‘The Challenge: Rivals III’ to Premiere in May: Meet the Cast & Watch the First Trailer!

Raise your hands if you plan on embarrassing your parents this season...
Raise your hands if you plan on embarrassing your parents this season…

You know it’s going to be a good season of The Challenge when host TJ Lavin starts things off by telling the contestants, “Welcome to your worst nightmare!”

Earlier this week, People released the first trailer for The Challenge: Rivals III, which premieres May 4 on MTV, and it looks good! Just as with the other two “Rivals” seasons, contestants will be partnered with someone they’ve had conflict in the past. Unlike the previous “Rivals” seasons, however (which aired in 2011 and 2013), “Rivals III” will pair contestants with their rival of the opposite sex.

Once again, stars from MTV’s Are You The One? will be filtered into the cast.

“I am putting all of my faith in my enemy!” Sarah Rice says in the trailer. (Obviously Sarah’s “retirement” from the show in 2015 didn’t last very long…)

Also back (again) this season is Johnny Bananas (who will probably be on this show until he reaches actual retirement age). He will be paired with Sarah, who was one of his closest friends from the show until she “backstabbed” him during “Battle of the Exes II.”

The new season, which was filmed in Huatulco, Mexico, will feature other show “regulars,” including Wes, Camila and Nany. Absent from this list, however, are frequent ‘Challengers’ Cara Maria Sorbello and Aneesa Ferreira.

The male/female rival teams are:

  • Johnny Bananas & Sarah Rice
  • Brandon TindelBriana LaCuesta (who clashed during ‘Are You The One?’ Season 2)
  • Cory WhartonAshley Mitchell (who didn’t get along during “Real World: EX-Plosion”)
  • Dario Medrano & Nicole Ramos (who met–and clashed–during “Battle of the Bloodlines”)
  • Devin Walker & Cheyenne Floyd (who disliked each other during ‘Are You The One?’ Season 3)
  • Jamie Banks & KellyAnne Judd (who got into a big argument during “Battle of the Bloodlines”)
  • Johnny Reilly & Jessica McCain (who fought during ‘Real World: Portland’)
  • Leroy GarrettAverey Tressler (Leroy called Averey a liar during “Battle of the Exes II”)
  • Nathan SiebenmarkChristina LeBlanc (Nathan was hurt by Christina during ‘Are You The One?’ Season 2)
  • Thomas Buell & Simone Kelly (Simone threw a bunch of drinks in Thomas’ face during “Battle of the Exes II”)
  • Tony RainesCamila Nakagawa (who got in a screaming match during “Battle of the Bloodlines”)
  • Vince GliattaJenna Compono (who couldn’t stand each other during “Battle of the Bloodlines”)
  • Wes BergmannNany González (who have never really gotten along during any Challenges)

The Ashley‘s ‘Challenge’ source tells her that one team will be sent home for medical reasons, while another is kicked out for disciplinary reasons. (She’s not revealing which teams, however, because she doesn’t want spoil the season!) TJ hints to an elimination in the trailer when he tells one person, “I’ve warned you before. You’re outta here. Don’t take care. Hope to see you never!”

Watch the first “Rivals III” trailer below:

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Love the Challege! Wish they would bring back road rules and return to the Real World/ Road Rules format. Stop making this show about hook ups and fights and get back to the actual challenge. As someone mentioned above, it was better when they based the challenges on points instead of voting. Now a days the show is based around the cast going clubbing and getting raged at each other, so over it.

  2. Challenges are getting boring and predictable. Spoiler alert…bananas and Sarah will win. Do something different…old days they did a point system so even if you were the most popular if you did crappy you went in. Do a all stars vs newcomers…anything. I like bananas but watching him win this without any issues or having to go into a pit/guantlet etc is boring

  3. I thought Sarah said she was done with challenges after winning Exes II…? Her and Bananas are the obvious winners. I’ll still watch but having 2 winners in 1 team? Come on. If she hadn’t been DQ’d twice (or was it 3 times?) for a crappy partner she probably would have won more than just 1 season.

    1. That’s what she said! Didn’t she have a baby or get married or something? I like her but she did bananas dirty

      1. bananas has done that exact same shit so many times, he had alot of fucking nerve crying about it the way he did. sarah did what she had to do to win for once, same as he does every time he’s won or even plays. if she hadn’t he may very well have won. i don’t hate or fault him for playing how he does, everyone should know by now not to trust his word, but he should man up when someone takes their cue from him

        1. Bananas knows how to play the game, that’s for sure. But he never made an alliance with someone then threw them in. I think she made the right move no doubt, but it was dirty. Bananas kind of deserved it, bc he let her win so she could do the dirty work lol. It was like when Kenny and Wes played, i think? Wes had all these alliances then had to start sending people in his alliance home, and Kenny stayed true to his word. They place ruthless, but they stay true to their word

          1. Bananas & Nany had an alliance on Bloodlines. He voted her in, along with the rest of his team. He didn’t even attempt to swing the vote in a different direction. Sadly for both of them, he didn’t really do any politicking for that vote, & in the end lost a good friend (& maybe even the entire challenge, since she was one of the only people left that supported him) because of this.

          2. He tried to sway the vote, but no one was having it. So he said her name to protect himself. I am in no way a fan of his, but he did try to save her, but in the end knew it was inevitable. sarah made the right decision, but it was shady. She said so herself

          3. Lets not forget the time Bananas betrayed Paula on the Island challenge. That to me was a lot worse than what Sarah did

          4. Bananas did Paula the EXACT same way a few seasons back. The difference, Bananas and Paula were actual friends while Sarah & Bananas were “Challenge” friends. I believe it was on “The Island” but that may have been when he screwed over that other chick…I can’t remember her name. I think he screwed over Dunbar in a similar fashion in one of these too.
            It’s the social aspect of this game…an aspect that Bananas himself not only helped to create, but has used many times to his advantage. He can’t get away with crying foul when someone uses it against him, at least not with me.

      2. Big deal, Bananas has repeatedly done the same exact thing to plenty of other people in other seasons. In fact, he just did it again this last season. He wasn’t as far along when he screwed someone over, but he still did it just the same.

        But when it did finally happen to him by Sarah, he wouldn’t stop whining about it like a little girl. He got what was coming. And by the way, it was a great move by Sarah since she ended up winning.

        1. exactly, like i said, i don’t fault him for playing how he does, i do for crying like a little bitch for months over sarah. i know he did nany dirty to save face with his girl and i haven’t watched every single season, all i know is i’ve seen him dick people over several times in just the ones i have watched. anyone who gets into an alliance and trusts him at this point deserves what they get lol. but it was beyond pathetic the way he cried about sarah winning

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