Wife of ‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Matt McCann Says They’re Divorcing, Claims He’s Using Drugs Again

Well...that didn't end well...
Well…that didn’t end well…

Last December, former Teen Mom 3 star Matt McCann was in a great place: the former drug addict had over three years of sobriety, and had just married his longtime girlfriend Lekota Koch, who gave birth to their son, Matt Jr. the following month.

But the ‘Teen Mom 3’ star– who is the father of Alex Sekella‘s daughter Arabella– is no longer in a good place, according to his wife, Lekota, who on Wednesday took to Twitter to announce that she was divorcing him.

“Lemme just say Matt and I are getting a divorce,” she tweeted. “He’s in a bad way and my son is safe.”

Lekota, who moved to Idaho several years ago with Matt, wrote that she and Matt separated just two months after their December 2015 wedding.

Lekota and Matt at their December 2015 wedding...
Lekota and Matt at their December 2015 wedding…

“We’ve been separated since Feb, when he decided he’d rather f**k other wh**es and do drugs,” Lekota tweeted. “So I am goooood.”

Lekota, who has moved back to her home state of Pennsylvania with her son, says that she and Alex have made amends.

“Alex and I are good,” Lekota wrote. “I’m okay and very much over it. Just looking forward to a better future! Don’t feel sorry for me! I am GOOD! Life is so much better.”

The Ashley’s source tells her that Matt is still living in Idaho. The Ashley also hears that a big “exclusive” will posted by Radar Online tomorrow that reportedly highlights Matt’s drug use. (Lekota actually referenced this story in her tweets.)

Back in October, Matt told The Ashley that he was often high while filming Alex’s 16 and Pregnant episode, as well as ‘Teen Mom 3.’

“During the filming of 16 and Pregnant and ‘Teen Mom 3’ I was heavily using whatever [drugs] I could get hold of,” he said. “At that time I was already so deep into my addiction nothing could have pulled me out, sadly not even Arabella at the time.”

From what The Ashley hears, the last time Matt reached out to his daughter was about two months ago, but Arabella, who is almost five, did not want to speak to him. She has not heard from her father since.

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  1. this is so fucking hilarious. i hear how she is shit talking matt about how he is a shitty father. he is doing the exact same thing he did to arabella yet somehow he was “such a good father” to her despite being halfway across the country. now that her son is involved, all of a sudden hes not such a good father anymore is he? What a fucking hypocrite. also, jumping into a relationship a few months later? Once again, HYPOCRITE. what a piece of trash.

  2. Tayta and Kate two excellent true and valid comments
    And I agree Alex was so LOUD and a horrible girl

  3. Why do these girls have the “savior” complex?? I can fix him, he changed for me……..augh no.

    It is really really hard, and damn near impossible to quit being an addict. You have to want it so bad that every fiber of your being wants it. You cant get clean for some girl.

    1. You can get clean and stay clean if you want to. You have one chance to get it right if you don’t you are doomed. The problem is all of this bullshit that they shove down their throats that “addiction is a disease” so this leads people to believe that they are broken and they feel hopeless or use it as an excuse to keep using. I am a recovering addict for over a year and a half. Got clean once and never turned back. How? I refused to have anyone tell me that I have a disease but a lapse in judgement. That’s how it should be where instead of teaching them how to cope with this so called “disease” and help them work on their judgement it would be a success. That worked for me whenever I feel tempted I stop and think of how much better my life is now without it and it goes away. Also, put your addiction in your past and never look back. Also, people that think that they have to tell everyone and feel like they deserve a medal for being clean 1 year, 2 months, 3 week, 4 days, 6 hours, 10 min, and 15 seconds are bound to relapse too. Everyone I know that used that attitude of working on judgement and not a victim of a disease never relapsed the ones that felt they had a disease relapsed all the time. If it is a disease how would you even know you have it if you never touch Drugs? So stop acting like a victim and take responsibility for your actions. Oh and too people don’t change for anyone and you can’t fix people either.

    2. I was just going to make a similar comment. She seems like a perfectly decent girl, why would she waste her time on such a gross guy even if he was sober at the time. Yuck.

    1. she literally said he’d rather fuck “other whores”, thus implying she herself is a whore! Ha.

  4. This is just sad all the way around. A leopard never truly changes it’s spots. My heart is with Alex, Lekota and those innocent beauties. Be strong and maybe these ladies can help this benefit the kids.

  5. I pray Matt will get his life together and stay clean. My heart goes out to his daughter and his son. Matt is a drugged up version of you what you want your kids to remember you by?

  6. I always felt bad for Alex because Matt seemed to get so much praise for getting clean while she was the one raising Arabella. This is also one of the reasons I hate when people choose to pass on their names, now poor Matt jr has to be a constant reminder of his father and what a loser he is.

    1. I disagree I think Alex was very selfish and irresponsible. She lead that poor family and everyone else on that she was going to give her child up for adoption. Then she is all “poor me, poor me”. I have no sympathy for girls that have children with guys like this and then want a pity party when they are SURPRISE acting like pieces of shit. These two girls didn’t have to get involved with him or have kids when them. Matt was deep into is addiction when Alex got pregnant with her daughter. You didn’t have to get pregnant, you didn’t have to keep it, you didn’t have to be in a relationship with a known addict. She made those choices and it put a huge burden on a lot of people. I am sorry but Alex is no angel either. She had her child improperly put in a car seat and when people called her out on it she was all “I don’t have money for a better one”. You cant afford a safe car seat for your child then you should of given her to someone that could. Plus, too she refuses to let Matt see their daughter but you let Matt’s mom have her all the time and she is also a know addict and her boyfriend is a known sex offender. You make your choices in life, so you live with them and make the best of it. Not expect a pity party from the world like Alex for your choices.

      1. thank you, i couldn’t even deal with her scenes on tm3 cuz all she did was scream. at matt, at her mom, the girl had two volumes, loud and louder. and she had a baby around, just straight going psycho! so agree with how many girls have to get pregnant to keep some loser before they realize it never works? i guess cuz they’re young they always think it’ll be different for them, but i damn sure didn’t go there lol. i felt awful for that couple who thought they were getting the baby.

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