‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska Discusses the Name She’s Picked Out For Her Unborn Son

Chelsea has been documenting her baby bump's growth on social media...
Chelsea has been documenting her baby bump’s growth on social media…

Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer are just months away from welcoming their baby boy, and the Teen Mom 2 stars seem to have most of their baby prep completed, including the important task of choosing the baby’s name.

In a recent interview with WetPaint, and on Twitter, Chelsea discussed the name that she and Cole have chosen for their son, who is due on February 14.

While Chelsea and Cole have not revealed the actual name they are giving their son, Chelsea did tell WetPaint that none of the names circulating the tabloids and the Internet currently are the name they have chosen.

“We do have a name picked out but we’re not going to announce it until he’s born but yeah, it’s been pretty funny to see the names people come up with,” Chelsea told the site. “Cole Jr., Randall–that’s not even my dad’s name, it’s Randy, it’s not Randall!”

(For the record, the name Adam is also out of the running, for obvious reasons.)

On Twitter, Chelsea wrote that, while she loves the name Knox, Cole vetoed it for the baby. It appears that Baby DeBoer will be getting a unique name, though.

“Last names as first names are my favorite!” Chelsea wrote on Twitter. “The name we picked is actually a fairly common last name that we’ve seen but rarely [heard as] a first name…We want something that we don’t hear much.”

The only other hint that Chelsea has provided is that the baby’s name does not start with a “C,” which, unfortunately rules out the name that Chelsea’s daughter, Aubree suggested: Coconut!

To find out how much of Chelsea’s pregnancy will be shown on the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ click here!

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  1. I’m sorry to sound like sour grapes but this is all a ploy fr attention. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Chelsea is happy and that things are going well but she’s not interesting and this is a gimic to make tune in in hopes she’ll slip up and say it or that she’ll give birth on the show and announce it. I’d be much less annoyed with Chelsea if she just admitted her life was boring and didn’t need to be on tv verses the same old adams a deadbeat story. We know he’s no good. I feel like I’d be happier for her if she wasn’t trying to milk all of this.

  2. At the risk of sounding like a cranky old lady, all of these names are terrible! What happened to baby names over the last 20 or so years? Is everything a contest for originality regardless of pragmatism? At least if she’s going with a conventional last name it will probably be simple enough to spell/pronounce. That’s leaps and bounds better than many of the Speashial SneuPhlake names I’ve seen recently.

  3. My son’s name is Nolan. Never heard it before I used it. Including as a last name, which apparently it is. Then I heard was slew of “Nolan’s”, including Nolan Ryan…yeah, yeah, not into sports.

    My Nolan is almost 20. I started a trend ? J/K.

  4. Using a surname as a given name is just going to be one of those trends that later becomes a marker for when the kid was born. Like you know when Crystal and Tiffany were born, you’ll know when Lincoln and Jefferson or whatever was born. Trends are dumb.

    1. I know some that aren’t recent. Possibly they’re disguised less by use of shortened versions of the name than in the past.
      I went to school with a ‘Thompson’ (26) adults would assume went by ‘Tom’ (Like every ‘Thomas’ they’d known).
      A recently retired ‘Motley’ who goes by ‘Mot’ (he freely admits it’s odd either way).
      I also know a ‘Warner’ closing in on 90.

    1. Not sure why you got so many downvotes, @ N/A, except to say that Mason is a super common first name right now. Common as in the top 5 male baby names in the US right now.

  5. Why last name as first name, is that some kind of trend?! I would understand if the baby would have a first name as last name and they would switch but that’s not the case?! Aubree is a good name (although I would spell it Aubrey) and now God knows how the little boy will stick out with his name in this family. My fave from all the kids is Remington even though those are hair products where I live but I love that they call her Remi for some reason.

  6. It’s such a HUGE pet peeve of mine when people act as though their spawns name is a fucking national security secret that we wish we had the privilege of knowing.

    Get over yourself, it’s gonna be something stupid with a “unique” spelling. We get it.

    1. Omg. Yes. My brother in law and his wife are having a baby and won’t tell anyone the names they picked out. They also wouldn’t tell anyone what their first dance song was going to be at their wedding and no one, not even the bridesmaids were allowed to see her wedding dress.

      Seriously, get over yourselves.

  7. I’m sorry if this was already guessed by others, but I’m not able to see the comments for some reason. Anyhow, my guess in Jones DeBoer.

  8. I don’t really like any of the names the new babies have except Adalynn and Maverick(that’s my nephew’s name too). I don’t like Lincoln, Remy, Nova, Kaiser or Vivi (wtf was Vee and Jo thinking?).

    1. Jo and Vee gave their daughter a Latino name. With them being Latino, they probably wanted to stick close to their roots for their child. It’s not that unusual of a name for us Latinos.

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