‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Briana DeJesus Announces She’s Pregnant with Her Second Child

"I hope Dr. Miami offers some kind of warranty on those vagina reconstruction surgeries!"
“I hope Dr. Miami offers some kind of warranty on those vagina reconstruction surgeries!”

The Teen Mom girls certainly had a busy 2016 in terms of baby-making!

Yet another girl from the franchise–Teen Mom 3‘s Briana DeJesus— has announced that she is pregnant! Briana, who we first met on the fourth season of 16 and Pregnant, announced on Monday that she is expecting her second child.

That baby, who Briana says is due in July, will join Briana’s five-year-old daughter Nova.

“Looks like Nova won’t be an only child anymore,” Briana tweeted, along with a photo of a sonogram. “Super excited for July.”

On Twitter, Briana revealed that she is currently 13 weeks pregnant and has not yet to found out the sex of the baby, but is hoping for a boy.

The father of Briana’s baby is unknown at this time.Briana’s daughter Nova was fathered by Devoin Austin.

Last January, Briana had a massive amount of plastic surgery via Dr. Miami. Briana, who claimed the “Mommy Makeover” was to help her body look like it did before she was pregnant with Nova, got an enlarged butt, bigger breasts and a completely overhauled vagina (as you do).

As stated above, Briana is just one of many ’16 and Pregnant’ and ‘Teen Mom’ girls who will have a baby in 2017. Her former ‘Teen Mom 3’ co-star Katie Yeager is also pregnant, as are her fellow ’16 and Pregnant’ Season 4 comrades Sarah Roberts and Hope HarbertChelsea HouskaJenelle Evans and Ashley Salazar, all from the second season of ’16 and Pregnant’, are also having babies this year.  (Click here to see all of the reality TV stars who are currently pregnant!)

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26 Responses

  1. Wtf has she done to her face ???
    No matter what chances to her face and ass, she’s still a lazy fkn whore

  2. These girls use their children as an excuse for everything, just admit you wanted to change the way you look. A ‘mommy makeover’ is just a way of making it sound nicer. I’m not against plastic surgery, but just admit you’re doing it to get bigger boobs, not the ones she had pre-pregnancy.

  3. The best moment involving her was when her mom ran out on the reunion show like it was Jerry Springer. Throwing her shoes at Devon. Dr Drew was like whaaaa?!!

  4. She can’t even take care of nova. Her mom and sister do. It’s so sad really to hear she’s having another baby. Poor baby that comes into this world!!!!

  5. Wait, does having a baby really affect the look of the vulva that much? I mean, I doubt it looked like her vagina had a blowout.

    Also, most non-stupid people wait until they’re done having kids to do those types of surgeries. But then again, most non-stupid people are busy taking care of their kids instead of having their plastic surgeries publicly snapchatted by a surgeon named “Dr. Miami”

  6. On Twitter, Briana revealed that she is currently 13 weeks pregnant and has not yet to found out the sex of the baby, but is hoping for a boy.

    I sure hope not.

    1. Wasn’t this the same chick that wouldn’t get a vag exam without her mommy in the room? Was mommy there to hold her hand when she had sex?

      1. Yes she was. Her mom also waited outside of her community college for her and bought her stickers for if she did well.

        I’m wondering now if it was all an act for MTV given the types of pictures and other things she’s posted since TM3 has gone off the air.

      2. Eh. I gave her a pass on that.
        Not really a fan of hers, but people can be weird about the doctor and she *was* only 17.
        In college I nearly went to the campus health clinic with a girl who at 19 hadn’t had a solo doctor visit and was nearly as terrified about that as the prospect of appendicitis (luckily not).
        In 8th grade my mom heard herself ‘correcting’ what I said about my cough and excused herself from the room.
        “It’s just-what do I do?”
        “Okay, you know how the doctor *with* your mom is like?”
        “It’s exactly like that, only *you* are the one answering the questions.”
        “You could put her on speaker, maybe…?”

        A few years ago I had to call the immediate care clinic to ask who was there that day because my dad had bronchitis and one doctor he’d agree to see, but wouldn’t call.
        He went the next day but I’m still calling it a win.

  7. She was a nightmare to watch on Teen Mom. And about 3/4 of the other pregnant girls you listed should seriously invest in birth control by the crate. Ugh.

  8. And what us with these young kids getting all this plastic surgery after one kid?? Where do some of these girls get all their money? I can understand Botox or fillers but actual surgery?! Not until your forties. Unless you’re really wrecked.

    1. Im pretty sure it was free from Dr. Miami lots of these tv moms get these surgeries done that’s why Kailyn didn’t want to have another kid, so her new surgically enhanced body can snag a new military man to mooch off of.

  9. I’m surprised she got off the sofa long enough to get pregnant.,, or maybe she didn’t. But I’m sure that trying to parent two kids from the sofa is going to be tough. Better get a sectional!

  10. Didn’t she date a married man for a while and deliberately tried to get pregnant by him? I don’t know if he’s the father but she’s not even a mother to the one she has!

  11. Oh please, did she not learn the first time. No doubt more daddy drama with the father of this kid. What a mess of a woman.

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