‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Makes Racist Comment About Blac Chyna on Instagram

You really outdid yourself this time, Farrah...
You really outdid yourself this time, Farrah…

Another day, another online feud started by Farrah Abraham— but this time things got downright uncomfortable, thanks to a racist comment made by the Teen Mom OG star!

Farrah unleashed a racist rant on video star/Rob Kardashian fiance Blac Chyna on Friday, and for once, it seemed totally unprovoked.

Using her verified Instagram account, Farrah left a mean, racist comment on a video that Blac posted of herself singing Beyonce‘s song “Sorry.”

“F**kin monkey ewe s**t come up 4 what she is a nothing,” Farrah wrote. (We know it had to be her doing the commenting, given that the comment is almost completely unintelligible, as are most of Farrah’s past tweets/social media rants/posts/interviews.

The Ashley has censored Farrah's post.
The Ashley has obviously censored Farrah’s post.

Blac’s fans responded fiercely to Farrah’s racist comment.

“Think before you post things,” one fan wrote. “I don’t care how much money you have, you’re obviously a miserable person. Your insides are hideous. Stop lashing out at other people for whatever hang ups you may have.”

“You have the nerve to call her a monkey, one of the biggest and most known racial slurs to call an African-Americans?” another commented.

Farrah is obviously no stranger to social media feuds. Over the years, she’s battled online with everyone from Kourtney Kardashian to Nicki Minaj to basically all of her ‘Teen Mom’ franchise co-stars, including Amber PortwoodCatelynn LowellMaci Bookout and Gary Shirley, to name just a few.

Blac not yet responded to Farrah’s derogatory comment, and Farrah has not yet explained what the hell she was thinking by posting that comment.

(Blac Chyna photo: Instagram)


  1. In NO WAY am I sticking up for Farrah, but she has a point! Blac Chyna is gross, looks like a monkey, and has no reason to be famous! But I guess Farrah knows her pain b/c she too is gross, looks like a monkey & is famous for no reason whatsoever!! Hate them both! Btw, I really don’t understand wtf Farrah was tweeting. Is that English?

  2. Farrah should have been a stain on the sheets, or a swallow.

    She is a walking talking abortion that never happened and should have.

    And I am against termination but in her case I’d make an exception

  3. Farrah just wanted to bag rob so she could be the next Kartrashian abs the bratt would finally have a dad

  4. Leave Farrah alone. She clearly wrote this while trying to separate herself from Sophia. You know they live their own lives right?! Darn clingy 5 year olds! I guess her political correctness went right out the backdoor….wait

    1. @SPENCER, how could this many people POSSIBLY have taken your comment seriously? I mean, I know sarcasm is sometimes difficult to read, but this was obvious. It kinda bums me out.

  5. she’s such a fucking hypocrite. all she ever talks about is not being negative and how negative other people are, yet she’s the one making awful comments about everyone. she said minaj’s videos looked like porn, as if she thought that was so bad! um, her videos may LOOK like porn, but u actually MADE a porn! so how tf are u throwing shade again? oh i forgot, nothing’s the same if farrah does it cuz she has a reason lol. she says empower women, is there any woman anyone could point to as her lifting up rather than bashing? besides jenna jameson, and u know what farrah thinks of her really lol. i can’t believe she’s still on the show. and new pics show alot more surgery just got done, so she’s full on muppet now. the fact that she thinks it looks good shows how delusional she is.

    1. Honestly, I don’t think she is. I’m pretty sure she should be though-
      Seriously…prescription drugs recommended by an experienced mental health professional following a legitimate and thorough evaluation.

      She appears to be delusional, paranoid, and somewhat aggressive most of the time- It just doesn’t seem like it’s substance induced. I can’t quite pinpoint why though.

      I think she’d be an unbearable-self-centered-trash bag even if she sought treatment and found some emotional and mental stability…pretty sure that’s just who she is, but calming down that shit storm- even a little- would benefit Sophia.

  6. As usual she will say some crap like “everyone needs to chill out, I don’t like having so much negativity around me so I am going to be the better person blah blah blah” like she always does. She is always the victim and is never wrong.

