EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jeremy Calvert Reveals Why He’s Fighting with MTV Over Editing

"Lemme break it down for you!"
“Lemme break it down for you!”

Teen Mom 2 dad Jeremy Calvert is not happy with MTV– and he’s planning on letting the show’s viewers know all the juicy details of what really happens behind the scenes of the long-running MTV reality show!

Posting to Instagram last night, Jeremy promised fans that they would know the truth about the show, and in an exclusive interview with The Ashley, he revealed more details about what made him so angry with the show’s producers. 

A bonus clip posted by MTV on Sunday night was the root of the drama, Jeremy tells The Ashley. In the clip, which is posted at the bottom of this article, Jeremy’s ex-wife Leah Messer says that Jeremy told her that he is engaged to his girlfriend Brooke Wehr. Leah tells a friend that Jeremy said the engagement is “not that serious.” According to Jeremy, though, that is not what went down.

“Leah is talking about me telling her that my engagement to Brooke wasn’t ‘that serious’ or something,” he told The Ashley. “That’s complete BS and not what happened at all. They totally twisted the situation to make me look bad.”

Jeremy explained what really happened during that conversation.

“I was dropping off Addie after Brooke and I got engaged at the beach,” Jeremy said. “MTV was there, and I figured I would tell Leah about the engagement when MTV wasn’t around. The producer just kept on bugging me to tell Leah about the engagement, because Leah didn’t know yet. I really didn’t want to do it on-camera, but the producers kept bugging me to tell Leah, so finally I did.

“I looked right at Leah and said, ‘Well, me and Brooke got engaged.’ And I looked back at the producer and I said, ‘See? It wasn’t that big of a deal for you to make me tell her on camera.’ Kind of like, ‘you didn’t even get any good footage of [Leah freaking about it].’ But they edited it to look like I said that my engagement is not a big deal.”

After seeing the clip, Jeremy said he called up his show producer and “raised hell.” He also informed the producer of his plans to expose the truth about the show via his Instagram account.

“I told the producer how angry I was, and he said he felt bad,” Jeremy said. “So basically, ‘I feel bad, but I’m still going to f**k your life up.’ Brooke’s upset, and I don’t need that drama. I would never talk to Leah about our engagement, or my relationship with Brooke!”

In his first post, Jeremy wrote what he was feeling at that moment.

“Large media corporations have a tendency to socially engineer viewers to instill an emotion on viewers which is most lucrative for their stakeholders, holding no regard for the impact they can have on my life, and the life of my family,” Jeremy wrote. “As a repercussion for deceitful editing, I will address each scene with what really happened. I appreciate all of your support over the years.”

Jeremy said that he is tired of how the men on ‘Teen Mom 2’ are purposely edited to look bad. (Fellow ‘Teen Mom 2’ dads Corey Simms and Adam Lind have made similar claims in recent years.)

“I posted that on Instagram because that scene was not portrayed right,” Jeremy told The Ashley. “They purposely edited it to cause drama that didn’t happen…They don’t want to show the truth, especially when it comes to the guys on the show. There’s enough drama, they don’t have to make more. They’re afraid of pissing the girls off, I guess.”

Jeremy has been encouraging the men of the show to speak up when they are portrayed unfairly.

“I just feel like when stuff isn’t editing right, and is shown in a way that didn’t even happen, we guys need to make it known,” he said. “Me and all the guys [on the show] are just tired of always looking bad. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of those guys do stupid stuff, but I’m tired of everything I do or say gets twisted.

“[All the guys on the show should] do what I’m doing and set s**t straight, and show the world how f**ked up MTV and this stupid show really is!”

The Ashley will have more details on this situation soon!

Watch the clip in question below:

(Photo: Instagram)


  1. I don’t get a very good feeling from Jeremy. He seemed like a good guy at first. Now he really seems to feel like he’s a huge deal. As if all women wanwanr him…I suppose his “fans,” went to his head.

