5 Weird Things ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Posted on Social Media This Week

Farrah Abraham is never far from a scandalous headline, but this week the Teen Mom OG star seemed to step up her social media scandal game big time! From racist feuds to weird political messages, Farrah’s postings this week got her exactly what she wanted: attention.

For fun and games, The Ashley has gathered five of Farrah’s most random, questionable and downright creepy social media posts from the past seven days.

Check it out:

1. Farrah goes on a racist rant.


Farrah randomly lashed out on Blac Chyna a week ago today. The rant, which seemed to come out of nowhere, included Farrah calling Blac a derogatory name in a comment on one of Blac’s Instagram posts. (The Ashley covered this rant in full when it happened. Click here to read all about it.)

2. Farrah writes a weird sexual comment about Sophia.

sophia abraham

The “Backdoor Teen Mom” got downright creepy when she posted a photo to Instagram and Snapchat on Monday that showed her seven-year-old daughter, Sophia, wrapped around a pole while playing at a playground. The photo was innocent enough, until Farrah wrote a totally inappropriate caption for it.

“So this is why the playground is so popular– oh boy,” Farrah wrote, obviously implying that Sophia was using the pole to practice for a career as a stripper.

Obviously, many of Farrah’s followers were disgusted by the sexual overtones of Farrah’s comment about her seven-year-old.

“Are you referring to the pole your child is playing on is like a stripper pole?” one person wrote. “Do you seriously think that was an appropriate comment? You can’t be that stupid.”

“The problem isn’t with her having fun and playing,” another wrote. “The problem is that her mother, took an innocent thing. And turned it to something dirty, is that okay?”

The whole thing makes The Ashley feel like she needs to shower…with a fire hose….

3. Farrah pretends she’s on MTV Cribs…a very creepy version of MTV Cribs.


Just one day after the stripper pole scandal, Farrah added yet another creepy post to her Instagram account. In a video uploaded on Tuesday, Farrah gave her fans an up-close-and-personal look at the bedroom and actual bed that she lost her virginity on!


She somehow tried to turn her weird video into something that helps the “National Campaign.” (We can assume she means the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy but…with Farrah, who knows?) She then proceeds to tell viewers that she is currently back in her old house in Iowa.

She then moves out of the frame to reveal… a bed.

“This is where I lost my virginity!” Farrah exclaims. “I love it, it’s so darling to me.”


4. Farrah gets political…and very confused.

farrah stock

The fun offensive times kept rolling this week for Farrah, but this time she used her Facebook page to get her strange message across. On Tuesday, Farrah posted a photo of a condom that featured Hillary Clinton’s face, along with the caption, “Trusted more than Hillary.”

In the past, Farrah has made it clear that she is not a fan of Hillary. In this post, however, it was not clear what exactly Farrah was trying to say.

#‎hilaryclinton‬ is this helping your campaign ? I have 1 Q. Will your husband be cheating on you again in the White House? Him being the first man of the house leads me to think more men will be stay at home dads‪#‎whatisthisworldcomingtoo‬ ‪#‎teenpregnancyprevention”

Some “study guide” questions for this post: What’s wrong with stay-at-home dads? What does Hillary’s husband’s cheating have to do with her being a viable candidate for President? Why can’t Farrah spell Hillary’s name correctly, even though it is correctly spelled in the photo she posted?

5. Farrah is trying to start her own Farrah fan group.

farrah abraham instagram


To be fair, this may have been started a few weeks ago, but The Ashley just noticed it. Farrah recently added the phrase, “[Love] my#RAHRAHs” to her Twitter and Instagram bios.

Wondering what a “RAHRAH” is? Well…apparently Farrah is trying to give that name to her fan base. (Beyonce has the “Beyhive,” Lady Gaga has her “Little Monsters” etc.) Farrah recently christened her fans the “RAHRAHs” (as in farRAH…please take a second to groan and roll your eyes.)

However, it does not appear that anyone but Farrah is actually using Farrah’s made-up hashtag, but there’s still hope. After all, Farrah’s other nickname, “Backdoor Teen Mom,” had no trouble sticking!

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook)


  1. What is shocking is that Farrah thinks she looks good and is s good role model???? Seriously is the that deluded? She’s a mess her child is as nasty as she is and has no guidance or stability, no consequences for her actions, no structure no routine only chaos.

    The kid will be worse than Farrah and I hope she gives Farrah hell when she’s older, maybe then will Farrah realize just what a fucking bitch she really is to everyone around her.
    Larry thd producer should’ve fired him and sued her for assault, like Jenelle another bitch who gets away with doing wrong all the time.
    MTV stop rewarding vile behavior, you’ve enabled each and every teen mother to be this way, as well as the parents all these bitches

  2. Farah has gone from backdoor sex
    To back yard breeding, for God sake Farrah you and Amber need to get your pets fixed and stop adding to the overbreeding of animals.
    That there shows just how irresponsible you both are.

