‘Sister Wives’ Star Mariah Brown Makes a Big Announcement (Spoilers)

"I'm finally getting some camera time this season!"
“I’m finally getting some camera time this season!”

Warning: Do not read below if you do not want to know what happened on Sunday’s episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ You have been warned…

For several weeks, TLC has been teasing that Sister Wives star Mariah Brown had a big secret to reveal to her parents, Kody and Meri Brown (as well as her father’s other three wives Christine, Janelle and Robyn). On Sunday night’s episode, Mariah, did, indeed reveal a big secret to her parents.

Many fans of the show thought that Mariah would be revealing that she was courting a guy, or that she was engaged. Mariah’s parents seemed to believe this too, as Kody even teased Mariah that if she was, indeed, engaged it better be to someone that he likes. (Ugh.)

Mariah’s announcement had nothing to do with her being engaged, though.

“I’m gay!” she announced to the room of shocked family members.

The announcement also came to a shock for the show’s viewers, as Mariah had never even hinted that she was attracted to women. For years, she was the only one of the older Brown family children who wanted to live polygamy, although she changed her mind about that once she went to college.

Although her parents were shocked, they were very supportive of Mariah, even Meri, who seemed sad that she had not figured out Mariah’s secret sooner.

“We’re not happy Mariah’s gay; we’re happy Mariah knows herself,” Kody says in the episode.

“Wow okay y’all making me cry with your support,” Meri tweeted after the episode aired on Sunday night. “Thank you thank you thank you thank you.”

Janelle also took to Twitter to discuss Mariah’s revelation.

“We love and support @mariahlian,” Janelle tweeted. “She is our daughter. Love love you Mariah!”

The ‘Sister Wives’ stars have always been openly supportive of gay marriage.

“I think we should be able to marry who we love,” Christine said in 2012. “As a Christian, I believe it is my duty, responsibility and desire to love everybody regardless of their choices. I don’t know how I could raise my children in this world without raising them open-minded and if I want my children to be open-minded, then I have to be open-minded as well.”

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Watch a clip from 2012 in which the Brown adults discuss the subject of gay marriage.

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  1. I’m so happy that Mariah has found herself and is finally happy. I think she needs to get off her high horse, though, and get over what Meri did. Life is too short to be mad at your mother unless she treats you terribly or something. Kody and Meri are working it out and Mariah needs to get over it.

  2. Like mother, like daughter. Meri said she was crushing on Robyn and that’s why she suggested that they bring her into the family. Next, Meri has a phone sex relationship with a woman from Oklahoma for six months. Hello?

  3. Well, it happened. Someone from an extremely religious family came out. Now waiting for a Duggar to come out, it will happen sooner than later.

    1. It’s not a Mormon college. You are thinking of BYU. There she would be kicked out if she was a “practicing gay”. Unsure if BYU even admits students from polygamy families as they go out of their way to distance themselves from the practice.

  4. she did say that she didn’t want to live a plural lifestyle after she started college. I think she knows what she is. There are a few other kids that seem very gay, wonder if they will also come out?? What about that Tony?? There is no way he’s straight!! There is a lot of dysfunction in this family. I always thought Kody was gay, he’s probably a bad closet case!

  5. The. Brown’s Baffle me! Their whole “Thing” is living their lives in Accordance to Fundamental Mormonism – a Holy GOD taught lifestyle that leads to eternal life. For a group of people who demand that their lifestyle and religion be accepted by the State of Utah – and. the – World – as God Given – they HARDLY live up to their so called beliefs by their actions.

    The ONLY thing they seem to adhere to is the MULTIPLE marriage part. They are EXTREMELY blasé in all other aspects. If their religion was SO important to them one woud think they would be a whole lot more passionate in their children practicing it – it does concern their eternal destiny and security dies it not? But, they kick back with the “shatever the kids choose is fine byus”. WHAT?!?

    As for Mariah coming out as Gay – and they support it – just WHERE in the Bible, The Book Of Mormon, The Pearls Of Wisdom and ALL the other Mormon teachings do you find homosexuality taught as normal and permissible Brown Family?

    I could care less if Mariah Brown is gay. However, I DO take exception to a pack of liars and religious Hypocrites masquerading as devout, religious God fearing Fundamentalist Mormons and Exspecting everyone to believe it! I for one DO NOT!

    They may be Polygamists – but, they do it for their own self serving reasons – it CERTAINLY isn’t to obey God.

