‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars Kail Lowry & Javi Marroquin Finally Speak Out On Divorce Rumors Surrounding Their Marriage

"OK we'll finally talk about it."
“OK we’ll finally talk about it.”

Rumors that Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin are going through a divorce have been circulating the ‘Teen Mom’ universe for several months, but the reality stars have stayed (relatively) quiet on the subject…until now. Although Javi and Kail have not confirmed that they are, indeed, splitting, they randomly decided to speak out to hint that the rumors are true.

Javi, who is currently out of the country on deployment, seemed to confirm that he and Kail are divorcing in a series of tweets posted today.

“And if you wanna know about my marriage.. We’re on TV. You’ll find out eventually,” Javi tweeted in response to the many fans who have been tweeting to him asking if his marriage is over.

A fan tweeted back to Javi telling him that if he and Kail are divorcing, he should feel bad for Kail’s son, Isaac, who loves Javi like a father, and Javi responded in a very telling fashion.

“Wasn’t my decision.”

Javi later deleted the tweet, but he did leave another telling tweet up.

“That’s my best friend [I’m] hurting just as much as he is,” Javi tweeted of Isaac.

Kail also spoke out about the many rumors floating around about her and Javi.

“This is really getting sickening. I can’t take a breath or a step without people claiming it has something to do with a divorce,” she told Real Mr. Housewife““I acknowledge the fact that I’m on TV and this comes with the territory to an extent, but at this point there are some things I want to keep between my family. Due to that, I would really appreciate this over-analyzation of every move I make stopping, as it’s simply getting ridiculous.

“I have a lot of stuff going on in my life,” Kail added. “Big things are coming. Changes are happening.”

All of these ‘big changes’ will be playing out on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ As The Ashley exclusively told you last week, the show has been picked up for another season (that will either be called Season 8 or Season 7B).

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.


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  1. I don’t understand why these kids keep signing up for this show. They know how the gossip media is. The money just can’t be worth a relationship. If the money is the reason. They keep signing then shame on them! The kids are the ones that suffer! Isaac is a living doll. Joe (His) dad sure doesn’t deserve a father of the year award!

  2. I was hoping that would not happen but that is part of life I feel for both of u I hope Javi will continue to see Isaac I think he has a great relationship with him I love u both Kail I can remember way back when u have come along way from then I am proud of u

  3. ohhh I knew it! Javi has been completely out of character this season….to the point where he seems borderline mentally abusive. From what they’ve showed (although if the producers can “edit” Leah looking so high her eyes are crossing, they might be capable of anything) Kail seems to have been trying to level with Javi when he is angry, because she doesn’t seem to want the drama…Even though I really don’t like Javi this season, I feel like over all he is good man (that was shown the in the beginning of their relationship) and they should try and work this out for the sake of the kids….but if he’s that mean on camera, I can only imagine how he is off camera. Last thing….clearly Kail is not trying to have any more kids anytime soon since she just had all that plastic surgery done to her entire body…and it’s evident that Javi wants another baby…I’m guessing that was probably the nail in the coffin on their relationship.

  4. Well you pretty much knew…I mean we haven’t seen them hug except the one time when he was deploying. There just wasn’t any romance. I think Mail got herself knocked up to secure some long-term military benefits for when TM2 goes off air and pay outs aren’t regular. Some lady said Javi has been cheating & posted pics showing a girl in bed beside him. I felt bad for Kail at first… But thinking more on it that chick has always been a ((B)). I guess no one cared about her enough growing up so that’s just the way she is now. She looks ridiculous sucking away all her fat & surgically sculpting her body. Now anyone she is with, they’ll be clowning her using her for some enhanced booty. Good news is…this should def spark the show!! Shame on us, thirsting for that drama at the expense of innocent children. I do hope for the best for that sweet Isaac and little Lincoln….but Kail giving them a hard road. Plus she seems to still want Jo honestly.

    1. One of the only times I ever felt bad watching these girls, was when she (Kail) traveled to TX (or somewhere) to meet her Dad. She created these grandiose father/daughter thoughts leading up to meeting her Dad and when she finally got there, the guy was a complete bum and loser – man was that girl was crushed. Combine that with the way her mother treated her, we shouldn’t be surprised at all.

      1. Totally agree! I think she distances herself from people emotionally because she is so used go being hurt, so she keeps her guard up to prevent that from happening.