    1. Lol she is too.

      What a nasty thing to call BC, I really really have always and still do hate Farrah Abraham.

  7. Aahhh see there is the problem…farrah (not worthy of respect to capitalize name) doesn’t think. She doesn’t have a brain capable of thinking. Shoot she never ever learned to grow up and speak like an adult. If she didn’t make money by spreading her legs she just be a broke, ho-assed backwood idiot.

  8. I can’t stand her, she’s the only reason why I stopped watching the show on tv, I only watch it on DVR and I skip through her parts.
    And this kind of articles are exactly why she is acting the way she is, she wants to be noticed one way or another, she doesn’t care if we will be talking highly about her or bashing her down, as long as we pay attention to her.

  9. Today she posted a picture of Sophia wrapped around a pole with a suggestive caption. She is the worst. Really desperately looking for attention!

    1. Agreed! The way she’s raising this kid, she will likely be part of the teen mom statistic with a worse outcome sadly. In terms of Farrah’s personal behavior she’s gonna mouth off to the wrong person at some point and they are gonna get her, it’s not like she’s some anon that hides where she lives…

      I remember when she propositioned Charlie Sheen and he basically said “you’re too skanky for me” lmfao

      1. didn’t something happen with a glass or a chair being thrown at her head by one of those big brother cast mates a few years ago? too bad they missed…

        1. She threw the glass actually

          The Brits hate her because she is so vile rude obnoxious and ugly inside and out

    2. She’s a terrible mother and role model to her child, surely her parents can’t be proud of that

  10. Farrah Abraham needs her ugly skanky a$$ beat
    Hope someone gives her the Beating of he life

    1. Aw did Farrah Michael and deluded Deb down vote this comment, Farrah one day you’ll open your rubber lipped trap to the wrong person, and next thing you know girl, you’ll be waking up and eating through a straw.

      **Headline teen skank sucks straw**

    2. Now that round be the best headline.

      Farrah Abrahams back door was shut as she was knocked on her backside ??

    1. Right? I can’t tell if people (the Abraham Fam Machine) were upset by me suggesting that Farrah may have a legit mental health issue and that an assessment by a trustworthy mental health professional might be a good step to take…or by me calling her a trash bag…

      I stand by both statements though.

    1. I know Sophie Kasae got thrown out the Geordie Shore house for saying something racist (but this was while filming) so I hope they do the same with Farrah :/ They probably won’t though since this trainwreck gets them viewers.

      1. Doesn’t matter this is still a racist whether it’s on air, on a tv show or in a comment
        If I were BC I’d sue Farrah for everything, Farreah should get her child taken by CPS

        1. Sue?
          For what?
          You cant sue someone for being a racist or for being mean.
          I doubt Chyna wants anything from Farrah, she is being smart & no even replying to this trash. Why should she waste her time on Farrah.

          1. Would love to see her with zilch zero nada

            Would serve her right

  11. I’ve always said it. Farrah made that sex tape thinking she was going to make it to Kim Kardashian level of fame. She tried to make people believe that it was a “sex tape” she made with her “boyfriend” that got “leaked” and not an actual contracted porno.

    Farrah has always aspired to be a Kardashian. That’s why she has those butt injections, lip injections, and all the other plastic surgery….and now she is jealous Blac Chyna is about to actually become one.

    Remember a few years ago when she went after Kourtney Kardashian for being pregnant at 31, and Scott Disick called her a shit stain? LOL. Farrah is such an idiot and will forever be the shit stain that got pregnant at 16 and made a porno.

  12. So is Farrah’s pea sized brain conveniently forgotting that she was clearly seen chasing after a black guy who was attending a nearby college in her hometown of Council Bluffs, Iowa in the very early days of Teen Mom?

    As I recall, his name was Shaq, and she and a friend of hers seemed to be stalking the guy constantly with Sophia in a babystroller. That is, until the guy finally told her he wasn’t really interested.

    The film footage exists, so if anyone wants to see this, please check out the first (or second) season episodes of Teen Mom.

    1. LOL I forgot about that! She sure was chasing after that boy almost everyday with Sophia in that baby stroller…She used to stalk his football practices. She was soooooo desperate for a man and attention….not much has changed.

