‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Butch Baltierra Is Back Behind Bars: Get Details

"I hope they saved me a seat in the chow hall..."
“I hope they saved me a seat in the chow hall…”

The Ashley is very sad to report that her favorite Teen Mom OG star, Butch Baltierra, is back behind bars.

Radar Online broke the news today that Butch, who is the father of Tyler Baltierra, is once again in jail. It’s been just over a year since Butch was paroled after serving a lengthy prison sentence for a variety of charges.

A spokesperson for Michigan’s St. Clair County jail confirmed to the site that Butch (whose real name is Darl) was incarcerated there for six days this month.

He left the facility on October 13, and was apparently transferred to another facility. On October 15, Butch’s daughter-in-law, Catelynn Lowell, stated that Butch’s girlfriend Nadine was using his phone, presumably because Butch was still behind bars.

While it’s still not confirmed what exactly landed Butch behind bars again, it appears that it has something to do with a charge he received in June. Butch was caught driving on a suspended/revoked license for the second time. According to court records, Butch pleaded guilty to the charge in September.

Unfortunately, Butch was still under supervision at the time of his offense. (He was due to be on supervision until August 2017.) This may be the reason that Butch was thrown back in jail, since getting the charge most likely violates a term of his supervision that states that Butch could “not engage in any behavior that constitutes a violation” of the supervision.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

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  1. Omg really can we give this man a break he’s been trying so hard to change but of course the system is not willing to do the same.

  2. The B-gene, that gene transfered from father to son making people think normal rules for life, social contacts or the law do not apply to them.
    Djeezus… what an incredible stupid thing to do not once but even twice while you are fresh out of jail. So now he cares more about driving a stupid car then being in his (grand)kids lives?

    1. he’s not even in jail, he is out and on parole. It’s public records, go to the department of Michigan department of corrections inmate lookup. It says he is out on parole. Ashely didn’t verify had she, she would know he is not in prison or jail.

  3. Ashley this information is WRONG. According to the Department of Corrections in Michigan, Butch is currently on parole, NOT behind bars, he will be on parole until 8/2017, This is public information!

  4. Well, at least he wasn’t locked up for drugs, alcohol, or anything illegal that jeopardizes his sobriety. Wtf would possess him to speed knowing he has a suspended license. When you are riding dirty you have to be on your p’s and q’s. Butch was feeling himself

  5. Feel so bad for him!!! I know he has had his problems but I think he is a great guy under all that stuff he does. ?? Hope he is out and home soon

  6. Well looks like Catelynn and Tyler have no story line. They can’t help Butch and can’t talk about Carly. Their story line is watching Catelynns fat lazy ass rot on the couch.


  8. I don’t see Butch’s (darls) appeal. He’s charming sure but he’s a career criminal! It’s all a wreck. I was hoping at least one baltierra would be a success story…..maybe Nova will achieve something….anything!

    1. I don’t get it either. I don’t see anything amusing about a 60 year old grandfather who can’t get his $h!t together.

  9. Sarah – quit being a smug fart sniffer.
    I wonder if he committed a traffic transgression or if they simply ran his plates, I’m relieved it wasn’t for anything involving the words: coke, crack, juice head, home invasion, or violence.

    I assume all of them are well-known in their area of MI, which makes it even more reckless.
    With all the legal exposure he had, at this point he’s Butch the law talking guy.

    1. Tyler just enables him to continue his addict ways. Im sure he is using again and Tyler is probably supporting him again. Tyler should be giving his extra money to his mom who never got child support from that loser

    2. Tyler just enables him to continue his addict ways. Im sure he is using again and Tyler is probably supporting him again. Tyler should be giving his extra money to his mom who never got child support from that loser

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