be if the kids weren’t hangry? How hard is it to grab a apple or banana on the way out the door? Even if you don’t make a full breakfast it would be something to hold you over until they got to school!?

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t narcolepsy the thing where someone would fall asleep suddenly due to stress? It doesn’t happen because you’re tired, but you’re under extreme stress? Gurrrllll, you’re tired because you don’t sleep, not narcolepsy! And if she did have it, you should not be driving ESPECIALLY WITH THE GIRLSES IN THE CAR!!!

        1. Not quite. Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that interferes with the brain’s ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles. While stress can exacerbate the symptoms of narcolepsy (which can include more than just excessive daytime sleepiness) it is not the cause and people can experience symptoms when they aren’t stressed. While there is no cure, symptoms can be well, or even completely, controlled for many people with medication and strict sleep hygiene.

  26. Well, she definitely has her hands full. Three kids is a lot for anyone let alone someone her age and divorced. I could not imagine. The fact that she doesn’t feed them breakfast is not good being that they go to school 45 minutes away. She could at least bring something in the car for them. Their lunches should be packed the night before. Her kids do seem like they run her. She does need to get that under control. More of a schedule for them and a lot less sugar would definitely help.

  27. She is always being shown texting and driving, as well as her kids not being buckled properly. As someone else stated, she opened Addie a sugar packet. Also, remember last season jeremy said she stayed up all night on her phone? Maybe try to go to bed early if you have to get up early. But she will always have an excuse; lies I mean. Seriously, I would respect her much more if she said she messed up and she learned from it rather than say it was a one time thing. No its not leah. We saw you do shitty things all the time. If she spent half of the time fixing her problems as she did making excuses, maybe she wouldn’t suck so much. It broke my heart when the girls were upset. Drama queen or not, I’m 30 and if I am cold and hungry better believe you will hear about it. Hopefully she does a better job now after having lost primary custody for a bit.

      1. My phone is possessed ? anyway I was gonna say that Leah knew this was coming so she made sure to post the picture of breakfast. That girl drives me nuts and so does her family.

  28. Where is that chick that was complaining about Chelsea giving her daughter Fruit Loops for breakfast before school? What do you have to say about this one? Why don’t you come over and scold Leah about how you make your children toast and eggs every morning!

      1. That kid did not get into 1 packet.
        She was downing sugar like a pro, 1st it was that “Raw” Sugar (brown packs) then it was sweet & low.
        And she was sitting at the end on the table, like most restaurants put sugar on the edge of the table. Leah handed to her it was obvious

        1. As far as i know, they cant use the footage on court because in the contract they signed for filming they authorize mtv to edit the filming as they want, so this images despite how accurate they are are not valid as a legal resource

    1. YES THANK YOU! That comment drove me nuts. I’m a health nut, but I’m also single with no children. It is not my place to tell other people how to run their lives, I’m not their doctor.

  29. The schools feed every child breakfast, at least they do here in SC and they don’t charge the children. And if they are late getting there, they still feed them and then have them continue to class. So people lay off the Mom. She is by herself trying to raise these 3 girls. Daddy could step in and help more. Why is it always blaming the mom for everything, these kids have two parents. I seen on a story on social media that she got the girls back because they were not late like the they were saying on social media. Those girls have two great parents and not a lot of their lives is on tv. So you are just going by a lot of reality tv and you can’t always believe what you see. That is why they call it reality TV.

    1. Dawn is that you?!?!?! & raising them by herself? That’s laughable. Corey & Miranda love & care for those girls. Corey didn’t want custody just so he could hang them on a hook in the closet. He provides for them & caresfke them so I don’t see why you’re acting like Leah is ALLLLLLLL alone in parenting. She’s not. Also she’s shown opening the sugar packet for Addie. The kid didn’t open them herself. Leah is delusional. I really hope she gets better but it’s not going to happen with her enabling mother around.

    2. I second everything khaleel says. Also, when Corey tried to step in and help she got mad, remember? If she didn’t cheat on her husband’s maybe they would be around to help more with her.

    3. I just love comments like this. They are filled with delusion and hypocrisy.

      I’ll go sentence by sentence.