  2. And now they are both posting things on Instagram about “letting go” and Jeremy is following Leah again? Yet unfollowd Brooke, or at least he had earlier today. Not sure if he always followed Leah, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t and I know she doesn’t follow him. Ridiculous antics for sure, but I am dying to know what is going on! The Ashley, can you give us an update? Pretty please? 🙂

  3. boo who who, Jermey get off the show if you don’t like it, if not, STFU! No one cares about your little problems. You’re on the show because you need and want that money. Anything you say about that issue is a lie!

  4. Addie is not old enough to be in that style of carseat! Ugh. I hate that these girls still know nothing about carseat safety. If almost any of them were to get into an accident their kids would be seriously injured.
    As far as the Jeremy situation, he agreed to be on the show knowing this is how they do things. He always says he doesn’t need the money, but he keeps coming back. I know this season is a continuation of season 7, but I’m sure he’s had the chance to opt out of the show at some point and decided not to. I doubt either him or Brooke are complaining when they cash the check.

    1. or the publicity of those shirts they’re trying to sell….emphasis on the word trying… Up until this season MTV didn’t show him in a bad light compared to some of the other people on the show, but you could tell this season episode by episode they’re trying to make him look like the bad guy, trying to add more drama to make Leah look good…it’s kinda pitiful that the best they can come up with is him working “too much” to spend time with Addie. That’s probably why he felt the need to speak out, he could probably tell that they’re gearing up to turn him into the villain in that situation, because up until this season, according to Leah, Jeremy was the “better” baby daddy to co parent with, and Corey was always giving her problems….Now it’s flipped flop and I don’t think Jeremy is doing anything differently than he was before…He has the same job, and NOW it’s a problem? We’ll see if he comes back next season….he probably will just for the publicity for that clothing line, but if he didn’t it wouldn’t surprise me either.

  5. I think I’d believe “it’s the editing” line a little more from him if he didn’t feel the need to promote his new clothing line at the same time. Amazing how all these guys that go on the show suddenly become fashion designers.

  6. @Amelia
    His LONGTIME girlfriend? Whahahahaha you must be from the US. Damn they just met. 1 year is not long time my love.

  7. Is Leah still living with her top-secret boyfriend or did that end? I think MTV hired him to be her trainer or something but his presence/identity was never acknowledged on the show? Or did that ship sail and I missed the non-announcement?

  8. I don’t think the guys get portrayed as badly as they use to…Jeremy seems like a decent guy. He seems very laid back, and like a nice guy from what I see on the show….Adumb on the other hand….that’s not editing. He’s just a sucky person all around, same with Nathan. Jo is portrayed better and so is Corey, but that’s probably because they’re actually doing better…But in regards to Jeremy, I think a lot of it is they’re trying to make Leah happy because she’s constantly bitching about how she gets portrayed so badly. They’re trying to keep the “star” happy so she won’t “quit”, and to do that they’re trying to make Jeremy the scapegoat. She’s said multiple times that he doesn’t spend time with Addie, but given her track record, nobody believes her. Jeremy seems like a good dad.

    1. Right? Like in the premiere when he says he’s gonna be gone for about 3 months. Then later when she’s talking to her friend she says 3-4 months, then just 4 months.

      1. She’s trying to play victim (again) and look like the more fit parent….remember she used to be the cast favorite in the beginning, because of what she was going through with Ali. It was so sad, and emotional, and everyone felt bad for her and wished her the best…then all of a sudden she couldn’t keep her legs closed, cheated on Corey, broke up her family and became public enemy number 1 for teen mom fans. She’s trying to gain back that same sympathy she had in the beginning by throwing Jeremy under the bus. Trying to make it seem like Jeremy is some sort of deadbeat. Jeremy isn’t being lazy and sitting in a basement lifting weights instead of spending time with Addie….he’s actually WORKING. This is how people operate in the real world and Leah just doesn’t understand the concept of work. She is trying to find ANYTHING on either one of her baby daddy’s so that she looks like the victim, and like she’s the more attentive, better parent. And by anything, she’s condemning Jeremy for W-O-R-K-I-N-G. Think about last season with backpack gate….anything to make Miranda and Corey look bad, even if that involved Miranda holding her new born instead of carrying a friggin backpack.

