MTV Exec Discusses Future of “16 and Pregnant” & “Teen Mom” Shows

"See this baby right here? He's not gonna be an MTV star-- sorry, hun!"
“See this baby right here? He’s not gonna be an MTV star– sorry, hun!”

MTV has no plans to put a stop to Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2; however, the same can’t be said for the show that started the franchise, 16 and Pregnant.

In a new interview with Sean Daly (who co-authored Teen Mom Confidential in 2013 with The Ashley), MTV’s new Executive of Original Content, Michael Klein, stated that the network has no plans on reviving ’16 and Pregnant,’ despite the fact that the network had been casting for a new season last year.

“We haven’t really looked at that, to be honest,” Michael Klein told The TV Page of ’16 and Pregnant,’ which last aired in 2014.

In early 2015, MTV Programming President Susanne Daniels stated that the network was planning to do a sixth season of the show, using a format similar to the ‘Teen Mom’ shows. It appears that those plans have fallen off since then.

It seems to be a different story with the ‘Teen Mom’ shows, however. Michael Klein told The TV Page that as long as fans want to see more of JenelleFarrahChelsea and the gang, MTV will keep slinging up more seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and ‘Teen Mom 2.’

“There is a very devoted audience for those series,” he said.  “As long as our audience is seeking it, we listen to our audience.”

There’s a lot more ‘Teen Mom’ on the way– ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 premieres on August 22, and ‘Teen Mom 2′ Season 7B is currently being filmed.

Wanna see what’s happened to the girls from ’16 and Pregnant’ since their episodes aired? Click here!

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  1. MTV should consider returning new 16 and pregnant. Presently young people are seeing the fact that the teens from teen Mom and teen mom2 are getting pd thousands, have houses and cars, but aren’t seeing the real tragedy of a 15-17 yr old teen becoming a parent and all they must endure.

  2. did anyone watch Farrah on Millionaire Matchmaker on WE? I think what we see on the teen mom Farrah segments are completely scripted. she was a completely different person on MM.

  3. Like someone else said below – if they made good use of their time I’d love to continue watching but not one girl on here has made use of her time. Arguably, maybe Kail has since she will have a bachelors degree here soon and has branded herself as an entrepreneur but other than that they pissed away the money and time they were given.

    I guess I’m one of the few that likes to watch people succeed. They started this show to show the affects of teen parenting which has now become an entertainment show on the level of the kardashians and the real housewives.

    I haven’t watched in 2 seasons and have no interest in picking back up.

    1. I think that, yes I’m sorry, here we go again, Chelsea is on a good career path too. She used the time and money to parent and get an education. Think she might have a successful beauty business when her kids are older and she has grown up a bit more too. Chelsea needs to grow a bit more hair on her teeth and I think she will.

      Kail did get herself a degree but I think her skills and talent will not get her were she wants to be in the TV industry now. She might be a good person to be a self employed communication consultant.
      Think she would not like to do the same job with the same people for years.

      Jenelle will wait tables sooner or later. Nothing wrong with that but she could have achieved so much more.

      Farrah will marry a rich man somehow and chase away their staff. A man who gives her an allowance ;-).

      1. Did you say, “Chelsea needs to grow a bit more hair on her teeth?” Are you sure that’s the right expression?

    2. Agreed. I think this was my last season of the franchise. While the first bits were educational and even apparently helped to reduce teen pregnancies (if you believe MTV lol) at this point they are just rewarding bad people for bad behavior. What would be totally different? A show about folks that actually help out their community and add some sort of value to America beyond entertainment value. They all kind of ended up being disgusting in their own ways. Perhaps I am being too hard on them but I really feel that even that ‘young’ they had enough money and support around them to do something better with themselves (and actually raise their kids lol). It is a shame that MTV can’t come up with some new, better programming. This is a network that made its money off of content that it did not even generate, at least back in the 80s lol before they stopped playing music videos. Basically I would love to see a show about normal folks that don’t text all the time, shop at Target, don’t carry a f*ckin $800 purse full of prescription pills, and can be bothered to feed their children and take them to school on a regular basis without getting into some sort of power play with their exes as a money bag. It would be equally as fun to just go do those things myself and not have it filmed like the other millions of us…
      BTW Congrats on the book TheAshley! I will have to pick up a copy and support the team 🙂 You are by far my favorite reality re-capper and I often end up reading your Sister Wives recaps to my better half. Keep up the great work!

