‘Dance Moms’ OGs Open Up About Their “Complicated” Relationships with Former Coach Abby Lee Miller & More on Upcoming Reunion Special

Shout out to Lifetime for not making the cast sit in a pyramid formation.

Former Dance Moms stars and members of Abby Lee’s Dance Company will reunite for the first time in a decade on Lifetime’s upcoming special, Dance Moms: The Reunion. 

It was announced in November that a number of the show’s OGs–- moms and daughters–- had teamed up for a reunion project, set to air in 2024. This week, Lifetime released the first trailer for the reunion, which is set to premiere in May.

“I can’t tell you the last time we’ve all been in the same room,” one girl says in the trailer, to which another girl replies, “Ten years!” 

Appearing on the special are former ‘Dance Moms’ stars Chloe Lukasiak (Seasons 1-4, Season 7), Brooke Hyland (Seasons 1-4), Kalani Hilliker (Seasons 4-7), JoJo Siwa (Season 2, Seasons 5-6), Kendall Vertes (Seasons 2-7) and Paige Hyland (Seasons 1-4). 

When questioned on social media last year about the OGs (aka those who appeared on the show between Season 1 and Season 7) who aren’t participating in the reunion, JoJo confirmed that all of the OGs had been invited to attend. 

“The gang is (mostly) all here!”

“Grateful for this day!” she wrote on social media. “For everyone wondering about the few people missing, everyone was invited today but only some wanted to be here.” 

In the trailer for the upcoming reunion, it appears that those absences will be addressed by the group. 

“We would not be here without ‘Dance Moms.’ It was literally the stepping stone into who we are today,” Kendall says in the clip, to which JoJo adds, “Them not being here is kind of like, ‘Let me erase my past, pretend it never happened, shove it down the drain,’ when it’s like, that’s why you are who you are.” 

“You’re welcome!”

While Abby Lee Miller is among those not appearing in the reunion, she will be a major topic of conversation among the group as they recount their ‘Dance Moms’ experience. 

The group, moments after finding out Abby Lee wasn’t attending this reunion. (Probably.)

“I thought I wasn’t enough, in like every single way,” Chloe says to her former co-stars while getting emotional. 

“Thanks for the dance lessons and childhood trauma, Abby.”

“To me, Abby was always right,” JoJo says. 

“It’s hard to say I forgive her when she said so many nasty things to me,” Paige admits, with Kalani adding, “I don’t think anyone can explain how complicated our relationships are with her.”

“…but let’s take a whack at it, anyway!”

Despite many of the former dancers (and their mothers) expressing strong feelings about their time on the Lifetime show, JoJo tells her former co-stars that “no matter how bad it got, I always wanted to be there.” 

“Then why did you leave?” Kendall asks. 


The upcoming reunion will also see the OGs look back on some of the most memorable ‘Dance Moms’ moments, many of which are still talked about by fans today. 

“‘Dance Moms,’ it blows my mind because it’s now bigger than it ever was,” JoJo says of the reality series. 

‘Dance Moms: The Reunion’ premieres May 1 on Lifetime. Watch a sneak peek below. 

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(Photos: Lifetime; Instagram; YouTube) 



  1. They actually did all got together, including Nia and the Zeigler sisters, at the same time as the reunion for a birthday party, but it wasn’t televised. The girls shared pictures on their social media.

  2. Chloe was always my favorite she still is. She had the most class and grace out of every child on that show and the strength to be put down incessantly and still rise to the top. That’s true talent.

  3. I see it 2 ways.

    Yes, it’s kind of a slap in the face to the other girls attending. Like they want to gather and have gratitude for the opportunity the show did provide. That is undeniable, being on TV gave them opportunity being unknown did not.

    Then I think of Chelsea Houska who has gone on to better and has nothing in common with that old cast or show at this point. Should she go to reunions to “catch up” with.. who’s left from her original cast… Leah? Dr Drew? Absolutely not.

    Idk. I think if anyone has any beef, it should be with Mom who signed you up for an awful experience. Yeah, Abby is terrible but the girls weren’t forced to be there. There’s plenty of other dance schools in Pittsburgh. Plenty. Except none were being filmed. And that’s on mom.

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