Jailed Reality Star Toby Willis to Undergo Psychiatric Evaluation As His Trial is Continued for Fourth Time

Toby will spend Christmas in the clink...
Toby will spend Christmas in the clink…

Former reality star Toby Willis is currently behind bars, and it doesn’t appear that will change any time soon.

Toby, who starred alongside his family on TLC’s The Willis Family, has had his preliminary hearing reset for the fourth time. The hearing is now scheduled for March 1, 2017, according to the Tennessean.

Until then, Toby will continue to be held in the Cheatham County jail without bond, as he has been since September, when he was arrested for one count of child rape. He is suspected of raping a 9- to 10-year-old girl approximately 12 years ago. The girl is believed to be related to Toby.

Toby’s attorney, Michael Shipman, reportedly told a Cheatham County judge that he has become concerned about Toby’s mental state. The Tennessean reports that Toby’s attorney told the judge that he had come to “question [Toby’s] competence” after a recent conversation he had with the former reality star. He also stated that this was not the first time he had expressed concern for Toby’s competence to the State.

The judge reluctantly agreed to postpone the hearing, due to “the seriousness of the crimes.”

“We’ve got to move this case along,” the Tennessean reports the judge saying. “It’s been sitting too long already.”

The site reports that Toby will undergo a psychiatric evaluation before the new hearing date. That evaluation, which will reportedly take place at a Centerstone facility or the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute in Nashville, could take up to three months.

Meanwhile, Toby’s extra-large family, which includes wife Brenda and 12 children, have stayed silent since Toby’s arrest, except to issue a statement in the days right after. In that statement, Brenda made it clear that she was siding with the District Attorney’s Office, rather than her own husband. The family’s band, The Willis Clan, has stopped performances for the time being.

(Photo: Cheatham County)


  1. Cute how he is trying to play the “mentally incapacitated” card now that he has drug out all the time he can before actually going to prison and not sitting in his single man cell in county jail, snoozing at his leisure. Phuckwad.

    Nothing worse than a damned child molester, IMO. It’s the sin of all sins. Stealing ( of trust and innocence ), lying ( to everyone about being a good, honorable person), adultery ( you were married.. not that it makes anything worse, imo, but I don’t thump a bible near as hard as these people do.. you’d be a monster for doing this single or married ) and murder ( yes, imo, raping a 9 year old makes one guilty of a murdering something endearing and sweet and pure in child’s soul, I’ve no doubt about it ) .. I think they ( child molesters ) deserve some true “eye for an eye” shit visited upon their black souls. Until that happens with people like this in our society, they’ll continue to be a plague to humanity with their sick, twisted, disgusting minds and violent ways.

  2. So Happy to hear his wife is leaving him! What a pervert! 9 yr old girl!? Hope he gets raped in prison everyday!!! ? what a piece of ?

  3. I hope the truth comes out shortly – dragging this out is only hurting the family member he did this do, they deserve justice as well. I respect how the family has dealt with this.. I may reject saying this should it come to fruition later, but unlike *cough sister wives/duggars* they didn’t not feel the need to televise their reactions to the scandal.

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