      2. exactly! it seems like every time she lets someone in they end up disappointing her, so she’s just emotionally cut off…I feel like she’s a great mom and loves her boys very much (you can tell she’s doing a great job because Isaac and Lincoln are so stinkin cute and sweet), but with other relationships that are supposed to be loving, she’s completely shut down. Not only her dad, but look at her relationship with her mother….her mother is an evil drunk. Every time Kail tried to get her mother involved with her kids, her mom would blow it and completely let Kail down…Kail was so desperate that she had to live with Jo’s parents even when her and Jo weren’t on the best of terms, because her mother was so abusive to her. Kail may be mean and insensitive, but I do understand why….not saying it’s right but I understand

    2. Only Lincoln will have any of her favorite benefits after the divorce, and all he’ll have is Tricare. She’ll get child support, but if they use his air force pay and not tm pay it won’t be much.

      1. Thank you! I was a military child and its not like you have benefits pouring out everywhere. Yes there are some but like you said, for his child, that’s it and that’s what’s right! This man is currently overseas fighting for our right to sit online and talk trash about him

  5. Kail i don’t believe what I am hearing it’s all bs not at all fair to Javi and Isaac or Lincon .. Stop thinking of urself and think of Lincon and Isaac and Jarvis feelings.. The kids are already missing him don’t be cold hearted to Javi that’s not cool at all.. U can still be together and and have your life at the same time…

    1. Trust me when I tell you that if they are truly not happy in their marriage, then divorce is the best thing. Yes, Issac and Lincoln will be crushed for a while, but they will adjust. They will be much better off in the long run with both parents separated and happy then they would if the parents stay together and are miserable for the rest of their lives.

      1. This is actually a common misconception. If the primary parent in which the child resides with (or both parents) are still miserable after the divorce (and Kail seems to be a pretty miserable person no matter what) then the child will be worse off. It’s still a negative environment. And considering we have seen Kail having no qualms arguing with Jo in front of Isaac, she will most likely do the same with Javi.

        Being that Isaac will now lose another father figure in his life, and Lincoln will be shuttled back and forth, this is really really bad for those kids :/

        1. As a child from divorced parents I can say the “crushing” part won’t take long, the hardest is being in the middle of these two fighting ‘camps’, so to say. And how hard parents try to avoid dragging their children in their fights, it most likely will happen. (My parents had 50/50 custody) I was 10 when my parents divorced but after that I have seen both of them happy in other relationships. The first couple of years were rough, adjusting to new dynamics and such, but I’d rather have my parents divorced and see them happy now than that they would’ve stayed together for “the sake of our children” and not know what love and affection mean. Have to agree with JC here.

  6. To me, she has always seemed to have one foot out the door after Javi came back from basic. Maybe she realized the benefits aren’t that great, and she can’t live off of Air Force money once the Teen Mom money runs out. I can’t stand her, and I can’t stand him, but I do feel bad that they have kids going through what will clearly be a knock down drag out brawl. I can’t see Kailyn having a civil divorce. And hey Javi, do ya feel bad yet about ragging on Jo about child support? That’s about to be you buddy! Oh and does Kailyn know only Lincoln will remain on the benefits she couldn’t wait to get? I can’t wait for that fight to play out on TV!

    1. I will never forget how she kept saying that her and Javi were getting married because of his benefits. Like literally the only reason she kept giving everyone.

      1. I kept screaming at the TV “They’re not even that good!” Military couples aren’t rolling in cash, trust me, I am one! She had a fantasy about what life would be like, and it clearly didn’t play out in real life like it did in her head

        1. Well I mean she was coming from Jo…didn’t he work at Taco Bell or something?! Not saying military couples are rich…it’s just, you either have to be flat out poor for medical benefits & housing or be in the military. Other then that, struggling. However, I fail to see how Kailyn could really ever struggle w all the MTV money.Surely, some of these girls haven’t spent on cars & houses only.

          1. It isn’t all that glamorous though. You can either live on base, and they take all your BAH, and lower enlisted usually has the older housing that’s not as nice as senior enlisted and officer housing, or live off post and find a place in your BAH range and trust me what he was making, they wouldn’t be buying a house. And the medical benefits are a joke. You see who they tell you to see or you are hit with a huge bill, even if you’re out of state you still have to get permission to be seen and you’re going to be wait listed for appointments. She had it way better with Jo. His family did everything for her and they let her live in their nice home rent free.

    2. Oh definitely. It’s going to be an all out brawl. In fact, I’ll bet she will try and use Javi’s military service against him in a custody hearing as to why he shouldn’t have joint custody or claim he has possible PTSD*.

      *I’m in the National Guard (prior active duty). If I had a dollar for every divorced military man I met who told me his ex wife tried that song and dance, I could buy my way out of my contract.

