‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Javi Marroquin Introduces New Girlfriend on Social Media: Ex-Wife Kail Lowry Responds

"Let's get ready to rummmmmble!"
“Let’s get ready to rummmmmble!”

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin posted photos of his new galpal to his social media accounts over the weekend– and the show’s fans, as well as Javi’s ex-wife Kail Lowry, had a lot to say about Javi’s new relationship!

Javi, who confirmed for the first time on social media that he and Kail are officially divorced now, posted photos of himself canoodling with a girl named Cassie Bucka, causing fans on Twitter to react. He told fans who commented about him and Cassie that, not only is his divorce from Kail finalized, but it was Kail who filed for divorce before Javi left for deployment back in 2015. (Just as The Ashley told you months ago… and Kail recently confirmed it on Twitter.)

Anyway, Kail did not seem to be too happy that Javi was posting about his new gal on social media. She posted a series of tweets that let her ex know how she felt.

A photo of Javi and Cassie that Javi posted to his Snapchat....
A photo of Javi and Cassie that Javi posted to his Snapchat….

“Remember guys, you have to blast your brand new relationship all over social media or it ain’t real,” she tweeted sarcastically. Kail later tweeted to one of Javi’s friends that Javi had an affair while they were married. Kail also told a fan that she was miserable during her marriage to Javi.

Although Javi and Kail were going through a divorce while taping the whole season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that just aired, it wasn’t really addressed during Season 7A. For the upcoming Season 7B, though, the divorce will be the main story line for Kail.

Javi told a fan that he is not looking forward to reliving that part of his life when the new episodes air.

“I was in a dark place then and finally moved on,” he tweeted. “And me and her are doing really well now so it’ll be rough.”

As The Ashley previously told you, during the taping of the Season 7B Reunion last month, Kail revealed that she, too, is dating again.

We will see the divorce battle play out on our TVs when ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7B premieres on January 2. Click here to watch the trailer!

(Photos: MTV, Snapchat)


  1. I’m so sick of Kail. Like honestly done with her. She files for divorce and goes to red carpet events alone, after getting her butt lifted and her tummy tucked, wanting to hear how good she looks and how great her life is without a man (or woman), going on and on about how this breakup will give her and her sons a better life and the second Javi moves on she’s petty. Look I’m sorry, Kail had it very rough growing up, rougher than a lot of people, but that wasn’t Javi’s fault. Kail is the type of person I can tell that wears you out emotionally, and you can only put up with someone like that so long before you snap. She’s never going to leave Javi alone. Anything he does she is going to nit pick like it still matters what she thinks. If Kail really wanted to make this marriage work she would have worked on herself WITH Javi instead of blaming him for everything. But no, she’s right, everyone else is just picking on her, she’s better off alone until she realizes she can’t go crawling back when she decides to. She needs to get over herself.

  2. She only married him for his benefits, she couldn’t keep her beefy man hulk hands off him, and from what I heard he was a nag. They should have never been married.

  3. Here was my take on everything. Javi drank too much “Man Kool Aid” in the military and was unable to show any emotions on the show or IRL. Kail had been looking for a way out anyway since she has no concept of future planning or consequences. She enjoyed the income but seemed oblivious as to how he actually got it by merc’ing overseas. All that time apart apparently just made them work on themselves and an exit to an awkward relationship devoid of emotion outside of sort-of raising a kid. Kail then got the idea that she would somehow belong on TV despite her face and frame (which still holds true-sorry hun) and like most people that have been heavy and lost 20 pounds, thought she was hot meat on the market instead of a chunky single mom with no employable skills besides getting pregnant. Perhaps some leather-pocketed tshirts or wallets in the shape of a heart on a chain or sister wives cutoff shorts etc. Trying to cash in without cachet. Anyhoo, best of luck to them all. May they get in touch with their emotions and get sort of rich while taking care of their kids smh.

  4. I just think they grew apart and wanted different things in life. Poor kids though, hope they work things out and be adults about everything.

  5. I detect a hint of jealousy by Kail. Personally I think she is too independant and head strong to be married. But she is an awesome mom!!!

  6. How do you get mad at someone who YOU left and were “miserable with”? Oh because you’re a petty ass typical female.

  7. Ok. I must laugh though that Ambie thinks she lives in a snobby neighborhood! From what I have seen of that neighborhood it is clearly not for the rich and elite. And again what is with this silly arse sultry talking she’s working on? She’s not sexy, sultry, keeping it real or whatever she thinks she is doing.

