Derick Dillard’s Health Issues to Be Addressed During New Season of ‘Counting On’: Watch the Scary Trailer

"I don't feel so good..."
“I don’t feel so good…”

Counting On fans have been expressing concern over the health of Jill Dillard‘s husband, Derick, for nearly a year, and now it seems that we may finally be getting some answers regarding what’s really going on with Derick.

In the new trailer for ‘Counting On’ Season 3, Jill and Derick discuss some health problems that Derick has been experiencing, while we watch disturbing video of Derick struggling to breath while out for a run.

“It feels great to be home and run like I used to,” Derick says in footage shot soon after he and his family returned to Arkansas from Central America. “But it is difficult sometimes.”

Was it really necessary to use the zoom lens for this shot, guys?
Was it really necessary to use the zoom lens for this shot, guys?

Derick is then shown hunched over, coughing violently.

“It makes him feel, gaggy, is what we say,” Jill says of her husband’s mysterious ailment.

In the clip, Derick goes to see a doctor about his health problems.

“I’m excited to talk to the doctor about what he thinks might be going on,” Derick says.

Fans have watched as Derick’s appearance has changed drastically in the two-and-a-half years since Derick and Jill’s 2014 wedding. In July, Jill posted an Instagram photo of her and Derick, and fans were alarmed by Derick’s appearance.

“Derick looks like he has lost too much weight,” one fan wrote. “His pictures are becoming disturbing to look at.”

“Derick looks very sick, and undernourished. Looks like his hair is falling out as a result as well,” another concerned fan commented. “Please take care of each other.”

This will mark the first time that Derick’s health issues have been discussed on ‘Counting On.’

Of course, Season 3 will also contain plenty of the wedding, courtship and pregnancy footage that we’ve come to expect from the Duggars.

Watch the trailer below. (Skip to the 1:20 mark to watch the scenes addressing Derick’s health.)

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13 Responses

  1. He clearly is sick, and it seems irresponsible that they stayed abroad for so long rather than came home and focused on his health. They have the means to take one or two years off while he finds a path to healing, which is such a luxury. The fact that they didn’t immediately do that just shows their immaturity. They are so young and don’t quite understand the seriousness, which is fine. They are just both naive, the problem is not their naivety but that these children are parents.

    1. Ages 25 and 27 shouldn’t be considered ‘children’. I know that I wasn’t at that age. I just think they’re dedicated to their calling. However, I’m praying for Derick. I’m terribly sorry that he is so ill.

  2. Wow being involved with the Duggar family must have sucked the life out of him. I hope that doesnt happen to Ben and Jeremy.

  3. So when they got upset last year when people were pointing out his appearance, they covered it up by saying he was having trouble with his jaw but that was a lie and they’re admitting he does have mediCal problems now? Is there anything they don’t lie about or cover up?

  4. Omg, why is his mouth droopy like that? I wonder if he caught some time a parasitic infection. He doesn’t look good. I hope he’s able to get whatever he’s facing under control.

  5. “As Jeremy and Jinger’s wedding day approaches, I’m really, really excited for them” says Jessa in a TOTAL monotone voice with no emotion whatsoever. like shit, would it kill you to crack a fucking smile?!

  6. Well you could have stayed in Arkansas, kept your real job, your 401k, and married a nice Fundie Lite girl and not have had to get a full jaw reconstruction for your new TV life. Like your brother did.
    But…you didn’t.
    And now you’re hacking by the side of the road while people make fun of you on the internet.


    1. Have you ever seen the true story of Into the Wild? Some people just are interested in a “traditional” life. I don’t think it’s fair to say one certain life path is better than another. As long as it’s a legal one, however. Lol

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