  4. I think it is time for MTV to be done with the Teen Mom shows. They are not teens anymore. Their storylines are repetitive and boring. It is not showing the struggle of being a teen mom, but rather glamorizing it by showing the girls with their new cars, new house every season, and hair and nails always done.
    I love this crapfest, so I will continue to watch it as long as it is on tv, but I really think it’s time for MTV to pull the plug and see if these girls sink or swim as reality sets in.

    1. Agreed. Unfortunately, as long as MTV is making a decent profit off the show, it will continue. The only way it will end in the foreseeable future is if ratings take a nosedive (they have been declining but obviously not nearly enough to truly cut into ad revenue and profits). I predict that we have another two seasons left. If Chelsea sticks to her word and quits, it will disrupt the format of the show enough that it may lose a considerable amount of viewers. It will lose to ‘normalcy’ that Chelsea brings, and the audience will be watching Leah, Jenelle and Kail– two train wrecks and a debbie downer. It will be depressing. I think that will be the tipping point.

    2. I meant to vote you up, not down. I’m sorry! ?

      I think it will be interesting to see where these women are ten years from now (sans MTV) and if their children continue the cycle of becoming teen parents.

    3. I would rather watch 16 and pregnant because it seems to show the actual struggles of teen moms while Teen Mom should be cancelled. Jenelle needs to learn to work for a living an that will not happen while MTV is funding her lady of leisure lifestyle.

  5. There not teens no more! Why keep airing them of their lives. Their adults now!!!! Quit that show already and put what the show was really about 16 and Pregnant to see the struggle of young moms deal with!!! They grown now they should know what’s more important. ?☺??????

  6. I think they need to get rid of both TM shows, bring back 16&P indefinitely and do yearly catch up specials with girls that appear on that. That’s really the only way to truly show the hardships of teen motherhood.

  7. I’m surprised to be honest.
    We are moving on to 26 & Pretentious I guess (eye roll).
    I dislike Nikkole but I loved her idea to have a Teen Mom swap between the MTV moms and TMs that strugle financially and practically next to the baby daddy drama.

    1. These girls have reached the point where things can (not that they necessarily *do*) start leveling off between women who did and didn’t become moms as teens.
      There are at least a couple of women in their twenties who became moms as teenagers in my nursing class. We’ll have the same RN license whether we’re 26 and childless (me) or with a second-grader (whose mom loves him to death, worked her tail off to get them where they are and when a boyfriend had a chair-throwing rage she packed up and moved within 24 hrs. Immediate safety aside, she did not want him to get any message that it was okay to do that *or* to stay. She’s like the anti-Jenelle.)
      We also have a former physicist and an archaeologist. Interesting community college.
      Point being that, even taking money out of account, none of these girls has made good use of their time. Chelsea sort of, she did finally get a career after dragging her feet through the GED. And Kail busted her ass the first couple seasons and is back in school.

  8. Ugh…keep paying the pay checks of the girls who are (mostly) too lazy and under qualified to actually do anything else. How long can they drag babydaddy/adoption/drug/domestic abuse etc. out for?! While glamourising and normalising terrible behaviour and life choices. But, like the vouyeur I am, I will keep watching ?

  9. Seriously? The Teen Mom’s aren’t even Teens anymore!
    Thought these shows were supposed to highlight the struggles of teen pregnancy?

  10. I’ve been wondering about whether they’ll be doing more. I actually really enjoy watching 16 & Pregnant more than any of the Teen Mom shows so I’d rather see them come out with another season.

    1. I would rather watch 16 & pregnant. Teen mom just makes me angry. Every single one of them has made being a teen mom into a full time high paid gig. It’s not real life and most of them are bad parents!

  11. I actually like the 16 and pregnant episodes. I normally watch the repeats on mtv every year or so because I forget what happened so it’s like I’m watching it for the first time. I also do that with teen mom.

    My bf tells me there’s no reason to watch the show a second time lol

  12. Ugh. Honestly would way rather see more 16 and pregnant (in the old format – one girl per episode and then done with them) than any incarnation of Teen Mom, which I stopped watching ages ago.

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