      1. Schools DON’T feed every child breakfast. It’s not always free. Sometimes only for low income…which they are NOT.

      2.IF they are late getting there they DON’T always feed them. Even if they did is this excusable? Let’s just disrupt the whole class and take away from all the kids school time because Leah is an idiot. It would be quite a bit different if they…had a car accident…got a flat tire…had a kid throw up…etc. There was nothing. Nothing other than her obvious dope hangover that is. The kids didn’t have breakfast OR lunch ready. Clothes ready. Anything. She claims they got up at 5…yet…the clock showed 640. What the hell was she doing for an hour and 40 minutes? That’s right. She was either doping or they didn’t get up at 5. Regardless. 5 or 6 am…you don’t look like that unless you are recovering from some type of hang over.

    4. Continued….

      3. She is not raising them alone. She has an extended family that watches them as well as Corey having them (at least) 3 days a week at this point. Even more now.

      4. On that note this is my favorite hypocrisy!! “MAYBE DAD SHOULD HELP MORE” Yet Corey is vilified for doing just that!! Hahahah!!!

      5….as far as the rest of your comments…welp…you are right there. A lot of their lives is not on TV. Specifically the part LeUH refuses to film…which is her DRUG ADDICTION.

      So glad Corey followed your advice and stepped up!! Huh?

      1. Wasn’t she living with TR at this point? Leah looked high to me…not just sleepy. When I look at Leah I think of the saying “Pride goth before the fall” because she would rather win against Cory than see to it her kids are happy and safe

    5. I literally only made this account because I live in SC and that it is completely untrue. It might be in some schools, but the schools here stop serving breakfast ten minutes before the first bell in the am. Good looking out though, “Janice”.

    6. This isn’t SC and there is no excuse this trashbag can’t get up earlier to make sure her kids are fed and taken care of. No excuse

    7. Well Corey would help if Leah would have let him. She flat out denied his help several times. She is always the victim, he won’t help her (but she won’t let him). He got full custody because they needed stability and he gave it to them, like he generally has their whole lives.

    8. Get real ..there’s no excuse. I raised 3 little ones alone after divorcing. I worked full time and was a full time student and still my children were fed and at school on time. I did this on my own since their dad couldn’t be bothered to support or parent them.

      Leah needs to get herself straight and realize how blessed she is to have the opportunity to parent these girls. Also, she needs to appreciate that Corey and Miranda are more than happy to do their part. It seems that all they want is what’s best for the girls and a big part of that is a responsible mother.

      1. Preach.

        My mom was a single parent to three kids and schools didn’t serve breakfast back then. We were up, dressed (looking presentable), fed, and driven to school on time. And then my mom went to work all day, picked us up from the after school babysitter, made dinner, finished homework and we were in bed by a reasonable time. Leah doesn’t even have a job. If she focused more on the girlses than the pillses and the dickses, she’d be better off.

    9. Wow…..I so hope this is a joke and you are really not this stupid…but you did make the statement “So you are just going by a lot of reality tv and you can’t always believe what you see. That is why they call it reality TV” Put down the aspartame and walk away…

    10. Are you kidding me? Dad could step in and help more? Do you live on planet earth?! Corey has been offering to help forever now, and Leah just takes it as an attack and plays the victim instead of admitting that she needs the help and accepting it. God, I hope you don’t have any kids of your own….

    1. But she opened sweet and low, not sugar. No child should be eating that in any shape or form. Those girls need to be with Corey until she can get herself together fully. She’s so young and should have more than enough energy to get her kids up and dressed and fed. They can be eating while she gets dressed. Millions of Moms do it everyday without all this drama.

        1. They are little pink packets of artificial sweetener used in coffee/tea etc. Most restaurants have them sitting in little dishes on the table along with sugar packets/Equal/Splenda etc.

        2. Well sweet n low is and artificial sweetener in a little packet and a sugar packet is regular sugar in a little packet.

        3. They are little paper packets filled with either regular sugar or saccharine, which is an artificial sweetener. Sweet n Low is the brand name of an artificial sweetener and what Addis was eating. A lot of restaurants in the US keep them at the table so that customers can add them freely to things like coffee, tea, etc. to whatever level of sweetness they like.

