‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Addresses More Rumors: Says She’s Still Engaged & Still Sober

"Sorry ladies- this hunk 'o' man is still all mine!"
“Sorry ladies- this hunk ‘o’ man is still all mine!”

Two days ago, Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood did an interview with People magazine in which she revealed that she will not be marrying her fianceMatt Baier, on October 10 as she had originally planned to. In that interview, Amber was vague about where her relationship even stands with Matt, causing fans to speculate that the couple had broken up.

In a just-released interview with WetPaint, Amber clarified her relationship status, letting fans know that, while she and Matt aren’t tying the knot this fall, they are very much still together…and she still thinks he’s wonderful.

“I want to wait for everything to calm down,” she told Wetpaint when asked when she and Matt will get married. “There’s so much stuff that’s happened within the last year and last season with the media that it just wasn’t the right time. The media would’ve taken our wedding and turned it into something negative.”

Amber says she’s still planning to get hitched– but don’t expect her wedding to take place in Indiana. (Does that mean they’re not going to have their wedding reception at the creepy Indiana diner that Matt proposed to Amber at? That disappoints The Ashley thoroughly.)

"If MTV's payin', I'm going to Malibu!"
“If MTV’s payin’, I’m going to Malibu!”

“I want a destination wedding in Malibu so that’s what we’re working towards,” Amber said, hinting that Season 6 won’t be the last season for the ‘OG’ girls. “Maybe next season you guys can see us doing some of those things and actually getting married.”

Amber told the site that Matt is a stellar guy, despite what ‘Teen Mom OG’ fans think of him.

“Everybody had him branded as this horrible guy and he’s really not, he’s a great guy. Today he’s an even better person,” she said. “I want people to know the person that I know today. I want people to know the Matt who’s talking to his kids today, who feels horrible about what has happened, who loves being around Leah, who takes care of me. He’s not the guy that people want to put him out as.”

Amber also revealed that Matt’s son, Chris Baier, who months ago said some pretty nasty things about his absent dad, is now getting along with Matt. (The Ashley’s source tells her this is actually totally true– Chris and Matt apparently now talk every day and are working on repairing their relationship.)

Amber also used the WetPaint interview to set the record straight about another rumor that’s been flying around the Internet about her. Several sites have speculated that Amber has fallen off the sobriety wagon. (She abused drugs for years leading up to her stay in prison.)

“I’m not on any other drugs or doing anything crazy,” she said. “I don’t even know where the hell any of that came from. I’m doing really well and I think it’s been over three years I’ve been sober.”

(The Ashley would like to make it clear that she has never reported that Amber was using again, nor has she ever confirmed any of those rumors to be true.)

“I have to take antidepressants and anti-psychotic medication,” Amber added. “But now since I’m an addict I take all non-narcotic things, so for my anxiety I can’t take narcotics anymore. I don’t like taking medication on TV, I’ll be really secret about it because I don’t want people in that part of my life. It’s a really sensitive thing for me because mental illness is a big deal.”

The ‘Teen Mom OG’ girls have been doing a ton of press to promote the upcoming season of the show, and The Ashley is doing her best to pull out all the juiciest tidbits from the interviews! Stay tuned!

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  1. Per the last Teen Mom, her new addiction is buying dogs…one of them straight up pissed on a producer…can’t make this s#$t up. Last season they were taking dumps all over her house while she and Matt relaxed on the couch, which seems to have migrated to her cousins house. Poor Amber can’t resist a good sectional…

    1. I kept trying to count them all last episode!!! It appears they’re breeding them, whether it’s intentional or not!!! That pisses me off, there are millions of dogs on this planet & there are staggering numbers of homeless puppies & dogs, waiting for forever homes. Shame on them for contributing to the overpopulation!!!!

  2. She is not sober!!!

    She drinks, and takes 3 different prescriptions.

    While none is illegal substances, bitch is NOT sober.

    Granted to think Matt is sexy I can understand her needing to be in a stupor all day.

  3. If you drink you are not considered “sober”. Sober is sober. She could maybe say “off of drugs” but not “sober”. There is a difference

  4. Pretty much every person who has been through the ringer with addiction knows exactly when they stopped the cycle. I hope it isn’t true that sobriety is broken, but alcohol broke it too. Ahhh, I hate for that little girl to be around that dude. It does not seem kosher.