    I hate these two and Leah and for some reason I can’t take to Chelseai find Chelsea irritating annoying and in need of a kick in the Ass

    1. Your absolutely correct, these two are ignorant stupid and need to be educated on how to take care of animals and to be responsible.

      Go work in a rescue for a week that will open up these idiots eyes.

      They make me sick the pair of them.
      Not one brain cell between them.

      Backdooor bitch slut

    2. Aw Michael are you offended ( hence the down vote) you should all be ashamed, your all disgusting pond life

  3. She has GOT to be on some sort of drug to enable her to exploit herself in such a harmful way. That way of lufe, as we have heard from other porn stars is just so soul sucking. How would your mind survive it? The true responsibility for Darrah lays firmly on her mother’s doorstep. We’ve seen the smacking scene, the knife scene. The mother is an egotistical, self centered person who wants to use Farrah’s fame and money to reclaim her LONG LOST youth. That woman is aggressive and violent and it’s no wonder Michael (another user) doesn’t want to stand up to her. He’s terrified of her.

    Don’t get me wrong. I can find almost NO redeeming features in Farrah. I always feel they have to “cast” people to be her friends. She has none. At all. That’s sad, but it also points to her as having to be a very unpleasant, selfish individual. Why don’t we ever see her sister anymore?

    I generally feel bad and sorry for her – until she opens her mouth, then I’m immediately sorry I did. Years of therapy are on the cards for poor Sophia. Let’s just hope Grandma doesn’t have the money all spent on fillings, botox, leather pants and other facial treatments. What a truly disturbed and dysfunctional family. Sad. I always thought Darrah was going to be the one to make a success of her cooking and suceed. Yeah. Not so much anymore.

    1. Maybe she should be on some that make her sleep, because the less we here from Farrah the better.

  4. Sophia is going to be really in for it…she has a nasty entitled attitude at such a young age because she’s such a product of her environment. She is going to get drilled in middle school or high school for being such a total brat. Society won’t put up with that shit and her life will be a living hell from her peers because her stupid mother allows her to smack adults, be totally disrespectful, and doesn’t discipline her in any way shape or form. Way to ruin your childs life by being a total dickweed Farrah.

    1. Sophia is either going to headline “16 &P: The next generation” or wind up in juvie. Unlike a lot of the other kids in this franchise, Sophia does not have a single positive influence in her life. Bentley has Ryan’s parents, Leah had Gary and his mom, the twins have Corey and his dad, jace and Kaiser have Babs, Aubrey had a decent mom in Chelsea, Isaac has Jo and his parents.

      But who’s there for Sophia? Farrah and Debra are sociopaths and Michael has no spine.

      1. Jo ??? A positive influence.
        Yeah I’m sure he’ll teach Isaac how to be lazy workshy waste of space

      2. I don’t like Gary’s mom. On 16 & Pregnant they said that she let Amber & Gary have sex at her house when Amber’s mom tried to keep them apart. Gary was an adult and she enabled him having sex with an underage girl.

        The ways in which Babs is not a positive influence on Jace have been discussed here loads of times, but I would add that she doesn’t seem to have much interest in Kaiser.

    2. Sophia’s behavior is becoming more and more deplorable the older she gets, and NO ONE is to blame except for Farrah. Sophia is going to have a very hard time making friends. Notice, Sophia never goes on play dates with any of her friends, and never talks about her friends at school. I don’t think she really has any…and with a mother like Farrah, I don’t think any responsible parent would let their kid(s) to go to Sophia’s house for a play date/sleep over, there is no telling what habits…or toys…their children might pick up. Apparently Farrah thinks its “cute” and “funny” for Sophia to simulate sliding down a pole in a playground. Sophia at this age really cannot help her bratty attitude, because her psychotic mother is not teaching her any better, but hopefully by the time she hits puberty she will start to mature a little and learn that being a brat is NEVER cute.

      1. didn’t sophia even say once that she didn’t have friends at school? to the person above about having other influences, some anon on the tumblr page says she lives next to farrah and 1. she is always with michael, farrah’s never home, 2. when she is home, she ‘treats sophia like a dog’ and 3. that she is the nastiest person to everyone. i guess it’s good she’s with michael alot, he seems the least craziest. maybe when deb and farrah aren’t around, he makes sophia do. he was telling her eat her breakfast and deb was there and acted like it was cute sophia didn’t want to eat and he just shook his head. i hope when alone, he grows a pair and stands up to the 6 year old lol. what pisses me off most is farrah making not being negative her mantra but makes absolutely no effort to not be that way. that, and the false rape claims cuz that just messes it up for real victims, so horrible.

      2. I wonder if she miss behaves at school? does she listen to the teacher when told off?

        Or would Farrah play holy hell if that happened???

