“16 and Pregnant” Season 4 Star Sarah Roberts Pregnant with Third Child

"We made a baby...again!"
“We made a baby…again!”

Sarah Roberts will soon join the small group of 16 and Pregnant girls to have a third child. The 22-year-old mom-of-two announced yesterday that she is pregnant with Baby  #3!

“Well, unexpected, but welcome! We are growing our family. Can’t wait to see what our future holds,” Sarah tweeted, along with several photos of positive pregnancy tests and a family photo.

Sarah, who is the mother of five-year-old Tinleigh and two-year-old Tessly, is currently engaged to Justin Fine. Sarah and Justin (who is the father of the new baby as well as Tessly) are planning to get married in September.

Sarah’s oldest daughter’s father is Blake Thomas, who was featured on her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode. Last month, she tweeted about Blake’s disregard of his daughter.

“Am I wrong that even after 5 years it still hurts that Blake acts like Tinleigh never existed? #HonestQuestion,” she tweeted in June.

Sarah announced this pregnancy, unlike her second pregnancy, in which she kept hidden until after Tessly was born. She even purposely kept the pregnancy a secret from ’16 and Pregnant’ producers, who filmed a “Where Are They Now?” special with Sarah when she was about six months pregnant.

Sarah told a fan that Tinleigh and Tessly are both “so excited” about their new baby brother or sister.

“Tess will be a bit of an adjustment because she’s glued to me!” she told a fan.

Once the new baby is born, Sarah will become one of nine girls from ’16 and Pregnant’ who have gone on to have at least two more children. Currently, the girls from the show who have three children include Season 1’s Ebony Jackson and Maci Bookout; Season 2’s Lori Wickelhaus and Leah Messer (who had twins) and Jenelle Evans (who’s pregnant with Baby #3); Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio (who had twins); Season 4’s Mackenzie Douthit (who’s pregnant with Baby #3) and Kristina Head.

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  1. We’re still insisting Jenelle is pregnant. Her Snapchat is pretty much going against everything you’ve been saying. Time to just pull that story and say sorry.

    1. Lmao “say sorry”, really? Her pictures indicate nothing, it’s not even possible to tell if they are recent, much less whether or not she had yet another abortion 😉

    1. Does ANYONE NEED to have more kids? Probably not, in your opinion. And not that YOU are raising MY children but how many fathers is NONE of your concern. The only one of my children with a different father is Tinleigh, smartass. Shows how much you follow before commenting ?

      1. Some women just love kids and I have a friend that has 5 kids and she’s 34. She’s a great mom and started when she was 20. I think if they can afford it then who are we to judge. As long as the kids are taken care of.

    2. You sound like you could use Roto-Rooter to help you remove whatever may be stuck way up in your southern orifice.

  2. Cute little girls! I always wondered what she saw in him but obviously they seem to love each other and they’re happy. Wow, nine girls to have at least two more babies!!! How do these girls keep having “surprise” pregnancies? Did they learn nothing from their own show, life or about how birth control works? IMO I think teen moms feel the need to be a family unit even if it’s not with the father. They jump into relationships and want to be engaged so quickly then once they are married or have the ring they want more babies. Maybe because it makes them feel accomplished in a way instead of telling people they are a single teen mom?!? I can’t quite put it into words…

  3. Are we still insisting Jenelle is pregnant even though she’s denying it and pumping herself full of “flat belly” teas?

    1. Did you see the before and after pic of her promoting said “flat tummy tea?” Her before pic is recent (you can see her ugly octopus coverup of the Nathan tat), and she looks super pregnant. The after pic is from the other side, so you can’t see whether she had the octopus tat or not. I was a little unsure, but after that foolish post I think it’s pretty certain that she is pregnant, or was.

      1. True….that pic was pretty suspicious. She’s just always been so open about her abortions, I would think if she was pregnant & chose to end it that she’d own up to it. Idk. Maybe she’s waiting until next season starts taping so she can get more air time. ?

  4. Is it just me or is he kinda creepy looking? and also he looks like the inspiration for a Disney character lol

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