    Kody – you’ve got quite the racket

    1. I totally agree. It makes no sense that they believe this is the only way to receive exaltation in the afterlife and don’t give a hoot if there kids make it there or not. Kody made a huge mistake when he moved them to Las Vegas because he took them away from their church which was reinforcing their beliefs. Realistically a few of the kids probably would have married into the faith just because they met someone they liked that went to the same church. I remember a few seasons ago Mykelti asked Kody when the older girls were 17&18 if anyone had asked about them and no one had. It is unusual to have 4 daughters of courting age that no one has an interest in but because they are no longer a part of the community no one does. I also think that Robyn is the only wife that really believes in plural marriage anymore so I think the other wives may not feel that their children’s eternal life is at stake. I think the others stay now just because it is convenient and they are making money from the show.

  6. I think this makes why she was so upset over her mom a little more clear. I’m sure she’s upset because she probably wanted to come out or talk through these feelings with her mom while this whole “catfish relationship” was going on, but her mom has been so consumed by it she didn’t give her attention. So she sort of hid away and kept to herself. Now she’s resentful because she probably wanting that close relationship they had and never got it.

    1. That’s a good point. I have been pretty surprised at mariahs judgemental, harsh stance towards her mother, but you are likely right-she is personalizing it to the extreme because, in her mind,her mother wasn’t there for her in what was probably a difficult time.

  7. Well, I guessed that one right.
    Noticed she was slightly oncomfortabel when dating, guys and marriage things like that would be discussed (but I thought it was because she wanted to stay pure etc. cause she talked about having a husband).
    When I saw the title, the coin dropped.
    Well, good for her. I hope she is happy and finds a very nice girlfriend when she is ready.
    Is she sure she is not bi?

    1. P.S. I finally get why Mariah was so upset about the Catfish scandal.
      The whole family forgave Meri cause she had intimate conversations and feelings for a woman, that made it okay.
      Mariah must have gone like WTF!! A woman-woman relationship is no biggie in this family??? Why have I been hiding this secret?!

      And just when you are about to drop the bombshell and enjoy the attention and drama, your mom steals your thunder with a bigger bombshell ;-).

      Just kidding, it must have been hard on Mariah. Telling her family must have been hard. Good for her to come out.

  8. So I honestly kinda forgot about this chick…. I looked up her twitter I have never seen it before now. Was it always talking about feminism or is this just since the announcement? I heard someone say she is dressing totally different now too. I guess I got this family mixed up with the duggers too bc I was surprised to see cuss words used in her tweets… I think I’m getting my big attention whoring families mixed up

    1. Really, you took her for a Duggar? No way ever that the Duggars would accept this.

      A Duggar child would have three options
      – leave the family to become happy.
      – spend years in bible rehab and pretend to have been healed afterwards.
      – pretend to be straight, get married and hate her/ his life.

  9. Good for her! It seems going to college and getting out and experiencing life, she’s been able to discover her true self.

  10. Holy shit! She does have a bit of that vibe to her but with her being the only one who believed in their faith I never saw that coming. I really hope she has figured it out for sure because otherwise it would be kind of embarrassing for her to have to take back.

  11. Also, someone who has been so judgmental and mean to her mother now wants understanding and acceptance? What a rude brat.

  12. Maybe this is the real reason she wanted sister wives?? Also, the preview from next week shows her with a baseball cap, weird denim shorts, and a shirt which is unlike anything she’s worn. It almost seems as if she thinks that’s what lesbians are supposed to wear? It seems fabricated. :/

    1. I agree! I saw the way she was dressed for next weeks show, and busted out laughing. It was the biggest cliche of how a lesbian looks that is was like it was taken from a cartoon! She even had real harsh squared off drawn on eyebrows and a really tough attitude. Wth?!

      1. seems like this may be another way to keep sisters wives on. have watch since beginning. mahiah has always been the one that every one was to feel sorry for because have been the only child. just would like the storyline to go in another direction. would really like to see the wives just leave Cody because it looks like he want more children and another wife

  13. Ok…so she makes her parents pay extra money to attend a private college in Utah because she wanted to live a plural lifestyle. All she’s talked about for years is how much she wanted sister wives. Now all of the sudden she’s gay? I’m not buying it! I think she’s desperate for attention.

    1. A lesbian can still have a plural lifestyle, right? Now there’s a spinoff show that could get interesting…

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