‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Reveals The Reason She Hasn’t Posted Photos of Her Son Maverick

"Y'all can just suck on that for a while!"
“Y’all can just suck on that for a while!”

Maci Bookout gave birth to her third child, son Maverick, over two months ago but the Teen Mom OG star and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, have yet to post any full-face photos of the baby boy. (Maci’s mom did recently post one photo of Baby Maverick, although his face was obscured.)

‘Teen Mom’ fans have wondered why Maci has kept her son’s face shielded for so long (and some have speculated that the baby even has something wrong with him, due to Maci’s alleged drinking during her pregnancy. )

In an interview with WetPaint, Maci  seems to shut down this rumor and finally reveals why she hasn’t shown off her son.

Basically…she likes the drama that not revealing Maverick’s face has caused in the ‘Teen Mom’ fan world.

This is the most we've seen of Maverick since his birth...
This is the most we’ve seen of Maverick since his birth…

“To be honest, I don’t really know when we’ll share the first photo,” Maci told WetPaint. “There’s really no specific reason why we haven’t yet. I think we both kinda just like being spiteful and like making people wait.”

Maci did reveal who Maverick resembles, though.

“He actually looks pretty identical to Bentley,” Maci added. “There’s a hint for everyone that’s anxiously waiting on pictures of him.”

A few photos of Maverick (such as the one above) have been posted to the @babymon3ys Instagram page, which is run by Maci and Taylor. However, all of the photos only show a small part of the baby’s face.

We may be seeing plenty of Maverick (including him shooting from Maci’s loins when he was born), when the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ premieres on August 22!

(Photos: MTV)


  1. I’m curious as to the age of most of these people writing. There is no perfect parent they all make mistakes. But I have to say she is raising her son right, too be respectful with manners. Compared to Leah who beats her kids granted off camera but duh your wearing a microphone we can hear you hitting your child multiple times or better yet what about Farrah her child is such a disrespectful brat the way “Baby Goo” talks back, hits people and the nasty looks is bad enough that Farrah is a stuck up self proclaiming princess with an attitude from hell shell never find a man to marry her but then she adds in a mini me of herself which is a spawn of Satans. So I think Maci is doing fine by comparison.

  2. Is she honestly this stupid?
    She’s acting like a BAMF about not posting photos all while Grandma is in the background posting photos. I’ve seen photos of each side of the kid now. If she wanted to do something to SPITE people, she would be posting photos of that baby herself as she knows people have concerns about him having something wrong because of her drinking. You don’t spite your fans, you spite your enemies.
    From the photos posted so far, there absolutely looks like something is off. Maybe that’s just the way he is by some chance, he could be a totally normal kid but she is doing the opposite of what she is claiming she wants to do if he’s fine.

  3. I think the backlash here, and elsewhere, is funny as hell. All of these people saying she’s no one(and I’m not personally fond of her, myself, lol). This is the precise reason she said she’s doing it to spite people, *because people are up in arms about it and trying to come up with all kinds of reasons.
    Maybe her only reason is that she wants to be a dick, lol. Whether or not she’s a celebrity or even liked, she’s getting a ton of attention for this. It’s hilarious to watch people go all weird when someone doesn’t want to, or won’t, show pics of his/her kid(s). She may well be an attention seeker, but isn’t that exactly what she’s getting? She’s succeeded quite well, regardless of her reason, I’ll give her that much(though that’s about all I’ll give her)

  4. This girl swears she’s like Kim Kardashian trying to hide her kids face and Kim Kardashian swears she’s Beyoncé and now that I think about it didn’t Michael Jackson start this trend of hiding kids faces?? lol What a tangled web we weave.

  5. With all the backlash she is getting, I can understand why she doesn’t want to post photos of him, but why make a childish statement about it?

  6. Maci is an idiot and a liar. From day one she tried to play a good girl complaining about Ryan going out and her having to do everything, but if you watch closely enough you see that and every other soon she has a club Stamp or Club bracelet on her hand meaning she was not at home with Bentley either but out partying and drinking which she does best. Remember when she moved her son into a party house so she could drink and party? I do! Both of her children with Taylor or nothing more than a ploy to make more money stay on the show longer and get him to marry her.
    We all know the reason she hasn’t shown pictures of this baby is that the poor thing is probably suffering FAS. When will this girl grow up!?