  7. She seems hard work to be with
    He’s changed a lot and not in a good way.
    Something has happened for javi to react the way he does, I’m guessing her cheating is true and I don’t blame javi for not trusting kail, just look at her track record

  8. No I am not surprised about this and I do agree that she seems to lack any form of compassion towards anybody but herself. She seems very narcissistic and self absorbed. She doesn’t see to show emotion unless if the situation is about herself. So I could see her doing something to cause the divorce and not feel bad about it but Javi is kind of like that too very self centered. She may think that now that he is gone she doesn’t need him with her fame but he is doing the same thing. People in the armed forces cheat all the time. I would hear stories all the time about married men having live in (working girls) as girlfriends. So I am not surprised with that either. But, too look at Kali’s mom she was too very narcissistic and self centered and unemotional. Like when she said on her 16 and pregnant episode “Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so let me go.” So I am guessing like mother like daughter.

    1. Saying people in the armed forces cheat all the time is a bit much. It’s like saying all the wives cheat. I’m a military wife, and I’ve seen more wives cheat on the spouse in the military than the military spouse cheating on the civilian spouse, but not everyone cheats all the time. All you hear about are the bad apples, and that makes it sound like everyone does it

  9. Kailyn seems like she’s not a loving person one bit, like love em n leave em typa chick, think her childhood might play a major roll in that tho…Javi is annoying af…he seems too ignorant and miserable lol. Wish em’ luck tho! Any advice Leah gurl???

  10. The two people I feel bad for in this situation is Isaac and Lincoln. Isaac is clearly such a sensitive child and for him to have to experience this again is sad and Lincoln will have to grow the same way.

  11. He sent half naked pics to some girl and he also took a selfie of him lying next to some chick who was sleeping. Why is everyone ragging on kailyn when Javi is messing around while he’s deployed?

      1. Really? With all of the stupid sh*t these people post all the time, you really think he wouldn’t be that dumb?

    1. Where the pics you mention written about in an article or have you actually seen the pics? I’m curious about this now but I’d like to see for myself before I can 100% believe.

    2. Right. Then he says it wasn’t his decision. What is a woman suppose to do when she finds out her man is cheating?? I mean really..

  12. This young lady has developed a very high opinion of herself since she has gotten “famous”. With all the lipo and cosmetic procedures she is having its obvious she now thinks of herself as some sort of celebrity and a bit of a hot commodity to boot. Javi isnt nearly good enough for her anymore. I’m sure she has delusions she will be dating Bradley Cooper or Orlando Bloom soon- right after her career in “broadcasting” takes off.. Got news for ya kid- not ever happenin’

  13. it’s fine when she gets praise on sm, but she thinks she shouldn’t ever have to hear anything negative. welcome to the real world. she works less than 3 whole months and makes that much, i’d put up with some judgment for that, no prob. esp since she has plenty of praise to balance it out. isaac was told over and over javi would be home, i feel like they owe it to him to try and work it out. they’ve been married less than 2 years and hello, you took vows! unless he’s beating her or something, they shouldn’t throw in the towel yet. she’s always going on about privacy, yet tweets her every move. i don’t begrudge kail her $, she struggled her whole childhood and i’m glad she doesn’t have to anymore. but she says she made other income like ‘writing a book and school’. um, school doesn’t count as that, it’s great you’re going, but you have your tuition paid sooo. and no one would’ve read her book if she wasn’t on teen mom, don’t fucking say teen mom had nothing to do with it. i’m so sure they all sat down and wrote every word lol. more like they told it to an author.

    1. Maybe people shouldn’t jump into marriage, have their child call the new DH daddy and expect to be happy forever without any effort.

    2. Well said! Also, touching on the part you wrote about how they repeatedly told Isaac that Javi would be back home and be ok… How do you throw in the towel when you haven’t even seen each other and have been in different countries for several months?! I honestly bet it’s Kail that ended things! You can’t try to work on things or see if things get better when he’s back home if you are ending things away from each other! She isn’t trying, she’s just ending it for her own selfish reasons. (Whatever they may be) Totally agree with you!

      1. exactly, she’s such a control freak, she wanted javi and isaac to bond and they did. now i’m sure she’ll expect isaac to just be fine after awhile. she got married way too fast to a man everyone seems to agree she didn’t seem to love, at all, and now that her kids are invested, she’s cutting it off in a really bad way. at least let him come home first and try. someone above said if a parent isn’t happy, it’s always better to divorce. well, my parents were unhappy at times, they almost divorced a few times, and they’re still together and happier than ever after 40+ years. it’s not always easy. if she’d been trying for, say, 5 years, and they’re both miserable, ok. but they were ok enough to try for a baby a less than a year ago, they’re so up and down, whose to say they wouldn’t be happy again soon? they might try and still not be able to work out, but at least they can look that sweet boy in the eyes and honestly say they tried everything, for him.

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