‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Confirms She’s Cancelled October Wedding to Matt Baier

"Don't be renting your tux yet, bro!"
“Don’t be renting your tux yet, bro!”

There will be one less Teen Mom franchise star walking down the aisle this October!

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska, as well as Teen OG stars Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood were all scheduled to say “I do” to their respective fiances this fall, but Amber Portwood has just confirmed that she is no longer planning to marry her fiance, Matt Baier… at least, not right now.

“Everything got thrown on the back burner when stuff happened,” she told People magazine. “You’ll see us working through certain things together and you’ll see us talking about marriage and what we’re going to do.”

That “stuff” Amber is referring to is basically her finding out that her fiance has a cornucopia of illegitimate children, spread out all of the country. The Ashley was the first to tell you last year that at least a half a dozen women had filed child support cases against Matt. (Click here for more info on that.)

On the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Amber got very defensive when her ex, Gary Shirley, brought up the fact that Matt had way more children than he had originally disclosed to Amber.

“Honestly, I tried to stay neutral in the whole situation because I didn’t know what was going on yet,” she said. “I didn’t know what the truth was. I didn’t want to make a rash decision on something that everyone else was saying. You will see in this season me making my decision on what I was going to do with me and Matt.”

Amber’s reluctance to discuss her relationship with Matt may be due to the criticism she’s gotten from fans for staying with him.

“There’s been so much talk about me and Matt the last season that we kind of stay a little private, but it’s hard to stay private when everything is out in the open,” she told the magazine.

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres on August 22! Click here to watch the trailer!

UPDATE! Amber just clarified the status of her engagement to Matt, as well as a few other things. Click here to read the update!

(Photo: MTV)



  1. The comment sections of Teen Mom related stuff has always attracted crazies (anyone remember the Comment section of Teen Mom Talk?) Then Teen Mom Talk ended and now Teen Mom Junkies is on that road with all the scam/spam stuff as someone mentioned and alot of Tumblr blogs have blocked comments and questions from anons, so where to go? At least the down vote thing is mild compared to the dark , dark place that was the comment section of Teen Mom Talk lol

  2. The Ashley – Just wanted to let you know I definitely support getting rid of the up/down votes. If someone wants their opinion heard they can comment.

  3. @TheAshley: have you seen the new JE pictures? Would love to read an article/ update from you about JE.
    How is the custody situation with Jace going, still on hold? Will this new pregnancy harm her case?
    Are Barb and Jenelle still doing better, like she said in the finale?? Didn’t Jenelle’s sister say online Babs was kept in the dark about her pregnancy too? Any truth in that? Was Babs responds when she found out filmed?
    Just a tad curious.

    I’m also very curious about Farrah’s real business success and financial situation. Froco fresh frozen isn’t doing horribly bad but not great either from what I have seen.

  4. Something isn’t right with all these thumbs down votes. Never has Ashley had this when you know damn well they should be thumbs up votes!!! Can you please explain this Asheleysrealityroundup?

    1. I remember someone on these boards like 1-2 months age said that they just downvote everything because they think it’s fun. Which pretty much speaks to their unfulfilled, meaningless life.

    2. I remember someone on these boards like 1-2 months ago said that they just downvote everything because they think it’s fun. Which pretty much speaks to their unfulfilled, meaningless life.

      1. Lol I think you’re on to something there….he def has enough kids and Lord only knows how many more babies and mommies are going to pop up….run Amber run like hell!!

    1. The comment section seems much nastier now than it had previously been too. I’m not sure if a ton of new people that are all complete assholes and possibly borderline retarded have wandered over to TheAshley recently… or if it’s just like one person that has SO MUCH TIME and a confusing/unreasonable amount of Teen Mom related rage.

      My gut says this is the work of at least one 7th grade girl. Possibly the whole class. It’s sorta standard middle school girl behavior.

      1. Funny, but the only truly asshole comment is YOURS.

        Ashley if you’re worried, or whatever, about the thumbs up/down situation, can’t you just ban the ISP if the person doing it?

  5. I was rooting for Amber ever since she went to jail. When she came out she seemed like she got her shit together and was about to start a sober, responsible life. She had goals, she changed her attitude and acted as a grown-up. But right now I feel she’s back to her old ways… yelling, being aggressive and self-absorbed. I don’t give two shits if she ends up with Matt, the only reason I’m concerned is Leah. I hope that little innocent girl doesn’t have to grow up around that creep.

