‘Sister Wives’ Star Maddie Brown Announces Gender of Her First Child

“Get ready for Kody Jr.!”

It will be a boy for Sister Wives star Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb Brush!

On Monday, the Brown family held a gender reveal party for Caleb and Maddie, who is currently pregnant with the Brown family’s first grandchild. According to Us Weekly, Maddie and Caleb used balloons to let their family know the sex of their unborn baby.

“The attendees also were given blue and pink balloons, and only the blue ones could inflate,” the magazine reported.

“We are both super excited for our little boy,” the couple told Us. “Although we had a good hunch that it was a boy, it’s nice to finally know, so we can start preparing!”

After the baby’s gender was revealed to their family, Maddie posted a photo to Instagram showing her and Caleb surrounded by blue balloons.

“Little baby boy Brush! We can’t wait to meet you!” Maddie captioned the photo.

Maddie and Caleb announced the pregnancy back in November. (The couple, who got married in June, wasted no time in getting pregnant after the wedding!) Maddie has stated that her due date is May 23.

In an interview with People done at the time of her pregnancy announcement, Maddie said that the baby will call her father, Kody Brown, “Grandpa” but it’s not yet been decided what he will call Maddie’s biological mother Janelle, or Kody’s other wives, Christine, Meri and Robyn.

“We think it would be super cute to have different names for all the grandmas but ultimately they get to choose what they are called,” she told the magazine.

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(Photo: TLC)


  1. Janelle was the first Brown to become a mother, now first to be a grandmother. Congratulations! Meri needs to leave, no one wants her there and she has nothing but negativity to contribute. Meri has a way of sucking the joy and wonder out of the family’s fun times and making everything about herself. Meri had phone sex over 60 times with a woman she called day and night for six months, all the while ignoring warnings from her cautious daughter, Mariah. Mariah’s life as a star was completely downgraded by her mother’s bad choices and wonton excessive behavior. Meri’s shameful conduct has effectively damaged the family dynamics and she needs to remove herself for the benefit of all, not least herself. Hopefully Meri will be able to find herself a real man to love and live happily ever after!

      1. KODYSNEXTWHATEVER: You only have one drum and you only have one drum stick, but you beat away enthusiastically. Good for you.

  2. Actually the baby will choos what they grannies are called. My husband’s mother was insistent on being “Nana”, but my oldest nephew couldn’t say that. He called her Nina and it stuck. It’s much cuter than nana anyway!

  3. Got an Android TV box with Kodi this week. Had to configure stuff and play with it, everytime I see the word Kodi, I see Kody Brown.
    Some of his wives have seen him less in their minds this week.

    I need a Reality (” “) TV detox I think, this is becomming weird and bad.

  4. I was certain they already announced this lol. I think perhaps I just figured they were having a boy and considered it fact lol. I’m excited for them!

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