Lifetime’s New Reality Show ‘Knocked Up’ is Basically An Adult Version of “16 and Pregnant”

"All the girls on '16 and Pregnant' do this...I thought you had to if you get pregnant unexpectedly?"
“All the girls on ’16 and Pregnant’ do this…I thought you had to if you get pregnant unexpectedly?”

Ready for an adult version of MTV’s hit show 16 and Pregnant? Well…Lifetime’s got you covered!

Knocked Up, a new reality series premiering Tuesday, December 6, will showcase the lives of three adult women who had their party days cut short by an unexpected pregnancy.

“Carefree and enjoying being single ladies, the lives of Akiitha, Katie, and Audra are turned upside down when they discover they are pregnant after one night of fun,” the official synopsis of the show reads. “As they prepare for their special deliveries, they must all make major life decisions as they deal with their surprise pregnancies and get ready for life’s greatest adventure, motherhood.”

Instead of the pregnant gal telling us all about how she got pregnant after a little hanky panky in their Hello-Kitty-wallpapered bedroom, we will now hear stories about gals getting knocked up after a few too many cosmos at the TGI Friday’s.

The show will cover a lot of the same topics as ’16 and Pregnant’ did, though– everything from uninterested baby daddies, to substance abuse problems, to the pregnant moms making the mandatory baby bump molds.

The people behind ‘Knocked Up’ know a bit about creating maternity television. After all, it is being produced by 11th Street Productions, the same production company that brought us ’16 and Pregnant,’ and the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise!

Watch a preview for ‘Knocked Up’ below:

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  1. Yes, in some ways it is an adult version of “16 and Pregnant.” After watching two of the three stories so far (haven’t seen much of the Akiitha episode yet), I have concluded that the dumb teenagers in 16 and pregnant got pregnant because of ignorance and by the sheer fact of their youth. Hardly the case in “Knocked Up,” a trio of women who are obviously well beyond their teen years; they are old enough to know better. This is why I do not think their pregnancies were accidental at all. They were purposefully, deliberately planned out. It was just a matter of the right time, any guy.

    Where to start…
    Audra. She gets herself pregnant by an old “friend” who was led to believe that Audra could not conceive a child, hence, the friend (a/k/a stud) takes her cue and says “no” to the condom. Audra subsequently decides to do all of her planning about money, jobs, places to live, daycare, child support, etc. etc. as the pregnancy progresses. Evidently none of these little incidentals crossed her mind as she was purposely getting herself pregnant by that old friend.

    The absolute gall of this woman. She was told from the beginning that the man with whom she chose to have sex (and risk pregnancy; who is she kidding?) did not want children and that he wanted nothing to do with this pregnancy after being told by Audra that she was pregnant. Even so, she is coming after him to sign the birth certificate, with the ultimate purpose of collecting child support.

    Katie. Another one who makes me boil. Katie comes across as a master manipulator, lazy, cunning, calculated, and spoiled. She has master-minded motherhood down to a science — and all the positives are lined up in her favor. Angela, wake up before that devious baby mama has you sign off on the adoption papers. That is her next serious objective, no doubt; an 18-year child-support committment – even if their minute-maid relationship splits up — which it will.

    Yes, it takes two to tango, but we are talking about duplicitous women here. Women like Audra and Katie (don’t know yet about the social worker/airline host quickie) who purport to have gotten pregnant by accident. In fact. they both appear tickled pink – or blue, I should say –
    about becoming pregnant.

  2. OMFG! This chick is nuts and I feel so sorry for her baby. I cannot believe she’s upset her mom doesn’t want to take in her and her baby. Like seriously?! I completely see the mom’s point of view. She’s raised her kids and wants to be free and live her life. How is that wrong? This chick needs to figure out her own life, especially since she got pregnant and she decided to have this kid. What a dumbass!

  3. Turns out that the father of Audra’s baby is a dude from the Bachelor, who is a super doting dad to his older kid… yikes…

  4. What about the men?!!
    Seriously, who is to blame if they dont use a condom? Yes the woman will have to deal with it if shes pregnant, alone most of the time (so fair, right?) but a guy who doesn’t care about it (and diseases like HIV..) is a f*#€&!@ jerk!
    And yes, a woman can be pregnant under birth control but also under birth control AND the use of a condom!
    Rare but possible.
    None of them is a 100%
    Dont have sex when youre drunk or just dont bé drunk af.

  5. I wish I had known they were casting for a show like this. For 2 yrs my boyfriend and I tried to have a baby and I didn’t get pregnant. We broke up, I moved out of state and enrolled in college. I was on bc when I hooked up with a dbag and got pregnant. We now have a very beautiful baby and he’s married to a wonderful girl but it definitely wasn’t planned. I turned 30 while I was pregnant and I definitely wasn’t trying at that point. I had decided to put off having a baby and was correctly taking my birth control. I’ll be graduating college with my bachelors soon so I can assure you I’m not a dumbass.

  6. To me half of the charm of 16 & Pregnant is the girl using the drive to th obstetrician as an opportunity to get more of the required driving hours while she has her learner’s permit, you know?

  7. Should be renamed I was drunk and stupid

  8. There’s no such thing as accidental pregnancy unless you were legit on birth control and fell into the 1% who conceived accidentally.

  9. This stuff irritates me cause there are a lot of people ttc and it just isn’t happening but then these people have one night of whoopie with a total stranger irresponsibly and they are knocked up. It’s harder to get pregnant than not women only have about a 24 hour window to conceive so it just irritates me when this happens and then they expect a pity party cause they got knocked up.

      1. Good luck, hope you do get pregnant! You and other examples are the reason why I am so pissed of the “unexpected pregnancy” talk. People need to educate themselves and use protection when they are ovulating!

    1. I meant to thumb this up but I accidentally hit down omg. But I totally agree. I’ve been trying to conceive for almost a year and to see people just “accidentally” get pregnant after a one night stand is beyond disgusting and upsetting. People need to be in stable relationships before bringing a child into the world

    1. You must have the mental age of a 16 year old to get oopsy pregnant when you are much older or you simply wanted to become a mom nomatter how and by who.
      Take a donor instead of some random stanger that should not reproduce, for the sake of your child.

  10. That sounds depressing, honestly. There’s nothing worse than trying to co-parent with someone who has nothing in common with you, and is, for lack of a better term, batsh!t crazy. A one night stand resulting in a pregnancy is such a mixed bag.

  11. I’m probably in the minority but I feel like this is worse than 16 & pregnant. If you’re in your teens when you get pregnant you quite possibly might not have known the consequences (looking at you states that only teach abstinence as sex education).. Not to mention you have that sort of invincible sense of self when you’re that age that you can do anything, and nothing bad will happen. Not saying it’s right but your brain hasn’t fully matured yet so it’s almost a legitimate excuse. Almost.
    The women featured on this show are 100% old enough to know the consequences of their actions and should be taking reasonable steps to ensure they are protected if they did not intend to get pregnant. These are grown women, they should behave as such.

    1. I agree that it’s ridiculous for a grown woman to accidentally get pregnant but not about the sex ed in school lacking. While that may be true it isn’t the school system’s job to raise your child. You should be teaching your children about safe sex or that abstinence is best if that’s your belief. Also, even if schools only teach abstinence you’re telling me a 16 year old doesn’t know where babies come from?

    2. Nope we are all with you!!

  12. Some people are so stupid. I mean, you can’t get pregnant unexpectedly if you didn’t use protection, there is always a possibility of getting pregnant, srsly people!!

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