      3. The child is a monster, the Abrahams created.
        She is rude, mean, nasty, spiteful, ungrateful, spoiled, and so so ugly.
        She’s another teen mom in the making.
        And no amount of plastic surgery would ever make this look good.
        Her late fathers mom, should have had access and now custody of this kid, she would have had a normal childhood then!
        There’s no dissapline, structure or routine for Sophia, I bet th kids at school hate her, she must be a loner as if not want my child around a nasty vile little twat like her.

        The kid like her mom has no friends, like must be Lonely for this kid with no kids to play with her only company is adults, ( adults with major psychological problems )

        As much as I feel bad on the child for that, I can’t help hating her ( bad I know S she’s just a kid) but I hate that family
        And all adoption agencies would have a seriously fucked up kid if they allow this whore to adopt .

        That’s another level of stupidity

        1. @LeahsGirlses: Please stop making hateful comments about children on this site. This comment was only approved to show you what is not OK to post. Calling a seven-year-old ugly and other names is not allowed on this site. I will be monitoring all comments on this site closer and will not be approving them, as the hateful and horrible comments being left on here have reached an all-time high. It makes me sad. -The Ashley

        2. You kind of described yourself while describing Sophia hey?

          Learn how to spell before you start insulting six year olds on the Internet, feel like a big person?

    3. Yeah, remember when the school principal called saying it was inappropriate to send Sophia to school wearing make-up? And they told the principal ” that’s not how we do it in our household, Sophia is special.” They have shown Sophia, it is okay to disrespect your school rules. Also when Farrah forced her way into the party,she was told, not to come to; they were telling Sophia, “mommy is doing something amazing today”. Poor Sophia doesn’t have a chance. I don’t think there is one reasonable adult in her life to teach her the important things.

      Unfortunately, even farrah’s hater’s tend to dislike Sophia, which is sad.They say such nasty things on that little girls instagram and Twitter( which she shouldn’t have to start with).

  5. This stupid (I use the term loosely) CU*T is completely nauseating. Poor Sophia. If I spoke to my parents like that…I shudder just thinking of the pain that would have been inflicted.She would be perfect on a poster for sterilization. And to all of you CU*NT’S, hope no offense was taken.

  6. Haha…….this is actually hilarious to how deluded this wannabe actually is……beyond belief.
    someone shoot her now!!!

  7. All of the fillers in Farrah’s face are slowly leeching into her brain, poisoning the few precious brain cells she had to begin with.

  8. One thing I do not understand is why are there so many posts about farrah this week. Why should we care about this POS?

      1. That’s what I’m screamin’. She might be a nasty c-biscuit either way, but I honestly think there’s some sort of issue there that- if addressed properly- could legit improve at least some pieces of that nightmare. There’s no shame in the mental health issue game. There may be so so so many reasons she’s just effing awful, but her mental health is absolutely not one of them. She’s into self-improvement and I can’t think of a better area to work on. Stability is a beautiful thing- Sometimes hindsight is the only way to gauge just how far gone you really were too. Works that way for me anyway. I just think she owes it to herself and to SOPHIA to get a little help.

      2. She definitely has an issue… And instead of making her go to rehab, mtv and her parents use her for money :/ it’s pretty obvious she gets no attention unless she gives money, that’s why she’s being an ass now on the internet, purely for fame and attention.

        1. She always been a bitch, from day one.

          A spoiled Rude arrogant, nasty deluded, narcissist

          That’s what she is

  9. I don’t get the Hillary Clinton thing. Does Farrah think the condom is official campaign swag or something?

  10. I love how The Ashley posts Farrah’s picture where she has the crazy eyes. Every time I see it, I laugh. Also, right now I live probably about 15 minutes from Farrah’s old house, and I always wonder if I’m going to see her one day before I move. The thought of seeing Farrah in person is alternately frightening and exciting, like seeing a crazy wild animal loose at the zoo 😀

  11. Can we say Disturbed!!!! Will MTV ever get the hint and rid of this poison? She sickens me using her daughter to get attention from the media …someone please call CPS on this chick its long overdue and if MTV thinks she is any kind of a roll model they are mistaken, making the racial comments about Blac China, Hilary Clinton the list goes on and on she just wants her name in the media she could care less if it’s good or bad as long as she’s the center of attention. Im just waiting on her to say the wrong thing about someone and she will be sorry. Karma is more of a bitch then Farrah!

  12. Everyone should be thanking the heavens above that Farrah is not their mother. Sophia doesn’t stand a chance…poor thing got stuck with a delusional bigoted a hole for a mother.

    1. Right? I’m so grateful that I may add that note in my Mother’s Day card. She wont understand (a blessing in itself), but I will. Thanks, Mom, for not being a trashbag !!!

  13. Please GOD don’t let anyone join farrah’s fucking group! she’s already incorrigible and full of herself, do NOT feed the beast! she has gone way over the line with the botox etc, she’s full on muppet now smh. ‘what’s this world coming too’ lmao

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