‘Teenage Newlyweds’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

teenage newlyweds

Teenage Newlyweds documented the weddings and newlywed lives of three young couples, showing the trials and tribulations of adjusting to a new marriage. The three couples– Halie and George AlexanderBrenda and Travis Wolf and Emma and Joey Jackson— faced addition struggles, due to their age.

The first season of the show recently finished airing, and so far The Ashley hears that there are no plans (yet) to do another season with the couples. While we will have to wait to see if the FYI network revives the show, here’s what the couples have been up to since we last saw them…

joey and emma teenage newlywedsEmma & Joey Jackson:

Despite going through some difficult times in their relationship while filming the show, Emma and Joey are still very much together. In fact, they will celebrate their first anniversary on August 9. Emma and Joey are still living in Dallas, Oregon, and Joey is still working at the Feed ‘n’ Seed.

In one episode, Emma stated that she was very against the idea of adopting a child, which caused a flood of negative comments to come her way. Since the show aired, Emma has spoken out on social media about the topic.

“It was all fake; I’m all for adoption,” she tweeted. “Kind of pisses me off honestly that they made me ‘against’ it… For the record: I am all for adoption but reality TV shows change wording to anything they want.”

brenda travis teenage newlywedsBrenda & Travis Wolf:

Brenda and Travis just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary on July 18. The OC couple is currently in Seattle, where they are spending the summer while Travis completes a software developer internship. Both Brenda and Travis are still in school, and will be starting their fourth year of college in September. Brenda will be applying to grad school this fall.

Despite their differing opinions on social issues, Brenda and Travis appear to be very happy and are enjoying married life.

halie and george teenage newlywedsHalie & George Alexander:

Halie and George are still together, and will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on September 5. Although Halie seemed to be very unhappy living in Utah away from her family, she and George are still there. On the final episode, Halie’s parents stated that they were all considering moving from Arizona to Utah to be closer to Halie.

According to a comment Halie left on her blog, her family is currently living in Arizona, but they are still planning to make the move to Utah “within the next year or so.”

On her Facebook page, Halie recently discussed her experience of filming for the reality show.

“We hoped you like aaaaall the major drama,” Halie wrote. “Even though we were a little disappointed at times in the way things were misportrayed [sic], we really are so grateful that we were given this opportunity! It really was an amazing experience and it really taught us a lot about ourselves and each other. Thanks again to all of our fans!”

On her blog, Halie further discussed the experience.

“Don’t get me wrong, we loooove our producers and they did a fantastic job on the show but our story got stretched and warped a little here and there just a tad,” she wrote.

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(Photos: FYI, Facebook)


  1. I am so happy they all are still together! May they grow even more, together, for their whole lives. I’m sure that some things were either downplayed or highlighted by the editors, and the actual reality for the couples was quite different than that which was portrayed.

    Hugs to all six of you; this here gramma is rooting for you! Always talk it out and always remember that you are each other’s best friend. I pray you all will be just fine!

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Where are they NOW?

  3. I can’t believe Haile’s entire family is really entertaining uprooting their lives to move to make her feel better about her situation. Haile made the decision to get married and move! Own it and accept it! People love away from their family all the time. Visit, chat on the phone, FaceTime, etc. She’s really immature and shouldn’t have gotten married ants young as she did if she can’t live without her family being next door.

    1. It’s not only about what Halie wants, they have at least one other kid who has moved/is moving to Utah (maybe two, I can’t remember) so they are going to be closer to them both. I think the mother is pretty clingy too, it’s not just Halie clinging to them. On the show Halie’s mother was already talking about how they would “need” to be close to their grandkids.

    1. I don’t think he does. I think I remember him saying he makes $12 an hour? (I could be wrong) There’s no way he is bringing home $45k working 40-60 hours a week with that hourly wage.

    2. My husband makes that much without a college degree. It wasn’t his beginning wage, but with hard work and dedication he moved his way up.

      1. Yeah, but George is what, 20 or 21? And spent two of those years on a mission.
        Haile…Haile would be that girl in the dorm (note: this person is usually very sweet, and competent in most day-to-day things, nothing really *wrong* with any of it aside from being red flags that this person should not get married yet) who’s homesick and goes home every three-day weekend (every weekend if close enough) whose mom sends little care packages every week or so and when she has to go to the campus health clinic (say, for a sinus infection) becomes overwhelmed at the prospect of going all alone without her mom and other students non-sarcastically suggest seeing if the doc would let her facetime during the visit and offer to go with her if it would help.

    3. She also had a job.

      George is right to promise they will always be 30 minutes away is just nuts. The mom clearly lost herself when she married, the very advice she gave her daughter. This girl would be away at college or at 19 on a mission and there is no in person contact for over a year. Hopefully that was made up drama. Clearly the mom and dad didn’t only live within 30 minutes of their families having a cousin in Utah about to go on a mission and a reunion there.

      They would have talked when to start a family before getting married and they would have learned about budgets and finances. It required in high school in Utah. LDS spend way too much time on tithing talk and preparedness for this to be a topic they know nothing about.

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