    1. I live near Amber. The area she lives in is called Geist. It’s right on a very large reservoir, and a lot of those homes on it are multi million dollar GORGEOUS houses. The price for homes in that area are pretty high, however some of the neighborhoods around it are older and she’s in one of those older areas. So yes, her home and area are nicer, but it’s not the nicest areas in Indianapolis anymore.

    1. So you are saying they stay together for the kids? Even though the environment would be toxic for the kids? Thus doing more harm to their mental wellbeing and causing more pain than it would to split up and co parent and be living parents whilst apart?

      Please Lisa don’t breed, your kids would be fkd up if that’s the kids of situation you’d put them in

  8. They NEVER should have gotten married in the first place. The only reason she kept giving for marrying him was because he got military benefits. She’d throw ‘and of course we love each’ in as an after thought. It’s sad because now they’ve brought Lincoln in and it sucks he’s in the middle of it

  9. Kail went through a lot when she was younger…in her new book she talks about how she was viciously raped at a young age…her mother and father are complete wacko’s…so I can definitely understand why she is the way she is. She is very stand offish and lacks emotion when it comes to men…That being said, from what was shown on the show, she put up with a lot when it came to Javi. The crap that he would say to her were things you wouldn’t say to someone you “loved”. At first Javi seemed like this great guy, but when his colors came out, he seemed like the husband from hell. The things he would say about Isaac if Kail wanted to go out…things like Isaac isn’t his son so he’s not his problem…or how he would throw a hissy if Kail took Lincoln to meet up with Jo and V, like bring MY son home…you can take YOUR son to see his father, but bring MY son home…then when Kail would try and talk to him about Jo, he would have this passive aggressive demonic look on his face…The way she cried when he first got deployed compared to this last deployment, you could tell she was fed up. Then Javi flipped out because she wasn’t emotional. Both of them were/are immature, but Javi was too much. Kail should’ve kept her feelings about his new “relationship” to herself and off social media. He’s doing it to antagonize her and to get a reaction like he always does, and it’s clearly working. Her responding makes her look a jealous and crazy.

  10. Kail really should keep her opinions to herself. She sounds jealous and as though she feels very threatened and has to throw up that sarcastic, jealous, shade throwing, forced humor “wall”. How does she not know after all of these years that she really has made herself almost completely transparent. She’s not a stupid girl by any means so how can she not see her petty little shots like that only confirm 4 anyone w/a brain that she is still jealous and territorial over javi. Instead of tweet and delete if she could stop and think BEFORE putting herself out there bare like she does she’d do a lot better. She has to get more control over herself. She wants to be a good mother and person you can tell but it’s hard and she has to try harder! No excuses. If part of her still wants Javier then that’s a different story & makes her pettiness more fitting but otherwise she’s gotta stop

    1. And his version of antagonizing her is what exactly?
      She and Javi are a LOT alike, in many regards, which is precisely why they’re a terrible fit for each other. Neither one of them should be actively looking for a relationship, imo. I’m not sure either one of them can let go of the alpha persona long enough to *be and *remain in a healthy relationship. They both want to rule the roost, and when things don’t go their way, the antagonizing claws start coming out. It could be jealousy on her part, or it could be the simple fare both amazing at pushing each others’ buttons(and that’s not a compliment).
      He has no more excuses for being a douche than she does. They’re both equally guilty of ruining their relationship.
      I just hope they remain adults when it involves the kids. Let them cat fight one another on their own time(hey, at least it’s entertaining!). Isaac may not be Javi’s, but he and Javi have a bond not easily severed, and of course Lincoln does. They’d both do well to remember that. Hell I never thought Jo and Kail would get along ever again, but even they managed, lol.(and they were just as bad for one another)

  11. Bitter much? Didn’t she cheat on him first (as trailer shows)? Yeah, Kail, Javi can’t “flaunt” his new relationship but you can subtweet the hell out of it, huh? Hypocrisy is real. Btw, you were the first to flaunt her affair with Rebecca anyway, remember? You are divorced, get over it!!

      1. You had it right in your original comment. You are. or you’re for short. Not a grammar nazi but took it upon myself to let you know your first mind was right. 🙂

    1. It really did not matter anymore whether she cheated on him or not; he was already convinced she had and was anyway. This happens in relationships where one partner is very jealous and constantly thinks the other is cheating all the time.
      I’m not saying it is okay but I can imagine that I would think “heck, I might as well take this nice offer right here to make all those fights, waste of my energy and hurting comments worth all the trouble and hurt. It doesn’t matter anymore, he is already hurting me cause he is convinced I cheated anyway.”

  12. Lawls, he picked a Kail look-alike. I smell a rebound!

    I dunno why folks are so down on Kail. Javi and his fits were the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Was Kail perfect? Hell no, she needs to learn to keep her beefy man-hands to herself, but being married to Javi looks as if she had more than just 2 children to deal with. I couldn’t imagine having to placate him and his whine-fests.

