CT Tamburello Reveals If He Will Ever Do Another Season of ‘The Challenge’

CT is certainly pulling off that 'lumberjack chic' look these days...
CT is certainly pulling off that ‘lumberjack chic’ look these days…

Are there more seasons of The Challenge in CT Tamburello‘s future?

Although CT basically “retired” from the MTV reality show after “Battle of the Exes II,” many fans are hoping that he will come back to the show to turn Johnny Bananas into a human backpack again.

In a new interview, CT revealed if he would ever consider doing another full season of ‘The Challenge.’

“When it comes to ‘The Challenge,’ never say never,” CT says in the video. “With ‘The Challenges,’ there are times I miss them and then other times it’s just, I don’t know if I could do it again.”

At 36 years old, CT is older than most of the oldest ‘Challenge’ stars who are still competing. (For reference, Johnny Bananas is 34, while Wes Bergmann is 32. Most of the new ‘Challenge’ cast members coming in are in their early twenties.)

CT was only 23 years old when we first met him back in 2003 on The Real World: Paris.

“My entire adult life has been on TV,” he said. “I sort of have a different appreciation for privacy now.”

CT retreated from the spotlight after the death of his longtime love Diem Brown in November 2014. He has not done a ‘Challenge’ season since “Battle of the Exes II.” On that season, he was partnered with Diem but, unfortunately, Diem had to be medically evacuated from that ‘Challenge.’ Soon after, it was discovered that the cancer that she had battled twice before had come back for a third time. Diem passed away a few months later.

To honor Diem, CT appeared alongside Diem’s little sister, Faith Brown, on a special episode of the recent “Battle of the Bloodlines” season. That appearance was a big step for CT, according to an interview he gave MTV News when the episode aired.

“Originally, I didn’t think I was going to do anything related to TV anymore,” CT said. “After what had happened, I basically dug myself into a hole and detached myself from everything.”

He did not want to compete on that season, but it seems that he may now be considering going back on the show.

“For the longest time, I said, ‘I’m done [with ‘The Challenge’]. I’m never doing it again,'” he said. “But, it is such a big part of my life, and I do love it. I guess I come back because I miss it.”

Watch CT’s interview below:

(Photo: MTV)


  1. I would love to see CT come back. Someone needs to give Bananas a run for his money. Recently the challenge has just become the Bananas show. Everyone is either on his side or afraid of him. I was hoping last season when the rookies rallied against him they would have the balls to go through with the plan but of corse, someone got cold feet and backed down. I’m sick of seeing banana’s win all the time. I want a challenge, not a predicable ending. I guess that’s what happens when they allow him
    To sign 3 season contracts though. But I do like seeing the vets, I’m not fond of the new kids. They’re too cocky for me.

  2. Much like Survivor when they bring a cast member back too many times, I think each person should be on a set amount of seasons and then done. No more CT,Bananas,Paula,Wes,Nany,Sarah,Camilla. Please retire!

    1. I disagree. Seeing the old favorites over the years is the only thing that keeps a lot of people watching. A lot of people were unhappy when they added the Are You the One kids to the mix.

  3. Instead of these new gimmicky twists and new people, I’d almost rather just have all the vets duke it out in one season. It’d be so interesting to see who goes home first (from the best of the best) and who would actually win… Anyone else?

    1. YES! Mark Long has been pushing for an all-vets season on Twitter for a while and he seems to have a lot of support from both fans and vets. I hope they listen.

      Also, no more Are You The One people!

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