          1. Wow really, and she’s giving them to her kids to snack on……that’s terrible!! Thanks for the info, much appreciated 🙂

          2. Yeah, I’ve never seen a parent do that in my life. I’ve only ever seen parents take them away from kids trying to eat them. Glad I could help 🙂

  30. This is the new improved mommy Leah?!? Looks more like the same wrong parenting choices and then making excuses instead of really understanding and changing her actions. Leah is all talk but when it comes to her actions she does the opposite and it’s disturbing.

  31. I really hate the fact that she’s rolling her eyes as they are telling her she didn’t get them up for breakfast. As if it’s such a major inconvenience for her to feed her children…

    1. This is what bothered me the most, and of course that Gracie had to complain. Look, I understand things get chaotic once in a while, that you overslept and that you’re in a rush… But the fact that Gracie said all those things, proves that this happens A LOT. Then she rolls her eyes? How high are you that you, as a parent, roll your eyes at your children that are hungry and cold? Even if Gracie was being a ‘dramaqueen’, that was so gross…

      (BTW, I’m from Europe so sorry for any mistakes)

    1. I’m sure it was edited to make her look bad. Again. Like everything else. She is a poor, poor victim of this cruel that is filled with people out together. Lieah is never to blame. Just wait, the truth will come out!

  32. I love Leah. She’s a great mother to the twins. She is just overwhelmed and stressed due to the fact that everyone criticizes her when they don’t know all the facts. Should never believe everything you hear or see on the Internet or in magazines. #teamleah

    1. I’m afraid to see how she acts when she’s not being filmed. She knew MTV was filming her and still chose to text and drive. After last seasons midnight ravioli fiasco you would think she would make sure her children had a decent breakfast, at least for the cameras. Of course shes going to get criticized because many women work 40 hours a week and still manage to make their children breakfast and lunch.

    2. First, for a Team Leah supporter, I love how you completely ignored the fact that Leah has another baby, little orphan Addie. Remember the toddler who wandered away from her mother’s home and thankfully was retrieved and returned home safely by police officers two hours later, to Leah’s surprise I might add. I don’t know many “good mothers” who lose track of their toddlers for hours at a time and then blame their toddlers for escaping through the open backyard gate. Second, we don’t have to watch TV or read magazines to know that Leah is not in the right frame of mind or body to be caring for three children. Courts are very biased when it comes to child custody and Judges rarely remove children from the care of their mother unless the mother is proven to be extremely unfit. Corey was awarded custody after many attempts to protect his daughters and the only reason Leah even sees them as much as she does right now is because Corey agreed to 50/50 custody, because he is a good father and knows that his girls love their mother, which is far more than Leah was willing to give Corey when he requested the exact same arrangement when she was in charge. Third, I doubt you’d be “Team Leah” if God forbid, Addie had never been returned safely by police, or if Leah caused a car accident while texting and driving with her children unsafely buckled into their car seats, or if her house burned down while she was passed out. So, before you decide to make a fool of yourself by defending the poor parenting of those who choose to film their mistakes for the world to see and criticize, please think about those babies first and how much safer they are when they are not in Leah’s care.

      1. No, these people will always be “Team Leah” supporters because they are ignorant and immature. They probably don’t have supportive ex’s in their lives so they project their frustration into the Leah storyline and believe everything she says, even when photographic proof otherwise is staring them in the face.

        If Addie was kidnapped, it would be Jeremy and Corey’s fault for not “supporting” Leah in her narcolepsy so she is too tired.

        If she crashed the car, it would be because Corey makes her drive all over WV with her girlses, not because she is living with the man she denies being with (even with photos proving otherwise) and has moved 12398134 times in the past 6 years, and texts and drives while under the influence of narcotics.

        And I dare any Leah supporter to directly ask their OBGYN if he/she would prescribe Hydrocodone, Percocet and Tylenol 3 simultaneously upon discharge from delivery (vaginal or C section) and see what the response is. I did this and my doc laughed and said “Heck, no, and not just because of the narcotics, but because it would be an overdose of acetaminophen and would cause liver failure. If someone is in that bad of pain, we have other options.”