    1. I know. Since his alleged sexual assault was exposed I’ve been scared for that little girl. I know there is no way of knowing if it really happened or not but if I had a daughter and I found out my boyfriend had been accused of rape, I would not take a chance of him putting my daughter at risk like that. I would kick his ass out.

    2. First thing she did after getting out of jail was do an interview with MTV, even before seeing Leah. It’s when I knew she didn’t learn anything from her time in prison.

  6. Has hell frozen over? Amber has grown a brain?! On that note, I hope the separation is permanent, and she doesn’t go back to that slime ball. Hopefully the next guy will actually be a good one, but lets be real….with Amber the next one’s always worse than the previous one.

  7. There might be hope for Amber yet!

    Holy down voters batman!!!!!

    1. Darn I accidentally down voted you in a rush to up vote!!!! Guess that was a self fulfilling prophecy right there…

    2. I love that the downvoters think that hitting the thumbs down button somehow cancels out our very valid concerns. Lol

      1. I love that the commenters are always so worried about how many people click the thumbs down button on their comments.

    3. Something is going on in Teen Mom media. Started a few months ago. Seems like someone or some people are out to frustrate discussions and people that follow and discuss Teen Mom online.
      WTF is going on?
      Are people trying to move the discussions to other websites or is it the idea to stop all discussions as much as possible?
      I know the tumblr page has been heavily promoted among TM followers. Been there, done that, bad atmosphere there too. Someone or some people are really killing an online community while so many people had so much fun (and some also support) in that community.

      1. Are you saying this simply because people are down voting comments? Cause that seems a little melodramatic, don’t you think?

        1. Nope, there a lot more. This is going on on other websites too. There are abnormal numbers of downvotes on several websites when TM is discussed.
          At least two websites/ discussion boards have been destroyed, there are people trying to instigate trouble on pages that did survive, like tumblr.
          I think there are several trolls active or it is one person who has multiple accounts. (WhoreyTori, the expert in keeping up with multiple accounts might be bored?? 😉 )
          Teen Mom Junkies used to have one downvoter, who downvoted every single comment, those numbers went up too before well… the end. Think TMJ is over and done, sadly. I don’t come there anymore too cause the pop up ads and spam/ scam is too much to bear.
          Replies here didn’t get as much downvotes as they do now up till a few months ago and the atmosphere was different too. Something is up. Like I said, one troll or multiple.
          Someone who dislikes TM viewers or Teen Mom. All these discussions we have online are good for Teen Mom cause people keep watching when they talk about Teen Mom.
          Hmm… who would like to see Teen Mom end and has to much time on her or his hand? 😉 Neh, can’t be one of the cast members. We all know the moaning, complaining and “I’m done” is just to get more money from MTV. At the end of the day, they all want those nice fat paychecks.
          The only person I could believe to be really done and doesn’t care about the money they will loose is Miranda.

  8. I just came to say that Amber reminds me of AV form OITNB. Lol. I have no idea why but she does….

    1. Alex from Orange is the new black?

      I can definitely see that…It’s the glasses and certain features on her face.

  9. I’m glad she’s come to her senses. It’s definatley in her and Leah’s best interest. There is just too much baggage and lies that come along with Matt. She should just brush herself off and keep her chin up and find her true happiness that’s out there. It’s certainly not Matt…

  10. Oh, yes, Amber!!
    Everyone has his/her past but make sure whatever he was is out of his system in the present before you make that emotional en financial tie. When Matt really does change, doesn’t lie/ deny anymore and takes responsibility for his children in any way he can in the next two years, you’ll have my full support. No con man or no good man can act and don’t fall out of character for two years.
    Don’t become his therapist, he has to do it and want it himself.
    Make sure this is what you want, make sure he is worth it, especially when you would like to have more children.

  11. Perhaps she ought to figure out how much child support she’d be on the hook for, as his wife, before marriage…?

    Who thinks she’ll never marry Matt, now? I don’t. Especially since she lost HER custody case against Gary.

  12. he might not have enough money now to do house-flipping with her as a means to an income due to the fact he has outstounding child support to pay!!!!!!!!after all before that he was living off of her,granted he waited on her,as her own child stated,but come on what means of income does this guy have or has ever had?!!hes a gutter rat,before he gets caught in one situation..hes off on another and another from what his history shows.Good girl…..Amber you think twice!!

    1. I agree. I hope Amber chooses not to marry this manipulative liar who wants her to be stuck with him and his baby mama drama.

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