“16 and Pregnant” Star Sarah Roberts Welcomes Third Child

It’s another girl for 16 and Pregnant star Sarah Roberts!

Sarah, who starred on the show’s fourth season back in 2012, has announced that her third child arrived on February 17. Sarah and her husband Justin Fine named the baby girl Kerrington Ray.

In a social media post, Sarah announced that her daughter weighed 7 lbs., 8 oz. at birth and measured 19 3/4 inches of “pure perfection.”

“My baby is so perfect y’all,” she tweeted after Kerrington’s birth.

This is the third child for Sarah, who is already a mother to five-year-old Tinleigh (with her ex, Blake Thomas), and three-year-old Tessly (whose father is also Justin). Sarah and Justin got married last year.

Sarah is hardly the first girl from her season of “16 and Pregnant” to have more children. In fact, nearly every girl from Season 4 has had (or is about to have) at least one more child. Currently only Alex SekellaLindsay Harrison and Sabrina Solares still only have one child.

Several girls from Season 4 have even gone on to have a third child. In addition to Sarah, Kristina Head and Mackenzie McKee now have three kids, while Jordan Howard is currently pregnant with her third.

Check out Baby Kerrington’s first photo below:

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(Photos: Facebook, Twitter)


  1. I looked up what they are doing. Seems that they are doing well. She is going to college, she is working as a pharmacy technician AND mom of three now? That is a lot, good luck with that girl.
    The pregnancy was unexpected. I’m just leaving that ball out here, pick it up when you want to, I hate to repeat myself and others a lot ;-).
    She went to a waffle place in her wedding dress after their wedding, I guess pregnant cravings, LOL.

    1. Some of the other girls should take some notes. Clearly it can be done, and done well. No excuses for girls banking as much as MTV pumps out to still be “finishing their degree” 10 years later…

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