Amy Duggar’s Grandmother Accuses Her of Lying About Abuse on ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’

Is Amy a liar…or a victim?

Amy Duggar is doing whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight—even lying, according to her own grandmother!

The cousin of Jill, Jessa & Co. is currently starring on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with her husband, Dillon King. On the most-recent episode, Amy revealed that she was physically and mentally abused by her father.

“He picked me up by my throat, all the way up to the ceiling,” she said on the show. “My dad was like, ‘Amy did you brush your teeth?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah daddy,’” she said. “And he was like, ‘No you didn’t.’ And he picked me up by my throat, all the way to the ceiling. He was like, ‘You will brush your teeth.’”

This isn’t the only incident of abuse that Amy alleges.

“My father tried to run me over with a car,” she said. “It scared me half out of my mind.”

On the show, an expert was brought in to evaluate the effects of Amy’s alleged abuse.

“Amy’s coping mechanism is to pretend that everything is always happy in her world. It’s how she blocks out the trauma she faced in her childhood,” Dr. Venus Nicolini said.

Later in the episode, Amy said that she has forgiven her father for these alleged acts.

“It was a very heartfelt moment where I actually forgave that person who hurt me when I was younger,” she said. “So, it was a family member. I love that person very much and we’re better now. But I did need to heal from that.”

But there is one member of Amy’s family who isn’t buying the abuse story. Amy’s paternal grandmother, Lenora Jordan, told Radar Online that Amy’s abuse stories are fictional.

“None of that stuff is true,” the 77-year-old grandmother said. “Amy just felt like she needed to be on that show, and needed something to tell.”

(Just to clarify, this is not Amy’s grandmother who has appeared on 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On. That is Mary Duggar, Amy’s maternal grandmother. Amy’s mother Deanna is Jim Bob Duggar’s sister.)

Still, there is a trail of evidence that points to Amy’s father, Terry, having a violent past. In 1992, Amy’s mother, Deanna, filed a restraining order against Terry claiming that he once threatened to kill her and Amy.

‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ airs Fridays on WEtv.

UPDATE! In a series of tweets on Sunday, Amy called out WEtv for doing some “crafty editing” with her story.

What the heck!!! @wetv my dad didn’t try to run me over with a car! Crafty editing I was talking about somebody else!” she tweeted. “@WEtv #getitright Why would you twist that!?for more ratings!? That’s not true and don’t believe that! That’s just so hurtful to my family and to me. I forgave my dad for the toothbrush accident. And that is it. Wow @wetv really!? Why!”

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  1. Of course she says she’s lying…the men in that family can do no wrong just look at how ALL of them have stood by that adultering POS Josh…and we all know if Anna divorces him they would look at her like she did something wrong. It would suck so bad to be a woman in that family.

  2. I’m sure Jim Bob is using this as telling his children how “evil” it is to date unchaperoned and have a baby outside of wedlock. Although this can still happen after the wedding and it does. And she had the guts to tell her parents haven’t tried to save their marriage?! He was abusive to both of you, good of Deanna to finally leave him!!

  3. That’s pretty bad when your own grandmother calls you out publicly for lying. Amy has always wanted to be the center of attention when the Duggars were filming. If by some slim chance this was true and she’s forgiven her dad then why bring it up on national tv? Go away Amy. The truth shall set you free. Try it sometime

  4. Well…I don’t put it past Amy to lie, but this lady is Terry’s mother of course she’s going to defend her son! Not to mention, was she living with Amy at the time? How would she know what her son did or did not do? I’m siding with Amy on this one even though she’s annoying as hell!

    1. I agree to siding with Amy, although it scares me that Deanna got back with him, married him and brought him back into their lives.

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