  13. Farrah has been trying to follow the Kardashian model of “success” since she appeared on the reality scene: constant drama, the sex tape with her “boyfriend,” the constant plastic surgery. So she hears the rumors that the Kardashians don’t like Blac Chyna and are upset about her engagement to Rob and her deluded mind thinks, “This is how I make them like me.” She’s gone completely off the rails.

    (The use of a racial slur is completely inexcusable. MTV needs to man up and drop her.)

  14. She’s even lower than I thought! I didn’t even understand what she was trying to say in her tweet. I would love for her to get kicked off Twitter. Part of me wonders if she isn’t jealous of Chyna’s engagement to Robert Kardashian. I’m not a Katdashian fan but let’s face it, they are a step up for Farrah. She’d love to be in Blac Chyna’s spot.

  15. She’s even lower than I thought! I didn’t even understand what she was trying to say in her tweet. I would love for her to get kicked off Twitter. Part of me wonders if she isn’t jealous of Chyna’s engagement to Robert Kardashian. I’m not a Katdashian fan but let’s face it, they are a step up for Farrah. She’d love to be in Blac Chyna’s spot.

  16. Whenever she’s fighting with her Teen Mom costars she always talks about women need to be empowering other women and not bring them down. And yet……this.
    She’s crazy.

  17. I’m not defending Farrah and maybe I’m naive but how is calling an African American a monkey racist? Not all monkeys are black lol.

    1. I’m not sure because I’m white, but I think black people got called Monkey a lot bc of the thought they resemble them more than white people, also the whole ‘black people love bananas!!!!’ thing comes from there.

      I can be totally wrong about this though! (also guys, instead of downvoting her, you can just educate a person asking a question..)

    2. Honestly, I never knew it was a racist thing until I was a teen. I had just never heard that before or experienced a situation where it came up. Farrah obviously knows what she’s saying though, which is just another example of what a nasty person she is.

      1. I think they are just uneducated. But really, if you do not know why this is horrifyingly offensive, take a minute to google and find out.

    3. I’m not certain of the exact origins of this racist slur, but I expect it was to do with black people not being seen as civilised and rather seen like animals rather than human beings, and I guess perhaps the features had been compared (for example wider noses) – there is no part of this slur that should make logical sense to say it to a person, much less the fact not all monkeys are black, but that is racism for you. I should note I am half black so I’m answering seriously to the best of my knowledge on the matter, that is limited knowledge, and I will make a point to research this.

        1. #notallmonkeys Seriously though even if people weren’t still using monkey as a racial slur today (they are) the use of monkey as a racial slur has a historical context to it. So people need to understand, regardless of Farrah’s intention, that this word wounds because of how it was, and still is, used as a racial slur.

          I’m very much of the mindset that Farrah is not nearly as stupid as she seems to be, and she’s also highly motivated to stir up controversy. So yes, I think Farrah knew what she was saying before she said it, and I think she did it on purpose.

      1. I agree it’s disgusting that they are condoning this nasty racist bitch

  18. WOW! Just when I think she can’t outdo herself, she somehow manages to make herself look like more of an a**.

  19. How many celebrities have been banned from networks for racial slurs. MTV do you really want this kind of trash associated with yours? Kick this piece of trash off your networks. Can’t stand her.

  20. Farrah is the typical Becky that dates black guys even though she’s racist. Remember Shaq?

    And LOL at shad in a black woman while she’s paying thousands for their features and failing badly. Just look at those baboon @$$hole looking lips, weird plastic @$$ and so on. 24 looking 52. She wishes she had black features and their graceful aging power. Illiterate loser!

  21. Blac Chyna can show she is better than Farrah by not responding. It would only be giving Farrah the attention she so desperately craves in an attempt to stay relevant. Ignore her.

    1. I bet Blac Chyna has no idea who this Farrah Abraham is. Farrah did this as a desperate grab for attention. In her mind, these is no such thing as bad publicity.

  22. That was so incredibly ignorant. Wow farrah, you just get worse and worse. There is no reason to call anyone a name like that. I hope someone slaps her for that.

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