‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Catelynn Lowell Reveals When She’s Planning to Have Another Baby

"Sorry, guys, but my womb is empty...for now!"
“Sorry, guys, but my womb is empty…for now!”

Catelynn Lowell has expressed her desire to have “lots of kids” with her husband, Tyler Baltierra, but don’t expect a pregnancy announcement from the reality star any time soon.

The Teen Mom OG star set the record straight after it began circulating around The Internets that she was expecting her third child. Apparently, there will be no more Baltierra babies in the near future.

“After all of the rumors started circulating, I wanted to make this very clear,” Catelynn told Real Mr. Housewife. “After just recovering from postpartum depression coupled with the fact that I’m on birth control, Tyler and I are not and will not be expecting for a few more years.”

The current season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ has shown Catelynn struggling to cope with her postpartum depression and anxiety issues, so it’s no surprise that fans were shocked when she posted something on Instagram that made it sound as if she was announcing a pregnancy.

Like many of the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars, Catelynn posted a pitch for the “#ThxBirthControl” campaign to her Instagram account earlier this week. One of the slogans for the campaign, which promotes safe sex by talking about what people can accomplish thanks to birth control, is “Nine months from now, the only thing I’m expecting is to be more awesome. #ThxBirthControl.”

When Catelynn accidentally mixed up the wording of the slogan, though, it lead many fans to believe Catelynn had just announced that she was expecting. (Catelynn posted “Nine months from now I plan on being more awesome!”)

#thxbirthcontrol nine months from now I plan on being more awesome!! #stayprotected #safesex #isbestsex

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During a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ Catelynn expressed her desire to be pregnant again before she and Tyler celebrated their second wedding anniversary in August 2017. Tyler, however, made it clear that he did not want another baby so soon. Catelynn and Tyler are already parents to one-and-a-half-year-old Nova, and birth parents to seven-year-old Carly.

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  1. Lol no way… no more baby… not now… don’t sleep your couch why? What is bother yu for something? Don’t smoke make yu worse….not good make yu feel worse. Your parents were smoking all your life maybe yu don’t feel right somewhat very true. Go see doctor to check your lung to make an app for x- ray won’t show maybe try both C- t
    Sorry l just try to help yu to solve it to make yu feel better not tired @nymore then yu able to have another child. The pills are very bad for yu not all time. I am sorry that yu through in the hell.You need help to find out what is wrong with you? God bless you . That is my opinion.
    Good luck..good fuck lol xo
    Lisa from Canada
    P.S l just love to watching all teenagers make me good laugh.We just learn everyday up and down and up lol

  2. I know she slightly mixed up the wording, but I can’t believe people thought she was doing a pregnancy announcement starting with the hashtag #thxbirthcontrol

    Seems crazy people even jumped to that conclusion and she had to clarify!

    I’m glad she seems to be healthier now, post partum depression is a terrible illness.

  3. for gods sake please have your tubes tied! You cannot take care of the one you know have after giving the first one away. You both had years with no responsibilities and could have gone to college and made a future for you and your family. You chose to lay on your ass smoke pot and do nothing. yet the other moms had kids and worked and managed. You go from having a kid you cannot get out of bed to getting a pig you want nothing to do with to buying a horse. All for your therapy now they therapy you did nothing with and came home smooking again? Many of us are trauma abuse and rape victims guess what we have anxiety yet we go to work raise our familis and learn to deal with it. Your two are lazy freeloaders time to grow up. When your own mom agrees your lazy that says something. Your a joke your going to go back advising teens about adoption or your rights being taken away please. Your rights should have been taken away from the adoption a lot sooner. You both were rude blatantly on tv refused to meet the terms of your open adoption shocked they didn’t close it sooner. You are not god or mother Theresa many give away their children for adoption and have no contact with their children. You knew what you were doing but now because people are tired of you and your poor me attitude now its onto we didn’t know what we were doing. Funny when it was all about the wedding you had no problem getting off the couch and out of bed. Many of us would kill to have that kind of therapy or a break from the anxiety but unfortunately we have to live in the real world. Grow up for once and think about some else besides yourself.

    1. You very obviously do not understand postpartum depression. That’s not laziness, it’s a genuine illness, and while Catelyn may not be handling it as well as she could, absolutely no one is in a position to judge.

