Adam Lind Reveals How Much MTV is Offering Him to Stay on ‘Teen Mom 2’

"I don't need no MTV money... well, anymore at least..."
“I don’t need no MTV money… well, anymore at least…”

Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is still maintaining that he will not appear on the next season of the show– no matter how much money MTV throws his way.

Adam, who is the father of Chelsea Houska‘s daughter Aubree, has been outspoken since last season about not wanting to continue doing the show any longer. On Thursday, Adam took to his Facebook page to discuss why he has quit the show, while also revealing how much cash MTV has been allegedly trying to throw his way in order to get him to sign back on.

After Adam posted a photo of himself with Aubree and his other daughter Paislee, Adam’s friends commented that MTV should show him in a better light. That comment spurred a rant from Adam.

“They wont… which is why I ended the show,” he replied. “Won’t give them what they want anymore… [I don’t care] how much money they offer.”

Adam then revealed the insane amount that he had reportedly been offered to do another season of the show.

“Season stacked up to be $285,000 a year….. told em keep your f**king money I don’t want the s**t anymore,” he wrote. “I wasn’t raised that way I’d rather have a 9-5 and a mortgage struggling with bills… people say I’m crazy for turning it down… well I say they are crazy for wanting that kind of attention trust me… it’s not worth it.”

(Just to note: the season in question is not the one premiering in January. As The Ashley previously told you, this upcoming season is reportedly being billed as “Season 7B” instead of “Season 8.” The cast, including Adam and fellow ‘Teen Mom 2’ quitter Jeremy Calvert, were still under their Season 7 contract and had to film. They would have to sign new contracts for Season 8 but not 7B.)

Of course, this is not the first time that Adam has declared his disdain for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ its editors and producers. Back in March, he ranted about the show on Instagram, and even exposed what Chelsea made for the most-recent season.

Adam is featured in the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7B trailer that was released earlier this week. It is not yet known how much he’ll appear in the upcoming episodes, but The Ashley highly doubts he’ll get much screen time.

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  1. You’ve gotta love Adam. He sits on the sofa at the reunion shadow with Dr. Drew and refuses to say a word, but yet he’s there because he’s under contract , he says. Claims he isn’t giving them “what they want anymore”. No one makes Adam look bad except for Adam!
    The only positive thing I’ve seen him do is have a vasectomy. At least he won’t have any more babies , thankfully. Also every other word from his mouth is something foul & inappropriate.

  2. Adam, shut your beefcake-y-wannabe mouth. When he was on the earlier seasons and acting like a sh**, I could at least say, “Well, he’s cute and that’s why poor Chelsea can’t break her addiction to him.” Now? Now he is this nasty, tatted, over-bulked douche that doesn’t even have the balls to be a proper father – STILL. I hope MTV doesn’t employ him, I’m with him on that. The sight of him…ugh. Aubree deserves so much better and classier. I LOVE that she has Cole!

  3. And when you’ve blown all your current MTV money on steroids and under armor tank tops – you’ll start doing porn

  4. Just like my ex husband. As soon as they took 1/4 of his wages after taxes he decided being a loser without a job was better than working for less than minimum wage.
    As soon as Chealsea upped his child support he is out.

  5. Oops, Adam. You only ever show up on the Internet articles when you’re insisting you don’t need Teen Mom money. If this is true then, well, why are you still insisting you don’t need Teen Mom money? Goodbye. Go live your life.

  6. All he has to do is the bare minimum and people would give him credit. The fathers on these shows really don’t have to do a lot to be seen as contributing- just get through your one or two weekends a month with the kid(s) and don’t badmouth the moms, but he can’t even do that.

    1. I don’t know how much Chelsea makes but I’m glad she makes bank, because lord knows this loser has never contributed a penny to Aubree’s upbringing.

  7. What makes this piece of shit worse is that he is completely oblivious to ANY wrongdoing or shortcomings on his part. You cannot fix stupid.

    1. I think that’s the part that makes me shake my head the hardest. He doesn’t show up for stuff for Aubree, but sits there and is like the producers are making me look bad on purpose. He has always been an absentee father, so there’s no “good” light to show him in. These people trip me out….constantly blame everything on editing when there is no possible way to edit someone holding a baby, dozing off with your eyes rolling into the back of your head (Jenelle and Leah) and they can’t erase you from scenes at your kids father daughter dance…Plus they can’t make Aubree say that “My dad doesn’t even play with me”. Adam is such a scumbag. I seriously would not miss him next season. Plus I think he turned all of that money down because he doesn’t want to have to pay more than $150 a month in child support. At least Aubree has Randy and Cole. Boy did Chelsea make a mistake having a kid with him. Everyone suffers in that situation EXCEPT him. UGH. ***ends rant***

  8. He is so full of shit he will be back. I think MTV is behind all of this “I wanna leave the show” BS they have non disclosure agreements and they have been saying this BS for over a year now and none of them have gotten sued. It’s all BS.

  9. Why is this guy always playing the victim? It’s his own fault that he gets all this negative attention. He says that he is a changed person and wants to be more involved in his daughter’s lives but at the same time he is missing father/daughter dances and Father’s Day so that is a complete contradiction. It’s not only Adam but Leah and Jenelle always throw the “Mtv makes me look bad” excuse for their bad behavior. It’s getting really annoying.

    1. THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING!!! Adam has been an awful person from the very start. 16 and pregnant he was horrible. At least nobody else called their kids a mistake… I guess when teen mom 2 started he shared the “bad light” with Chelsea…because she was such a naive idiot back in the day, and right there with him making bad choices…but you see how she matured, dumped him and became a better person, and now they’re showing her in a “good” light…it’s like you know why Adam?? BECAUSE SHE’S ACTUALLY DOING THOSE THINGS. She’s not giving MTV anything to show her in a “bad” light, because she is an attentive mother and loves her kid. He always wants to cry unfair and play victim.

      1. Exactly. He always says that he was a teenager when I did all those bad things and all teenagers make mistakes. Um… hello? Chelsea was the same age as him when she had Aubree. She didn’t abandon her parenting responsibilities or do any of the other stupid shit he did. People have the right to change but I think Randy was on point when he said at the reunion that Adam hasn’t changed except learning not to get arrested. Adam still has the same shit attitude and doesn’t take responsibility for anything. He can blame Mtv all he wants for making him look bad but at the end of the day everyone knows that he decided to miss Father’s Day and miss the father/daughter dance, not Mtv.

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