    1. FINALLY! Somebody who saw what I saw with Javi! The way that he would flip out was soooo childish! Then throw in Kail’s face that Isaac was not his son so he’s not his problem…but then be all like Isaac is my buddy. Javi must’ve been a nightmare to put up with. He was controlling and said some of the most VICIOUS things to get a reaction out of her. I’ll say it again, if he could blame her for the miscarriage on TV, then I could only imagine what he would say to her behind closed doors. That comment was below the belt and I don’t even think that it’s something Farrah would say to someone…Then the way that he treated Jo…Jo was trying…he did need to pay more in child support or whatever, but at least he is active in Isaac’s life, unlike the other scumbag on the show (Adam)…yea Jo could pay more in child support, but to treat him the way Javi did was awful…Kail was no angel, but Javi was nutz and spiteful…and I can see him trying to make Kail’s life as difficult as possible for the next 16 years.

  13. Kail wasn’t ready for marriage. She rushed into it. All these teen moms feel like if they get married and/or have another baby with another man that they will fill that family fantasy but it hardly ever works out.

    1. Like getting pregnant with a guy or marry one worked the first time right? Or second time, or third.

      If only women had the possibility to stay unmarried and not pregnant for over a year in a relationship. That would give them the chance to really get to know their new life partner.(sarcasm off)

  14. Kail is a miserable person always waiting to be dumped on. I feel bad that her past has made her that way, but we all have things to overcome. Teen Mom 2 has made it so she will not have to face these issues until she is too old to do so easily. I feel for her boys who will never learn to have a lasting relationship.

  15. Kail will never be happy. She is unhappy in her relationships then when they’re over she is jealous and still unhappy. She doesn’t want Javi but doesn’t want anyone else to have him either? They are both immature and had zero trust in each other.

  16. If Kail is over it and SHE is the one who filed for divorce then why does she care? They’re both immature & I personally believe they both cheated. Not many people have a passcode on their phone and freaks out about somone going through it unless you have something to hide. I’m married with 2 littles and I don’t have a passcode.

    1. I have a passcode on my phone because I have work emails and stuff I wouldn’t want friends seeing on there. It’s not that weird. Most people I know have a code on their phone.

      1. I have a passcode on my phone in case I lose it, so nobody can get it. My husband does know my code though, and I know his.

        1. I have a passcode on my phone because my job requires me to have one if I want to have my work email on there. If it’s necessary for my boyfriend to get into my phone, he knows how and it doesn’t bother me. Lol I once walked into the bedroom and he was using my phone to talk to his mom.

    1. No doubt in my mind he cheated. Javi seems very spiteful, and people start pointing fingers and acting insane like he did when they’re doing their own dirt. I don’t think Kail was an angel either, and definitely did her own bit of cheating….But Javi tries to act all innocent…he’s not fooling me. Hopefully he can pull it together with this next girlfriend, because it seemed like Kail brought out the worst in him and vise versa.

  17. I am not a big fan of Farrah at all but is it just me or is Amber slowly becoming a Farrah wanna-be? With the plastic surgery yo make herself feel better and the boobs and the curves and WTF is up with the way she talks now? Seriously. If you need plastic surgery at 25 to help you feel better about yourself then you have deeper problems than you realize and plastic surgery is NOT the answer. Start by dumping the freak you’re dating. Does Amber not plan on having anymore children? That’s going to eff up her already messed with body. She, or any of the Teen Mom girls, are in no way, shape, or form any kind of a role model for teen moms! This is unrealistic. They are not scraping by to feed, clothe or house their children. They are not putting their heart and soul into raising these kids. They have beautiful homes (well, except Caitlyn) and children that are well taken care of and they are not working AT ALL! Filming an MTV show while sitting on your couch is NOT work!!!!

    1. What’s this got to do with Farrah’ and amber ??

      This posting has nothing to do with those two morons

    2. Nope, can’t stand Amber. She’s exactly who she was before she went jail. Only difference is, she got off up her ass and got bigger boobs. Still same shit attitude and self entitlement.

      1. Ugh on one of the AFTER shows she was so fucking pretentious about her fucking “diamonds” she’s a cheap Marilyn Monroe wanna be

        1. She whines about not seeing Leah but doesn’t get off her couch unless it’s for Matt. Like she’s pissed off that Gary won’t give her more time. Bitch what? Gary was an ass at one point but he has also stepped up and has been there for Leah when Amber wasn’t. Start using the time you have THEN you can ask for more.

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