      Just because *you* may be able to function with anxiety doesn’t mean that everyone can. Just like with any illness, every single person who suffers with it will suffer differently, to varying degrees, and with varying levels of severity. So just like one person may have more severe ovarian cancer, so too will people with anxiety, and depression. Others will have it more or less severely than you, or anyone else.

      And they didn’t “give away” Carly. They placed her for adoption. That’s not giving a child away. They made a very responsible decision based on where they were at that time in their lives.
      But yes, they were 16 years old when they did it, and so they’re correct in saying that they couldn’t have possibly known all of the ramifications of that decision.

      Also, the adoption is not closed. You can’t close an open adoption. It’s a legal agreement. And while Carly’s parents get to set the terms of the adoption, and how open it is, it will always stay open.

      1. Actually, if you look at the agreement that Cate and Tyler signed, specifically the last page Tyler was holding, it clearly states that it is NOT A LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT.

        Brandon and Theresa can completely cut off ties and close the adoption anytime they want, for any reason. They are under NO LEGAL OBLIGATION to continue sending pictures, vdeos, texts, phone calls or visits. B and T are the legal parents of Carly and T and C signed away all their rights to Carly.

        If B and T wanted to move to Paris and live the rest of their lives there they could. They wouldn’t need T and C’s permission.
        When Carly turns 18, they couldn’t stop her from contacting them. Otherwise, T and C are under the guidelines of whatever B and T want.

        As far as Cate, she could try harder. Yes, I believe that she has depression. But, just like an alcoholic needs to stay away from alcohol and a diabetic away from sweets, she needs to get up.
        I know it’s not easy and it’s extremely hard to get out of bed and do anything when you are clinically depressed. But it’s not impossible. She does have some laziness attached to her behavior. Missing the doc appt is a prime example.
        She wasn’t suffering from a panic attack, she just kept hitting the snooze button.
        I also am not a morning person and hit snooze several times. I set my alarm clock to go off at least an hour before I need to get up. I also go to bed early than usual to help.

        She uses “my mental illness” as an excuse to get away with all her behavior. She claims she knows she can take care of a horse, so why not her daughter?

        Let me reiterate, I am sure she has depression and panic attacks but I’m also sure that she is lazy as well. She isn’t working as hard as she can to overcome her issues. If people saw her making an effort, I believe they would rally around her.

        I wanted to continue to give Cate the benefit of the doubt, defend and support her. But, she’s made it almost impossible.

        It is sad that the adoption agency didn’t make sure that T and C understood that B and T could close the adoption whenever they wanted. Even though it was spelled out in the agreement they signed, they really should have repeated it to them, over and over.
        And going with a couple that wanted a closed adoption in the first place, probably not the best choice.
        But at that time, it was just supposed to be a one hour documentary, not a tv series.

        End of rant 🙂

      2. Also the poster “Michele” obviously doesn’t understand basic formatting, punctuation, grammar or what paragraphs are. Any person who decides to write a scathing post about another person should attempt to at least appear intelligent.

        1. I do understand postpartum depression. And she can get herself out of bed and do something with her daughter. I never said it would be easy.
          She said that she can get up for a horse, then she can get up for her daughter.

          And missing the doc appt had nothing to do with anything other than laziness. She said herself that she can’t just get out of bed.

          I guess we will have to agree to disagree because you can’t prove that Cate doesn’t have laziness along with “mental illness”.
          You don’t know her just like I don’t know her. You have your opinion and I have mine. It’s nice that you want to defend her but I can’t anymore.

          One thing I do know, Brandon and Theresa are under no legal obligation to keep in contact with them.

    2. If you don’t possess a higher education yourself, you’re hardly in the position to suggest it for anyone else.
      You may have some valid points, but you still sound like an idiot, lol.

  4. Maci and Taylor wearing those shirts is so laughable. Cate looks lovely in that picture. Good for her, I hope she makes plans for an education and career while the tm money is still rolling in.

    1. LOL honestly! We all know desperate Maci doesn’t use birth control and dumbass Taylor doesn’t even know what birth control is

  5. I think there should be a great Ashley worthy caption under that picture of Maci and her leather pocked man promoting birth control (in non-leather-pocked t shirts even).

    Maybe: Kaay,maybe God will stop sending us miracle babies when we wear these shirts.

    1. I don’t think it bother me that she keeps getting pregnant, it’s that she lies and pretends that she isn’t or that she didn’t know.

  6. Good for her. Cure your mental health first, take care of the one you already have and have another one when you are ready.

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