    1. ITA!! I have never met anyone in recovery who cannot tell you their sobriety date. Also,if you are drinking, especially if you are drinking to the point of punching walls-hello dumbass Matt, you are not sober! Amber is not sober but is totally delusional.

        1. I love your name! When I first read the interview, I wondered why Amber would share her mental health diagnoses but not the name of the meds she was on. My first thought was that she was on benzos and didn’t want Jenelle to call trying to buy some.

  5. Here this dummy goes again….trying to prove everyone wrong. This girl is constantly cutting off her nose to spite her face

  6. She won’t marry him until MTV opens their wallet and pays for it. Seriously, MTV. There is NOTHING realistic about this look at teen moms at all.

  7. Matt is talking to his son after Chris but him on blast. Bravo. Congratulations. Now what about all his other kids???

    1. Matt is a conman and a POS and I bet you he made a deal with this son like “if you play nice, I’ll make sure that Amber gets you on the show”

      1. I read a blind item that said Amber paid off his legal fees & back child support. I also saw somewhere I can’t recall that she paid Chris to play nice & shut him up. The blind said she used her TMOG salary this past season paying for Matt’s legal fees & back child support, so that way there’s not more & more coming out about Matt & his inaction regarding his children.

  8. Will they be moving Amber’s couch to the “destination wedding in Malibu?” Because that’s the only way I can see her even leaving her house.

  9. A few things I get from Amber are
    1) Is she really sober? Is she taking it seriously? Don’t most serious recovering addicts know to the day, how many days they’ve been clean?
    2) She was never planning on marrying him. You’d think she’d have had a dress picked out, a venue, flowers, etc and then she’d have to cancel and possibly forfeit the deposits, and you just can’t be throwing out that kind of money when you’re in the business of flipping houses and money is important!
    And lastly, number 3) Why doesn’t she talk about mental health and try and help take away the stigma? She always talks about wanting to help people and do things, and didn’t she once say something about being a sober coach? So why not start by talking about how it’s OK to have mental health issues and it’s OK to get help?

    1. Right when i read ” I think it’s been over three years I’ve been sober.” I was like huh? don’t most addicts know the date and time they stopped?? Amber is such a bad liar. I hope that she doesn’t marry him…but then again with girls like her, and Jenelle, just when you think they can’t find anyone worse, they do. And as long as people are bashing Matt, she’s going to stand by his side, just to prove to everyone that he’s a “catch”.

    2. It’s all a facade. And frankly all of the OGs from would dissapoint me if I cared and took stock in their lives.

      They can preach their enlightenment, insist they have changed, promise to do better, and swear their lives are wonderful. But it’s all lies and staged in order to keep getting the gobs of Teen Mom cash.

  10. Maybe Amber is finally “wising up” and listening to that little voice in her head telling her NOT to marry this bum. He’s so pitiful . Disgusting!!

  11. Free destinatiom weddings are a bonus for getting pregnant at a young age. The following up with more and more bad life decisions

  12. She’s not sober if she’s drinking. Sobriety 101, an addict must abstain from all addictive substances to maintain sobriety. She’s been filmed drinking alcohol. She may not be spiraling out of control, but she’s not sober.

  13. I bet part of it is because Maci & Chelsea’s weddings are in Oct so Amber/Matt would not get as much media attention compared to those weddings.

  14. Elopement alert ;-)!
    Eloping with a reality TV camera crew in tow would be an original wedding. Don’t think it has been done before? Heather is going to become Ambies flower girl, maid of honor and bridesmaid all in one next season.
    Or.. they are planning a big wedding with all his (known/ out of the woodworks) children there so everything is peace and heaven on camera. Matt will have to talk blisters on his tongue for that to happen.

  15. Ohhh, I was hoping she’d seen the light…lets hope he lives up to the hype, I can’t help but like Amber even if she’s been one of the more questionable moms.

    1. MTV needs to end this shitshow. They are just enabling these girls to act like teenagers. But then again, as long as it is on tv, I will be watching. So I guess I am enabling the girls in a way too.

      1. Love your handle & avi!!!! Hahahahaha! Every time I see that pic, I can hear him saying “Stop IT!” Hahaha

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