‘Kendra On Top’ Season 5 Episodes 9 & 10 Recap: Dealing with Dad’s Drunken Wife & A Death in the Family

For once, Kendra doesn't have to create drama in her life...
For once, Kendra doesn’t have to create drama in her life…

Get ready for some drama, guys! It’s time for another episode of Kendra On Top!

The episode picks up right where we left off last week, with Kendra and Jessica at home taking care of their kids and spending time with their husbands.

Hahahaha, just kidding. That would never happen.

"Stay home? With the kids? That's what the nanny is for, duh!"
“Stay home? With the kids? That’s what the nanny is for, duh!”

The episode actually starts with Kendra and Jessica in Australia. Kendra’s dad, GrandDude, is also there with his often-drunk new wife, Amy. The night before, Kendra had drunkenly agreed to go stay in a beach house with GrandDude and Amy and now she is regretting it.

As you may recall from last season, Kendra has some doubts about Amy. She feels like Amy may be using GrandDude (for his famous daughter and/or a lifetime supply of booze and bad cruise wear.)

"The only way to keep us out of your house will be to get rid of all your alcohol and/or your camera crew."
“The only way to keep us out of your house will be to get rid of all your alcohol and/or your camera crew.”

On the awkward limo ride to the beach house, Kendra finds out that GrandDude and Amy are moving back to L.A. Kendra is shocked.

“Amy…do I really want her around all the time?” Kendra asks.

To be fair, Kendra, Amy will probably only be around when the camera crew is there. She probably can’t stand you unless it’s going to get her drunken mug on TV.

Later, Kendra takes GrandDude to the beach to try to talk some sense into him and Jessica decides to find out why Amy is so weird. GrandDude goes on and on about how awesome Amy is…but Kendra doesn’t look convinced.

"I feel like I need to bathe in bleach after hanging out with you. Just saying."
“I feel like I need to bathe in bleach after hanging out with you. Just saying.”

Back at the house, Jessica asks Amy about the photo they showed her last time they were visiting. The photo was Amy, topless, with Eric’s hands covering her boobs. Jessica asked who took the photo. Amy reveals that her ex-husband was the photographer.

"Everyone loves a topless beach cheating story, right!?"
“Everyone loves a topless beach cheating story, right!?”

Wait…what? Huh?

Jessica’s mouth drops open. (You know it’s scandalous when you’re shocking someone who hangs out with Kendra on the regular.)

Amy tells Jessica that was actually the first time she met GrandDude. She was vacationing at a clothing-optional resort with her then-husband and she and GrandDude became “friends”…very, um, special friends, it seems.

Meanwhile, GrandDude is trying to convince Kendra to try and reconcile with her brother, Colin.

Poor Hank has been relegated to being a background voice at this point...
Poor Hank has been relegated to being a background voice at this point…

Later, Kendra gets devastating news– her grandmother has had a stroke. If you were a Girls Next Door fan, you know that Kendra was extremely close to her grandmother. When GrandDude bailed and left Parti Patti to raise Kendra and Colin alone, Kendra’s grandparents stepped in. Kendra has said repeatedly that they helped raise her.

We learn that Kendra’s grandmother, sadly, passed away. Kendra is, of course, a wreck. To make matters worse, Kendra feels like she isn’t wanted by her family. Kendra said during the time they were in the hospital with Grandma, Parti Patti never even spoke to her or made eye contact with her. (She was, however, probably taking notes for her alleged upcoming tell-all book.)

"My whole family is completely nuts."
“My whole family is completely nuts.”

Later, Kendra meets up with Colin to discuss everything. Kendra and Colin are both visibly emotional at the reunion.

“I must say that everything me and my brother have gone through went out the window,” Kendra says. “He really stepped up. He became a true man and put his feelings aside and knew what my grandma would want. That really meant a lot to me.”

Kendra spoke a little bit about how much her grandmother meant to her.

“Our grandma was the most amazing grandma anyone could have,” Kendra said. “She was the rock to our family. When my dad left, my grandma and grandpa stepped in to help. She served a very kind, comforting purpose to my life. If I needed someone to talk to, my grandma would be that person. It was an amazing childhood having her around.”

We also get to see some home videos and pictures of Kendra, Colin, and Grandma throughout the years.

"I like this show better when my it's just my husband cheating on me with skanky models."
“I like this show better when my it’s just my husband cheating on me with skanky models.”

Ugh, this is hard. We like this show better when Kendra’s getting drunk, pretending to cheat on her husband and acting a fool!

Finally, Kendra asks about Parti Patti. Colin says Patti is very upset, of course, but doesn’t really expand on it. Kendra holds out hope for a reconciliation with Colin.

"Just do what Amy's gonna do-- bring your own flask to the funeral! Duh!"
“Just do what Amy’s gonna do– bring your own flask to the funeral! Duh!”

Later, Kendra talks to GrandDude about how she should act around Parti Patti at the funeral. Kendra says she would like to go up to Patti at the funeral and hug her and apologize, but she doesn’t know if she can. The episode ends with Kendra pulling up to the funeral and spotting her mother.


Next week, we get to see Kendra meet up with her former ‘Girls Next Door’ co-star, Bridget.

“My vision of everything is that we would all still be friends,” Bridget says.

Kendra answers, “We were never friends.”


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  1. I think Grand-Dude is the last person Kendra should be asking for advice on Patti, he freakin walked out on her and left her high and dry with two young children. I’m sure she’s just thrilled that Kendra so easily forgave him.

    On a sincere note though, rest in peace Mary. She did a lot for her family and I’ll always respect her.

    1. i love how he said, i spent my life going from beach to beach, all over the world surfing. and kendra’s dumb ass can’t even connect the fact that he did that rather than be a father to two kids. as much as she hates patti, it was patti who raised her and made sure she had a roof, clothes, food. and eric just gets a pass for all those years. whatever, forgive and forget, but remember your mother too. patti shouldn’t have sold stories but she was angry and probably had very good reason to be, knowing what a selfish lil bitch kendra is.

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