      1. I know it’s possible to undo downvotes but I’m failing at it for some reason. Meant to upvote you! I love Aleeah!

      2. Thanks lol I agree Aleeah is hilarious, 1 good thung to be said for Leah is that she makes pretty cute and funny girls… it took me forever to think of a username I liked this much 🙂

  7. I guess I’m not making the connection on who Maci is trying to spite and why? Her three fans she has left are dying to see her new miracle baby, so why would you spite them? She’s acting like the fans are some kind of deadbeat dad that she’s trying to keep from seeing the baby EVER. Her parents are I’m sure very aware about her contract and posting photos, so I’m more inclined to believe it’s more to do with the child having a medical issue, rather than MTV telling her to hold out until they get the highest bidder. Just wait, Maci and MTV will find a way to spin this into a PSA about drinking and fertility, and somehow come out looking like an angel to the people without half a brain

      1. I was trying to figure out if there was a weird angle or minor facial abnormalities as well.
        But since Down syndrome (unlike FAS) isn’t AT ALL correlated with the mother’s behavior during pregnancy I can’t realistically see a backlash against her over it.

  8. does anyone know why Taylor calls himself t-mon3y? and this whole mon3y thing they keep trying to make happen, but it’s never going to happen….what is it and where does it come from?

    1. It reminds me of Gretchen from Mean Girls, and Regina telling her stop trying to make “Fetch” happen. I imagine lots of people telling him stop trying to make TMon3y happen

  9. I really hope I’m wrong with this statement, from the side view the baby looks like he has some sort of Down’s syndrome. But at the end of the day if there is a deficit there will only be one person to blame, Maci….for being told she would have difficulty conceiving sure is the most fertile infertile person in the world. Ummm I’d be seeking a new obgyn, just saying…

    1. If it’s Down syndrome she’d have no blame, that’s a chromosomal abnormality. But FAS is one of the leading causes of intellectual disability, sadly.

      One sign of FAS is a small opening between the eyelids. Hmm.

  10. Jesus, she needs to get over herself. Nobody cares that much.
    Maybe she’s waiting for her fourth child to be born to make a sibling photoshoot.

  11. oh please. it’s because she thinks shes a huge celebrity like Kim, or whoever else has hid their kid for the first few months. I’m sure Mavericks really cute though, Maci makes cute kids

  12. Go home Maci, you need to grow up.
    Great that Maci admits she is still childish and spiteful. Always needs to have to upper hand and control. Still riding the high horse MTV is feeding. You can’t change what you don’t know ya’ll!
    Ryan has been a very stubborn, rude and lazy turd but did not deserve everything from the treatment he got from Maci very often and Bentley surely did not deserve to be kept from his dad or witness all the drama Maci caused.
    Sure, Ryan should have fought back but you can almost get why he gave up before he began cause Maci was being Maci. Ryan is one of the only people who refuses to crawl up her ass.
    Remember “When you are not taking back what you just said about me, I’m keeping your son away from you? Say goodbye to daddy Bentley!” That was when she told him at the very last minute she was moving his son two hours away from him so she could see whether she might have a future with some dude. Dude and her had been circling around each other for years but things never happened but hey, let’s pick up my child, move him from his family and father and play house with this guy and see what will happen.
    Maci somehow has a lot of credit build up, while she has had three unplanned pregnancies, has made very stupid and careless decisions which had an effect on her child(ren), she has been drinking while pregnant and she has an attitude. But hey, she likes to clean (well, she did) and she dislikes a porn star, mother of the year.
    I don’t get why Maci is still a favorite. It’s basically Chelsea and then Maci for many while she is not all that. Not at all.

    Good to see the downvoter mob thing is being handled by the way.

    1. I said the same thing! That was selfish to move Bentley two hours from his dad for some d/ck, because that’s what it boiled down to. She harrassed and bothered Ryan about child support and here she choice to “take off” for the summer and decided she didn’t want to work anymore at the moment and just live off Ryan’s child support. I never could stand her big headed a$$.

  13. I really don’t thinknthere will be anything wrong with the baby, not sure why she is being ‘spitefuk’ though. Nobody really cares. Maci used to be my favourite but meh, not so much now

  14. If Maci thinks people are waiting with baited breath to see her kid, she can think again. What makes her think she is so important that she can play manipulative games with the 3 “fans” she has. Gosh I can’t wait for this show to end and this nobody can go back to her own normal life

  15. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    I agree with all of this either she is pushing it off until someone pays her enough money or due to her “unknown” pregnancy something happened due to her drinking and MTV is working on a way to come up with an excuse for it. I hope it’s just option one and not two.

  16. Yeah Maci, no one’s “anxiously waiting” to see your new kid. We will however continue to speculate about your ulterior motives. I don’t buy what she said one bit, sounds like a kid trying to make excuses and not admit to something they don’t want found out.

    “To be honest”
    “really no specific reason”
    “I THINK we both KINDA like being spiteful”

    Not very strong statements there Maci!

  17. Should be titled “Why MTV won’t let Maci post pictures of Maverick” or “Maci waiting to see how much money she can get for first photos”.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. She’s delaying the inevitable backlash from the world about drinking excessively through her pregnancy.

    1. I hope so. This poor baby had the misfortune of being conceive by two drunks. I hope, other than being stuck with Maci and Taylor as his parents, nothing else is wrong with him.

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