Warrant Issued for ‘Teen Mom 3’ Dad Joey Maes: Reportedly Owes Over $8,000 in Child Support (Exclusive)

"Um...the check's in the mail? Yeah, that's it!"
“Um…the check’s in the mail? Yeah, that’s it!”

Get ready for another Teen Mom mugshot!

Joey Maes, a dad on the short-lived Teen Mom 3, reportedly has a warrant out for his arrest, due to his being about $8,000 behind in child support payments, a source tells The Ashley. According to online records, Joey is wanted in Wyoming’s Sweetwater County for being in contempt of a court order to pay child support for his five-year-old daughter with ‘Teen Mom 3’ star Katie Yeager.

We first met Joey and Katie on the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant back in 2012. They went on to star on ‘Teen Mom 3,’ which was cancelled after only one season in December 2013. Since that time, Joey has kept himself very busy–procreating! From what The Ashley hears Joey just welcomed his fourth child in August.

In addition to Molli, whom he shares with Katie, Joey has a son named Graedyn with a woman who is also named Karrie. (From what The Ashley hears, this girl’s husband has since adopted Joey’s son as his own, but The Ashley can not confirm that to be 100% fact.) Joey shares his newest son, Jax, with a woman named Marissa, who is the mother of Joey’s other daughter, Khloe.

To clarify– Joey has two kids with his current fiance, Marissa, one with Katie Yeager and one with Karrie. From what The Ashley can tell, the approximately $8,000 that Joey owes in outstanding child support payments is only for Molli.

Joey has bounced back between Southern California and his home state of Wyoming over the last few years. From what The Ashley understands, Joey, Marissa and their kids recently moved from Wyoming to Southern California. He has an off-and-on-again relationship with his oldest child, Molli. In the past, Katie has posted about her struggle to get Joey to stay involved in Molli’s life.

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  1. Wow. I am sorry but after reading this article and everyone’s comments I have came to the conclusion that you all have WAY to much time on your hands! I understand that he was on a tv show and a part of his life played out in front of you all on tv, but that does not mean that You should judge him as a person just because you think what you hear or read online about him is true. I am here to tell you it is not. I can’t believe how much the media and articles are full of shit. For those of you who actually know Joey you would know that a lot of what is said about him is NOT true. A lot of times it’s actually the opposite! Well I won’t point fingers but it’s pretty obvious that a certain someone is an attention whore and like to make shit up to keep “fans.” As said before the only person who hurts from this is Molli. She will grow up and see all the bad things written about her father and hear all the bad rumors but she at least will know they are not true because like all of you don’t know she actually does have a relationship with her dad so she will know that he’s not the price of shit you all make him out to be. As far as his “2nd child” the boy you all talk about is NOT his kid. His ex Kerrie was cheating on him. And left him when she found out the show wasn’t having a season 2! So to set the record straight joey has molli with Katie and he is married to Marissa and they have Khloe and Jax together. He and Marissa have been together for 3 years and have a happy healthy relationship, but instead you all praise Katie who has brought multiple men around Molli and leaves her devastated when she breaks up with them. Also her being with her boyfriend for a year she should of probably had more of a commitment before having another child. Not just saying “oh you know what we’ve been dating long enough let’s have a baby!” Obviously Marissa and Joey weren’t married before they had their kids but they have been with each other for years now and they are happily married. Everyone likes to give Katie praise for being an awesome co parent. Haha. I can assure you that she is NOT! She actually keeps molli from him! They specific terms in their custody agreement and she does not abide by them! This is why Molli dois s not want to live with her mom she would rather live with her dad and his wife Marissa and her brother and sister because they demonstrate a stable home and she will remember everything her mother is doing to her now.

    1. A person who knows both families very well- soooo his current wife ?

      You cant excuse away 8000 in arrears for child support. No matter how hard you try…

      are you denying thats fact?

  2. He needs to get fixed, and pay for his kids.

    He will end up old and alone, as no one will want a deadbeat.

  3. Yikes. What a low life. Four kids with three different women…that’s disgusting. Men like that should be neutered

  4. My ex owes more than that. Deadbeat dad’s drive me insane. Katie is my favorite of all the teen mom’s ever. Natural birth, attachment parenting and one of the only mom’s to breastfeed on the show. She is an amazing example of a teen mom.

  5. Who’s paying for all these children? Oh ya that’s right me and you!! And Anyone who’s working is paying for that deadbeat dad!! Sounds a little like Matt Baier? Hmmmm just sayin..

  6. What is he thinking and what were his second and third baby momma thinking?? It’s not like he is the genetic jackpot. Third baby momma has a son he thought was his for a while but isn’t? OMG, what a mess.
    Kids are not puppies! You are putting a human being on the surface of this earth and the success or failure and happiness of this human being is mainly your responsibility.
    People who screw up their kids should get the health care bills now and later, maybe that will finally change people.

  7. Is Katie the one that worked a ton and was a dancer and her sister threw away all of the dance teams contumes on a accident or was she the one who went on a vacation with her baby daddy and broke up during the vacation? Lol

    1. No . That is Alex Sekella. Her baby Daddy is a drug user named Matt McCann. He recently fell off The Wagon. After he had a Son with a wonderful young lady named Lekota Koch. Lekota and Matt have since broken up .

  8. Ok I understand that men can be men and a big majority of younger guys are just incredibly stupid. They have multiple kids with multiple women. It is not his fault only. I imagine that it is the girls that have been with this guy to be more than half the blame they have a child with this loser. I have known a lot of girls who want to get pregnant so they do. Pretty much without the guy even realizing what they have done because they might not think she can get pregnant. Or if he falls for it and actually willingly gives a girl a baby. These girls want a lid. They want money and probably wanted to be famous in their town. Being known as the girl with a kid with that guy who was with that girl on teen mom 3. That is what happens many time with silly girls and their young minds.

    He needs to pay. And if he doesn’t he will go to jail. There is no getting around it. It is his fault. And he will pay sooner or later. All guys do. But I am just saying it also pretty ridiculous how much girls get away with in making babies living off their baby daddy’s while they do nothing except post pictures with them and their infants having fun. That’s pretty much their “job”

      1. Agreed! If this happens once, then it’s a mistake by someone young and who doesn’t know better. If he didn’t learn and still wasn’t being in control of buying and using condoms, then he does know better but doesn’t act better. Maybe the girls are being careless too, but guys can take control and use condoms so they don’t have a gajillion kids after already having one…

    1. “Mr. Madison, what you have just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

      That about sums up the giant load of crap that you just wrote.

  9. Katie seemed like the most level headed teen mom we’ve seen (if I’m remembering correctly, it’s been a few years), so good for her for following through and holding him accountable. Hope she’s doing well and setting a good example for Molli.

    1. It’s kind of sad where person has children with only one person who is their spouse is almost a rare thing nowadays.

  10. This isnt surprising to me Sweetwater county wyo isn’t exactly known for brilliance or much positive news and considering his behavior on tm3 he is going no where fast. Hope Katie got her crap together and all of his children do well in the future.

  11. So he lied to fans about Luca being his son because a fan asked his finance marissa but the son and she said that the child eneded up not being his.

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