Courtney Stodden Shaves Off Her Pinup Girl Hair as Tribute to Baby She Miscarried

When you realize you don't have to touch up your roots anymore...
When you realize you’re not gonna have to touch up your roots anymore…

Courtney Stodden has buzzed of her beloved blond locks!

On her social media accounts, Courtney explained the reason she pulled a “Britney Spears 2007” move. The reality TV star has stated that it is the start of a “new chapter” for her.

As we’ve previously reported, the past few weeks have not been kind to Courtney. After joyously announcing their pregnancy to the media, Courtney and husband Doug Hutchison revealed that Courtney had suffered a miscarriage.

The 21-year-old has been vocal about her grief over the loss. On July 21 she posted, “Numbing myself of the deep loneliness I feel.” And on July 27 she added, “My heart is broken but I love you angel.”

On Sunday night, Courtney posted a video to Twitter in which she told her fans about her plans to shave her head.

“Hi everyone, she said, “As you all know, I recently suffered a miscarriage and it’s had a huge impact on me emotionally. I’ve been thinking and I have decided that I want to give back to my angel with a symbolic gesture, and that to me is shaving my hair off. I want to step into this chapter in my life fresh and with a new….so I wanted to share it with you because you’re a huge support system to me and I love all of you so much.”

Courtney's new 'do...
Courtney’s new ‘do…

Later that night, Courtney posted photos of her new ‘do. In the photos, she’s clad only in a leopard print bikini and matching head scarf. All of her of her long blonde hair, which she had previously styled to resemble the hair of her idol Marilyn Monroe, is gone. She captioned the photo, “new chapter.”

On Twitter, Courtney revealed her feelings about her new look.

“Yes my head is shaved and I feel free,” she tweeted.

She did have some second thoughts, initially, though.

“I was absolutely resolute in my decision, but — once the clippers turned on — reality took hold and I was extremely terrified,” she told TooFab, adding that her husband likes her new ‘do. “”Doug completely supported me in this decision. He loves me and, after the haircut, he hugged me and told me that I’m beautiful.”

While Courtney may have her husband’s support, she is still at odds with her mother, Krista Keller, whom appeared alongside her on Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment recently.

(Bottom photo: Instagram)


  1. I really don’t know much about this young woman. I know she did something unspeakable with an ice cream cone, but this is a cry for help if I’ve ever heard one. That LT child molester of a husband if he’s ever really loved her, he should buck up and get her counseling. Having a miscarriage is something that will stay with her forever, sometimes the heartache is just unbearable. So I wish her the best…..

  2. So bereft she shaved head and puts it all over social media.

    As tragic as miscarriage is, even before all of that she needs help.

    She’s making it it more sad for herself by seeking attention on the Internet.

    I understand her loss having been through it myself

      1. Really? I really don’t think so. I have a miscarriage further along then her and I didn’t do something so drastic

  3. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    Back in the Ancient Greek days when a women lost a loved one they would cut their hair off as a sign of mourning. So don’t know if this is a pratice of that maybe who knows but everyone copes differently.

  4. I get it. Because I’ve been there. But she also needs seriously psychological help. I don’t mean that in a degrading way. I mean that it’s actually very common for women who miscarry to alter their body (the body that failed them) in unhealthy ways. After miscarriage 1, I stopped eating because it was my way of feeling control. Years later, I piled on weight as a way of comforting myself after miscarriage number 2. After miscarriage 3 I was able to not take it out on my body, but the temptation was still there. I contemplated shaving all my hair off as well.

    I really do feel for her. Her mother is a nut, and I’m sure she wants to be the mother that her mother never was. I get what it’s like to have your body feel like a coffin. And my heart breaks for this woman. I hope she can find the help she deserves

    1. That was a really helpful perspective, thank you.
      I’ve never had a miscarriage and never thought that women were ‘over reacting’ but the ‘body feels like a coffin’ was a way I’d never quite thought of.

  5. Probably the wrong thing to take out of this, but is anyone else wondering how she managed to find the exact leopard print as the bikini for her bandana?

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