        So she lied about that too.

  33. She could have made their lunches the night before & heck apparently she just does lunchables that’s even easier! She is making life harder on herself by not being organized and just doing the things she needs to do. Why is she so zombified and tired? Its not like she WORKS. Most of the working moms in America get up at 5 and manage to do it with out playing the Whoa is me card. Get over yourself Leah, you suck.

  34. I’m useless in the morning myself so I prep the night before like make french toast the night before that way I only have to reheat it in the microwave the next morning. I think she needs to step it up and prep the night before for bfast and lunch. There’s also once a week cooking where you cook a bunch of stuff and put it in the freezer for a whole week of meals. There’s a lot of ideas on pinterest and blogs. It made me sad seeing her kids not eat 🙁 I just hope what we saw doesn’t happen often.

      1. That’s what I do. I’m 25 and believe it or, not, I have 5 kids. I make sure every night I get my kids clothes ready, so that way I’m not spending 15 to 20 minutes looking for clothes. I then wake up everyday at 4:00 am and get all four half dressed and then go back to bed and wake up at 6:30 am and make sure they all brush their teeth I do all four of my kids hair, and most of the time I feed them cereal at home and they also eat breakfast at school. The only time they eat breakfast at school and not at home is beacuse, I ran out and didn’t have time to buy more. School starts where I live, at 8:00 am and my kids get their between 7:40 threw 7:50 and most of the time they already ate breakfast at home. I have more kids then Leah and I take care of my kids. So why can’t she???

  35. If she has a 45 minute drive to get them to school how hard is it to plan for them to eat something in the car on the way to school. Toaster waffle, poptart, granola bars, dry cereal, and a travel cup of milk. Not a hard on the go breakfast to plan. And I am no Mom of the Year.. LOL

    1. Exactly! My children get up at 430 every morning to go to daycare because I work at 545. I have emergency to-go food in case we are running late. They eat breakfast there but not until 630 so I want them to have something their tummies. It’s not hard at all, you just have to take a few minutes the night before to prepare. It’s all part of being a parent and avoiding meltdowns like Gracie was experiencing.

      1. Talk about sick. You make your poor kids get up at 430 every morning just to go to daycare? Those poor children.

        1. Some people have to do what they have to do to support their family. I’m a nurse and work 6a to 6p. Luckily I have someone come to the house to watch my kids. If not, I would be in the same boat!

        2. Yeah it’s really “sick” that I have a job that pays our mortgage, groceries,health insurance etc.. Maybe I should quit and move us in to a small apartment and live on welfare, so my “poor children” don’t have to wake up early.

          1. What I want to know is where you found a daycare that opens that early? All the ones here open at 730 or later. Which is insane because the people that work at the hospital, nursing homes, and the prison have 6 to 6 shifts (hospital is 7-7), so all those parents are just SOL.

        3. Well, unlike Leah, Amanda’s probably not putting her kids to bed at 11:30pm. She sounds like a responsible parent that makes sure her children get plenty of sleep.

          1. Thanks Beth we all go to bed early in this house. Cassi to answer your question, My children’s daycare opens at 530am. I live in Kirkland, WA which is a suburb of Seattle so I have a lot of options for childcare. Some centers are even open 24 hours. My friend from high school’s Mother owns the center my children attend and I use to work there many years ago, so I feel like they are in good hands.

        4. She clearly stated she starts work at 5:45. We all have to do what we need to in order to survive and take care of our kids. At least she has a job, unlike Leah. Get off your high horse.

  36. I don’t think the breakfast thing was a big deal since they were going to eat it at school but the texting thing pissed me off. You don’t do that especially with your kids in the car.

      1. Debbie, she wasn’t depriving them of food. They ate breakfast when they got to school. I do the same thing with my son. Does that make me a bad mom?