  9. Im sorry but Leah is totally passing judgement. She has been co-dependent for YEARS!!! Just recently she had her man & his kids living in her house & MTV chose to not show that part of her life. Now she is acting like she is some independent woman who can make it on her own. More power to her if she is like this currently. But don’t rag on your ex or put words in his mouth b/c he got engaged to a long time GF just to create drama. I guess she doesn’t like to co-parent successfull too bad b/c she is always bad mouthing Corey & Jeremy

    1. I don’t think that’s what she did. If you watch the clip in conjunction with Jeremy’s “explanation,” it’s pretty clear he AT BEST miscommunicated the info. Or he’s just full of shit and making up a story to appease his fiancé.

  10. I call bullshit. He wants his cake and to eat it too.
    He loves stringing Leah along and it’s obvious he is backtracking to appease his fiancée.
    If he really wanted out of his contract he could pay the money to do so.

      1. Ridiculous. You really think Leah’s mom is coming on here writing this shit?! Jeremy and Leah are equally to blame for the shit that went down in their marriage, and Jeremy wants to blame everyone but himself for his current problems when they wouldn’t exist if he left MTV and found someone unaffiliated with the show to date. Instead, he went and found himself a superfan and jumped into a relationship with her while simultaneously sorting out the wreck that was his first marriage and wonders why he has these issues. Well Jeremy, it’s your own bad choices and you blame everyone but yourself. Used to be a fan but not anymore. So fed up with his ‘woe is me’ routine ?

          1. Who’s Victoria? Another family member?

            I’m obviously team Leah, but the whole Messer-Calvert-Simms gang isn’t exactly known for their stellar literary skills.

            Try again Jeremy ???

          2. So they asked Leah to talk about Jurrmy’s engagement with that friend and as a good worker, she did what she was told to do (LOL, yes, I know “good worker”). Yeah I bet she loved it too.
            Doesn’t he know big things like engagements etc. are discussed, preferably filmed, including the ex partner’s reaction by now? They had Gary tell Amber about Matt’s secret children in front of a camera for crying out loud. But sure Jer, you can be a cast member without all the hoopla, but only you.

  11. Well you didn’t have to say anything anyway. They shouldn’t worry about how things are said online or on tv because jeremy already knows how they edit. Why make more stress for yourself and your fiance. Just let it go. You’re already getting paid

  12. It seems from the clip that LEAH is the one that is “editing” Jeremy’s words. He is not looking at the camera saying the engagement is not a big deal, SHE is recounting a conversation to her friend. In fact, she says it TWICE. I can see Jeremy trying to downplay it when telling her so she wouldn’t freak out in front of Addie, but why try to throw MTV under the bus when he is caught?? Sounds like he is trying to calm Brooke down with some B. S.

    1. Agreed! I was thoroughly confused by Jeremy’s explanation because it makes no sense. He seems to be saying that this conversations happened at the drop off, and that his “it’s not that big of a deal” comment was directed at the MTV crew regarding Leah’s reaction to the news. In which case, if that’s true, sound like Leah herself was not clued in on his reasoning for saying it wasn’t a big deal and assumed he was referring to the engagement itself (which is exactly what anyone else would have done,btw). From the information we have been given, this is not a case of unfair editing NOR is it a case of Leah unfairly portraying what was said. By his own admission, he said one thing to Leah without her having known the context and then she rightfully reacted to what she heard. Don’t think this ones on MTV OR on Leah. If what Jeremy says in this article is true, he should have communicated to Leah the backstory so as to avoid the miscommunication. And don’t for one second try to say she knew what he meant and intentionally lied about it because that’s just ridiculous. His explanation doesn’t do much in the way of explaining-still sounds to me like he’s to blame.

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