        1. When your children say they are hungry (probably b/c they ate nothing or crap for dinner the night before) and you have a 45 min ride ahead of you, and you make the conscious decision NOT to feed them, you are depriving them of a basic human right. It isn’t hard to grab a couple breakfast bars on your way out the door and if you’re unorganized, like Leah clearly is, you should have easy to grab and go snacks stocked up for these exact situations. Not only were the girls hungry, they were unwashed, tired, and miserable, all before 8 am. I wonder what type of school day they had after such a dreadful morning and by the looks of it, this was not a one time occurrence, but a typical morning in the Messy household.

        2. Idk, I don’t see what the big deal is. Yes, she could’ve gotten up earlier to make them breakfast but they were going to eat as soon as they got to school so….. I do the same thing with my kid so that’s why I’m defending her on that. I usually don’t defend Leah at all on her actions but I just think this breakfast thing is ridiculous. I don’t think mothers should be accused of starving their children just because they had them wait 45 minutes to eat breakfast. That is just insane.

          1. We don’t know if the girls actually got to eat at school, we only have Leah’s word for it and she’s incapable of telling the truth. If she left the house at 6:40ish, school starts at 7:15, and the drive is 45 minutes then the girls were tardy. I don’t know about this particular school, but I work in a before school program. I am physically in the cafeteria with the kids who are eating breakfast. 5 minutes before the bell rings breakfast is no longer served. Once school has started breakfast is completely put away and the lunch ladies are busy prepping for lunch. Tardy kids don’t even have the opportunity to walk into the cafeteria to even ask about breakfast because they are escorted to their classroom.

          2. You go tell your child’s pediatrician that you ” don’t get this breakfast thing”, I’m sure they’d love to school you on your ignorance.

          3. I did the same thing, Erin.

            I worked at a daycare and my kids attended too. I had to be at work by 8. I would get my girls up at 7. We would be out the door by 7:45 and they we have breakfast at 8:30. Sometimes, I would give them some bags of cereal if we had some but a majority of the time they ate breakfast at daycare. So, I don’t think Leah was wrong for that. In a general sense though. If you have a long way to drive and you are running late, you should try to get something in your kids’ stomachs. I don’t know how the school is setup but they potentially could be waiting until lunch to eat.

        3. You are not looking at the big picture. If you are texting while driving, if your children are unkempt, if your baby is mainlining sugar, if you make over 200k a year yet live in a pig sty, if your children eat off the floor…yep, you are a crap mother.

        4. She did deprive them of food. They were not AT school in time to get the breakfast served. They arrived just in time to get to class, and that was it. If you refuse to feed your kids before school, but ensure that they are at school in time to get breakfast from someone, I doubt folks would judge. If, however you refuse to feed your kids breakfast(or lunch) AND refuse to have them somewhere in time to GET fed…you’re a shitty parent.(general you, of course).
          If her school abides by a financial limit for free breakfast and lunch, her kids don’t even qualify. Her income is too high for those services.
          Not all schools do have those limits, but most public schools do.

    1. There is absolutely no excuse for a child to be crying that because the are cold and hungry. Why should they have to wait that long to eat breakfast? Because poor mommy doesn’t want to wake up earlier just to feed them? There are plenty of quick and healthy options that can easily be made in a few minutes in the morning. Or the night before that the kids could eat in the car. Who knows if the girls really were able to eat at school. Lieah says school starts at 7:15. She didn’t leave until 6:45.And what about Addie? Does she just have to wait until they are back home to eat breakfast? That’s nearly a two hour car ride for her. Getting your kids up, dressed and fed properly, and to school on time is not the impossible feat that Lieah makes it seem.

  37. She should only be allowed to have the girls on the weekend. Corey should be the one taking them to school. She said she doesn’t always text and drive but yet one of these days she could be or cause an accident because of it.

  38. She’s so full of it. She is overwhelmed and stressed and I get that, but she needs to plan better and be more organized – get to bed earlier and get up earlier so she can get her kids to school. If you are going to have the kids eat breakfast at school, tell them the night before so that they know. She lost custody for a REASON!

    1. Leah is full of excuses. She needs to actually start listening to the complaints and making changes instead of excusing her lack of being a decent human by saying her daughter wasnt cold and wasnt hungry and was just being dramatic.

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